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This article pertains to the beta elements from Sonic the Hedgehog CD.

Prototype 510

Discovered by a group of fans in the summer 2000, this prototype dates itself to 10 May 1993, making this the earliest known beta of the game, and thus features many differences from the final release of the game.



CDSonic Beta Boss.png

In Palmtree Panic, the EGG-HVC-001 was meant to have claws instead of Bumpers.

In Quartz Quadrant, the conveyor belt boss had a dull-blue palette, and the spike wall was much more simplistic in its design.

The Stardust Speedway boss has not been implemented yet.


The title screen music and the Japanese/European Power Sneaker music was changed dramatically during development. The beta Power Sneakers music is a high energy remix of "Sonic - You Can Do Anything".

Music track Description
Beta Title Theme
Beta Speed Shoes Theme


Zone 3 of Palmtree Panic uses placeholder graphics for the scenery that more resemble simple recolors of the Present time period in both Futures. Not that this is not the case with Zones 1 and 2, which both use their proper graphics that would go on to be used in the final game.

Tidal Tempest uses different palettes for when underwater, though these are likely placeholder graphics since the actual palettes are used for the Time Attack menu.

The conveyor belts in Quartz Quadrant were meant to be activated by pressing down on buttons rather than running past switches like in the final game. Additionally, there is a monitor displaying Sonic’s face that can be found in the Good Future of Zone 1 that goes unused in the final game. Of note is that this sprite was eventually restored and used in the Good Future of Zone 3 in the 2011 remake of the game.

Many of the colors in Wacky Workbench are different from the final release, including a slightly greener background in the present, and a blue foreground palette for the past rather than a green one. The electrical conduits also feature pointed nubs instead of round ones like in the final.

Likewise, many sprites in the Past time period of Stardust Speedway are blue instead of yellow. The Good Future is also completely blue instead of purple like in the final release.

Metallic Madness features many changes that go completely unused in the final game, including but not limited to trapdoors similar to the ones in Scrap Brain Zone, a set of scales that shift according to Sonic’s weight, and bottomless pits in Zones 1 and 2 (Which only appear in Zone 3 in the final game).

Unused character sprites

Sega CD

Image Description
This sprite shows Sonic being electrocuted, revealing his skeleton. This sprite would be reused in the 2011 remake when being damaged by electricity in Wacky Workbench.
CDSonic Blink.png
Sonic with his eyes closed.
CDSonic Shrink void.png
A top-down sprite of Sonic falling.
CDSonic walking waving.gif
Sonic running while swinging his arms, possibly for while underwater.
CDSonic Looking backwards.png
Sonic looking up behind him.
CDSonic Sneeze.png
Sonic sneezing.
CDSonic Death UpsideDown.png
The regular Death/Drowning sprites, only upside down. Interestingly, Tails got his own version of these in the 2011 remake, also unused.
CDSonic Grab.png
Sonic appearing to grab onto something.
CDSonic horizontal pole.gif
An alternate version of Sonic’s shimmy animation.
CDSonic hanging.gif
Sonic appearing to be dangling from something.
CDSonic float.gif
Sonic pushing his chest out in front of him.
CDSonic Skid.png
An unused frame of Sonic’s turning animation.
CD - SonicSinks.png
An unused set of sprites of Sonic shrugging his shoulders as he descends slowly into the ground and his quills turn upward.
CD - SonicFall.png
An animation of Sonic being knocked backward.
CD - SonicJump.png
An animation of Sonic jumping with his arms in the air.
CD - AmyInLove.png
Unused of Amy with hearts in her eyes. However, in the 2011 remake of the game, these sprites are utilized whenever Amy hugs Sonic.


Image Description
SonicCD Unused SideRolling.png
Two different angles of Sonic rolling.
S1 - BWSprite.png
A black and white death sprite, which was ripped right out of the original Sonic the Hedgehog.

Unused objects


An unused waterfall. There is leftover symbol data that, which can be found in Sonic Gems Collection, called "taki", which translates to "waterfall".

Image Description
SonicCD R11A UnusedSplashes.png
SonicCD R11A UnusedSplashes Mapped.png
In-game, the object that moves downwards quickly for a bit and then disappears. As it moves down, it overwrites the level blocks with a singular block. Modifying the code can correct it to its full potential and animation.

Round elements

Image Name Description
CD - OilSlick.png
Unused oil pattern These oil slicks are graphics that would have been used in Special Stages.
CD - SwitchBroke.png
Unused broken switch A sprite of an unused broken switch.
CD - QQPlatform1.gif
CD - QQPlatform2.png
Unused moving platforms These platforms were meant for Quartz Quadrant and came in pairs or groups of four. While they are used in the Future versions of the stage, the variants for the Present and Past do not make an appearance anywhere.
CD - Conveyor1.gif
CD - Conveyor2.gif
Unused conveyor belt platforms These platforms only exist in the Past version of Quartz Quadrant.
CD - Conveyor3.png
Unused swinging conveyor belt platform This object only exists in the Present and Future versions of Quartz Quadrant.
CD - Hand.png
Unused item This is an unused object with a hand insignia on it. Its purpose is unknown.


Image Description
CD - MonitorS.png
The S Monitor can be found in this game. It grants Sonic with the Invincibility, Power Sneakers, and Shield items all at once. The icon is later used in the 2013 remakes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
CD - MonitorR.png
In the v0.02 and 510 prototypes of the game, this object performs the same action as the S Monitor. In the v0.51 and 712 prototypes, it grants Sonic an invisible shield that can be used with a regular shield. The icon was later reused for the Combine Ring in Knuckles' Chaotix.
CD - MonitorT.png
This monitor is supposed to stop time but it does not work properly. However, it does stop the animations of Rings, monitors and rotating palettes.

Unused sounds

Clip ID number Description
N/A A sound effect that is used on the CD audio portion of the disc. When the game disc is inserted into a CD player, it can be heard on track #2.
FM NO.21 Unknown. FM NO.22 is a duplicate of this sound.
FM NO.26 Unknown.
FM NO.48 A different version of the sound heard when pressing any button.
FM NO.49 The warning bell usually heard underwater in other Sonic games, only high-pitched. It was later used in the 2011 remake of the game, but at a lower pitch.
FM NO.50 Sounds like something being shot.
FM NO.54 An electrical sound of sorts.
FM NO.55 A loud, harsh buzzing sound.
FM NO.60 Unknown.
FM NO.61 Sounds like FM NO.55, but this one has a resonating sound underneath it.
FM NO.63 An echo-y spike-like sound.
FM NO.66 A very high-pitched "ding" sound, which was later used for the Hyper Ring power-up in Sonic Mania.
FM NO.67 Sonic losing his Rings in a higher pitch.
FM NO.68 Sounds just like FM NO. 63, only without an echo.
FM NO.69 Sounds similar to the door sound at the end of the Metal Sonic race.
FM NO.75 A variant of FM NO. 68.
FM NO.76 A variant of FM NO. 68.
FM NO.77 A variant of FM NO. 68.
FM NO.78 A variant of FM NO. 68.
PCM NO.02 Sonic saying "Alright!"
PCM NO.05 Sonic saying "Yeah!". This was used as the extra life sound in the v0.51 and 712 prototypes. In the final game, he says "Yes!" instead.

Beta Special Stage

In an early prototype version of Sonic the Hedgehog CD, a different special stage design was present, similar to the Special Stages in Sonic the Hedgehog (1991).


Main article: R2

A mysterious scrapped stage known as R2 can be found in the game's files. It is unknown what was supposed to be of the stage though it was to be placed between Palmtree Panic and Collision Chaos.

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