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This article contains a list of glitches from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit). Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural. Many of them have not been confirmed by Sega.

List of glitches

  • End level music glitch:

This glitch could happen on any zone and act that has invincibility monitor power-ups, most notably in Sky High Zone. If the player gets an invincibility and makes it to the end of the level, hits the signpost at the correct time so that the invincibility runs out immediately just after the end level music begins, instead of playing regular end level music, the game will instead play the zone's music.

In the first act of Sky High Zone, there is a hill with a Hang Glider placed at the end of it. If the player destroys the invincibility monitor right before using the glider, the player could slide down into mid-air faster. Once at the bottom of the screen, Sonic does not die even when the invincibility runs out.


Sky High Glitch in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Master System

If player moves onto a solid platform and then goes back to the aforementioned invisible platform, Sonic will eventually die falling.

  • Infinite lives:

Right in the beginning of the Act 2 of Sky High Zone, there are two springs, one is pointing to opposite way of the level and the other is pointing to the correct way of the level. The player has to run off and then do a spin attack and destroy a 1-up monitor, and the springs will ricochet. After that, the 1-up monitor will respawn again.

This happens because since Sonic jumps across the screen so fast, the game does not have time to reload the power up data. Repeatedly doing this will cause the player to have infinite amount of lives and sometimes glitching the level itself.

In the first act of Green Hills Zone, there is a common glitch on the loop. Gravity does not exist when the player moves Sonic onto the middle of the loop. Sonic will start to spins rapidly between sprites.

In the middle of Gimmick Mt. Zone Act 1, there is a minecart facing the opposite way of the act. When the player rides on it, it will slide down the ramp like a regular minecart. Usually minecarts will jump off the ramp when reaching the bottom. However, this one minecart is different. Once it reaches the bottom of the ramp, it will immediately become stuck.

  • Final Boss First Hit Glitch:

When the player reaches the final boss, the player would fight Robotnik in his dome. However, if the player attacks Robotnik before the screen scrolls at the end of the stage, he won't affected by the player's attack and the player could die very easily from lightning attacks by Robotnik.