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You may be looking for the Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebook series published by Ladybird.

The Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebooks are a series of six books published in the UK between 1993 and 1996 by Penguin Books. The first four books were released under the Fantail imprint, and the last two under the Puffin Books imprint.

They are interactive gamebooks, with multiple divergent stories. This means that, instead of a continuous narrative from start to finish, each book consists of many short, numbered sections, out of chronological sequence. At the end of each paragraph, the reader is directed to another paragraph, depending on the reader's choices, the events that have taken place so far in the story, and luck (in the form of results of dice rolls).

At the beginning of the book, a profile page allows readers to choose Sonic's (or Tails' if you're playing Zone Rangers) abilities by assigning numbers to certain traits (e.g. speed and strength), as well as keep track of any items collected during the story.

List of books

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebook 1: Metal City Mayhem
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebook 2: Zone Rangers
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebook 3: Sonic v. Zonik
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebook 4: The Zone Zapper
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebook 5: Theme Park Panic
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebook 6: Stormin' Sonic

Combat and gameplay

Statistics throughout book gameplay. Speed, Strength, Agility, Coolness, Quick Wits and Cool Looks (changed to Good Looks from Book 2 onwards[1]).

The books required means of keeping track of the reader's statistics and inventory (for example paper to write on and a pencil and rubber to keep track of their numbers and items). A crucial item for gameplay required is a 6-sided die to roll with.

Gameplay was done through a series of vital statistics such as speed, agility and coolness. The reader is instructed to number these abilities from 2 (being worse) and 5 (being best). During reading, there are moments which require rolls based on a set statistic, These moments have a "Difficulty Number" that ranges from 5-10.

The reader rolls the die and add the die number to the number of the statistic asked for in the book. If the number in total is equal or higher than the difficulty number then the reader are successful, any lower may have consequences like the loss of Rings.

Sonic collect various items throughout the books, the most common being Rings. In tradition to the video games, collecting 100 Rings results in a life and under defeat at loss of Rings is a penalty of these lives. However, the player can start a part of the story they are on from a check-point.

List of statistics

Sonic's vital statistics

Vital Statistic Description
Speed Sonic's really fast. His training and his special shoes make him the fastest there is, and he loves the feeling of speed. But that can lead to trouble. Sometimes he's going so fast he doesn't notice things, or can't see where he should stop - or even can't stop and collides with things[2][1]
Strength Sonic's pretty tough and he knows it. He can run all day and smash Robotnik's traps just by bouncing on them. But he relies on his strength too much and doesn't always think about problems - it's much easier to bounce on them. That attitude can put him in dangerous situations[1][2]
Agility Sonic's a natural gymnast. Climbing, jumping, swinging, swimming, diving, exploring - he can do it all and loves to show off his abilities by exploring and going where his friends can't. But he must be careful; just because he can get into some places doesn't always mean he can get out again[1][2]
Coolness With those spikes and that attitude, how can Sonic be anything but cool? But he's cocky as well, and thinks he can do things he can't. And sometimes he'd rather have fun than do something important that has to be done[1][2]
Quick Wits When something happens, Sonic's always the first to react to it. But he doesn't like hanging around and hates waiting for things - or people. Sometimes that means he's not prepared for what might happen next[1][2]
Cool Looks/Good Looks[1] Sonic looks good, and he knows that when he meets people, if he's charming and polite, he can wow them. But he is a bit vain; he takes care of his appearance and doesn't like doing things that'll mess up his spikes or his trainers[1][2]

Tails' vital statistics

Vital Statistic Description
Speed Tails is almost as fast as Sonic - in fact, if it wasn't for Sonic, he'd probably be the fastest creature on Mobius. But because he tries so hard to be better than his hero Sonic, he often doesn't notice things, and trips over them, or can't steer around them in time[1]
Strength Tails tries to be like Sonic and therefore likes to show how strong he is. He's good at smashing traps and bouncing on enemies, but he has a habit of getting things wrong and making mistakes[1]
Agility Tails has one thing that makes him a great gymnast - is twin tails. He can use them to hover like a helicopter, or with a quick flick he can change direction or spin though the air. He's proud of this that he shows it off too much, and sometimes uses it when there are better things he could have done instead[1]
Coolness Nobody's as cool as Sonic, but Tails tries hard, and he's been hanging around his hero so long that some of it is beginning to rub off. There's no way that two bushy tails will ever be as slick and streetwise as cool blue spikes, but Tails is no slouch in this department[1]
Quick Wits Tails isn't the quickest-thinking guy on Mobius, but he has his natural foxy reactions, and when danger threatens he can sometimes move faster than Sonic. "Act first - think later" is his motto[1]
Good Looks Which would you rather cuddle up to - a spikey hedgehog or a smooth orange fox, with a sleek fur coat, two gorgeous bushy tails, that cute flick of hair and his whiskers? In fact, Sonic is everyone's favorite, but Tails tries hard[1]


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