For the move, see Spin Attack.

Cover of Sonic the Hedgehog Spin Attack, as shown in the Control Zone of Sonic the Comic #23.

Sonic the Hedgehog Spin Attack is the second of two Sonic the Hedgehog books published by Ravette Books in the United Kingdom.


It featured reprints of four stories from the UK's regular Sonic publication Sonic the Comic, which was published by Fleetway Editions. Sonic the Hedgehog Spin Attack was released in April 1994, shortly before the release of Sonic the Comic #23. The first collection, Sonic the Hedgehog Beats the Badniks, was released on the same day.

In Sonic the Comic #23, Ravette and Fleetway held a promotion in which 25 copies of Sonic the Hedgehog Spin Attack (and 25 of Beats the Badniks) were given away free to Sonic the Comic readers.

The cover of the collection reuses artwork from the cover of Sonic the Comic #1.

All four stories in this collection were written by Nigel Kitching, Sonic the Comic lead writer for many years, and all but one ("Attack on the Death Egg", drawn by Ferran Rodriguez) were drawn by Sonic the Comic lead artist Richard Elson.

Reprinted stories