Not to be confused with Sonic Blast, neither with Sonic 3D Blast.
Sonic Blast LCD game

The Sonic Blast game with the screen out.

Sonic the Hedgehog Blast is an LCD game part of the Pocket Arcade series by Tiger Electronics, distributed by Tomy America Inc.


According to the pack of the packaging, the story goes:

Dr. Robotnik has taken evil to new heights with his "Botnix 7" space station. He's orbiting earth with the kidnapped Tails in tow! Sonic must blast into outer space, shut down the space station and rescue Tails. But the fiendish Robotnik is waiting with a Sonic tracking destructo-craft, zero gravity and ejecto-walls that could send Sonic plummeting through outer space - forever! Help Sonic Blast into this challenging and dangerous mission!


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