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This is a transcript for Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

[The film opens up with the Paramount Pictures logo, with Rings being in the place of the stars flying across the ocean and forming the iconic arch over the mountain. The SEGA logo then appears, showing multiple games made by the company, and the Original Film logo is presented on a blue background in metallic red text before fading out to black and fading into a new scene.]

[Scene: Mushroom Planet, dawn.]

[The scene opens with a space view of the Mushroom Planet. A large title card is then shown, which says "THE MUSHROOM PLANET." The scene then shows a view of the mushroom planet, after which it shows a mushroom rising up to another mushroom, as a title reads "PARAMOUNT PICTURES presents", causing it to tip what appears to be a small rock over. The small rock then bumps into a small mushroom which rolls into another mushroom, which rolls into another mushroom, which bumps into a round rock when another titles reads, "in association with SEGA SAMMY GROUP". The rock then bumps into a line of four rocks which one by one fall into a gear made out of mushroom which after turning makes a round bucket tip releasing water from inside. The water then pours into the bottom of another mushroom tied to a rope making it lower and hit the ground as a third title reads "an ORIGINAL FILM production". The water picks up a tiny mushroom which floats downhill into a spoon like contraption made out of mushroom which turns and drops it into another as another title reads "a MARZA ANIMATION PLANET/ BLUR STUDIO production". The spoon like contraption drops with the other end rising and bumping into a line of mushrooms that grow in size until the largest lands on a blower like plant which blows at a large round rock. The rock then rolls and bumps into a cable car like contraption which reveals to be holding something inside. The rock rolls into the background as the cable car contraption is taken downward revealing a cart made out of mushroom. The cable car contraption bumps into a platform shaped rock and opens to allow the cart to roll out revealing a small Sonic-like figure in front of it as we see the rock roll in the background. The cart rolls forward as it runs into a column of sticks which fall down making mushroom cups to drop berry like fruit into the cart. The cart then bumps into a rock tossing the figure and fruit out and into a juicer like contraption with thorns in it as the rock drops on it crushing the content revealing a classic Eggman Empire logo painted on it. The content then is then turned into liquid and pours into a cup which is picked up by Dr. Robotnik ]
Robotnik: Doctor's log. It is day 243 in this... portabello purgatory...
[Robotnik is shown sitting on a chair in front of his Eggpod, looking at his environment. He then looks down as he holds up Sonic's quill and proceeds to stir his drink with it.]
Robotnik: My only companion is a rock I named "Stone."
[Robotnik looks to the rock. He then looks away, tapping the quill to his cup to dry it off.]
Robotnik: The question is... for whom am I narrating this?
[Robotnik sticks his tongue out and puts it to the quill, causing it to electrocute him. The scene changes to Robotnik pulling parts out of the engine of his Eggpod.]
Robotnik: It seems I have become a feature player in the theater of the absurd. Marooned in deep space by that wretched blue rodent. But it is all good thanks to a breathable atmosphere and my supreme intellect, sharpened against the only competitor savvy enough to br-r-r-r-ring it.
[The scene changes to Robotnik playing chess with mushrooms as the pieces. He takes a mushroom and places it forward.]
Robotnik: Chanterelle to D4.
[The screen changes to reveal a rock mirror, revealing that Robotnik is playing against himself.]
Robotnik: Hmm?
[Robotnik lifts the cup in his hand.]
Robotnik: I have been striving to make fungi into a functional drink of choice...
[Robotnik lifts the cup to his nose and he sniffs it]
Robotnik: Mushroom coffee.
[Robotnik sips the mushroom juices only to spit it out afterwards. Robotnik tries another batch, only to spit it out as well.]
Robotnik: With limited...
[ The scene then shifts to the round rock squeezing more mushrooms.]
Robotnik: Limited...
[Robotnik tries out three more cups of mushroom juices, but spits each of them out in disgust. Robotnik picks up another cup of mushroom juices.]
Robotnik: Limited...
[Robotnik tries out the cup of mushroom juices, but spits it out in disgust.]
Robotnik: Success.
[Robotnik tries out a cup of mushroom juices, but slowly spits it out in disgust. The scene then changes to Robotnik picking rope-like wires out of the Eggpod and walks forward.]
Robotnik: But today, day 243 has brought a new optimism to my most pressing endeavor.
[The scene switches to Robotnik looking at a large mushroom with rods and a pole, making it look like a radio tower or a satellite transceiver.]
Robotnik: Planetus exodus to returnecus and kick blue buttecus!
[Robotnik climbs up the mushroom to a monitor screen placed on top of the mushroom tower and proceeds to press a few buttons on the instrument board.]
Robotnik: If my calculations are correct, and there is no reason to say this, because they always are...
[Robotnik lifts a jumper cable with Sonic's quill in its pincers.]
Robotnik: This quill... is going to power my masterpiece.
[Robotnik lifts another jumper cable in his other hand.]
Robotnik: Let's light this candle... and see who comes a-knocking.
[Robotnik clamps the jumper cable on the quill and energizes the power cable, which bolts with blue chaos energy. The tower subsequently creates a shockwave, sweeping a screaming Robotnik off his feet and onto the ground. The screen switches to a shot of outer space as a shockwave of chaos energy generate a stream of light stretching through space before dissipating.]

[Scene change: Mushroom Planet, night.]

[Robotnik lies where he fell, unsuspecting the Ring portal appearing in front of him. Soon after, a trio of humanoid alien scavengers wearing chicken skulls for helmets and holding spears walk out from the Ring portal and scout the area. The head of the trio looks to Robotnik tilting its head in curiosity. It proceeds to bend down and move its spear towards the seemingly sleeping Robotnik. It then gently presses the side of his spear on his shirt, before looking to the quill in his hand. Before he can bend down and take it from his hand however, Robotnik's eyes bolt open.]
Robotnik: Greetings!
[The scavenger backs away as Robotnik uses his other hand and pulls a tarp of grass, revealing his trap. Suddenly, a giant mushroom slams down, causing the mushrooms around it to spin rapidly, alarming the scavengers. Suddenly, the lead scavenger unexpectedly steps into a rope trap, catapulting him screaming into the distance.]
Robotnik: Klatuu Barata Nikto!
[The other scavenger looks to Robotnik, who kicks a mushroom, resulting in a giant mushroom stem to slam into the second scavenger, sending him flying away, thus leaving the last scavenger to open its spear to reveal red blades. The scavenger proceeds to swing them around to intimidate Robotnik, only for Robotnik to use his Robotnik Control Glove to make a call.]
Robotnik: Agent Stone? Now.
[the Eggpod engines burn a rope that is connected to a catapult that holds "Stone", sending said rock flying and hit the scavenger in the face, making him fall on his back. Robotnik gets up while looking at the Ring portal.]
Robotnik: Thank you Stone! It's time to say goodbye to this... [Inhales] piece of shiitake planet!
[Robotnik licks the quill, electrocuting himself again before making a beeline for the Ring portal in slow motion. However, he stops at the sight of a silhouette. Robotnik gasps as he stops in his tracks falling on his back as we see the creature's hand, encased in a massive white boxing glove like glove with twin spikes. In a close up of his face, the creature reveals himself to be an anthropomorphic echidna marching right up to him with his eyes glowing red. The echidna walks up to Robotnik before noticing the quill in his palm]
Knuckles: Where did you get that?
[Robotnik looks to the quill in his hand and swiftly lifts it in between their faces.]
Robotnik: From a little blue menace on the planet called Earth.
[Knuckles looks at Robotnik sternly.]
Robotnik: I'd be happy to show you the way.
[The camera swiftly zooms off the area and off planet as the view enters a large blue circular tube. The camera then zooms out to reveal the title card reading "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG". Suddenly an orange blur zooms passed and sits with the title revealing itself to be an orange "2" sprouting two fox tails. The screen then cuts to black.]

[Scene change: Seattle, night.]

[The screen opens to reveal a city while the caption reads "SEATTLE". The camera moves through the streets of the city. The scene then changes to an old woman pushing a shopping cart with her pet dog in it. She looks down for a second to her dog before noticing a high speed chase with a stolen truck being chased by the Seattle Police Department. The camera turns to the back of the stolen truck to reveal the bank robbers who have hijacked it.]
Bank Robber: They're still on us!
[His fellow bank robber throws him a stick of dynamite which he taps the top of to ignite it.]
Bank Robber: This'll slow them down!
[The bank robber throws the dynamite at one of the police cars who drive around the explosion that occurs when the dynamite stick touches the ground, causing the police car to hit a group of trash cans. The cars proceed to drive past one building of from where Sonic is watching the ordeal. Sonic proceeds to tighten his shoes, do some stretches, jump in place and readying his chaos energy, crack his knuckles, do some air punches, and eat a chili dog, before leaping off the building and swiftly following the chase, passing several other cars, all to the tune of Run DMC's "Tricky."]
Sonic: [Makes flying noises] Watch out! 'Cuse me! Pardon me! Coming through!
[Sonic speeds up to the side window of the truck and kicks the drives while holding to the railing on the roof of the truck.]
Sonic: Good evening, gentlemen. Mind if I drive?
[Sonic kick at the driver makes the door on his side open up with him clinging onto it. Sonic takes the wheel.]
Sonic: Better buckle up!
[ Sonic makes a right turn, making the bank robbers in the back hit one another from the movement. The Seattle Police Department continue the chase as sticks of dynamite fall out of the truck and explode upon hitting the ground.]
Sonic: How we doing back there?
[Sonic turns one way, making the bank robbers hit one wall in the truck.]
Sonic: And now this way!
[ Sonic proceeds to make another turn, making the bank robbers hit the other wall whilst all the money they stole flies out of the truck. Sonic laughs as the chase continues.]
Sonic: Woo-hoo!
[The Armored Truck Security Guard in the back of the truck looks to Sonic, mumbling due to his mouth being covered with duct tape.]
Sonic: Oh, I'm sorry, I don't speak duct tape.
[ Sonic removes the duct tape, allowing the Armored Truck Security Guard to speak.]
Armored Truck Security Guard: What the heck are you?!
Sonic: Fear not, citizen. I am the hero you need and the hero you deserve. The blue dawn that banishes the darkest-- Holy crap!
[Sonic quickly spots a pedestrian on the road and proceed to scream with the Armored Truck Security Guard as he takes the wheel and drives around her. The Armored Truck Security Guard continues to scream.]
Sonic: Don't worry! Nobody's gonna get hurt!
[The chase continues as the bag of dynamite proceeds to slide right next to Sonic.]
Sonic: Huh. What are those?
Armored Truck Security Guard: Bombs! Bombs! They're bombs! Those are bombs!
Sonic: Relax, they're not even lit! so I'll say again, nobody's gonna get--
[ The dynamite sticks turn on as their fuses ignite.]
Sonic: Ahh! I was wrong! We're all gonna die!
Armored Truck Security Guard: Why aren't you slowing down?!
Sonic: That would require brakes.
[Sonic presses on the breaks to no avail as they are blocked by the body of one of the unconscious bank robbers. Sonic takes the bag of dynamite with his foot and picks it up with his hand.]
Sonic: Ahh, ohh. Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!
Armored Truck Security Guard: Why don't you just let the police handle this?!
Sonic: Because that's not what heroes do!
[ Sonic throws all the dynamite sticks out the window. They all fall into a random garbage truck before they explode, scattering its trash everywhere.]
Sonic: Thank you very much! Please hold your applause!
[Trash falls on the windshield of the truck. The chase continues. The Armored Truck Security Guard hears a hissing.]
Armored Truck Security Guard: Hey, ya hear that? There's one bomb left!
Sonic: Uh... uh oh.
[Sonic zooms toward the truck's small cubby and proceeds to look under.]
Armored Truck Security Guard: Did you check under the seat?
Sonic: Of course I checked under the seat!
[The car chase continues]
Armored Truck Security Guard: You are terrible at this!
[Sonic latches onto the wire on the door separating him and the Armored Truck Security Guard.]
Sonic: You know what? Your negative attitude is not helping anyone!
[The Armored Truck Security Guard sees a sizzling in Sonic's head quills.]
Armored Truck Security Guard: It's in your spiky things!
[Sonic spins around rapidly before getting the dynamite stick out and holds it up.]
Sonic: Aha! I can never find anything in here!
[Sonic throws the dynamite stick out the window. The dynamite stick rolls away, before falling into a drainage pipe on the side of the sidewalk.]
Sonic: Drained it from down town!
[Sonic imitates triumphant trumpet music before retaking the wheel.]
Sonic: See? I told you no one would get hurt!
[ They look up to see that they are headed straight for an ice stand.]
Sonic: Holy sherbet!
[Sonic looks around and looks to a bag of power tools.]
Sonic: Oh, hello!
[Sonic zooms towards the power tools and appears then on the roof of the truck, holding a drill in his hand.]
Sonic: Don't panic! This is only a drill!
[Sonic proceeds to use the drill to remove the screws on the roof before zooming all over the truck, removing all its screws and bolts. Everyone at the ice cream stand look to the incoming truck and shriek before the truck starts falling apart as it heads right toward them, leaving only the undercarriage, the Armored Truck Security Guard and the unconscious bank robbers, to slide to a halt in front of the ice cream stand. The Armored Truck Security Guard looks to a boy behind him, shocked as a scoop on his ice cream falls off and plops to the ground. Meanwhile, the dynamite stick from earlier explodes, causing all the drainage caps on the street to explode and reveal geysers of water bursting out of them all to the 1812 Overture. The bank robbers regain consciousness, just as the Seattle Police Department arrives at the scene to arrest them. The Armored Truck Security Guard looks to Sonic on top of a building.]
Sonic: No need to thank me, citizens. All in a night's work for... [Does a pose] Blue Justice!
Armored Truck Security Guard: You're a terrible hero!
[Sonic laughs as he runs down the building and through the ruined streets before running off camera.]

