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Sonic the Hedgehog Non-Stop Music Selection Vol. 1 is a compilation album containing various music tracks from numerous games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was first announced during the first Sonic Station Live! and released digitally on 20 February 2020 by Wave Master Entertainment. A second volume followed three months later.

Track listing

  1. Escape From The City - Cash Cash RMX
  2. Reach For The Stars
  3. Unknown from M.E. ver.2
  4. Ocean View: Lap Music
  5. Whale Lagoon: Lap Music
  6. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup ...for Pumpkin Hill
  7. Market Street: Lap Music
  8. Super Sonic Racing - Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue RMX
  9. Bingo Party: Lap Music
  10. Theme of Knuckles [Sonic Mania Adventures Special Remix]
  11. Fist Bump
  12. It Doesn't Matter -RMX 2.014k-
  13. Lights, Camera, Action! - Studiopolis Zone Act 1
  14. Dive Into The Mellow ...for Aquatic Mine
  15. Run Through The Speed Highway -Hybrid Mix-
  16. My Sweet Passion
  17. Ice Mountain: Lap Music
  18. Glimmering Gift - Super Transformation
  19. Unknown from M.E. ver.1
  20. Live & Learn

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