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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Life never stays slow around here for long! Thank goodness. Watch out, Eggman! I'm coming at ya full speed!

— Sonic the Hedgehog, "So Long Sonic"

Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Sonikku za Hejjihoggu?) is the main protagonist of the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. Lightning fast on his feet, but super-slow to lose his cool, Sonic is always revved up and ready for a run-in with his archenemy, Dr. Eggman whenever he tries to cause trouble to the world to show his heroic deeds.[9]

During a conflict with Eggman, Sonic was transported along with his friends, by Chaos Control, from their home planet to an alternate planet Earth. Lost and alone in this new world, he was saved from drowning in a pool by Chris Thorndyke, and the kind youngster allowed the heroes to take refuge at his home as they defended their new residence from the evil plots of Dr. Eggman. After many adventures, Sonic eventually returned home, where he would save his universe from the Metarex.


Sonic is a slim anthropomorphic hedgehog with blue fur that covers most of his body, peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle and front torso, and emerald-green eyes. He has small, triangular ears on the top of his head, three long quills on the back of his head, two spines protruding from his back behind his shoulders, and a short tail.

For attire, Sonic wears two light-weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with white cuffs around the ankles, gray soles, and white straps across the top, the last of which are held down by a golden buckle on each foot. He also wears a pair of white gloves with sock-like cuffs on his hands.




Sonic hails from an unnamed world in a parallel dimension to Earth. In the past, he first met Miles "Tails" Prower when the fox cub found Sonic's original Tornado, which Tails painted blue and made faster. Liking the modifications Tails had made, Sonic became good friends with Tails.[10] Sonic and Tails later befriended Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose (who fell in love with Sonic), Cream the Rabbit, and Cheese, and together, they would constantly fend off Dr. Eggman's attempts at conquering the world.

At some point, Sonic was running around with Amy chasing after him when Amy was ambushed by an E-12 Behemoth. Sonic would then immediately destroy the Behemoth and rescue Amy.[11]

New World Saga

Sonic meeting Chris for the first time, from "Chaos Control Freaks".

One day, Sonic attempted to rescue Cream and Cheese from Dr. Eggman as well as foil the doctor's latest plot to control the world with the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds. Unfortunately, an accident initiated Chaos Control, which transported Sonic, his friends, Dr. Eggman, and a few others to Earth. Seemingly separated from his friends, Sonic was astonished from meeting the human inhabitants of the world. After outrunning from the police officers and the Speed Team, Sonic befriended Christopher Thorndyke, who rescued him from drowning in a swimming pool on Chris' estate.[12] The next day, Sonic discovered that the military had captured Cream and Cheese for research at Area 99. With the help of Chris and his grandfather Chuck Thorndyke, Sonic infiltrated Area 99 and rescued the duo. Despite the security, Sonic, Cream, and Cheese escaped from there to safety with some help from Tails, who sabotaged the facility's security and electrical systems.[5]

After that, Sonic left for a care-free journey. After enjoying some thrills, Sonic eventually heard the news of Dr. Eggman attacking Station Square with his E-23 Missile Wrist in an attempt to establish his Eggman Empire. After he reached Eggman, Sonic destroyed Missile Wrist, and he and his friends escorted Amy and Knuckles back to Chris' home, though Knuckles separated from them to deal with his own intentions.[2] When Sonic heard the discovery of the first Chaos Emerald at a construction site, he rushed there, but got ambushed by Dr. Eggman's E-11 Beacon, which bounced the hedgehog around, rendering him helpless. However, Sonic managed to destroy Beacon with the help of Tails and Amy in time to rescue a free-falling Chris who had gotten the Chaos Emerald.[7] Soon after, Sonic was challenged by Knuckles to a showdown at Silver Valley. Sonic mainly toyed with Knuckles during the fight, but discovered that Tails, Amy and Chris were being held hostage in Eggman's E-47 Pumpty. Eventually, Knuckles realized that Eggman had tricked him into fighting Sonic and worked with Sonic to rescue Tails, Amy, and Chris and destroy Pumpty.[13]

Sonic being frozen solid in outer-space, from "Satellite Swindle".

