the Sonic costume

The Sonic the Hedgehog Holloween Costume is a kid-sized halloween costume of Sonic the Hedgehog. It is made of clear vinil and fleece for comfort. It is exlusive to the costume website


The costume has a embroiderd round oval on it's belley just like in the games. It's spikes and ears are really well done considering his small head area. It has several knitting "faults" so to speak on It's shoes. It has a small stub for a tail. It's tail is two big comparing to the appearance of Sonic in the games.


complete costume includes: mascot body with embroidered tummy and shoe covers,seperate mascot head and hand covers.


right now, the costume is sold out for Halloween, for reference about the item Click Here!


The costume is avalible in all countries exept virgin islands. It comes in three sizes:small medim and large. all three are sold out for the season.


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