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This should not be confused with Sonic X-Treme, the cancelled video game in 1996. You may also be looking for the LCD game, Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme Boarding.

Sonic the Hedgehog Extreme, also known as Sonic Extreme, was guessed to be an early pitch demo that ended up developing into the game Sonic Riders.[citation needed]

The game was probably made around 2004 or 2005. Earlier in 2011, a demo was found on an XDK unit. The game might have been originally called Sonic Extreme Racing in early development.[1]


Mission Mode

SonicExtreme Mission

Mission Mode in Sonic Extreme.

The goal of the missions is to get a key and then open a lock. That ends the mission. Apparently, getting to mission 1 or 2 would freeze the game and then take it back to the main menu.[2] This might have been a glitch, or because the game had not been further developed.

Combat Mode

The Combat Mode is a small area with 4 sub-zones. There are 4 keys, 1 for each zone. There are grenades, firecrackers, homing rockets and mines that can be picked up and used against the other player or to destroy crates. Also pressing the R and L triggers at the same time moves both players back to the middle of the level - not affecting key earned or boxes destroyed. Apparently there isn't a way to win, lose, or leave without quitting.[2]

There is also a race level that resembles City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2. You go around a seemingly never-ending track, then when you finish it boots you to the game screen.[2]

Other Information

The player was able to access the hard drive from his/her computer, and said that, "the game has 3 videos that don't seem to be used yet. One is a 'you win', a 'you lose' and the clown for Vision Scape Interactive (which seems to be the studio responsible for this demo of a game)."[2]

The game had only two playable characters, Sonic and Shadow. The voices were prerecorded remarks made by Ryan Drummond for Sonic Heroes.

Someone on TSSZ news named "gamergirl" posted more info about the game, saying:

"Time to solve the mystery for everyone…. Vision Scape Interactive, Inc. dba Heavy Water provided Sega with the Sonic Heroes cinematics. At that time, the studio was also in development on a few “skateboard” type games (yes, using the same Tony Hawk influenced controls)… the Chief Creative/President, Matt McDonald, had a “brilliant” idea and created the demo of Sonic Extreme (Sonic and friends on a Hoverboard) in hopes that Sega would move forward with the game… Apparently, they loved it so much, they created Sonic Riders internally without the VSI's involvement."



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