Sometime later, Sonic took off to Chris' school, wondering why Chris had not shown up at home when his parents had returned from their busy jobs to see him, only to discover that Chris was being held at school, along with his classmates, by Dr. Eggman and E-51 Intelligente. Sonic, however, was able to destroy Intelligente and reminded Chris to return home.[14] Later on, Sonic overheard Tails and Amy discussing Cream, while he noticed a poster displaying a small lake with flowers. Sonic then took off and sought out the aforementioned location and he returned back home with a bunch of flowers from there for Cream. Sonic later comforted Chris after Chris got yelled at by Cream for thinking ill of his mother having to leave to return to work.[15] When Eggman began sucking up satellites in outer space using E-90 Super Sweeper, Sonic and Tails tried to stop the robot while high in the sky, but it was too powerful to handle with the Tornado 2. During the following day, Sonic, Tails, and Chris got ready to take down Super Sweeper using the newly-crafted X Tornado powered by the Chaos Emerald they had. The fight was taken into outer space where Sonic was frozen solid while sitting on the outside of the fuselage of the X Tornado, but with Tails and Chris' help, Sonic was thawed out and destroyed Super Sweeper.[16]

When Sonic declined to go with his friends to the Emerald Coast, he left on his own. However, when he learned that Eggman terrorized the resort with his E-38 Octoron and E-39 Quizon robots, Sonic headed there and fought the robots with Amy's help. Amy then tried to give Sonic a bracelet she made which serves as a good luck charm to protect him in the water, but Serpenter appeared and destroyed the bracelet. While Sonic fought the robot, he was left in surprise when Amy, enraged by the bracelet she made for Sonic being destroyed, started destroying Serpenter before turning her attention to Eggman, knocking him into the water, but she slowly sank. Knowing that Amy was in danger, Sonic jumped into the ocean, despite his fear of water, and was able to rescue Amy. He later took her broken bracelet, fixed it up, and started wearing it.[17] After a while, Sonic was called to action when Dr. Eggman challenged Sonic and his friends to a winner-takes-all baseball game where the winner could claim the newly found cyan Chaos Emerald at Diamond Stadium. As Sonic and his team were able to edge into the lead, Eggman commanded one of his E-21 Ballios to attach its head onto Sonic, threatening to kill Sonic if the head explodes, but Knuckles saved him. Regardless, Eggman still escaped with the Chaos Emerald.[18]

Later on, Sonic went out with Tails, Chris, and Danny in order to find the third Chaos Emerald when they got a lead, but found nothing and went back home.[19] A while afterwards, Sonic was napping when he heard that the President was assaulting Eggman's base and discovered that Tails, Amy, Chris, and Frances were gone and that they were in trouble at Tingalin Villa so Sonic sets off to find them.[20]

Sonic being hailed as a hero by Station Square, from "Beating Eggman, Part 2".

Sonic eventually found his friends being assaulted by Eggman with his E-35 Funfun. Sonic disabled the robot while Tails unearthed the third Chaos Emerald, only for Eggman to appear and steal the Chaos Emerald before taking his leave to return to his headquarters. However, Sonic and the others vowed to get the Chaos Emerald and chased Eggman to his base on the X Tornado. After evading an initial assault, Sonic smashed into Eggman's base where he faced Eggman in his new robot, E-18 Guerra-Hard. Sonic was initially overwhelmed by the robot as it was powered by two Chaos Emeralds, but Sonic still destroyed the robot while reclaiming the two Chaos Emeralds and used them to trash the base. The base exploded shortly afterwards, thanks to explosives planted by a GUN commando team that included Rouge and Topaz, but Sonic escaped in the nick of time. The citizens of Station Square, who had been watching, then hailed Sonic as a hero.[21]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Sonic meeting the President for the first time, from "That's What Friends Are For".

