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Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 Soundtrack (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ 1&2 サウンドトラック Sonikku za Hejjihoggu 1&2 Saundotorakku?) is the official soundtrack album for original Sonic the Hedgehog and its sequel, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Both games' soundtracks were composed by Masato Nakamura, the bassist of the band Dreams Come True. The album was released only in Japan on 19 October 2011, and in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

The album contains all original tracks from both games at the first disc, while the second disc contains Nakamura's demo recordings during the both games' development. The album booklet contains comments by one of Sonic's creators, Yuji Naka, an interview of Masato Nakamura, and several artworks from the original Sonic the Hedgehog's development.

Track list

Disc 1

Track Title Music Length
1. STH1 Green Hill Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:38
2. STH1 Marble Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:08
3. STH1 Spring Yard Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:10
4. STH1 Labyrinth Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:08
5. STH1 Star Light Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:26
6. STH1 Scrap Brain Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:36
7. STH1 Final Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:17
8. STH1 Special Stage 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:32
9. STH1 Power Up 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:58
10. STH1 1up 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:06
11. STH1 Title 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:11
12. STH1 All Clear 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:20
13. STH1 Stage Clear 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:09
14. STH1 Boss 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:23
15. STH1 Game Over 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:15
16. STH1 Continue 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:12
17. STH1 Staff Roll 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:03
18. STH2 Emerald Hill Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:26
19. STH2 Chemical Plant Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:10
20. STH2 Aquatic Ruin Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:40
21. STH2 Casino Night Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:18
22. STH2 Hill Top Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:51
23. STH2 Mystic Cave Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:07
24. STH2 Oil Ocean Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:55
25. STH2 Metropolis Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:49
26. STH2 Mystic Cave Zone (2P) 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:05
27. STH2 Casino Night Zone (2P) 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:55
28. STH2 Death Egg Zone (Part 1) 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:10
29. STH2 Death Egg Zone (Part 2) 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:18
30. STH2 Emerald Hill Zone (2P) 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:35
31. STH2 Sky Chase Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:38
32. STH2 Wing Fortress Zone 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:59
33. STH2 Special Stage 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:47
34. STH2 Power Up 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:54
35. STH2 Title 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:12
36. STH2 All Clear 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:16
37. STH2 Boss 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:14
38. STH2 Super Sonic 〜Mega Drive version〜 1:16
39. STH2 Option 〜Mega Drive version〜 0:42
40. STH2 Staff Roll 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:41
41. STH2 Game Results 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:19
42. STH2 Unused Song 〜Mega Drive version〜 2:02

Disc 2

Track Title Music Length
1. STH1 Green Hill Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:37
2. STH1 Marble Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:14
3. STH1 Spring Yard Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:16
4. STH1 Labyrinth Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:08
5. STH1 Star Light Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:30
6. STH1 Scrap Brain Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:41
7. STH1 Final Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 1:24
8. STH1 Special Stage 〜Masa's Demo version〜 1:32
9. STH1 1up 〜Masa's Demo version〜 0:07
10. STH1 Title 〜Masa's Demo version〜 0:12
11. STH1 All Clear 〜Masa's Demo version〜 0:24
12. STH1 Stage Clear 〜Masa's Demo version〜 0:11
13. STH1 Boss 〜Masa's Demo version〜 1:29
14. STH1 Game Over 〜Masa's Demo version〜 0:22
15. STH1 Continue 〜Masa's Demo version〜 0:13
16. STH2 Emerald Hill Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:48
17. STH2 Chemical Plant Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:29
18. STH2 Aquatic Ruin Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:03
19. STH2 Casino Night Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:23
20. STH2 Hill Top Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:12
21. STH2 Mystic Cave Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:26
22. STH2 Oil Ocean Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:06
23. STH2 Metropolis Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:21
24. STH2 Mystic Cave Zone (2P) 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:02
25. STH2 Casino Night Zone (2P) 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:03
26. STH2 Death Egg Zone (Part 1) 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:18
27. STH2 Death Egg Zone (Part 2) 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:22
28. STH2 Emerald Hill Zone (2P) 〜Masa's Demo version〜 1:45
29. STH2 Sky Chase Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 1:49
30. STH2 Wing Fortress Zone 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:08
31. STH2 Special Stage 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:04
32. STH2 All Clear 〜Masa's Demo version〜 1:23
33. STH2 Boss 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:16
34. STH2 Super Sonic 〜Masa's Demo version〜 1:21
35. STH2 Option 〜Masa's Demo version〜 0:40
36. STH2 Game Results 〜Masa's Demo version〜 2:19
37. STH2 Unused Song 〜Masa's Demo version〜 1:03
38. Theme of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Demo 0:34

Disc 3

The third disc contains an original track by Dreams Come True, titled "Sweet Sweet Sweet", which is sung by Miwa Yoshida. This song was used as the ending theme for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The disc also contains an English-language version of the song along with two remixes from 2006 by Akon, which were used in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Track Title Music Length


  • Because all tracks at the album are only composed by Masato Nakamura, small music jingles of Drowning and Chaos Emerald aren't included at the album, as they are assumed to be composed by Yukifumi Makino, the sound programmer of the first game. This can also explain why these jingles are used through the whole series.
  • The unused song would have been heard in Hidden Palace Zone, which was the last level scrapped shortly before development of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was completed. The theme can still be heard as "Track #10", as well as if the player hacks into the zone's remnants in the final game. Masa's Demo Version shows it would have had a slower tempo, and notably doesn't have a loop point.



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