[Scene change: Green Hills, morning.]

[The camera shows a sunrise over a mountain range with "Stars in the Sky" playing in the background. The scene then changes to Sonic racing across a large bridge. The camera then shows a large sign reading "Welcome to Green Hills. the little city with big heart. pop: 1981, elev. 3445 ft" as it then shows Wade in a police car holding a speed watch as Sonic zooms past.]
Sonic: Morning, Wade!
Wade: Morning, Sonic!
[Sonic zooms past Wade and races up a mountain and stops at a small rocky ledge overlooking Green Hills.]
Sonic: Good morning, Green Hills!
[Sonic races down the mountain and runs toward the Wachowski house and races up the roof and stops. He looks through the window before slowly entering his room, back-flipping in the process. The impact almost tips a bowling pin off a table, but sonic grabs it before it hits the ground. Sonic then slowly puts it on the floor, not making any noise, and tip-toes to his bed. Each step he takes makes an inconvenient squeaky floor board sound, making him stop.]
Sonic: Ah, come on!
[ Sonic grabs something off the bottom of his shoe and sees that it is a few dirty banknotes.]
Sonic: Uh oh.
[Sonic frantically looks around, eyeing his cupboard with a "keep out" sticker on it. He opens it up and puts the banknotes in it. He then gets out his bag of Rings and closes it up. He gets out the world map and opens it up, only for a feather to slide out. Sonic gasps as the feather gently floats to the floor and picks it up, remembering the feather belonging to Longclaw. Sonic then has a flashback as he remembers when he was little and giving a flower to her before being sent to Earth, her voice saying his name as an echo.]
Sonic: I miss you, Longclaw. I'm trying to make you proud.
[Sonic puts the feather back on the map and closes it up before putting it back in his pouch, zipping it up. He then puts the pouch on the desk top before getting in bed.]
Sonic: And now for a little shut eye.
[Just as Sonic falls asleep, Ozzie comes up to him and licks his face, waking Sonic back up.]
Sonic: Ugh! Blegh! Ozzie, morning breath!
[Sonic covers himself in his bed covers, just as Maddie comes in with a hamper of laundry.]
Maddie: Sonic! You're still in bed? You're supposed to meet Tom remember?
[Ozzie yanks the covers off an exhausted Sonic, as he flops face first to the floor.]
Sonic: All right! All right, I'm up. I'm up...

[Scene change: Lake, Montana, day.]

[Sonic and Tom are in a rowboat in the middle of a lake, fishing.]
Tom: Ahh, what a day. Thanks for coming out, bud. You know, I feel like you and me, we haven't had much time together lately.
[Tom doesn't hear anything from Sonic]
Tom: How's it going over there? Did you get any bites?
[Sonic reveals to be snoring asleep, a bit of drool coming out of his mouth. Tom bends over, rocking the boat and making sonic fall into the water. Falling into the water and getting wet makes him wake up.]
Sonic: Ahh! I can't swim! If I die, don't look in my closet!
[Tom bends over and fishes sonic out. Tom then proceeds to get a blanket and wraps it around Sonic.]
Tom: Hey, hey. You're good! Take it easy. But, now that you've had a nap and a bath--

[Scene change: Sonic's room, night.]

[tom coming up to Sonic's room.]
Tom (off-screen): I went up to your room last night to bring you some new comics and um...
[Tom finds a statue of what looks to be Sonic reading a newspaper upside down. Tom comes closer, but his foot touches a rope in front of him, making the Sonic statue wave his hand up and down while a radio recording plays in the background in Sonic's voice.]
Sonic (over radio): Woah, woah, woah, woah, stop right there! I wouldn't come any closer because this little hedgehog had way too many chili dogs. Oh no, oh no! [Sonic's recording imitates a fart sound.] I'm so embarrassed! Get out of here! Quick!
[The newspaper drops to fully reveal the Sonic statue, which is poorly made and has a goofy cartoon face on it.]
Sonic (over radio): Oh no! Here comes another one!' [Sonic's recording imitates a fart sound.] Oh no. Save yourself!
[Tom looks unimpressed as the Sonic statue falls apart with the radio repeating the recording, distorting it in the process.]

[Scene change: Lake, Montana, day.]

Sonic: Ugh. I knew I should have used real farts.
[Tom slaps a newspaper in between them with the headline reading "The Daily Observer: Mayhem in Seattle".]
Tom: How many times are we gonna do this?
Sonic: What? Cast your line and not catch anything? Seems like a billion.
Tom: I think you know what I'm talking about. Lying, the sneaking out, pretending to be Batman.
Sonic: Blue Justice, trademark pending.
Tom: Whatever, you're being reckless.
Sonic: Ugh. Not this conversation again.
Tom: Hey! It's no fun for me either, but if you keep being irresponsible, we're gonna keep having this conversation.
Sonic: How is it irresponsible to use my power?
Tom: Sonic, [Holds up the newspaper paper] you destroyed an entire city block!
Sonic: The block was already messed up! Who cares? Look, I stopped a robbery! I was a hero!
Tom: No, you put people in danger and that's NOT what a hero does.
[Sonic looks upset at that comment.]
Sonic: [Sigh] You're supposed to be my friend. Stop trying to be my dad.
[Tom sighs and looks away for a second as Sonic sits down.]
Sonic: I can take care of myself.
Tom: Sonic, taking care of yourself, is not what being a hero is all about. It's about taking responsibility for other people. And now, whether you wanna hear this or not, you are still just a kid. You got some more growing up to do before you're ready to be a hero. Trust me, there will come a time when your powers will be needed. But you don't choose that moment. That moment chooses you.
Sonic: Woah. Look at you. Look, I just got-- I just got goosebumps. Wait a second, did you steal that from Oprah?
Tom: No, sir, it's a Wachowski family special. Came from my dad, in this very boat, in this very lake. He would always try and steer me in the right direction. That's what Maddie and I always try to do with you. So, until your moment arrives, I want you to work on being more responsible. Comprende?
Sonic: Comprende. High five on it!
[Sonic and Tom proceed to high five.]
Sonic: Yeah! Doughnut Lord and the Blue Blur are back at it again!
[Sonic zooms to the back rear of the boat.]
Sonic: Hang on!
[Sonic dunks his whole bottom half into the water.]
Sonic: Speedboat!
[Sonic proceeds to run in the water, pushing the boat along. Sonic laughs.]
Tom: SONIC!!!

[Scene change: Wachowski house, day.]

[Tom and Maddie are packing to go somewhere]
Tom: How excited are you to go to Hawaii?
[The two enter the living room to see Sonic and Ozzie, with Sonic holding a clipboard and spatula with a tie, both of them wearing sunglasses and standing in front of a Ring portal with a view of Hawaii visible through it.]
Sonic: Welcome to Sonic Air, the fastest way to travel. Now boarding groups one and two.
Maddie: [laughs] Aww, Sonic! This is so fun!
[Maddie walks forward, but Sonic blocks her.]
Sonic: I'm sorry ma'am, you're group three. Please wait your turn. Anyone from groups one and two?
Tom: Just let him get it out of his system.
Sonic: Okay, anybody else? Right this way.
Maddie: Thank you.
['Maddie walks forward, with Sonic pretending to scan her with the spatula. Sonic makes scanning noises with his mouth, making Maddie laugh. As she goes, Tom them walks up, with Sonic doing the same to him.]
Sonic: Terrible shirt detected.
Tom: There we go.
Sonic: Okay, your free to go. Enjoy your trip. Bu-bye now.
Tom: Okay.
[Tom bends down to Sonic's level and opens his arms.]
Tom: Bring it in.
Sonic: Tom, I'm about to be hedgehog of the house for the first time. I think I'm a little mature to hug you goodbye.
[Maddie bends down and makes a fist.]
Maddie: Okay, what about a power bump?
[Tom makes a fist as well.]
Sonic: Yes! Power bump! That's more like it.
[Sonic, Tom, and Maddie all power bump as they all raise up and un-clench their fists.]
Sonic, Tom, and Maddie: Wachowski!
[Tom and Maddie head their way through the Ring portal as Sonic holds a Ring in his hand.]
Sonic: Okay, use this one to get back home.
[Sonic tosses the Ring to Tom, who catches it in his hand.]
Tom: All right, we're off. Okay, be good!
[Tom and Maddie walk through to the other side of the Ring.]
Maddie: Yes, you have our number.
Sonic: Sorry, I can't hear you, you're traveling through a cross dimensional portal!
[The Ring proceeds to close.]
Tom: Miss you already!
Maddie: Okay!
Sonic: Have fun at Rachel's wedding!
[Maddie does an air kiss, just as the Ring closes out of existence.]
Sonic: Okay, its 48 hours until they come back. We've got TV channels, streaming channels, a house full of food, and no supervision.
[Ozzie barks.]
Sonic: Let's do this.
["Here Comes the Hotstepper" by Ini Kamoze plays in the background as Sonic proceeds to party in the house, doing the most outlandish things imaginable. He jumps on the couch with food everywhere, does a dance off with different hair styles, skateboards in the house and jumps over a pyramid of dishes, uses a Ring to buy food right out of the store, driving a riding mower in the house, and brings inside an outdoor pool and has a pool party inside the house.]

[Scene: Green Hills, Montana, day.]

[The camera zooms out of the view of Green Hills before showing leaves rustling as a Ring portal opens and Tails pops out. He is reading the energy levels from Sonic on his Miles Electric.]
Tails: If these readings are accurate, he's here. I found him! I just hope I'm not too late.
[Tails uses his twin-tails like a helicopter rotor to fly over the forests and into town.]

[Scene change: Green Hills, Montana, night.]

[Tails lands in nearby bushes outside the police station and looks to his Miles Electric again.]
Tails: Hmm, he's close. I just need a way to reach him without being spotted.
[Tails looks to a police car outside the Mean Bean Coffee Shop.]
Tails: Standard human transport. Perfect!

[Scene change: Wachowski house, night.]

[Sonic is floating in the outdoor pool using a flamingo floatie before hearing a vibrating sound. He reaches down to reveal his phone showing Tom calling]
Sonic: Uh oh. Ehh boy...
[Sonic turns the lights back on and proceeds to clean up everything in the house, before laying on the couch as Tom calls in.]
Tom: Aloha! How's it going bud?
Sonic: Oh, ya know. Just a quiet time at home. Just settling in with a good book. And you? Wazzup with you?
Tom: Oh! just called to say we're here. But now, every word in your mouth is making me suspicious.
Sonic: What?! You gotta relax buddy! You're at the Four Seasons Oahu. Have a Mai Tai! Enjoy some time with your wife! Get sunburn somewhere embarrassing! This weekend is about you.
Tom: Ya know what? You're right. We power bumped on it. So whatever it is you're doing, I'm sure you can undo it by the time we get home, yeah? Yeah?
Sonic: Exactly! I mean, I am deeply offended by such accusations! So, how's Rachel's fiancé? Is he as good looking as he was in his picture?
[Tom looks to see Randall with Rachel as they both kiss]
Tom: [Sighs] Somehow, better looking.
Sonic: Wow! You're about to be the third best looking dude in the family!
Tom: Hahaha. All right, I better go introduce myself. Stay out of trouble.
Sonic: Trouble? Don't worry. Everything here is completely normal.
Tom: Uh-huh. Later, bud.
[Tom hangs up and walks up to Randall, who walks up to him.]
Tom: Hey! I was just coming to see you.
Randall: You got a lot of nerve coming here after what you did to my fiancé!
Tom: W-w-what?
Randall: Totaling her car, leaving her tied to a chair. I should rip you limb from limb.
[Tom stands there speechless, but Randall then starts to laugh.]
Randall: Oh my god! Look at your face! Tommy, breathe, baby! Hey! I was kidding!
Tom: Okay! [Laughs] You were kidding?
Randall: Yeah! I'm sorry. Rachel put me up to it. It was totally her idea.
Tom: Yeah, rascal!
Randall: Listen, I don't know if you're aware... Rachel does not care for you at all.
Tom: Oh, I'm aware.
[Rachel and Maddie proceed to walk up to Tom and Randal.]
Randall: Seriously bro, you got work to do.
[Rachel walks up to Tom.]
Rachel: Hey!
Tom: Hey
Rachel: Good to see you. Thanks for coming, Tom. Really glad you came!
Tom: Really? Well, great! Great to see you too. Congratulations. You guys seem really happy together.
Rachel: Ya know, you're all right Thomas Wachowski. Can we bury the hatchet?
Tom: I'd love that.
Rachel: Yeah?
Tom: Yeah!
Rachel: All right, bring it in!
[Rachel proceeds to hug Tom tightly.]
Rachel: [Whispers] And if you screw up my wedding, I will end you.
[Tom gives a face of worry.]