After his victory at Eggman's base, Sonic was invited by the President to the White House for a party, but Sonic declined as he promised to take Helen to an island said to have beautiful flowers. As Sonic and Helen began traveling towards the island, however, they were constantly chased by military forces who were ordered to capture Sonic by the President's aide, but every time, they managed to escape. Sonic and Helen finally arrived at the field full of beautiful flowers and were adorned by its sight. The military forces chased Sonic and Helen again until they were cornered, keeping them away from the flowers at least so they were not damaged, but Sonic was able to escort Helen and himself to a helicopter and together, they flew towards the White House to meet the President.[22]

Sonic encountered Eggman again when he launched the Egg Fort to attack Station Square. Sonic stopped an army of E-42 Torole and then tried to reach the Egg Fort, but failed. However, the X Tornado arrived, and Sonic and his friends lured Eggman away from Station Square, where Sonic then finished off the Egg Fort.[23] Off to enjoy a vacation, Sonic and his friends then flew over to the Sapphire Sea where they discovered a Chaos Emerald located underwater. There, they uncovered the emerald, but Eggman ambushed Sonic and his friends with E-57 Clurken. Sonic was initially unable to stop Clurken underwater, but with the help of Sam and Tails, Sonic got to the surface and destroyed Clurken, allowing him to continue his vacation.[24]

Sonic, along with Tails and Chris, flew on the X Tornado to a savannah but were attacked by Eggman. Sonic destroyed Eggman's Egg Fort, but was separated from his friends. While running on his own, Sonic was ambushed by E-65 Gorru-Gaooh. As the fight continued to a construction site, Sonic was able to exploit E-65's flaws and defeated it.[10] Later, Sonic and his friends came to watch Lindsey star in a film production, but when Sonic explored the castle, he discovered a talisman, before finding his friends being attacked by ghost hands and was imprisoned within a wall with them when trying to rescue them. With Amy and Chris' help, Sonic broke free and rescued his friends while fighting back their kidnappers, King Boom Boo and his Boom Boo minions, before Sonic and his friends escaped from the castle to safety.[25]

Sonic racing against Sam Speed, from "Fast Friends".

To relax from their adventures, Sonic and his friends went on a cruise to the glaciers, but Sonic was unwilling to enjoy himself and schemed numerous attempts to get off the cruise, but failed. As Sonic and his friends arrived at the glaciers, they were attacked by Dr. Eggman in his new flying fortress, the Egg Fort II. Sonic had trouble stopping Eggman at first, but when advised by a senior to relax, Sonic regained his confidence and after Eggman was defeated, Sonic finally decided to enjoy himself on the cruise.[6] After their vacation, one late night, Sam Speed arrived at the Thorndyke Mansion to issue a race against Sonic with his new Rocket Car, but Sonic refused. Eventually, after a long process of persuasion, Sonic agreed to race Sam. Throughout the race, the competitors were neck and neck until they both neared the finish where Sonic won by a landslide.[26]

Sonic and his friends went on another vacation at Mr. Tanaka's homeland in Japan, where Sonic explored the city on his own. After this, Sonic encountered Dr. Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe on E-66 Da-Dai-Oh, who attacked Sonic, but the hedgehog defeated Dr. Eggman and his lackeys again. He then aided Chris, Tails, Cream, and Frances to filter mud out of a lake at a nearby Chao colony.[27] Later, Sonic joined with his friends on a trip to Filmdom City to see Nelson and Lindsey's wedding anniversary. Upon greeting Nelson, Sonic discovered that his Chaos Emerald was reacting to Nelson's Chaos Emerald, which he had bought to surprise his wife, causing a violent reaction. Another one occurred later when Sonic and Knuckles' emeralds reacted to Nelson's when the ring box fell open after he tripped and dropped it, ruining his plan to surprise Lindsey with it. The situation got worse when Eggman attacked Sonic and his friends with E-74 Weazo and threatened the Thorndykes, but Sonic, with the aid of Knuckles, managed to beat the robot and saved his friends and the Thorndyke family, although Eggman got away with the Chaos Emerald.[28]

A while later, Sonic and Amy were attacked by Eggman and his E-88 Lightning Bird. Lightning Bird kidnapped Amy, but Sonic damaged the robot and rescued Amy. Unbeknownst to Sonic, however, a circuit from the robot entered his ear, leaving Sonic constantly picking his ear to get it out. The next morning, when Mr. Tanaka operated a remote, the circuit activated, causing Sonic to run uncontrollably without being able to stop. Sonic's friends tried numerous attempts to catch Sonic and discover what happened to him but all their plans failed. Later, Sonic found Amy attacked by a damaged Lightning Bird and destroyed it. In the process, the circuit finally slid out of Sonic's ear, allowing Sonic to be himself once again.[29]

