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Sonic the Hedgehog Non-Stop Music Selection Vol. 4 is a digital compilation album containing various music tracks from games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a follow-up to the third volume, and was first announced during the Tokyo Game Show 2020 broadcast of Sonic Station Live!. It was published digitally on 26 September 2020. It was followed by Vol. 5 in December.

Track listing

  1. "Fist Bump (Sonic Forces)"
  2. "Green Light Ride - Main Theme of TSR (Team Sonic Racing)"
  3. "System - Select Game Mode (Team Sonic Racing)"
  4. "Sunset Heights (Sonic Forces)"
  5. "Hydro City Zone Act 1 (Sonic Mania)"
  6. "Super Sonic Racing (Sonic R)"
  7. "Fading World - Imperial Tower (feat. Madeleine Wood & B-BANDJ) (Sonic Forces)"
  8. "Metallic Madness Zone Act 2 (Sonic Mania)"
  9. "Sky Road: Lap Music (Team Sonic Racing)"
  10. "Fighting Onward - Space Port (feat. Jon Underdown) (Sonic Forces)"
  11. "Moonlight Battlefield - Aqua Road (feat. nana hatori) (Sonic Forces)"
  12. "Vs. Metal Sonic (Sonic Mania)"
  13. "Sonic Speed Riders (Sonic Riders)"
  14. "Race to Win (Sonic Rivals 2)"
  15. "Escape From the City -Blue Blur RMX- (Sonic Generations)"
  16. "Sand Road: Lap Music (Team Sonic Racing)"
  17. "Angel Island Zone (Sonic Mania Plus)"
  18. "Blue Spheres (Sonic Mania)"
  19. "Sonic Boom (Sonic CD)"
  20. "Mother's Canyon: Lap Music (Team Sonic Racing)"

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