[scene change: Wachowski house, night.]

[Sonic and Ozzie are watching TV, as Sonic is eating a bowl of popcorn.]
Sonic: All right Ozzie, its movie night at Casa del Sonic and you're picking.
[Outside, a Ring portal forms.]
Sonic: But I am not watching Snow Dogs again. That movie is the [Singsong] wo-o-o-oooorst!
[Suddenly, the lights shut off.]
Sonic: Ohoho! Blackout!
[Sonic zooms away and returns, turning on a flashlight to reveal him in a blanket.]
Sonic: [Spooky voice] Oooohhh... Oooozzzziiiee...
[Ozzie whimpers and runs off.]
Sonic: Oh, sorry buddy. Everything's okay.
[Suddenly, the TV screen shows a static screen, startling Sonic and causing him to walk out of the room.]
Sonic: Um, excuse me? We did not order a poltergeist...
[Sonic leaves, lightning flashes to reveal a shadow. Sonic makes it to the door.]
Sonic: Um, if this is the pizza guy, this is really unprofessional.
[Sonic gently presses against the door and reaches for the nob, only for sparks to surround it, making Sonic back away. Soon after, the doorknob falls off, and the door slowly opens up to reveal Robotnik across from Sonic with his point finger of his control glove glowing like a taser.]
Sonic: Eggman?
[Robotnik blows out the taser like a candle and looks to Sonic.]
Robotnik: Hello, hedgehog. Did you miss me?
Sonic: I don't know how you got back, but you made a big mistake coming here.
Robotnik: Oh contraire mon frere! The mistake was thinking that you've won. But that was just a prelude, an d'oeuvre, an aperitif, an Amuse-bouche--
Sonic: [Tersely] I get it!
[Robotnik chuckles as he walks forward waving a finger.]
Robotnik: I don't think you do. But you will. And so will that idiot sheriff and his wife.
[Sonic makes a fist with chaos energy building up.]
Robotnik: And your little dog too!
[Sonic rushes up and time slows as Sonic prepares to punch Robotnik in the face. Robotnik then backs away to reveal Knuckles leaping right at a surprised Sonic. Time goes back to normal as Knuckles punches Sonic right through a wall, destroying the TV. Sonic lays on the couch dazed, as he looks through the wall to see Knuckles looking right at him.]
Knuckles: Pitiful.
[Knuckles walks through the hallways as Sonic gets up.]
Sonic: Who are you?
[Robotnik sticks his head through the hole.]
Robotnik: Where... are my manners?
[Robotnik walks through the hallway and stands right behind Knuckles.]
Robotnik: Sonic... meet Knuckles. My new BFFAE. Bestest friend forever and ever!
[Sonic gets on the floor and gets his bag of Rings as he wears it like a strapped backpack.]
Sonic: Look, Robotnik, I don't care who you bring to help you. You're never gonna get my power.
Knuckles: Do I look like I need your power?
[Knuckles raises his fist to reveal red chaos energy coursing through it. Sonic dashes at Knuckles, only for Knuckles to punch him straight through the wall, making him fall backwards. Sonic regains consciousness and looks to Knuckles, standing across from him, pounding his fists together. Robotnik appears at the scene, eating Sonic's popcorn.]
Robotnik: So nice when diabolical evil lives up to the hype!
[Sonic gets up to face Knuckles, who stands his ground.]
Knuckles: Where is it?
Sonic: Oh you want it? Here it comes!
[Sonic starts building up chaos energy.]
Knuckles: I was expecting more of you. You're unskilled...
[Sonic looks sternly at Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Untrained...
[Sonic gets on his hands and knees.]
Knuckles: And unworthy!
[Robotnik gobbles Sonic's popcorn with his mouth open.]
Sonic: You forgot one. Unstoppable!
[Sonic zooms right at Knuckles, resulting in an explosion of light. As it dims, it is revealed that Knuckles is holding Sonic in place in his spin attack form. Knuckles walks forward, raises a fist, and pummels Sonic into the ground, creating a massive explosion of chaos energy and a large crater. Robotnik drops his bowl in a comedic fashion in slow motion. Sonic is grabbed by the throat by Knuckles and is pinned against a tree.]
Knuckles: It is my destiny to do what my ancestors could not. To restore the ultimate power to the home of my people.
[Robotnik overhears with interest.]
Sonic: Ultimate power? I don't know what your talking about! You got the wrong guy!
Robotnik: Ultimate power? Now you're speaking my language.
Knuckles: Don't play dumb with me, apprentice of Longclaw!
Sonic: You knew Longclaw?
Knuckles: Longclaw and her people were the sworn enemy of my tribe, the echidna!
[Chaos energy builds up as Knuckles raises his fist.]
Knuckles: We fought and died at their hands, and now you will die by mine.
[Suddenly, a police car crashes through the fence, heading right toward Knuckles, who lets go of Sonic, but gets hit and sent into the green house with Robotnik startled by the ordeal. Tails reveals himself from the drivers seat.]
Tails: Come on! Get in! I'm on your side!
Sonic: I'm sorry, who are you?
[Sonic looks to a groaning Knuckles, who starts to regain consciousness.]
Sonic: Ya know what? It doesn't matter.
[Sonic gets into the car, only for Robotnik to leap at the windshield, making Sonic and Tails scream in fear.]
Sonic: Get us outta here! Go, go, go, go, go!
[Tails presses a button on his Miles Electric and small magnetic gadgets on the pedals make the car go in circles. Robotnik barks like a dog as he claws at Sonic's side of the windshield.]
Sonic: Aahhh! He's gone rabid!
[Robotnik snarls at Tails and proceeds to lick the windshield.]
Tails: Gross! Is he licking it?!
[Tails turns he car left.]
Tails: See ya!
[Turning left, Tails tosses Robotnik into the bushes as he and Sonic drive off.]
Sonic: Make sure to get your shots, Eggman!
[Robotnik gets up and looks to the leaving vehicle. Knuckles gets up growling, his eyes glowing red as he proceeds to give chase to the car at high speed. Sonic shouts in fear as he looks to see Knuckles heading right toward them.]
Tails: Wow. Okay, let me just say, it is an honor to finally meet you, Sonic. Is it okay if I call you Sonic? Everyone calls me Tails. You're probably wondering why.
Sonic: Let me guess. Because of the extra tail?
Tails: That's right! I should've known you'd get that.
Sonic: Cool. Also, what is going on?! Robotnik's back? And who is Clifford the Big Red Rage Monster?!
Tails: That's Knuckles. The last of the echidnas, and the most dangerous warrior in the galaxy. He's obsessed with finding the Master Emerald.
Sonic: Are you serious? The Master Emerald? That's just a bedtime story.
Tails: Well, he believes its real, and he must think you're the key to finding it.
[Sonic looks and sees a red light on the road.]
Sonic: Red light! Red light! Give me the wheel!
[Sonic pushes Tails away as he takes the wheel.]
Tails: Hey! What are you--
Sonic: Move your foot!
[Sonic drives right pass a Splash Hills water gallon truck and looks to see that Knuckles is no longer on their trail.]
Sonic: [Sighs] I think we lost him.
[Knuckles dashes right through the truck and leaps onto the roof of Sonic and Tails' car, ripping off the siren lights and punching right through the roof, making Sonic and Tails scream.]
Sonic: We did not lose him! We definitely did not lose him!
[Knuckles rips the car door off, just as they head for a cliff road. Tails looks down to see the dropping ground as they head for a turn in the road.]
Tails: I got an idea! Do you trust me?
Sonic: Of course not! I literally just met you!
Tails: Just let me--
[Tails takes the steering wheel and drives right towards the turn. Soon after, they drive right off the edge as Tails proceeds to grab Sonic's hands and use his twin-tails to fly them out of the car. Knuckles leaps out and slams the spikes on his gloves into the side of the cliff as the car explodes against the ground below. Back with Sonic, he has his eyes closed, screaming, until he realizes that he is in the air, flying.]
Sonic: W-we're flying. Um, did your butt just turn into a helicopter?
Tails: Hahaha, a butt-copter. Only Sonic the Hedgehog can come up with something like that.
[Sonic and Tails proceed to fly away as Robotnik arrives on a riding mower that he gets off and kicks indignantly as he watches Sonic and Tails fly away.]
Robotnik: Hmhmhm. Foxy move...
[Robotnik raises his control glove and starts tapping on it.]
Robotnik: Want something done right, you'll have to hire someone you can push around. All-caps.

[Scene change, Mean Bean Coffee Café, night.]

[Cut to Agent Stone as he prepares a latte. He then takes out a pair of latte art "pencils" and sketches something. He looks down to see the face of Robotnik that he has drawn on it.]
Agent Stone: Doctor. where are you?
[A customer in the café stirs the cup with the Robotnik image in it.]
Customer: Weirdo.
[Stone is revealed to be at work in the Mean Bean Coffee Café. Stone then hears a ding. He looks at his watch to see a message reading, "PREPARE MY LATTE". Stone is shocked by this.]
Agent Stone: Oh! Uh... I'm sorry folks, I-I have to close early. Everybody out!
[The customers proceed to leave, afterwards Stone flips the sign from open to closed, and removes the passing health inspector grade, revealing an F-. He runs up to one of the boilers, and the temperature gauge on it transforms into a retina scanner and scans Stone's eye. Afterwards, a red button appears on the spill guard of a drink machine which Stone presses.]

[Scene change: Outer space, above Earth.]

[A white satellite starts lighting up.]

[Scene change, Mean Bean Coffee Café, night.]

[Stone stands at the register, beaming.]
Agent Stone: He's back. HE'S BAAAAAACK!!!

[Scene change: Outer space, above Earth.]

[A large egg-shaped pod detaches from the satellite and heads for Earth. Soon after, it lands at the location of Robotnik, who puts his goggles on as a door on the pod opens up for him. The machine then opens panels on it to reveal a storage for his Badniks that include the standard egg-shaped drones and Buzz Bombers. Robotnik gets cleaned up inside the pod, which gives him new clothes while tiny Badniks clean out his nose hairs, fix his mustache, and squirt mouthwash into his mouth for him to rinse with. Robotnik emerges from the pod with his army of Badniks behind him.]
Robotnik: That's more like it... I've been... [Inhales] Re-hatched!
[The scene cuts to Knuckles, who is scaling the cliff, using his own fists to hoist himself upward before a laser blast stops him in his tracks. He turns to see a squad of Badniks surrounding him as Robotnik looks down to him.]
Robotnik: So, my... massively metacarpaled friend. You mentioned-- [Howls] Uuuuuuuuuuuuuultimate power... back at the house?
Knuckles: The Master Emerald? It does not concern you! I got you off that planet and you brought me to the hedgehog. We have no more use for each other!
Robotnik: Well, I hate to be a contrarian but, I think we might.
[After Robotnik makes a few button presses on his control glove, the Badniks close in on Knuckles.]
Knuckles: You think these machines are a match for me? I will shatter them like the bones from a fallen--
[Knuckles looks down and sees they were making a staircase for him.]
Knuckles: Oh. They are stairs.
[knuckles steps down from the cliff and walks up the Badnik staircase to Robotnik.]
Robotnik: You see... Earth, is my turf, G.
[Robotnik proceeds to do the floss]
Robotnik: If ya don't know how to floss, you'll be lost without me.
Knuckles: I understood nothing of what you just said.
Robotnik: I help you get the Emerald, and you use it to [Inhales and swipes his hands rapidly] destroy the HEDGEHOOOOOOOOOOG!!!
Knuckles: You're suggesting an alliance?
Robotnik: Around here, we simply, grip each others hands tightly.
[Demonstrating, Robotnik lowers his hand for a handshake, making Knuckles grip his hand so tight that they hear bones cracking. Robotnik quickly gets his hand out and feels the pain.]
Robotnik: You truculent space bumpkin! You crushed my favorite hand!
Knuckles: Really? My hand is uninjured. But I am now convinced of your commitment.
Robotnik: Oh goodie. He exclaimed, as he relocated two of his knuckles--
[Robotnik relocates his knuckles as he hears his bones popping back into place.]
Robotnik: Ayyyyy....'m delighted... to be... on the same... team.
[With a few button presses on his control glove, Robotnik makes the Egg Mobile come out of the pod and lower itself down to the two of them.]
Robotnik: Road trip! I'll let you stick your nose out the window.