Sonic sets out with his friends once again to find the seventh Chaos Emerald, but had no success. Later that night, Sonic went for a run, but was stopped by Chris, who wanted to ask Sonic if he was homesick as he and his friends had stayed on Earth for a while, but the hedgehog did not mind and resumed his run. When he returned home, he and his friends that discovered Chris had taken their four Chaos Emeralds so that Sonic and his friends could return home. Figuring out what Chris meant earlier, Sonic took off to look for him. Arriving at the forest where the Egg Fort II was just about to take off, he spotted Knuckles, who told him Chris was held captive at the Egg Fort II along with the Chaos Emeralds and chased after the flying fortress.[30]

Sonic brutally beaten by E-99 Eggsterminator, from "Countdown to Chaos".

Sonic discovered that Eggman was flying over to meet up with E-77 Lucky, who had found the seventh Chaos Emerald, and stopped him from reclaiming the emerald. Suddenly, several G.U.N Beetle robots appeared to attack Eggman, despite Sonic trying to tell them that Chris was trapped inside the Egg Fort II. In the ensuing battle, Lucky was sent flying into the air and Sonic saw the Egg Fort II moving towards him. Using the Beetles, Sonic rescued Lucky, who then gave him the emerald. He then turned his attention towards the Egg Fort II, which transformed into the E-99 Eggsterminator and engaged it in a fight. With the six Chaos Emeralds' energy however, the Eggsterminator was able to beat Sonic unconscious and dropped his battered and bruised body into the ocean. Thanks to Chris though, the six Chaos Emeralds were retrieved and fell into the ocean, and Sonic used all seven Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. Using his enhanced powers, Sonic destroyed the Eggsterminator in seconds, and rescued Chris as a new Chaos Control automatically occurred. Chris pleaded to stay with Sonic, but Sonic disappeared. Quickly though, Sonic returned and it was revealed that the Chaos Control teleported Angel Island and the Mystic Ruins to Earth.[31]

Chaos Saga

Sonic and Knuckles facing Chaos 2, from "Pure Chaos".

With Eggman having disappeared for six months following his defeat and destruction of the Eggsterminator by Super Sonic, Sonic and his friends spent their time relaxing before meeting up with Big, who was looking for his buddy, Froggy. Soon enough, Sonic found the Station Square Police Department under attack by Eggman and Chaos. After Eggman used two Chaos Emeralds to power Chaos up into Chaos 2, Sonic and Knuckles were able to work together to defeat it.[32]

Shortly thereafter, Sonic met up with Tails at his workshop in the Mystic Ruins, and after Tails revealed that he already has the Green Chaos Emerald stored on the X Tornado, they headed to Windy Valley to locate another one, only to be engaged by Eggman in his Egg Hornet. Though Sonic destroyed the Egg Hornet, both Chaos Emeralds fell into a lake, where Chaos 2 was hiding, allowing it to absorb the Emeralds and evolve into Chaos 4. Sonic managed to defeat Chaos again with Tails' help, but Eggman made his escape in the Egg Carrier. Sonic and Tails pursued him, but Eggman managed to shoot them down. Both survived with minor injuries.[33]

