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Sonic the Hedgehog Non-Stop Music Selection Vol. 3 is a compilation album containing various music tracks from numerous games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a follow-up to the second volume, and was first announced during the July broadcast of Sonic Station Live!. It was published digitally by Wave Master Entertainment on 22 July 2020. It was followed by Sonic the Hedgehog Non-Stop Music Selection Vol. 4 in September.

Track listing

  1. "Windy and Ripply - Emerald Coast"
  2. "Whale Lagoon"
  3. "Sunshine Cassette - Save Select"
  4. "Collection Room"
  5. "Theme of Dolphin Resort"
  6. "Ocean View"
  7. "Area - Tropical Resort"
  8. "Tropical Resort - Act 3"
  9. "Wave Ocean - The Inlet"
  10. "Sea Map"
  11. "Coral Cave"
  12. "Sea Gate"
  13. "Azure Blue World"
  14. "That's The Way I Like It (Metal Harbor)"
  15. "Tropical Coast - Zone 1"
  16. "Apotos - Day"
  17. "Palmtree Panic "G" Mix"
  18. "Theme of Splash Canyon"
  19. "Lost Palace"
  20. "End of the Summer"

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