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Sonic News Network
Sonic News Network

The first Sonic the Hedgehog film logo.

Sonic the Hedgehog[citation needed] is an American CG/live-action film series, based on the video game series of the same name, produced by Paramount Pictures. It features animation from Sega's Marza Animation Planet.

List of films

Name Release date
Sonic the Hedgehog 14 February 2020
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 8 April 2022[1]


Aside of live action films, the Sonic the Hedgehog film series also has many adaptations of it, all of which take place within the same universe.

A short, named Around the World in 80 Seconds, takes place after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog. It features Sonic exploring many places on Earth within eighty seconds. It was released as an extra of the film on 30 March 2020.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Adventures of Sonic & Donut Lord is a short comic that basically retells the events of Sonic the Hedgehog. It was released on 19 May 2020 as a gift included on the steelbook release of the film.


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