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Sonic the Hedgehog is a children's storybook published in 1995 by Watermill Press. It was written by Judy Nayer and illustrated by Ron Zalme and is noted for its odd shape and size that makes it easier for smaller children to hold.



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The story begins as a seven-year-old Sonic the Hedgehog (clad in green shoes with yellow straps) visits his Uncle Chuck after having practiced running as fast as he was able. Chuck, being an inventor, proceeds to give Sonic a magic ring he has invented to enhance his strength and swiftness. Meanwhile, a teenage Robotnik is fuming over a failed robot he has just built, and hearing it crash in the yard, uncle and nephew run out to see the commotion. Vowing revenge, and blaming Sonic and Chuck for his failure, Robotnik runs away.

As the years pass, they see no more of Robotnik, and Sonic is now fifteen, working for his uncle and helping him with his chili-dog stand. One day, Chuck gets an order for two-hundred chili-dogs, and Sonic runs off to deliver it, now sporting his traditional shoes, which were created by Uncle Chuck in this story. Shortly after Sonic leaves, however, his dog Muttski begins to growl. Chuck turns around, only to see a group of Swatbots. He now realizes that this was a fabrication of Robotnik's, and his thought is confirmed when the evil scientist begins declaring himself "King of Mobius", and orders his bots to abduct Chuck and Muttski.

While all this is going on, Sonic is speeding to the address on the chili-dog order, and unknowingly runs, quite literally, into a trap. However, using his speed, he is able to get away and return to the chili-dog stand, only to find both his uncle and dog gone, the only strip of evidence as to what happened being a metal scrap reading: Made by Robotnik, King of Mobius. With that, he speeds off to Robotnik's factory.

Once there, he meets Princess Sally Acorn, the daughter of the true king of Mobius, whom Robotnik kidnapped. She warns Sonic not to enter the factory and explains that most of Mobius' citizens have been kidnapped like Chuck and Muttski and are being turned into robots by the Ro-Bo-Machine.

However, through a window, Sonic can see that his uncle and dog have already been roboticized. He leaps over the fence and breaks through the wall, using the ring Chuck made for him those years ago. He gives Muttski to Sally, and takes Chuck, and together they escape the factory, Sonic apologizing for not being able to find the king.

Upon hearing this, Sally tells Sonic of an alliance group that she has formed with a group of other citizens called the Freedom Fighters and takes him to the entrance of the secret city of Knothole where they are located. She introduces him to the other Freedom Fighters, and hearing that Sonic will be joining their group, they cheer. He whips out his ring, and a bright light fills the room that turns Chuck and Muttski back to normal. Sonic then explains to them the previous events and that they can use the rings to save all the other prisoners of Robotnik, and overthrow Robotnik and restore Mobius to the rightful king, Sally's father.



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