[Scene change: Wade's House, night.]

Tails: Uh, Sonic? Where are we?
Wade: Welcome to the Wadecave! At least, that's what I would say to a woman that's not my mom.
Sonic: Wade, focus. We need to figure out why Knuckles thinks I'm the key to finding the Master Emerald, and why did he mention Longclaw?
Tails: There must be a connection.
Sonic: Wait a minute, there is.
[Sonic gets out the safe worlds map and points to the Emerald on it.]
Sonic: There's an Emerald on the map Longclaw gave me. I never knew what it meant before.
Tails: Something's happening.
[The map glows as the black outlines turn green and shut the lights off. Sonic gets go of the map and the map falls to the floor as green smoke surrounds the map. Then a hologram of Longclaw emerges from the map as she is spreading her wings.]
Sonic: Longclaw?
Longclaw: Hello, Sonic. If you're watching this, then something has happened to me and I pray that you've made it to Earth unharmed. This world has been chosen for a very important reason. It's the secret location of the Master Emerald.
[Longclaw spreads her wings out, revealing an image of the Master Emerald, amazing everyone.]
Sonic: Woah...
Longclaw: The emerald has the power to turn thoughts into reality.
Wade: Just like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.
Tails: Shh!
Longclaw: In the wrong hands, it can threaten all life in the universe. Protecting the Emerald was my sacred duty, and now, I must pass that responsibility to you.
Sonic: This is my moment.
Longclaw: Follow the map, find the Emerald, and keep it safe. Sonic, you have a heart like no other creature I've met. I love you so much. Goodbye.
[The hologram ends as Longclaw sinks into the map, fading.]
Sonic: No, no, no, wait.
[The hologram of Longclaw's feather floats into Sonic's hand, which fades as he closes his hands.]
Sonic: I won't let you down, Longclaw.
[Tails looks concerned for Sonic.]
Wade: So, is he like... your dad?
Tails: What?
[Sonic walks over to the map and picks it up.]
Sonic: According to the map, the first clue is in Siberia. It's a compass that'll lead us to the Emerald.
Tails: And with Knuckles already here, it's a race.
Wade: Knuckles? Ya know, I knew a kid in middle school named Knuckles. Could fit his whole fist in his mouth. If this is the same Knuckles, then we're screwed.
Sonic: This Knuckles, that Knuckles, doesn't matter. We're gonna get there first.
[Sonic throws a Ring and opens a portal that has Siberia on the other side.]
Tails: Hehehe, ummm. What do you mean "we"?
Sonic: You're coming with me.
Tails: Oh, no, no, no, no. I-I just came here to warn you. I'm not a field guy.
Sonic: Don't worry, I got your back. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
[Sonic makes a fist and lifts it to Tails, who walks over to him.]
Sonic: It's a power bump. On Earth, it means an unbreakable promise.
Tails: Okay, I'm in!
[Sonic and Tails power bump.]

[Scene change, Mean Bean Coffee Café, night.]

[We see a picture of Robotnik and Stone in a cup of coffee. Stone looks pleased and hears the door bell ring as Robotnik steps in. Stone smiles]
Stone: Doctor. It's really you. You look different.
Robotnik: Papa's got a brand new ‘stache.
[Robotnik does a spin and poses scoffing in delight. Stone gets up and gets Robotnik his coffee]
Stone: I knew it. I knew it! I knew you'd come back, sir. I never stopped steaming your Austrian goat's milk.
[Robotnik takes the cup and drinks it just as Knuckles enters]
Robotnik: Could use some mushroom.
[Stone looks to Knuckles]
Stone: You brought something. Some kind of space porcupine.
Knuckles: Porcupine? I am an echidna! Trained since birth in all forms of lethal combat, destined to restore honor to my tribe, and willing to destroy anything that gets in my way.
Stone: Welcome to the team.
[Stone bends down and lifts his hand which Knuckles grips immediately. Stone shrieks in pain ads he hears his bones dislocate. Robotnik chuckles as he bends to Stone's level]
Robotnik: That means he trusts you, Stone. Now let's renovate this dump!
Stone: Latte with steamed Austrian goat milk!
[The entire coffee shop transforms as the walls shift and flip revealing a massive computer with a Robotnik Empire logo with Badnik drones in the walls. The counter turns into a holographic table, all the while Robotnik looks in delight.]

[Scene change: Hawaii, day.]

[A volleyball rises into the air in slow motion. Randall jumps into the air and hits it. The volleyball flies into Tom's chest and knocking him down. The last few seconds are repeated at normal speed, as the scene shifts to reveal a volleyball field with Tom's team playing against Randall's team. Randall high-fives one of his teammates.]
Tom: [Gets back up] Good one. Solid.
[Randall is shown hitting the volleyball again. The volley ball is then shown hitting Tom, knocking him down again. The volleyball is shown hitting Tom on the head, knocking him down again. The volleyball is then shown hitting Tom again, knocking him down again. The volleyball is then shown bouncing off the ground, with Tom falling as he attempts to catch it. The volleyball is then shown hitting Tom in the face, knocking him down once more. Tom looks at his team.]
Tom: Sorry, fellas.
Randall: That's game! That's how we do! That's how we do!
Tom: [lies on the ground] But are they good at math?
[Tom's teammates respond with awkward looks.]
Randall: Teamwork makes the dream work!
[Randall walks over to Tom and helps him up.]
Randall: Sorry about that, Big Tom. Are you good?
Tom: All good. Fine.
[Tom and Randall begin walking away from the volleyball field.]
Tom: Hey. Thanks for inviting me out to hang with you and your groomsmen. Good quality bonding.
Randall: Yeah, you know, bro? Those guys right there, they're way more than my groomsmen.
[A shot of Randall's teammates doing exercises is shown.]
Randall: That's my squad.
[The camera returns to Tom and Randall.]
Randall: Never would've made it through life without 'em.
[A shot of Randall's teammates is shown.]
Drench: Get over here!
[The camera returns to Tom and Randall.]
Randall: Yeah, I'm coming! I'm coming! [Raises a fist at Tom] I'll catch you later.
Tom: [Power-bumps with Randall] Hey. Yeah!
Randall: Let me know if you're ready for some power yoga.
Tom: You bet.
Randall: [Poses] Come on, Tommy boy. Let's go. Let's go.
Tom: [Poses and laughs] Don't make me.
[Tom points at Randall and laughs as Randall turns around and walks away.]
Tom: What am I doing?
Jojo: Hey, uncle Tommy!
[The camera shifts to show Maddie and Jojo coming in from the left. Tom turns to them.]
Tom: Oh. Hey, girls! How are you do-- Are those the wedding rings?
Maddie: Uh-huh.
Tom: May I?
[Jojo hands the wedding ring velvet pillow over to Tom. Tom takes a look at it.]
Maddie: This little ring bearer has been taking her job very seriously. She's been practicing all morning.
Tom: Yeah, I can see that. How very responsible of you. [Hands the pillow back to Jojo] Except aren't there supposed to be two wedding rings?
Jojo: [Looks down on the pillow] Uh-oh.
Maddie: [Sends Tom a mischievous look] Uncle Tommy?
Tom: Hang on. What's going on here?
[Tom reaches out with his right hand and pulls out the wedding ring from behind Jojo's left ear. Jojo laughs and takes the ring.]
Tom: You're gonna do great, kiddo.
Jojo: Bye.
[Jojo runs off.]
Maddie: Hey, baby.
Tom: Hi.
[Tom and Maddie hug and kiss. A popping sound is heard. Tom and Maddie turns towards the sound. The scene shifts to Randall and his teammates celebrating by dozing Randall in bottle water.]
Randall: That's right! Groom in the building!
[The scene shifts to Tom and Maddie.]
Tom: Look at those guys.
[The scene shifts to Randall and his teammates hugging it out.]
Tom: I wish Sonic had that.
[The scene shifts to Tom and Maddie.]
Maddie: Muscles?
Tom: Control yourself.
Maddie: Mm-hm.
Tom: No. Buddies. Wingmen. A squad. Sonic doesn't have anything like that. He's flying solo.
Maddie: Baby, you got to relax. You're at the four seasons. Have a Mai Tai. Spend some time with your wife.
Tom: That's what he said. Seriously, his exact words.
Maddie: See? He's a smart kid. He'll find his way.

[Scene change: Siberia, night.]

[Sonic and Tails are walking slowly against the wind in a blizzard .]
Sonic: I absolutely cannot find my way. We are completely, totally, unequivocally lost.
[Tails looks at his Miles Electric's screen, which flickers.]
Tails: Sonic, in this weather, there's no way we're gonna get any readings on this thing! [Taps the Miles Electric's screen] Should we go back?
[The screen shifts to a view of an open bar ahead of Sonic.]
Sonic: No, no, no. There's a light up ahead. Maybe we can take shelter in there.
[Sonic looks over a snowdrift and spots some snow gear and clothing hanging outside the bar.]
Sonic: Ahhh. Perfect.
[Sonic ducks back down behind the snowdrift.]
Tails: Are you sure about this? We don't know who's inside.
Sonic: Don't worry. On Earth, people are very welcoming, and love taking complete strangers into their homes.

[Scene change: Inside the bar, night.]

[The bar is brightly lit up while bar patrons mingle, socialize, and party. The front door then slowly opens while the bar patrons' slowly become silent. The screen then switches to the door opening entirely, with Sonic and Tails standing in its opening, dressed from head to toe in snow gear. Sonic and Tails look into the bar. One patron slowly turns around and glares at Sonic and Tails, who gasp in surprise. Another bar patron slowly pulls out a knife and jams it into the table, making Sonic and Tails gasp again. Sonic and Tails then spot an old lady sitting in a rocking chair and knitting. The old lady looks towards Sonic and Tails, who breathe a sigh of relief. The old lady then reveals that she is knitting a cloth a skull and crossbones on it, causing Sonic and Tails to scream in fear. The chef in the par then uses a butchers knife to chop off a fish's head. The fish head lands in front of Sonic and Tails.]
Fish: Run.
[Tails faints with a groan and falls to the ground.]
Sonic: Table for two, please!

[Scene change: Inside the bar, night.]

[Sonic and Tails are sitting at a table by themselves. Tatiana, a waitress, brings them a menu each.]
Tatiana: [In Siberian] What would you like to order?
Tails: Two beef stews, please.
[Tails holds up his Miles Electric, which translates his order into Russian. Tatiana, looking annoyed, takes the menus and walks away.]
Sonic: Where'd you get all these cool gadgets?
Tails: I invented 'em. That's kinda my thing. In fact, my inventions are how I discovered you.
[A flashback is shown.]

[Scene change: Green Hills, night.]

[Sonic runs around the Green Hills baseball field at super speed. Eventually, Sonic releases a pulse of blue chaos energy that spreads across Green Hills and into space.]
Tails: Remember that night at the baseball field?

[Scene change: Tails' home planet, Tails' lab.]

[Tails is sitting at his computers, watching schematics of Earth. Tails is shown watching his computers in amazement.]
Tails: Your energy blast reached all the way to my home planet. I saw you save your whole village from that crazy mustache guy.
[The flashback ends.]

[Scene change: Inside the bar, night.]

Sonic: Wait, so you've been watching me this whole time? Even in the shower?
Tails: Ah, that's a trick question, Sonic the Hedgehog prefers bubble baths.
Sonic: Man, you're good!
Tails: When I learned Knuckles was on your trail, I knew I couldn't just sit back and watch anymore. I had to come warn you.
[A beeping sound is heard.]
Sonic: Oh, what? Hang on one sec.
[Sonic pulls out his phone to see a text from Tom asking "How's it goin'?"]
Sonic: Donut Lord is checking in.

[Scene change: Mean Bean Café, night.]

