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The following is a list of scenes, dialogue, and other details that were present in trailers for the film Sonic the Hedgehog 2 that are not in the final release.

Deleted scenes

The Mushroom Planet

Dr. Robotnik's makeshift mushroom coffee mechanism progresses slightly differently than in the final version of the film. Also, when Robotnik tastes the mushroom coffee, he does not spit it out like he does in the final version of the film; instead, he grimaces and begins to comment on its terrible taste. He then turns to a stone that resembles Agent Stone's face and sprinkles his mushroom coffee on him while threatening it as if he was a real person. Robotnik then begins to hallucinate that the stone is speaking to him in Stone's voice. Robotnik's face is then subjected to various visual distortions. As the doctor then stares at the sky, Agent Stone informs him of an impending asteroid. Robotnik then jumps out of his chair, which is momentarily crushed by a giant "C". Successive letters proceed to fall down from the sky and form the word "BACON". Another letter subsequently falls, changing the word to "BEACON". Robotnik takes note of this, then begins to dance and sing about his Sonic quill-powered powered tower, which he intends to use to summon help. The rest of the scene then plays out like in the final version of the film, where Robotnik climbs his mushroom tower and activates his beacon.

This scene was modified in the final version to be much shorter.

Sonic caught sneaking out

While Tom and Maddie are preparing breakfast, a tired Sonic enters the kitchen. Tom asks him if he is asleep, to which Sonic replies by asking him to repeat the question. When Tom serves him breakfast, Sonic falls asleep and his head falls down on the plate of pancakes. However, he then hears Maddie's tablet report about his actions in Seattle action, causing him to immediately get up and put the device away, announcing that he is ready to start the day. Tom then tells him of how he found a blue puppet of him in his room the night before. Astonished, Sonic decides to run out of the kitchen, before returning with a bouquet of roses that he had picked for Maddie. Regardless, Maddie wants to discuss his absence yesterday. However, Sonic slides the kitchen blinds down, suggesting that she and Tom deserve a romantic moment alone, before immediately returning to his room. Tom proceeds to ask Maddie if they should still pretend to be unaware of Sonic's nightly escapes, before coming up with the idea of taking Sonic on a fishing trip.

This scene was completely cut out of the final version of the film, except for the scene with the puppet, which was cut short and only appears as a part of Tom's flashback during the lake scene in the final film.

Getting ready for Hawaii

In the Wachowski residence, Maddie meets Tom, who is busy taking his clothes out of the washing machine while mentioning Rachel's wedding and how Sonic will finally be able to learn independence due to their absence. Tom also mentions that Sonic can always help Wade, whom he has appointed as his deputy for the upcoming weekend of their absence. When he pulls Sonic's sock out of the washing machine however, he finds a note in it, as well as a long piece of police tape. He then explains to Maddie that he doubts Sonic's maturity, to which Maddie asks him to finally start trusting him. Tom also mentions to her that he has talked to Sonic at the lake about what he calls a "big deal". Maddie jokingly calls him a dork, to which Tom replies by putting on his Hawaiian shirt and asking Maddie about how he can be a dork if he is wearing cool clothes.

This scene was completely cut out of the final film.

Tails meets Wade

In this scene, Wade is repairing his bike in his garage while Sonic and Tails watched him from the outside. Tails points out to Sonic that Wade is clearly unable to do basic repairs, to which Sonic replies not to underestimate him. Suddenly, however, Wade's bike falls apart, making Sonic add not to overestimate him as well. As Wade prepares to put his bike back together, Sonic enters his garage and asks if everything is okay. Wade explains to him that his police car was stolen and that he is forced to repair his old bicycle. Sonic then introduced him to Tails, who scans the man with his Miles Electric and then asks him if his "headquarters" are safe. Wade assures him that no one has access to his garage except himself and his mother, who can make lame snacks. When Wade starts describing one of them, Sonic and Tails go inside and the garage closes.

This scene was completely cut out of the final film.

Robotnik's fake crowdfunding scheme

In a scene in the Mean Bean Coffee Café, Agent Stone informs Dr. Robotnik that the government was trying to remove information regarding his existence, cut off their funds and freeze their bank accounts. Robotnik reacts angrily to this information, but does not care too much about the lack of money. He quickly organizes an online fundraiser and plasters his face on a badly battered patient to receive pity and extort money. Knuckles then watches as Robotnik give a high-five to Agent Stone, but at the same time begin to bully him physically.

This scene was completely cut out of the final film.

