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Zone Rangers is the second Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebook published by Penguin Books under the Fantail imprint.

The story starts with Sonic and Tails napping, when they are suddenly interrupted by a bulldozer tearing up the countryside. Unsurprisingly, Dr. Robotnik isn't far behind.


All zones on nightmare alert.

Robotnik is turning all the zones into a living nightmare of pollution and destruction. His Mobius mega trash plan can only be stopped by Sonic, Tails, and you!

You have to use all your speed, skill and wits to help Sonic save the day. But time is of the essence, as Mobius is decaying with every second. Are you ready for the challenge?






  • The crocodile characters bear a resemblance to Vector the Crocodile. Vector was originally intended to appear in the original Sonic the Hedgehog game in 1991, but didn't make his video game debut until the release of Knuckles' Chaotix in 1995. It is possible that the illustrator of Zone Rangers had access to concept art of the character.


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