[Sonic and Tom's texts are being displayed on a screen. Robotnik, Stone and Knuckles are shown watching said screen.]
Knuckles: "Just chilling. Watching TV."
[Tom begins writing a reply, causing the typing bubble to appear.]
Knuckles: Dot, dot, dot. Dot, dot, dot. Dot, dot, dot. Dot, dot, dot. Dot, dot, dot.
[Stone and Robotnik glance back at Knuckles for a moment before looking back at the screen.]
Stone: Doctor, why are we working with this imbecile?
Robotnik: Because that simpleminded space trash is the key to something extraordinary.
Stone: Something to help you get revenge on the hedgehog.
Robotnik: Think bigger, Stone. The Emerald he seeks could power my wildest designs. My genius wouldn't just be recognized on Earth. It would spread virally to every corner of the galaxy, allowing me to harness all the negative forces of the universe and commune with darkness itself.
Stone: Wow. That sounds big.
Robotnik: It's been on my vision board for years. It's the law of attraction. Didn't you see The Secret?
Robotnik: Kaplooey!
Stone: Kaplooey.
[Tom's text comes in on the screen.]
Knuckles: "Another boring night at home." The hedgehog has returned home!
Robotnik: Falsa. Which is Latin for "wrong-o."
[Robotnik hits a few keys on the counter, bringing up a hologram of Earth.]
Robotnik: According to my worldwide network cell tower triangulation, he's lying, all the way... from the majestic hinterlands of eastern Siberia.
[A topographic hologram of the Siberian mountains appears, with a hologram of Sonic tapping his foot flying off of it and landing in front of Robotnik and Knuckles.]
Robotnik: He's a long-distance liar!
[Robotnik hits the hologram over its head before poking and prodding at it several times.]
Robotnik: Yeah, there's more where that came from.
[Knuckles slams his fist into the counter, damaging it and dispelling the hologram.]
Knuckles: Tiny magic hedgehog destroyed. Now let's begin our quest.
[Robotnik and Knuckles leave, until Knuckles stops them.]
Knuckles: Wait. What about your minion? The goat milker.
[Stone is shown sweeping up the broken fragment of the counter with a sweeping tray.]
Robotnik: There's no room on the ship for Stone. I say we ditch him, ghost him, blow him off.
Knuckles: Dishonor!
Robotnik: "Dis" is how I roll.
[Robotnik leaves through the door as Knuckles scowls at what Robotnik said.]

[Scene change: Inside the bar, night.]

[Tatiana arrives, and places two bowls down at Sonic and Tails' table.]
Tails: I'm sorry, but I asked for the beef stew.
Miles Electric: [translating to Siberian] Your breath smells like goat poop.
[Tatiana looks insulted.]
Tatiana: [In Siberian] What did you say?
[People at the bar begin to form a crowd around Sonic and Tails.]
Sonic: What's going on?
Tails: Maybe they think it's my birthday?
Sonic: Don't worry, I'll take care of this. [Sonic stands up on the table] Okay, everybody, take it easy. I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for whatever my friend said or did.
Miles Electric: [translating to Serbian] Stand back. I just farted.
[The crowd briefly looks disgusted, then removes Sonic and Tails' disguises. The crowd gasps at their true appearances.]
Sonic: [Nervously] Uh...Meow?
Russian Giant Bully: [In Siberian] Throw these monsters in the fire! [The crowd cheers, and picks up Sonic and Tails, dragging them towards the roaring fire.]
Sonic: Oh, no, no. Come on, guys. Take it easy. Let's talk this through. Let's talk this through!
[The crowd begins preparing to throw Sonic and Tails into the fire.]
Tails: [Accessing data from his Miles Electric] Come on, come on! Scanning Siberian customs. There's got to be something in here!
Sonic: Tails, whatever you're doing, do it fast.
Tails: I think I got it! Pivonka! Pivonka! PIVONKA!!!
Bartender: Pivonka?
[The crowd parts, giving way to a burly man wearing an ornate red robe with the word "Champion" on its back in Siberian.]
Russian Dancer: Da. Pivonka! [The crowd roars]
Sonic: Tails, what's a "pivonka"?
Tails: [Reading off of his Miles Electric] It's a Siberian custom to resolve disputes. If we win, they let us go. If we lose… [The fire flares up]
[The crowd moves away furniture from the center of the bar to create an open area.]
Sonic: Okay, we have to grab the map and get out of here. Where's the map?
Tails: Oh, no. I left it on the table! Look!
[The bartender grabs the map and puts it on a plate with other assorted objects. The champion takes off his robe, revealing a tattoo of what seems to be himself with arms spread out. Sonic looks confused.]
Sonic: What?
[The champion calls in other people as the band starts playing, then starts dancing with the others to a Siberian tune. The crowd claps as they finish their first round of dancing with a flourish.]
Sonic: Oh, my god, it's a dance fight.
Tails: Sonic, what do we do?
Sonic: We dance and get that map.
[The Siberians watch as Sonic and Tails try to dance, but do so very poorly.]
Sonic: Here we go.
[Sonic tries to mimic the Siberian champion's moves, only to step on Tails' tails.]
Tails: Ow!
[The Siberians do not look impressed, as they try to dance again.]
Sonic: Okay, now let's do. No, we're gonna go…
[Sonic and Tails collide with each other and fall over. The Serbians once again begin dancing, as Sonic and Tails try to mimic the moves again.]
Sonic: Ah! Ah, Okay!
Tails: OOF!
[Another bartender notices the map stuck to the bottom of a cup. He tosses it away without a second thought.]
Sonic: Okay, this is not going well. Channing Tatum makes it look so easy.
Tails: Wait, Sonic. Look!
[The map is shown stuck to the bottom of the champion's boot.]
Bar crowd: Pivonka! Pivonka! Pivonka! Pivonka!
Sonic: The map! Come on, let's grab it!
[Sonic reaches for the map, only for the champion to pick it up and hold it over his head.]
Russian Dancer: You want? Come get.
[He places the map into his waistband, for security.]
Russian Dancer: Freaks!
Bar crowd: Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks! Freaks!
[Tails begins panicking seeing everyone mocking them, and even seeing the old woman laughing and holding up her skull crochet to her face. Sonic manages to snap him out of it with a shoulder touch.]
Sonic: What's wrong, Tails? Come on. I need you!
Tails: I can't do this, Sonic. I'm not brave like you. My gadget got us in this mess, and I lost your map, and we're gonna get tossed into a fire!
[Sonic notices the device playing the music. He smiles. Sonic has an ingenious plan.]
Sonic: Ah! New DJ coming in!
[He dashes up to it, and plugs in his phone, causing it to play "Uptown Funk". The Serbians look confused.]
Sonic; Come on, pal. I got an idea. [Sonic starts dancing] They called us freaks, so let's get freaky. Just follow my moves. You'll be fine.
[Sonic extends his hand to Tails. He grabs it. Both of them begin dancing in synchronization. The crowd applauds at this display of breakdancing as well as funk dancing. Tails uses his Miles Electric to create several dancing holograms of himself.]
Sonic: All right! Backup dancers!
[The champion looks nervous at seeing this, as the holograms all march towards him. Some of the holograms cover Sonic with their tails...)
Sonic: Here we go!
[Sonic jumps up in the air and strikes a pose reminiscent of the cover art to Sonic Adventure. Tails takes flight and lifts Sonic. Holograms of Sonic are created, which are lifted by the hologram Tails in suit.]
Sonic: There's a lot of me up here!
[The champion desperately tries to out-do Sonic by dancing. Tails tosses Sonic onto a chandelier, which he swings around on.]
Sonic: I love pivonka!
[The Champion looks very tired out, unable to keep up with the two "freaks."]
Sonic: And big dismount!
[Sonic and Tails land. All the holograms disappear in glimmering "fireworks." And the champion finally falls over. The crowd cheers.]
Sonic: Yeah! I'll take that.
[Sonic takes the map from the fallen champion. The crowd lifts Sonic and Tails up as the victors of the Pivonka.]
Tails: Woohoo! We did it!
Sonic: That was amazing! Way to go, tails.

[Cuts to next scene. Sonic and Tails are lying on the bar table. Many of the remaining bar guests are asleep.]

Tails: Wow. Only Sonic the Hedgehog could win a dance battle that epic.
Sonic: Well, stick with me, pal. Earth can be a scary place, but I know everything about this old pale blue dot.
Tails: Do you really mean that?
Sonic: I mean, not everything. But I watch a lot of discovery channel and…
Tails: I meant about me being your pal.
Sonic: Of course, buddy. [Tails hugs Sonic] Woah-ho-ho! Comin' in hot.
Tails: Growing up, I didn't have any friends. Everyone in my village thought my two tails were weird.
Sonic: Hey, I know that feeling.
Tails: But then I saw you, the fastest creature in the galaxy. You were weird too. But you were a legend. That made me think, maybe being weird isn't so bad. You inspired me to leave my village, to find you and help you in your mission.
Sonic: I'm really glad you're here, Tails.
Tails: I'm glad I'm here too, Sonic. [Both jump off the desk and head towards the fireplace.]
Sonic: (yawns) Well, might as well get some sleep. This feels like a good place to spend the night. [Sonic grabs a blanket from a chair.] You'll be able to get clear readings on your gizmo thing once the storm is over, so I… [Sonic notices that Tails is already asleep on the rug. he gives him the blanket, before lying down beside him.] Night, Tails. [Tails' tails move so as to cover Sonic.]

[Scene change: Bar, day.]

[Sonic wakes up and yawns. He then notices a woman from the bar is sleeping directly besides him, and clinging onto him.]
Sonic: (quietly) Tails. Tails. We have a situation.

[Scene change: Mountains, day]

[Sonic is being carried by Tails as they fly across the sky over the Himalayas.]
Sonic: Today's forecast calls for clear, sunny skies and a 100% chance of adventure.
Tails: I pinpointed the coordinates. It's right up ahead.
[Sonic and Tails spot one particular mountain and they land at the entrance.]
Sonic: Wow. Hey, Tails. Wait up.
[Sonic and Tails start to walk forward as they look up to an entrance in the shape of a giant owl warrior.]
Sonic: Okay, we got a giant owl door. Seems encouraging.
[Sonic and Tails push the door open and walk in. Eventually, they see a wall of cave carvings]
Tails: Check this out.
Sonic: Can you translate that?
Tails: Yeah.
[A flashback occurs as it shows the cave paintings come alive with seven echidnas each holding one of the seven Chaos Emeralds.]
Tails: Ages ago, a fearsome group of warriors, known as the echidnas, forged the seven Chaos Emeralds into the most unstoppable weapon ever created.
[The seven Chaos Emeralds circle very swiftly before fusing into the Master Emerald.]
Sonic: The Master Emerald.
[A single echidna is shown standing on top of a cliff facing off an entire army of monsters. Green energy forms on him as he holds the Master Emerald.]
Tails: With it, a single warrior could defeat entire armies.
[The echidna roar as a green wave wipes out the entire army. The sky lights up as the owls swoop down from a hole in the clouds.]
Tails: Believing no one should have such power, an order of heroes recovered the Emerald and swore to protect it from evil.
[The echidnas and owls fight one another until the owls take the Master Emerald and fly away with the echidnas watching them. The flashback ends.]
Tails: Sounds like the owls and the echidnas have been fighting each other for centuries.
Sonic: Like Vin Diesel and the Rock. Wait for me.
[The two walk through the doorway to be met by an enormous owl statue.]
Sonic: Okay, giant owl door, giant owl. Makes sense.
[Sonic looks to the plate the statue is on and sees three slots with three symbols on it.]
Sonic: Wait a second. I've seen these symbols before.
[Sonic looks to the map to see four symbols on it and looks to the slots.]
Sonic: Here we go.
[Sonic proceeds to walk forward and changes the slots to match those on the map. The statue starts to shake.]
Sonic: Well, that did something.
[The statue spreads it's wings and its eyes glow green. A slot in front of the plate opens up to reveal an orb that opens to reveal the compass.]
Sonic: Whoa. The compass!
Tails: This will lead us to the Emerald!
[Sonic notices a red dot right above tails' forehead.]
Sonic: Hey, you got a little something on your…
[The dots spread until they are covering Tails' whole body.]
Sonic: Oh, no. Tails, get back. Run!
[An explosion erupts on one of the walls, revealing Robotnik and Knuckles hovering above them in the Egg Mobile with several Badniks flying around them, Robotnik is yodeling in the process.]
Tails: That guy again?
Robotnik: Heads up, my little stalagmites. Someone call an Uber? Hey, thanks for doing all the hard stuff.
[Knuckles leaps off of the Egg Mobile and lands right in front of Sonic and Tails.]
Knuckles: But we'll take it from here.
Sonic: Okay, we really gotta talk about your new look. It's like Professor X meets the Monopoly man. And what kind of genius shows up to Siberia in a convertible?
Robotnik: The kind of genius that can turn up the heat… With a flick of a switch. Good one! I'm sure that wasn't important.
Sonic: Tails, that's our exit. Come on. Let's split up. You go high, I go low.
Tails: Right.
Sonic: Quick little stretch and here we go. So you want to play? That's new.
Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Snowball fight! It's too easy. Come on, challenge me!
Sonic: We are talking style and pizzazz.
Sonic: Yeah! I make this look good.
Sonic: Oh, great. The Winter Soldier.
Sonic: For a guy named Knuckles, you are really bad at punching.
Knuckles: Surrender the compass! You are no match for me. I've been training for this my entire life.
Sonic: And I had no training at all, yet here I am ahead of you. That's gotta be embarrassing.
Sonic: My Rings!
Sonic: Has anyone ever told you you've got serious anger issues?
Knuckles: You mock me with your weak jokes, but you know nothing about me, hedgehog.
Sonic: Well, I know you echidnas have a habit of showing up uninvited and ruining my life.
Knuckles: Ruining your life? Another bad joke. I lost everything because of you.
[A flashback begins.]

