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Sonic the Hedgehog CD Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition is a single-disc release of the original Japanese soundtrack for the Sega Mega-CD title Sonic the Hedgehog CD. It was released during the twentieth anniversary year of Sonic the Hedgehog on 23 November 2011. It is the first full release of the Japanese soundtrack seventeen years later since the official release of the game.

In addition to the game's music, the disc also contains three bonus tracks, all relating to the North America's Special Edition alternate soundtrack written by Spencer Nilsen, including the extended version of Sonic Boom, that originally comes from Sonic the Hedgehog Boom album.

Track list

Track Title Artist(s) Music Length
1. "Sonic - You Can Do Anything" Masafumi Ogata, Keiko Utoku, Casey Rankin 1:33
2. "Title" Masafumi Ogata 0:32
3. "Little Planet" Masafumi Ogata 2:39
4. "Palmtree Panic" Naofumi Hataya 2:11
5. "Palmtree Panic "G" mix" Naofumi Hataya 1:46
6. "Palmtree Panic "P" mix" Naofumi Hataya 2:13
7. "Palmtree Panic "B" mix" Naofumi Hataya 1:48
8. "Collision Chaos" Masafumi Ogata 2:03
9. "Collision Chaos "G" mix" Masafumi Ogata 1:43
10. "Collision Chaos "P" mix" Masafumi Ogata 1:45
11. "Collision Chaos "B" mix" Masafumi Ogata 1:46
12. "Tidal Tempest" Masafumi Ogata 2:19
13. "Tidal Tempest "G" mix" Masafumi Ogata 1:47
14. "Tidal Tempest "P" mix" Masafumi Ogata 1:44
15. "Tidal Tempest "B" mix" Masafumi Ogata 1:46
16. "Quartz Quadrant" Naofumi Hataya 2:10
17. "Quartz Quadrant "G" mix" Naofumi Hataya 1:46
18. "Quartz Quadrant "P" mix" Naofumi Hataya 1:57
19. "Quartz Quadrant "B" mix" Naofumi Hataya 1:37
20. "Wacky Workbench" Masafumi Ogata 2:03
21. "Wacky Workbench "G" mix" Masafumi Ogata 1:34
22. "Wacky Workbench "P" mix" Masafumi Ogata 2:31
23. "Wacky Workbench "B" mix" Masafumi Ogata 1:49
24. "Stardust Speedway" Naofumi Hayata 2:19
25. "Stardust Speedway "G" mix" Naofumi Hayata 1:40
26. "Stardust Speedway "P" mix" Naofumi Hayata 1:46
27. "Stardust Speedway "B" mix" Naofumi Hayata 1:31
28. "Metallic Madness" Naofumi Hayata 1:51
29. "Metallic Madness "G" mix" Naofumi Hayata 1:37
30. "Metallic Madness "P" mix" Naofumi Hayata 1:44
31. "Metallic Madness "B" mix" Naofumi Hayata 1:41
32. "Boss!!" Naofumi Hayata 1:47
33. "Final Fever" Naofumi Hayata 1:49
34. "Zone Clear" Naofumi Hayata 0:10
35. "Speed Up!!" Masafumi Ogata 0:25
36. "Invincible!!" Masafumi Ogata 0:24
37. "Game Over" Masafumi Ogata 0:14
38. "Special Stage" Masafumi Ogata 2:18
39. "Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself" Naofumi Hataya, Keiko Utoku, Casey Rankin 3:08
40. "Sonic Boom" Spencer Nilsen, Pastiche 3:12
41. "Stardust Speedway (Cash Cash vs. Jun Senoue)" Cash Cash, Jun Senoue 3:04
42. "Sonic Boom (Crush 40 vs. Cash Cash)" Crush 40, Cash Cash 2:45

Disc length 76:27

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