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For the first time, you can create and design your very own Sonic the Hedgehog levels!
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Sonic the Hedgehog Level Creator, also known as Sonic Level Creator,[3] Sonic Level Editor[1] or Sonic the Hedgehog Level Player,[6] was an official Flash platform level editor video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The game was developed by Mediatonic and published by Sega. It was released under the PlaySEGA web service in September 2009.

The game became unplayable after PlaySEGA closed in June 2011, and later shut down indefinitely in 2013.


A level being created in the Level Creator.

The game allowed players to create, play, and share custom levels. Playing uploaded levels was free, but use of the built-in Level Creator was restricted to paying VIP members of PlaySEGA.[1][3] Upon starting the Level Creator, users were prompted to name their level and choose a size for it, with the options being small, medium, or large.[7][8] The editor displayed a grid interface. Members could add terrain such as shuttle loops, objects such as Rings and Item Boxes, common gimmicks such as Springs, the mandatory Goal Plate, and hazards such as spikes and Badniks onto the grid. The Level Creator had drag and drop, zoom, copy/paste and undo tools that allowed users to quickly build their levels.[3][2] VIP members were able to upload their levels onto PlaySEGA once they were saved.[2] The Level Creator then compressed levels into the Sonic the Hedgehog binary format, and imported them into a Flash port of the game.[1][3][2]

Gameplay of a user-made level in the Level Player.

After a level was published, it then appeared in the PlaySEGA portal, and users were also able to share links for them to be accessed in the Level Player. Level builders were rewarded with an amount of the website currency, PlaySEGA Rings, whenever another user played their level.[7] The gameplay of the levels was identical to Sonic the Hedgehog in that the player controlled Sonic while collecting Rings, speeding through shuttle loops, and destroying Badniks with a Spin Jump or Spin Attack as they advanced toward the Goal Plate. Upon completion of a level, a player would earn PlaySEGA Rings based on their time and score that they were able to add to their total balance.[3][2]


Button formation Movement
[←]/left on Controlpadds.png Move left
[→]/right on Controlpadds.png Move right
[↑]/up on Controlpadds.png Look up
[↓]/down on Controlpadds.png Look down
[↓]/down on Controlpadds.png while moving Spin Attack
[Spacebar]/Sega Saturn A Button.png/Sega Saturn B Button.png/Sega Saturn C Button.png Spin Jump



Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters

Non-playable characters



Occasion Artist Length Music track
Title screen James Vincent 0:09
Level James Vincent 1:10
Level cleared James Vincent 0:07
1-Up James Vincent 0:04
Invincible James Vincent 0:12



  • Despite the extensive customization, the Level Editor software was limited to the same gem-themed scenery and tune, regardless of the level.
    • There was a glitch present where the environment scenery would switch to Green Hill Zone when the level test button was pressed too quickly.[9]
  • The game had several issues with physics, such as Sonic occasionally getting stuck in walls whilst rolling through tunnels and falling out of shuttle loops when approaching them in a Spin Attack.
  • Despite sprites of other Animals being present in the game's files, the Ricky is the only Animal that appears in gameplay.


Sonic the Hedgehog - Level Creator

Level gameplay


  1. While not credited in the game itself, James Vincent's name appears in the metadata of the Sonic the Hedgehog Level Creator audio tracks.


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