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Paramount Pictures

In Association With
Sega Sammy Group

Original Film

Marza Animation Planet/
Blur Studio

"Sonic the Hedgehog 2"


"Sonic the Hedgehog 2"

Directed by
Jeff Fowler

Screenplay by
Pat Casey & Josh Miller
John Whittington

Story by
Pat Casey & Josh Miller

Based on the
Sega Video Game

Produced by
Neal H. Moritz, p.g.a.
Toby Ascher, p.g.a.

Produced by
Toru Nakahara
Hitoshi Okuno

Executive Producers
Haruki Satomi
Yukio Sugino
Shuji Utsumi

Executive Producers
Nan Morales
Tim Miller

Director of Photography
Brandon Trost

Production Designer
Luke Freeborn

Edited by
Jim May, ACE

Costume Designer
Debra McGuire

Visual Effects Supervisor
Ged Weight

Visual Effects Producer
Lisa Beroud

Music Composed by
Tom Holkenborg

Tyson Hesse

Casting by
Tricia Wood, C.S.A.
Jannele Scuderi, C.S.A.

James Marsden

Ben Schwartz

Tika Sumpter

Natasha Rothwell

Adam Pally

Shemar Moore

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Lee Majdoub

Idris Elba

Jim Carrey

Crawl Art

Unit Production Managers
J. Michael Williams
Nan Morales

First Assistant Director
Justin Muller

Second Assistant Director
David Arnold

Visual Effects Producer
Denise Davis


Tom Wachowski James Marsden
Dr. Robotnik Jim Carrey
Voice of Sonic Ben Schwartz
Maddie Wachowski Tika Sumpter
Voice of Knuckles Idris Elba
Rachel Natasha Rothwell
Wade Adam Pally
Agent Stone Lee Majdoub
Voice of Tails Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Jojo Melody Niemann
Commander Walters Tom Bulter
Voice of Longclaw Donna Jay Fulks
Armored Truck Security Guard Scott Patey
Bank Robbers Leif Haydale

Johnson Phan

Colby Chartrand

Kevin Fortin

Armored Truck Driver Jeff Sanca
Elderly Woman Sook Hexamer
Shopper Maria Ameerali
Camper Kylie Riefsnyder
Ice Cream Child Parker Rowell-Laferriere
Pedestrian Tammy Nera
Police Drivers Gerald Paetz
Corry Glass
David Jacox Jr.
Mike Mitchell
Heath Stevenson
Doug Chapman
Scavengers Rhys Williams
Nilo Ghajar
Don Lew
Tatiana Elizabeth Bowen
Russian Giant Bully Vladimir Ruzich
Russian Dancers Shay Kuebler
Keiran Bohay
Kevin Mylrea
Jared Khalifa
Aiden Cass
Andrew Kyrzyk
Stanislav Galimkhanov
Tavern Menacing Card Players Shaun Magee
Alex Bogomolov
Shawn Stewart