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You may also be looking for Chaos Crush.

Sonic the Hedgehog CHAOS CRUSH![note 1] is an online Flash game published in 2006 to advertise Sonic the Hedgehog. The game was available on the websites advertising Sonic the Hedgehog until they were taken down.


The gameplay is similar to that of classic arcade games such as Arkanoid or Breakout. The player uses the arrow keys to move the pad across the screen, and with it the player hits the ball to break the colored blocks above. If the ball is about to miss the pad, the pad can slightly hit the ball by hitting it by its very side. The blocks change colors corresponding to how many hits they have left. Power-Up Gems that grant the ball special abilities also appear, based on the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog. When activated, the player can press the spacebar to fire the ball as a powered shot with the corresponding character's ability.


  • Blue: One hit to destroy.
  • Green: Two hits to destroy.
  • Yellow: Three hits to destroy.
  • Red: Four hits to destroy

Power-Up Gems

  • Sonic: The ball dashes all across the screen, hitting every chaos wall once.
  • Shadow: The ball shoots forward like a Chaos Spear (with slight control over it) destroying all chaos walls it meets, regardless of color.
  • Silver: The ball is affected by Silver's Psychokinesis, allowing the player to control the ball for a temporary time duration.


Button formation Movement
[←] Move left
[→] Move right
[Spacebar] Fire powered shot


  • Design and Programming: Michael Dobbins
  • Graphics and Sound: Michael Dobbins, Sonic Team
  • Special Thanks: Sonic Team, Don Mesa, SOA Web Team KKD, PGD


  • The voice clips of Sonic, Shadow, and Silver are taken from Sonic Rivals.






  1. In the HTML of the official website, the game's name is spelt as "Sonic the Hedgehog CHAOS CRUSH!"

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