Knuckles learns the meaning of lying

In this scene, Knuckles, Agent Stone and Dr. Robotnik intercept the text message exchange between Sonic and Tom, just like in the final version of the film. However, instead of trying to destroying the hologram, Knuckles asks Robotnik to explain the definition of a lie to him. When Robotnik finishes answering him, Knuckles calls Sonic's behavior out for being dishonorable, but Robotnik begins to insist that lying might be beneficial. To demonstrate this, he asks Stone to stay in the café, when he is actually about to go to Siberia with Knuckles. When the Agent tells him he is ready for anything, Robotnik throws coffee beans at him. As he heads for the exit, Robotnik explains to Knuckles that he lied to Stone because he considers him useless, but that he wants him to stay in his favor. Knuckles called this behavior dishonorable, which is met with derision on Robotnik's part.

This scene was modified to be much shorter in the final film.

Wade discovers Robotnik's secret hideout

IN this scene, Wade rides his scooter through the main street of Green Hills, greeting all his friends along the way. When he pulls up at the Mean Bean Coffee Café, he notices that it is closed. Wade proceeds to peer through the half-closed shutter, through which he sees Agent Stone looking through new costumes for Dr. Robotnik. Wade choses to hide next to the door, then pulls out a walkie-talkie, asking the Green Hills Sheriff's Department to put him in touch with Tom immediately. Back on Hawaii, Tom picks up his walkie-talkie and listens to Wade, who begins telling him that Robotnik has returned. Tom explains to him that he is aware of this, and Wade asks him if he has any idea of his secret base at the coffee shop. Tom tells him not to go inside, but signal disruptions causes Wade to take Tom's instructions the wrong way. Meanwhile, Tom and Maddie free the bound Commander Walters, who takes the walkie-talkie and orders the immediate mobilization of G.U.N.

This scene was modified to be shorter in the final film. In it, Wade immediately enters the café through the staff entrance, and Tom, Maddie and Walters only learn of his intervention until after they return to Green Hills.

Unused dialogue

December 2021 trailer

  • Sonic saying, "Quick stretch," and, "Little snack," while doing a stretch and eating a chili dog on top of a building respectively. The former quote was repurposed for the scene with Sonic preparing to snowboard down the mountain in Siberia, with the latter being cut entirely.
  • Sonic saying, "Return to sender," after grabbing one of Dr. Robotnik's missiles and throwing it back at him was heard in the mountain cave scene for the trailer. In the final version of the film however, this line was used during the fight against the Giant Eggman Robot, where he instead redirects a larger missile back at him by riding on it.
  • In the trailer, Knuckles says, "Do I look like I need your power?" after he manages to stop Sonic's spin attack. In the final film, he says the line much earlier before Sonic is thrown out of the house, and when he stops Sonic's spin attack, he does not say anything.
  • After Sonic and Tails dodge the missile barrage from the Giant Eggman Robot, Sonic says "That wasn't too bad." and chuckles before getting knocked away by a missile hitting him. In the final film, the line was changed to "Close one!"

March 2022 trailer

  • When Knuckles crushes Agent Stone's hand while shaking it, he says, "I am an echidna warrior." In the final film, he responds to Agent Stone calling him a porcupine much earlier than that moment, and does not say anything while crushing Stone's hand. The line Knuckles remarks to Stone is also different in the final film.

Other changes

December 2021 trailer

  • When Robotnik's pod from space lands, Robotnik cannot be seen standing next to it.
  • Likewise, Tails is not seen with his goggles on his forehead in the scenes where he flies the Tornado.
  • The exterior design of the Labyrinth is completely different from the final release in the December 2021 trailer.

Mid-credits scene from the previous film

  • Tails appears in the scene with his updated design, with brighter-colored fur, and redesigned shoes with laces instead of Velcro straps.
  • In both the mid-credits scene of the first film, and in this trailer, Tails does not have on his backpack, which was later added to the March 2022 trailer and the final film.
  • The scene now appears to take place during the late afternoon, as opposed to early afternoon in the mid-credits scene.
  • The landscaping of the Green Hills, as well as the overall environment are drastically different due to the relocation of the filming set for the town in the second film.
  • The line that Tails says in this scene goes through several changes across its appearances.
    • In the original scene, he says "If these readings are accurate, he's here. I found him! I just hope I'm not too late."
    • In the December 2021 trailer, the line was abridged to "Hope I'm not too late."
    • In the March 2022 trailer, the line is "I just hope we're not too late."
    • In the final version of the scene, Tails says the original line word for word, but the line was rerecorded.