This article contains information on the manuals that were included with copies of Sonic the Hedgehog 3.


The English story prologue found in the original western manuals:

Sonic's Adventure Continues
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 takes place on the mysterious Floating Island which holds many special powers. The source of these powers are Chaos Emeralds In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic and Tails thought that they had destroyed the Death Egg, which was Dr. Robotnik's heavily armored ship. Instead, Dr. >Robotnik managed to crash land on the Floating Island. After learning that the island is able to float in the sky by harnessing the power of the emeralds, the Doc decides to steal the Emeralds so he can repair his Death Egg ship.
To obtain the emeralds, Dr. Robotnik tricks Knuckles, the guardian of the Floating Island's Chaos Emeralds. He also tells Knuckles that Sonic and Tails are the ones trying to steal the emeralds.
Between battling new types of Badniks and trying to outsmart Knuckles, Sonic and Tails have their work cut out for them once they arrive on the Floating Island and search for Dr. Robotnik.
You'll soon discover that Sonic the Hedgehog 3 is packed with Zones which are three times larger than those found in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Each Zone is made up of two Acts, and each Act contains dozens of challenges and obstacles for Sonic and Tails to over- come.

Meet Knuckles the Echidna

  • Age: 15 Years Old
  • Species: Echidna
  • Favorite Foods: Fruit (especially Grapes)
  • Special Abilities: Discovering hidden passageways and using his knuckles to dig.

Knuckles was born and raised on the Floating Island and he knows all of its secrets. He's strong, athletic and clever. Because Knuckles knows every hidden passageway on the island, it's easy for him to block Sonic's path, create extra obstacles, set traps, and steal Sonic's gold rings.

Long ago, an ancient civilization lived on the Floating Island. Before this civilization mysteriously disappeared, it left behind many secrets and mystical powers. Being the only living descendant of this lost civilization, Knuckles has become the guardian of the Chaos Emeralds, which are the source of the island's special floating power.




A translation of the story prologue from the Japanese manual:[1]

As we speak, Dr. Eggman's fortress "The Death Egg", which had been totally destroyed by Sonic, is on a collision course with the Earth. And it just so happens that right in the Death Egg's line of descent floats a single giant mass of clouds. Quietly hidden in those clouds is a shadow…
A rise of mountains, a spread of forests. That shadow is an island. It's the great "Floating Island" that drifts through the sky. Like a falling star, the Death Egg crashed smack into the Floating Island. Mountains crumbled and trees toppled. The incredible impact tilted the whole island, and gradually forced it to drop in elevation. Finally, it plunged into the ocean. The Floating Island sent out what looked like a tidal wave, but it didn't sink in the water. Cradling the Death Egg, the island went on floating in the sea as though nothing had happened.
A few days later…
On an island far away from where the Death Egg and the Floating Island crashed down, a two-tailed fox named Tails suddenly detected a strong Chaos Emerald reaction on the Jewel Radar he had invented.
"I wonder if this has anything to do with that huge tidal wave we just had…"
With that on his mind, Tails turned toward the beach where Sonic was. Sonic, who had been taking a nap, found a small ring washed up on the shore around that same moment. The ring had what appeared to be ancient letters carved into it. As he held this ring, Sonic remembered an old legend he had heard about an island. A long time ago, when this island had still been a part of the continent, people of a great civilization lived there. This civilization had created a society of peace and abundance with the energy of the "Stone of Power". However, one day a sect of wise men attempting to take the energy of the "Stone of Power" for themselves accidentally let the energy run out of control. The civilization collapsed in an instant, and it disappeared from history altogether. After the incident, the gods, descending from the sky, rebuilt the civilization's land as an island and released the "Stone of Power" into the sky…or so they say.
The ring and this legend…If only for the sake of nostalgia, Sonic decided to set off an another journey right then and there.
Dr. Eggman, who had escaped from his fallen Death Egg, noticed that there is a Chaos Emerald on the Floating Island. From a fissure that the Death Egg had opened up in the ground, he could pick up the reactions of a huge Chaos Emerald. If he uses that energy, it may be possible for him to launch his Death Egg into outer space once more. To get hold of the Emerald, Dr. Eggman started building a base on the Floating Island. He also kidnapped animals and remodeled them into robots, and made the nature of Floating Island more severe with his environment-changing machines.
"Dahhh-ha-ha-ha! Sonic, even if you come to this island, you'll be too late! This time, both the world and the Chaos Emeralds will be mine!"
The stage is set once again. From here, Sonic the Hedgehog begins his new adventure.




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