[Scene change: Echidna village, day.]

Knuckles: My tribe was on the verge of its greatest victory. The last of the owl warriors had been located. Soon Longclaw's Emerald secrets would be ours.
[A young Knuckles is holding a spear, but is confronted by his father.]
Knuckles: But my father stopped me from joining the fight. He said my moment to honor our tribe would come, but it was not this moment.
[Knuckles' father leave with young Knuckles watching as the sky darkens.]
Knuckles: Those were the last words he spoke to me.
[The flashback ends.]

[Scene change: Siberia, day.]

Knuckles: I never saw him again.
Sonic: We both lost everything that day.
[A flashback begins.]

[Scene Change: Sonic's island, day.]

[Sonic is forced leave as the echidnas attack and sees Longclaw on the other side of a Ring portal as the echidnas charge.]
Longclaw: Goodbye, Sonic.
Young Sonic: No! Longclaw!
[The flashback ends.]

[Scene change: Siberia, day.]

[Young Sonic's cry echoes, revealing a sad Sonic. Knuckles softens before getting tied up by Tails with electric wire ropes.]
Tails: Sonic! Are you okay?
Knuckles: Deceiver!
Sonic: No, it wasn't a trick. Tails, take the compass and get out of here!
Robotnik: Yeah! Later, haters!
Sonic: Tails! Tails, come on. Wake up.
Knuckles: He chose helping the fox over pursuing the compass.
Robotnik: Of course he did. New friend, same pathetic weakness.
Sonic: Oh, no. No, no, no. We're in real trouble here. Come on, Tails. I need you to fly us out of here. Time to wake up.
Robotnik: See ya, kids. Enjoy the fresh powder.

[Scene change: Hawaii, day.]

Rachel: Did you…
Priest: These rings signify the…
Tom: Sorry. Thought it was on silent.
Priest: These rings…
Rachel: So help me, Thomas!
Tom: Okay, sorry, sorry. Excuse me, this is an emergency. Sorry.
Tom: What? This better be important. I just… Are you skiing?
Sonic: Snowboarding, actually. But I need your help now. Life or death situation this very second. I need you to use the Ring I gave you to save me. Like right now.
Tom: Okay, slow down. I don't even know where you are.
Sonic: You just gotta picture where you want the Ring to go. So picture this.
Tom: Oh, my god. Okay, okay. Hang on.
Sonic: Did you throw it?
Tom: Oh, god.
Sonic: What? Tell me what "oh, god."
Tom: I mixed up the rings when I was teasing Jojo.
Sonic: What? Where is it then? Where is it then?
Tom: You don't want to know.
Sonic: But I do, Tom. I very much want to know, before I become a hedgehog-flavored snow cone.
Tom: Hang tight, buddy. I got this.
Priest: With this ring, Rachel…
Tom: Hey! Hi.
Randall: Everything okay, bud?
Tom: Not really.
Maddie: What are you doing?
Tom: This is gonna sound crazy, but I need to see that ring for just one second, one second.
Rachel: Have you lost your mind?
Tom: I'm gonna give it right back, I promise. Please, Randall, it's really important.
Randall: No, bro. Go sit down.
Tom: Randall, give me the ring, please?
Rachel: Randall, don't look at him, look at me.
Tom: Randall, Randall.
Rachel: One second. Put the ring on my finger.
Tom: No, Randall, listen to me.
Rachel: Randall! Look at me. Ring on my finger.
Tom: Give me the ring! Just one second.
Rachel: Put a ring on it! Please, love? Okay?
Priest: With this ring…
Rachel: Yes, baby.
Tom: I'm so sorry about this.
[Tom punches Randall in the face, much to the shock of the crowd. Tom grabs the ring out of the air and throws is, generating a ring portal to Siberia, Sonic, carrying Tails, can be seen heading for the portal, with a massive avalanche of snow following.]
Rachel: Snow my God.
Tom: Oh, boy.
Sonic: Incoming!
[Sonic, Tails, and a massive amount of snow crash through the portal, sending the wedding guests flying.]
Tom: Anybody hurt? Sonic! Are you okay?
Maddie: What's happening? Are you hurt?
Sonic: No, no, no, I'm fine.
Tom: Okay, good. Because you're in so much trouble!
Maddie: Okay, you calm down. You talk.
Sonic: Okay, quick version. Robotnik is back on Earth and he's after a magic Emerald. We need to get it back or the world is doomed. Tails!
Maddie: Wait! All this happened since yesterday?
Tom: Wait. Who's Tails?
Sonic: Tails, can you hear me?
Rachell: Oh, Lord, there are two of them now.
Sonic: Okay, okay, let me think, let me think. Tails, come on, buddy.
[An electric net knocks Sonic out.]
Tom: Hey!
Rachell: Randall, why do all of your friends have weapons?
Walters: You really should have taken me up on that brunch, Mr. and Mrs. Wachowski.
Tom: Olive garden guy?
Walters: It's okay, everyone. We're federal agents. You, too, agent. Go ahead.
Rachel: You mean to tell me that this entire wedding was a setup?
Randall: Rachel, wait a minute.
Rachel: What?
Walters: That's correct, ma'am. Every single aspect of Operation: Catfish was a complete fabrication.
Rachell: Operation: Catfish? So is everyone here an agent? Are you an agent? Son of a… Was the florist an agent? How about the photographer? The woman who waxed my… At the spa? Is Jojo an agent?
Randall: Rachel.
Jojo: What?
Randall: Rachel, listen to me.
Rachel: I'm done listening! I am done listening!
Randall: I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I really am. I am so sorry.
Tom: No. Hey, no! Let him go!
Randall: Hey!
Tom: Sonic, hang on.
Randall: Take it easy. It's not worth it.
Maddie: Tom!
Walters: Ah, Ah, Ah.
Maddie: Sonic is not a threat. He's on our side.
Walters: He's an uncontrolled extraterrestrial. And your days of aiding and abetting him are over. Secure them in the hotel until the chopper arrives.
Tom: You're making a mistake.
Rachel: Hold on, Major a-hole! This is still my day, and someone is gonna explain to me what the hell is going on here!
Walters: After the events in San Francisco, a global task force was created, devoted to protecting our planet from alien threats. That day, Guardian Units of Nations was born.
Rachel: G-u-n. Seriously?
Walters: GUN, yeah.
Maddie: Look, what about protecting our planet from Dr. Robotnik?
Walters: Robotnik is dead.
Maddie: You're wrong. He's back. And you just hauled away the only ones who could stop him.
Walters: Sounds like Robotnik might be back in play. If he is, I want him found immediately. And cancel my five o'clock at the Olive Garden.
Jojo: Aunt Maddie?
Maddie: Yeah?
Jojo: Sonic and his friend dropped this.
Maddie: I have an idea.
Rachel: And I want to have a word with my fiancé. And that word is "murder".
Sonic: Hey, come on. You can't just leave us in here. My friend is hurt! He needs a doctor, a vet, anyone! Tails, you got to wake up, buddy. Please wake up.
Maddie: All right. Game plan. I get inside the hotel and find where they're hiding Tom and Sonic.
Rachel: Okay. Then I find Randall, right? And then I squeeze the breath from his lying, deceitful, perfectly manscaped body! I'm going through a lot right now. So let me process this my own way, okay?
Maddie: Sure, sure. No judgment.
Rachel: Should've brought a journal. Okay. Is this meant to be a weapon? This is adorable. Take that, Randall! Run, Randall!
Maddie: All right. We're about to find out. All right!
Rachel: Let's go kick some Booty.
Maddie: Rachel! No. Rachel!
Rachel: In a minute.
G.U.N. Agent: Stop right there!
Rachel: Get the bag.
Maddie: He's gonna come back down, right?
Rachel: I don't know. Good luck!
Maddie: Look. Tom and Sonic have to be inside.
Rachel: I got a fiancé to vaporize. Watch your back, sis.
Maddie: Okay.
Rachel: Randall!
G.U.N. Agent: We got her. Move in.
Maddie: Okay.
Rachel: I did not mean to do that!

[Scene change: Hawaii, day.]

Walters: Something bothering you, agent?
Randall: I just feel a little guilty about what I did to Rachel, sir.
Walters: Don't worry about it. We'll send her a gift card. Now, I propose a toast. To a perfectly executed operation.
G.U.N. Agent: Sir, we're under attack.
Rachel: Randall!!! Wifey's home!!!
Randall: Oh, my god. Rachel. What a woman.
Rachel: You no-good, lowdown, dirty, lying…
Randall: Rachel, just listen to me.
Rachel: What kind of twisted sicko tricks someone into a fake wedding?!
Walters: Party's over, bridezilla. Stop right there.
Rachell: You son of a…
Walters: Have it your way.
Randall: No! No!
Walters: Very disappointing, Agent Handel. Is that supposed to be a weapon?
Rachel: I don't know, but we gonna find out!
Walters: Haven't you caused enough trouble for one day?
Rachel: I haven't even begun causing trouble! Hell hath no fury like a bride scorned! Looks like it's real, huh? No. Right.
Randall: Be honest. How bad is it?
Rachel: Not bad at all. You got tased. You'll be fine.
Randall: I'm so cold.
Rachel: You landed on our ice sculpture. Get up. Just… Just tell me the truth, for once. Is there anything about you or about us that was real?
Randall: Rachel, look at me. Before I met you, I didn't think that I was even capable of real happiness. But that all changed when you walked into my life. And I ended up breaking the first rule of undercover work.
Rachel: Which is?
Randall: Never fall in love.
[The two embrace and kiss. The plane with the "Randall and Rachel 4-Ever" banner flies past again.]

[Scene change: Hotel, day.]

Tom: Maddie!
Maddie: Come on. We're busting out of here.
Tom: How'd you get past the guards?
[Maddie unties Tom.]
Maddie: Because that little fox is into some crazy stuff. Come on. Let's go.
Tom: You're amazing.
[They head over to Sonic and Tails to free them.]

[Scene change: Pacific Ocean, day.]

Knuckles: The owls were fools to think they could hide this.
[Knuckles places the compass in a slot on the ground. The area suddenly shakes violently.]
Knuckles: What's happening?
Robotnik: Wait for it...
[The Labyrinth erupts from the sea.]
Robotnik: Yes. Eureka! I've found it!

[Scene change: Hawaii, day.]

[A large pillar of green light becomes visible in the horizon from Hawaii.]
Tom: Sonic. What is that?
Sonic: A big problem. The compass led Robotnik to the Emerald.
Maddie: That's got to be hundreds of miles away.
Tom: All right. Huddle up. Let's figure out a plan. Together.
Sonic: [Begins to walk off] There's no time for that. I'm the only one that can get there fast enough.
Maddie: Sonic, this is way too big for you to do by yourself.
Sonic: [Stops and moves his hand to the unconscious Tails] You see that little fox over there? He came all the way across the universe to meet his hero. And what did his hero do? I practically got him killed. You know what? You were right. My moment came and I blew it. I'm no hero.
Tom: Wait.
Sonic: No. I'm not letting anyone else get hurt because of me. I'm gonna fix this while I still can.
[Sonic dashes off to the beachside.]
Tom: Sonic!
[As Tom says this, Tails awakens.]
Tails: Sonic, wait!
[Tails tries to fly to catch up with Sonic, but due to being in in no shape to fly, falls to the ground, with Tom and Maddie coming to him.]
Maddie: Hold on. Hold on. Wait, wait, wait. Don't move. Don't move.
Tom: Take it easy, little guy. You're hurt.
Tails: But we have to help him. You don't know what he's up against.
[They turn to Walter who is tied up.]
Tom: You believe us now?
[Walter nods and lowers his head.]

[Scene change: Green Hills day.]

[Wade is riding down the road on a Segway, wearing a helmet with a police light on it.]
Wade: Hey, Bob! Hey, Maria, how you doing? Working on my moves. Just keepin' it green. No need to burn the fuel. [Stops at the Mean Bean] Speaking of fuel… [Tries to walk in, but slams into the locked door] Closed? That doesn't seem right.
[Wade peeks in through the window and sees Stone working at the computer. His eyes go wide and he leaves the window. Inside, Stone is flipping through new outfit concepts for Dr. Robotnik.]
Stone: Close. Yes. Makeover, makeover. Look at you.
[Wade suddenly bursts in through the back door, gun drawn.]
Wade: Freeze! Police!
[Stone raises his hands over his head.]
Wade: Oh, my god, you got robot hands. You got robot hands.
Stone: No, they're gloves.
Wade: Get 'em up. Now spread your fingers! Now wiggle 'em! Wiggle your digits! Yes! Like you just finished a big musical number. Good.
Stone: Why is there a light on your head?
Wade: 'Cause I'm the sheriff for the weekend, pal.

