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This article contains information on the manuals that were included with copies of the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.


The English story prologue found in the original western manuals:

Robotnik Returns!
All was peace and quiet on South Island after Sonic the Hedgehog crushed the plans of the diabolical Dr. Ivo Robotnik for the first time. Far too quiet, in fact, for a hyper young hedgehog who craves action. So Sonic left South Island in search of other adventures.
When he returned, Sonic found no sign of his friends anywhere. Confused, he went back to his digs to think, and found a note waiting for him. It was from Miles (or "Tails" as he is called), a two-tailed fox who is one of Sonic's closest friends.
"Dear Sonic,
"Robotnik is back, and he's captured all the animals on the island! He is holding me in a place called the Crystal Egg. In order to free me, you have to find and bring the six Chaos Emeralds.
"Robotnik made me write this. He says he's waiting for you, and he's created six really nasty robots in order to 'Get rid of you once and for all'. I don't know what he has planned, but Sonic, please be careful!
Sincerely, Tails."
There was no time to waste! The letter fluttered to the floor as Sonic dashed off to find the Chaos Emeralds and save his friends.




A translation of the story prologue from the Japanese manual:[1]

Peace returned to South Island by Sonic's heroic activities, but again the evil hand of the world-conquest-plotting Dr. Eggman was already closing in.
That day, after one of his usual carefree adventures, Sonic returned to find a letter from his small companion 'Miles….'
Dear Sonic:
All the Animal Friends on South Island were captured by Doctor Eggman.
I'm being imprisoned at a place called 'Crystal Egg,' where I wrote this letter. But in order to get here, you need six chaos emeralds!
Dr. Robotnik built six scary robots, and they're waiting for you to arrive, Sonic! Be careful...
From Miles
And the fate of Miles and the Island Animal Friends? The whereabouts of six Chaos Emeralds? After reading the letter, Sonic immediately set off to find out...