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Sonic the Hedgehog Birthday Pack, or just the Birthday Pack (バースデイパック?), is a limited-edition bundle meant to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog exclusively in Japan. It includes the original Japanese release of Sonic Adventure 2, as well as a fold-able plaque containing a history pamphlet, a collectible coin, and a disc containing select tracks from previous titles. It was only available for two days - it was discontinued from store shelves on 25 June 2001 and replaced by the standard Sega Dreamcast release of Sonic Adventure 2, making it a collector's item.

Track list

  1. Title Music 0:12
  2. Green Hill Zone 2:25
  3. Star Light Zone 1:38
  4. Special Stage 1:54
  5. Final Zone 1:16
  6. All Clear 0:21
  7. Emerald Hill Zone 1:40
  8. Casino Night Zone 2:15
  9. Special Stage 1:44
  10. All Clear 1:17
  11. Title Music From Sonic 3 0:20
  12. Title Music From Sonic & Knuckles 0:21
  13. Angel Island Zone 2:24
  14. Sky Sanctuary Zone 2:13
  15. Special Stage 2:23
  16. Sonic - You Can Do Anything 1:34
  17. Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself 3:36
  18. Super Sonic Racing 4:04
  19. Can You Feel the Sunshine? 5:06
  20. Number One 4:02
  21. Open Your Heart 5:12
  22. My Sweet Passion 5:12
  23. SA2 Vox Trax 8:53

Total length: 60:02


Credits for the tracks of the album include:


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