[Scene change: Hawaii, day.]

Sonic: Water. Why did it have to be water? Okay, you can do this. [Gets into a track start position] Gotta go fast.
[Sonic takes a deep breath and speeds though the water. Soon the waves start to pick up. Sonic struggles to keep his balance and himself above water, and eventually is washed into the ocean. He regains consciousness and finds himself at the island, witnessing the path to the Labyrinth.]

[Scene change: Labyrinth, day.]

[Robotnik and Knuckles, led and trailed by several of Robotnik's drones, are running through the Labyrinth. Arrows fly out of the wall, but miss them. A wall of spears blocks the path ahead, causing the leading drones to crash. Robotnik and Knuckles turn down a side path, then jump down, but are forced to split apart as a large spiked ball swings between them, crushing the trailing drones. The spiked ball then rolls after them, forcing them to run.]
Robotnik: I don't want to die like this! It's derivative!
[Up ahead, a heavy stone door is sliding shut.]
Robotnik: Make room for daddy!
[Knuckles catches the door and holds it in place long enough for Robotnik to slide under it. Knuckles dives from under the door just as the ball smashes into it. Robotnik counts their legs.]
Robotnik: Two and two. Great! We're still bipedals, more or less.
[Robotnik and Knuckles stand up, looking around for a moment.]
Robotnik: Fire in the hole!
[Robotnik and Knuckles duck in time to avoid a flame throwing trap.]
Robotnik: I've solved it. There is a booby trap every seven seco…
[A swinging blade trap just barely misses Robotnik's mustache, slamming into the wall.']]
Robotnik: That was a little early. So glad it didn't cut off my mustache. Hey, little red wrecking ball. I know you're dying to get your Emerald on, but can we be a little bit more mindful of our surroundings? May I?
Robotnik's control glove: In 30 feet, turn left.
Robotnik: Work smarter, not harder.
[The camera moves to the beginning of the Labyrinth, which Sonic is entering.]
Sonic: My pelvis. Okay, secret temple, let's see what you've got.
[Sonic starts running through the Labyrinth, barely avoiding traps along the way.]
Sonic: No, no, no! No! No. Yes!

[Scene change: Labyrinth, day.]

Robotnik's control glove: You have arrived at your destination.
Robotnik: Wow. That really opened up the space. I can't even picture it with an impenetrable wall now. And the rubble is always a nice touch.
Knuckles: At last. The Master Emerald.
Robotnik: Ultimate power.
Knuckles: Soon order will be restored. All because of what we have done together.
Robotnik: Such a lovely sentiment, Knuckles. I think I feel a single tear forming. Sadly… You're as useful to me now as a backstage pass to Limp Bizkit.
Sonic: Nailed it.
Robotnik: This guy is always trying to spoil a bad thing!
Sonic: You guys are here, too? Took the long way, huh?
Knuckles: Is everything a joke to you? Why must you constantly interfere with my destiny?
Sonic: Because my destiny is to protect my friends and family.
Robotnik: I think I just threw up in my mouth.
Sonic: And if you want that Emerald, you're gonna have to go through me.
Robotnik: The echidna's taking no prisoners today! Sonic has heart, but will he lose the quill to live?
Sonic: I don't want to fight you, but you're not giving me much choice.
Knuckles: Too easy. Let's do this.
Knuckles: Why - don't - you - stand still and DIE?! WITH HONOUR?!
Sonic: Let me think about it. Okay, I thought about it and I pass.
[As the two continue fighting, Robotnik finally makes it to the Master Emerald.]
Robotnik: Hi there, beautiful. You're the real deal, aren't you? Where have you been all my life?
Knuckles: Say goodbye, hedgehog.
[Sonic looks down and sees Robotnik about to get the Master Emerald]
Sonic: Knuckles, stop! Robotnik's stealing the Emerald!
Knuckles: What kind of fool do you take me for?
Sonic: Just look!
[Knuckles looks to see Sonic was right.]
Robotnik: Mine.
Knuckles: Wait! That wasn't the deal.
[Knuckles puts down the rock he was holding and Sonic get up, albeit wore out and holding his right arm]
Robotnik: You poor, naïve creature. It's not your fault. A more advanced intellect would have seen this move coming a mile away. Or 1.6 kilometers.
Knuckles: But I trusted you! You were my friend!
Robotnik: [Laughs for a bit] I'm sorry. That just hit me funny. Let this be my final lesson to you, you dim-witted celestial skin tag. Friends…Are open, honest and vulnerable with each other. Which means x squared times the hypotenuse of y squared, divided by the absolute value of friendship, equals… Dookie!
Sonic: Oh, no.
Robotnik: Chaos... is... power!!!
Sonic: Let's get out of here!
[Sonic made a run for it. However, Knuckles gets stuck under a column. The water completely covered him up as the echidna loses consciousness.]
Sonic: Knuckles!
[There is no response.]
Sonic: Water again? Come on!
[Sonic jumps into the water. He tried to move the column but it is too heavy. He breathed in a huge bubble to restrain from breathing the water. Knuckles begins to regain consciousness and sees Sonic trying to pull the column up. Holding his breath, Sonic motions him that they need to push this column off. With Knuckles free, he swims up to the surface. Sonic tries to speak with his breath held in, but his bubbles start to exhale out of his mouth which he covers. He tries to swim but he only sinks. Sonic struggles to hold his breath and muffled cry for help, but he slowly begins to lose consciousness. As Sonic is at the verge of drowning, Knuckles' hand grabs Sonic's.]

[Scene change: Pacific Ocean, day.]

[Knuckles pulls Sonic up on the beach. Sonic coughs for air, trying to suck in the air for his starved lungs.]
Sonic: You saved me.
Knuckles: Don't talk to me. I'm not in the mood.
[Sonic throws a ball of sand at him, making Knuckles get on his feet.]
Knuckles: How dare you attack me in my hour of sorrow!
[Sonic throws another sand ball, hitting Knuckles square in the face.]
Sonic: Why did you save me?
[Sonic prepares another sand ball, but Knuckles throws one large sand ball at him, burying him in sand.]
Knuckles: Because you saved me first, which clearly gave you a tactical advantage I do not understand.
[Sonic emerges out of the sand pile.]
Sonic: It wasn't a tactic. I couldn't just let you die.
Knuckles: Why? I've been trying to destroy you since the moment we met.
Sonic: Because being a hero isn't about taking care of yourself. It's about taking responsibility for other people.
Knuckles: Wise words. An ancient earth proverb?
Sonic: No, sir, that's a Wachowski family special. I got it from a guy in a rowboat. Someone who means a lot to me.
[Sonic looks up and hears something.]
Sonic: Wait a second. What's that sound?
[Sonic looks up to see Tails piloting the Tornado heading for them.]
Tails: Only Sonic the hedgehog needs rescuing this much.
Sonic: [Laughs] That sly little fox!
[Sonic looks to Knuckles, who sits looking depressed.]
Sonic: Come on, knucklehead. We're not beat yet.
Knuckles: On the mountain, you told me you'd lost everything. The way I did. But you seem so hopeful and free. How did you move forward despite failing again? And again. And again. And again. And again--
[Sonic gets annoyed.]
Sonic: Okay, I didn't fail that much. But I didn't do this all alone. I found a new family. New friends. And you can too.
[Sonic lowers his hand to Knuckles.]
Sonic: You don't have to be alone anymore.
[Knuckles looks to Sonic and eventually grips his hand, dislocating his knuckles.]
Sonic: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow! Are you kidding me with that handshake?!

[Scene change: Mean Bean Coffee Café, day.]

Wade: I'm done playing games, pal. You're gonna tell me what I want to know. And I am asking you for the last time… What would you like on your bagel?
Stone: I'm not telling you anything. And that is a display bagel.
Wade: I don't get it with you! I mean, I've tried everything. I was good cop. I was bad cop. I was cop who offers you a bagel. And nothing. It's like… That is a display bagel. Wow.
Stone: Doctor, you're here.
Robotnik: Yes, I'm here, and yet I'm… Not all there.
Stone: Sir, are you feeling okay?
Robotnik: I'm more than okay. I'm upgraded. Sinister 3.0. My game is next level. Hi. I can smell the electricity in your brain. You smell like a snack plate.
Wade: Yeah, that's fair. I had a couple today.
Robotnik: Sit down. In the chair.
Wade: I didn't know. ‘Cause he, 'cause he was in the chair, so I didn't. Okay.
Stone: Sir? We have a problem.

All teams in position!

Set up a perimeter!

Move! Move! Move!

Robotnik: Incorrectus, my trusty barnacle. After all these years, what I finally got… Is a solution.
G.U.N. Mean Bean Agent: Commander.
Walters: Status report.
G.U.N. Mean Bean Agent: Robotnik is in there with Stone and a hostage. Possibly local PD. I'm not saying he's dumb, but if he is local PD, this town's in a lot of trouble.
Tom and Maddie: Wade.
Maddie: Okay.
Tom: Rockin' that new spring collection, I see.
Robotnik: Well, if it isn't the Pastry King.
Tom: The Donut Lord. A real genius would remember the name of the guy who helped kick your butt off this planet. And I'll do it again if you mess with Green Hills.
Robotnik: Congratulations on your oh-so-temporary sense of superiority.
Walters: You're finished, Robotnik! We've taken everything. Your lab, your drones, your funding! Let's see how big of a man you are without your silly little robots.
Robotnik: Would you like to see… How big a man I can be? Welcome to the new norm.
Walters: My god!
Stone: Doctor, take me with you!
Tom: He's taking everything apart.
Maddie: He's building something.

[Scene change: Outside Green Hills, day.]

[Through a Ring, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles on the Tornado arrive to see the tornado Robotnik made.]
Tails: That can only be one thing.
Knuckles: The fearsome power of the Emerald.
Sonic: If that thing really turns thoughts into power, we are in big trouble. Robotnik has a lot of bad thoughts.
Tails: Hey, Sonic, are you sure it was a good idea bringing you-know-who aboard?
Sonic: Knuckles isn't really a bad guy. He's just a little... mixed up.
Knuckles: I am not mixed up! I have steely focus. And I'm complex. And that's a lot for some people.
Tails: Hope you're not still mad I hit you with that car.
Knuckles: I was completely uninjured. And my revenge will come when you least expect it, fox.
Stone: Sir, you're magnificent!
Robotnik: Thank you, sycophant. Your admiration is inevitable.
Wade: I knew it! just like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.
Robotnik: World domination playlist.
Walters: Fall back. Fall back! Quick! Retreat!
Tails: How are we supposed to beat this thing?
Sonic: We need a plan. Knuckles, use your strength to…
[Knuckles folds his arms across his chest and willingly falls off the wing and plummets to the ground below.]
Sonic: Jump off the plane. Wow. Okay, this is what we're gonna do.
[Sonic gets on top of the top wing, facing the Great Eggman Robot.]
Sonic: Step 1: Light taunting. Step 2: I have no idea.
Maddie: Sonic!
Sonic: Nice action figure, Eggman. Does it do anything or just stand there looking ugly?
Robotnik: Like a blister, he keeps coming back! He's on the okay-to-kill list. Shoot the missiles. Make a decision.
Stone: I need a moment, sir. I'm trying to figure out how to do this.
Robotnik: Did you even glance at a manual?
Stone: No!
Robotnik: I'll do it. Pardon my lightning. You might want to ground yourself.
Tails: Uh-oh.
Sonic: I'm gonna pop that thing open like a can of chili…
[Missile fly right toward the Tornado at top speed.]
Tails: Hang on! Yeah!
[Tails does a barrel roll with the Tornado, dodging all the missiles and relieving Sonic.]
Sonic: Close one.
[One of the missiles hits Sonic, making him fly away with it.]
Tails: Sonic!

[Scene Change: Green Hills, day.]

[Knuckles enters the scene, running towards the Giant Eggman Robot on the ground, getting its attention.]
Knuckles: Robotnik! Deceiver!

[Scene Change: Inside Giant Eggman Robot, day.]

Robotnik: Die, mosquito.

[Scene Change: Green Hills, day.]

[Robotnik puts his Giant Eggman Robot's hand on the ground and makes it run right towards Knuckles. Knuckles generates chaos energy in his fist and punches the robot hand very hard, making it flinch.]

[Scene Change: Inside Giant Eggman Robot, day.]

[Robotnik pulls his hand backward.]
Robotnik: I felt that.

[Scene Change: Green Hills, day.]

