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Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Novelization[1] is a paperback book for 8-12 year olds published by Penguin Young Readers Licenses. It is the novelization of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film produced by Paramount Pictures.


Gotta go fast! Sonic the Hedgehog is back on the big screen for a brand-new action-packed adventure.[1]
This movie novelization brings the action-packed adventure of the Sonic the Hedgehog sequel to the page. Read along with Sonic, Tails, and their friends as they battle Dr. Robotnik to save the world![1]



Races and species:





Differences between the book and film series

  • It is stated in the book that Dr. Robotnik plucked the energized quill from Sonic's hide. However, in the actual film series, the quill presumably fell off Sonic during one of his runs, and was found by Tom Wachowski, as shown during the first film.
  • Sonic's fight with the robbers stealing the bank truck is depicted first before talking about Robotnik on the Mushroom Planet.
  • The novel states Tails used his last Ring to get to Earth, while in the film this is left ambiguous.
  • Tails encounters Wade while stealing the police cruiser.
  • Tom does not call to check on Sonic after he leaves for Hawaii.
  • After cutting the power at the Wachowski's house, Robotnik appears on the TV, while in the film the TV only showed static.
  • Sonic's world is referred to as Mobius while in the film it is left unnamed.
  • Robotnik calls the Mean Bean Café instead of texting Agent Stone.
  • A majority of the scenes in Hawaii have been removed, leaving only the wedding ceremony and Maddie freeing Sonic, Tails, and Tom.
  • Rachel does not help Maddie free Sonic, Tails, and Tom. Likewise, Maddie holds Commander Walters at gun point in her place.
  • Sonic manages to damage the Giant Eggman Robot with its missile, only for it to rebuilt itself.
  • Tails uses the Miles Electric to create holograms of himself, Sonic, and Knuckles to distract Robotnik. In the film, he only creates holograms of himself.
    • Tails also does not break into the cockpit of the Giant Eggman Robot, leaving Knuckles to do this himself.
  • Super Sonic dodges the Giant Eggman Robot's fists as opposed to blocking and destroying them.
  • Super Sonic proves himself to be the same by doing an armpit fart instead of summoning chili dogs.
  • Sonic reassembles the Master Emerald instead of Knuckles.
  • Unlike the novelization for the first film, the post-credits scene with Shadow the Hedgehog is omitted.


  • The phrase "Gotta go fast!" in the blurb is a reference to the English intro for the anime series Sonic X featuring the song of the same name.
  • Sonic's world is referred to as Mobius, a term used in various American media in the 90s as the name of the planet Sonic lived on.
  • The ending of the first film's novelization is retconned, with Commander Walters being the one who gave Tom and Maddie the government radio receiver.
  • Dr. Robotnik states his middle name is Gerald in reference to his grandfather in the video game series, Gerald Robotnik.
  • Robotnik says "I! HATE! THAT! HEDGEHOG!", a phrase various versions of Robotnik in American media in the 90s would scream in anger.
  • Sonic says "Way past cool," a catchphrase coined by various versions of him in American media in the 90s.

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