[Tails flies the Tornado at the Giant Eggman Robot. Robotnik thrusts the Great Eggman Robot's hands around in an attempt to catch him.

[Scene Change: Inside Giant Eggman Robot, day.]

[Robotnik moves around like a monster.]

[Scene Change: Green Hills, day.]

[While the Tornado flies around the Great Eggman Robot, the robot's mustache clams together, crushing one of the Tornado's wings and making it crash to the streets. Tails uses his twin-tails to fly out of the Tornado before it crashes and lands safely to the ground.]

[Scene Change: Inside Giant Eggman Robot, day.]

[Robotnik is shocked by what that had just occurred.]
Robotnik: What just happened?
Stone: It's the Stache smasher.
[Stone holds up a Sega Genesis-style manual.]
Stone: Right here in the manual.
Sonic: Return to sender.
[The missile strikes the Giant Eggman Robot on its kneecap. In the head, Stone is rattled about in his seat and knocked unconscious, to a worried Robotnik's fear.]
Robotnik: Stone? Great. Next thing you know, there'll be a report about a hostile work environment.
Knuckles: Those were our best attacks and they did nothing!
Tails: We can't beat Robotnik as long as he's got that Emerald. He's too powerful.
Sonic: Look we aren't strong enough to beat Robotnik on our own, but there's three of us. [to Knuckles] Your strength... [to Tails] ...your smarts, and my speed, together. That's how we win.
Knuckles: So we make our stand here on the field of battle.
Tails: As a team!
Sonic: This is it. This is our moment!
Robotnik: Time to fight.
Sonic: Bad time to say this, but I don't actually have a plan. Tails, any ideas?
Tails: We have to find his weak spot.
Knuckles: I suggest the groin.
Sonic: What? No, no!
Knuckles: Traditionally, yes; the groin is the weakest spot.
Sonic: Stop saying "groin."
Robotnik: Hedgehog!
Sonic: Look out! I know what his weak spot is: it's me! I'm the groin! Think about it! I live rent-free in this dude's head, so if I go out there and rile him up…
Knuckles: He'll focus on only you, leaving himself open to a flanking maneuver from me and the fox! Hedgehog, you are a brave and noble warrior! Go to your certain death with honor!
Sonic: We're gonna have to work on your pep talks, pal.
Tails: Yeah.
Sonic: Let's go! All right, mustache. You want me? Come and get me.
Robotnik: You don't tell me about coming and getting. I am on the cutting edge of coming and getting! Coming, getting. Coming, getting. Coming, getting. Coming, getting.
Tails: You're really heavy.
Knuckles: That's because I am one million percent muscle. Faster, fox!
Maddie: Go! Move, guys! Move back!
Tom: Let's go, that's it! Go, go, go! Keep going!
Green Hills citizen: Tom, what happened here?
Tom: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Maddie: Let's get our kid.
Tom and Maddie: We need your truck!

[Scene change: Outside Green Hills, day.]

Robotnik: Coming, getting.
Sonic: So what's the plan here? You gonna build a big robot house? Get yourself a big robot wife?
Robotnik: I'm going to enslave humanity and force them to service my machines. First, Green Hills. Then the universe. Then the multiverse. Then who knows? Maybe that'll be enough. Full disclosure? You won't be there.
Sonic: Eye lasers? Really?
Robotnik: Snot rocket!
Sonic: No, no, no! No, no, no!
Robotnik: Giving up already? Not so tough when you're fighting someone 700 times your size, are ya! You can't beat me! I'm all-powerful! All-knowing! All-seeing.
Tails: Looks like your fancy robot has a glitch.
Tails: Is it me? What about me? I'm over here. Up top! Down below! Behind you! I'm over here. Sorry! Over here. Too slow!
Robotnik: You can't outsmart me. I'm the outsmarter-er!
Tails: I didn't outsmart you. I'm just the distraction.
Knuckles: Robotnik! I am also a hologram.
Robotnik: Disloyal.
Knuckles: "Dis" is how I roll.
[With one powerful punch to Robotnik's chest, Knuckles manages to separate the Master Emerald from Robotnik. Without the Master Emerald, the Giant Eggman Robot powers down, unable to function without it.]
Robotnik: Where's my Emerald? No, no, no, no! No, no, no! Computer, auxiliary power.
Sonic': [Weakly] The Emerald. It's right there.
Robotnik: Move, you hunk of junk!
Sonic: I have to.... Reach it. Come on, come on, come on.
Maddie: There he is! Go! Go, go, go!
Robotnik: No!
Maddie: We got you, Sonic.
Tom: Hold on!
Maddie: You guys okay?
Tom: Yeah.
Maddie: Okay.
Sonic: I got the Emerald. We can still defeat him. Come on, come on. How does this thing work? What do I do?
[The Master Emerald starts to break and fall into pieces.]
Sonic: What? No. No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no!
Robotnik: Look at the happy little family.
Sonic: You have to get away from me. I'm the one he wants.
Maddie: Hey. We're not going anywhere. We're family.
Tom: And families stick together… No matter what.
Sonic: I love you guys.
Tom: We love you too, Sonic.
[Suddenly, the Chaos Emeralds levitate, and merge with Sonic, right before the Giant Eggman Robot stomps on Sonic, Maddie and Tom.]
Tails: NOOOO!
Robotnik: I got him! I finally got him!
[Suddenly, the Giant Eggman Robot begins to shake, causing Robotnik to go from ecstatic with victory to uneasy with dread.]
Robotnik: What was that?
[The Giant Eggman Robot's foot starts to lift up, revealing that Sonic has transformed into Super Sonic, as he blasts through the foot to save Tom and Maddie. He then flies towards the Giant Eggman Robot's head, and decapitates it, exposing Robotnik, who gaps in disbeliving shock at what he is seeing as Super Sonic approaches him and hovers just in front of the edge of the Giant Eggman Robot's neck.]
Super Sonic: It's over, Eggman.
Robotnik: [Nervous smile] I like the new look. It works for you. What do you say we just let bygones be bygones? I did some things, you did some things. There are good people on both sides.
[Super Sonic glares angrily at him. Robotnik discreetly presses buttons on his Control Glove to control the Giant Robot's right arm and fist.]
Robotnik: Surely two intelligent beings can work these things out!!!
[Robotnik tries to punch Super Sonic with the Giant Eggman Robot's fist. Super Sonic blocks the fist with one hand, and blows it up. Robotnik is terrified upon seeing Super Sonic easily taking out his robot's fist and arm single-handedly. On the ground, Tom and Maddie get to a safe distance and watch the fight.]
Tom: Come on, buddy. Come on.
Maddie: Get him, Sonic!
Tom: Yeah. Come on.
[Robotnik tries to punch Super Sonic with the Giant Eggman Robot's second fist, but Super Sonic blows it up as well, and proceeds to zip straight through the Giant Eggman Robot multiple times. As a final move, Super Sonic tips the Giant Eggman Robot over with a tap of his foot.]
Robotnik: Oh, it's like that? Okay, we're not friends.
[The Giant Eggman Robot falls over. Robotnik falls off its platform.]
Robotnik: Later, hater!!!
[The Giant Eggman Robot collapses, as Super Sonic lands in the ground.]
Maddie: Sonic!
Tom: Buddy!
Knuckles: Wait! You cannot touch him! The hedgehog holds the power of the Emerald. I am sorry. He is no longer the Sonic you once knew.
Tom: What?
[In a suspenseful moment, Super Sonic creates lightning in the skies, but only to summon a chili dog, which he enjoys.]
Super Sonic: Oh, you got to try this.
[Super Sonic snaps his fingers to summon another chili dog, which falls on Knuckles' face, much to Tom's and Maddie's amusement.]
Knuckles: [Slightly annoyed] Okay. He is exactly the Sonic you once knew.
[Super Sonic relinquishes the Chaos Emeralds, returning to his original form.]
Maddie: Sonic!
Tom: Bring it in, bud.
Sonic: It's good to be back in blue. The golden god thing was fun, but blue has always been more my color.
Tom: Looks good on you.
Tails: Sonic, you were the most powerful hero in the universe, and you let it go. Why?
Sonic: Because I still have some growing up to do. And I kind of like being a kid.
Tom: And you're not just any kid. You're our kid.
Maddie: That's right. Bring it in!
Tails: Yay. Hugs.
Sonic: It's a good thing we didn't do this before. You would've blown up.
[Knuckles pours the Master Emerald shards into his hands and presses them together, causing them to glow. As Knuckles pulls his hands back, the Master Emerald is revealed to have been fixed.]
Sonic: You fixed it.
Knuckles: I've spent my whole life questing for this. Now I have it. Now we have it. What do we do with it? What next?
Tails: There were once two orders of heroes who protected the galaxy from those who would use the Emerald for evil.
Knuckles: But they have all passed on to the great battleground in the sky.
Sonic: So we start a new order. The three of us.
Knuckles: This is no light task. We must make a vow; to use our powers to keep the universe safe; to watch out for each other. Our new tribe.
Tails: I know! A power bump!
Sonic: Good idea.
Tails: It's an Earth custom. An unbreakable promise.
Knuckles: Very well. A power bump it is.
Sonic: Power bump!

[Scene change: Green Hills baseball field, day.]

Sonic: It's truly a beautiful day for baseball here in Green Hills. An exciting lineup today with the debut appearance of two new players! On the mound, rookie sensation from across the galaxy, Miles "Tails" Prower, facing off against the powerhouse, Knuckles the Echidna.
Knuckles: I don't understand. Why am I angry at the enemy ball?
Sonic: You're not angry. You just want to hit it as hard as you can and then run around the bases.
Knuckles: But if my quest ends where I am standing, why run at all?
Sonic: I can't with this guy. Why do I even try?
Maddie: This is just a game. We're out here having fun.
Tom: Just having some fun.
Knuckles: Fun.
Sonic: All right! Give him the heat, Tails!
Tails: Hope you're ready for my fastball.
Knuckles: Your fastball will be dishonored. And so will you, fox.
Maddie: Easy, guys!
Tom: Don't think about it too much. Just keep your elbow up, eye on the ball and give it a ride.
Knuckles: A ride? To where? Power bump! Victory is mine!
Tails: Hey, no fair! That shouldn't count.
Knuckles: First base is also mine!
Tom: I think that was our only ball.
Knuckles: I have conquered the second of the bases!
Maddie: Who wants ice cream?
Tom: Knocked the cover off that.
Sonic: Ice cream!
Tails: Ice cream, yeah!
Knuckles: I am having the fun! What is ice cream?
Sonic: It's a dessert. If you like fun, you're gonna love it.
Knuckles: Yum. Dessert. Does it have grapes in it?
Sonic: No, not usually.
Tom: I'm proud of our little guy.
Maddie: I really like his new friends, especially the red one. He cracks me up.
Tom: Heck of a swing too.
Knuckles: Come on, fox. Our dessert adventure awaits.
Maddie: Good job, guys. You too, baby. Let's go get some ice cream. Come on, come on.
Tom: I'm happy for you, pal. Got your wingmen. Perfect friends to grow up with.
Tails: Come on, Knuckles.
Knuckles: My victory chariot!
Sonic: I've got a lot more than that… Dad.
Tom: Race you to the truck. One, two, three, go! No, don't go easy on me. I want your best.
Knuckles: Sonic, I have just been told they have sprinkles.
Sonic: Ice cream and sprinkles? This is your new destiny.
Knuckles: What a perfect meal to celebrate my victory over you in base of ball.
Tails: What?
Sonic: I mean, you barely beat me.
Knuckles: You've never been beaten so hard.
[The camera pans over to a blue ice chest cooler with the Master Emerald lying within. Sonic speeds back over to the cooler.]
Sonic: Can't forget this.
[Sonic grabs the cooler and runs off. Credits play.]

[Scene change: Giant Eggman Robot wreckage, day.]

Walters: Agent, I want an update.
G.U.N. Mean Bean Agent: Still searching, sir. We haven't found any sign of Robotnik.
Walters: No one could've survived that crash. He's toast. Good riddance.
[A masked GUN solider walks behind the pair, pulling his mask down to reveal himself to be Agent Stone.]
Walters: What a mess that lunatic made.
G.U.N. Mean Bean Agent: Sir, there's something else. When we were wiping Robotnik off our database, we found something. A file buried deep in our system and dating back over 50 years.
Walters: What was it?
G.U.N. Mean Bean Agent: Coordinates, sir.
Walters: Coordinates? To what?

[Scene change: Black site.]

[The conversion continues in voice over as a pod rises up revealing a black and red hedgehog inside.]
G.U.N. Mean Bean Agent: A secret research facility. It was a black site, sir. Someone worked very hard to keep this hidden.
Walters: My god... Project Shadow.
[Shadow opens his eyes which flare up with orange chaos energy. Cut to black.]