Later, Sonic arrived too late to save Amy when she got kidnapped by ZERO and taken to the Egg Carrier.[33] However, Tails soon recovered and, joined by Knuckles, who had been searching for the shards of the Master Emerald, they launch a second attack on the Egg Carrier, with Tails managing to deal some heavy damage after turning the X Tornado into its Battle Armor Mode, before crash-landing it on the Egg Carrier after he realized too late that the X Tornado did not have landing gear in Battle Armor Mode.[11] While Knuckles searched for the Emerald Shards, Sonic and Tails looked for Amy, and confronted Gamma. Sonic managed to damage Gamma, but Amy convinced him to spare Gamma, believing he had reformed after letting her out of her prison cell in the Egg Carrier's brig. As the Egg Carrier then began to lose altitude and fall out of the sky, Sonic had Tails escape with Amy, while he went to rescue Chris, Big, and Froggy from Chaos, now in its penultimate form, Chaos 6. With the aid of Knuckles and his Shovel Claw, Sonic managed to defeat Chaos 6, much to Eggman's fury. Sonic then began pursuing Eggman as he escaped.[3] Sonic tracked Eggman to his base in the Mystic Ruins after being show an ominous mural of Chaos in its ultimate form and taken back into the past to when Tikal's father attacked the altar home to the Master and Chaos Emeralds. Making his way through the base, Sonic confronted Eggman in the Egg Viper. Despite the Egg Viper's power, Sonic destroyed it, and both he and Eggman escaped before Final Egg exploded.[34]

Sonic looking at the destruction Perfect Chaos caused to Station Square, from "Flood Fight".

Later, Sonic and Tails found Knuckles with an unconscious Eggman, who, upon reviving, revealed that Chaos was still alive, having double-crossed Eggman, and planned to use the Chaos Emeralds for its own intentions. Sonic and Knuckles were then taken into the past again to watch as Pachacamac and his men stampede over Tikal and the Chao to claim the Chaos Emeralds from the altar, only to be met by Chaos, angered that they would lay siege to what it guarded and harm the Chao as well. Chaos used the emeralds to become Perfect Chaos and punished Pachacamac and his men, before Tikal asked the Master Emerald to intervene. After that, Sonic and Knuckles were returned to the present, only to see Chris approach them with the last emerald, and then get attacked by Chaos. Though they saved Chris, Chaos got all seven emeralds, and soon became Perfect Chaos as it laid siege to Station Square. After Eggman attempted to deal with Perfect Chaos in the second Egg Carrier and was abruptly shot down, Sonic and the X Tornado avoided a similar fate thanks to Tikal, who appeared before Sonic and his friends with the surmise that Chaos needed to be sealed in the Master Emerald again. However, Sonic refused, knowing that unless Chaos was purged of its anger and hatred, the cycle would keep repeating. With his friends bringing him the drained Chaos Emeralds, Sonic was able to revive them and use their positive energy to become Super Sonic and confront Perfect Chaos. Toying around with Perfect Chaos, Sonic protected his friends when Perfect Chaos attacked them, before going on the offensive and defeating the monstrosity. Purged of its anger and hatred by Super Sonic's power, Chaos reverted back into Chaos 0 and left peacefully with Tikal, while Sonic reverted back to normal and rejoined his friends in triumph.[35]

Shadow Saga

Sonic fleeing from G.U.N., from "Shadow Knows".

As Sonic helped Station Square recover from Perfect Chaos' attack, he found himself on the run from both the police and G.U.N., who believed him to have turned to the wrong side of the law.[36][37] While Sonic evaded his pursuers, he encountered Shadow, the one who apparently had framed Sonic, because Shadow's appearance bore some resemblance to Sonic's. Despite Sonic's best attempts to fight him, Shadow had the advantage thanks to being able to use Chaos Control with the Chaos Emerald in his possession. Hearing the approach of police and G.U.N., Shadow escaped, leaving Sonic to be apprehended. Sonic attempted to argue that he was innocent, but at the urging of Chris and being told he was being taken to Prison Island, Sonic willingly surrendered and let himself get taken into custody.[37]

While Chris, Amy, Tails and Mr. Tanaka planned a rescue attempt to free Sonic from Prison Island, Sonic relaxed in his underwater cell, looking over some of the old writing that had been left on the cell walls while pondering about Shadow. However, Eggman soon attacked Prison Island with Shadow and Rouge, providing a distraction for Amy to reach Sonic's cell and free him after dealing with a Gold Beetle that tried to intercept her. Sonic immediately busted out upon hearing that Shadow was on the island and went to confront him, but upon learning that Eggman had set explosives on the island to destroy it, Sonic was forced to cut his fight with Shadow short and escape with Tails, Amy and Tanaka before Prison Island was destroyed.[38]

Though Sonic escaped, he soon learned that Chris was probably currently with Shadow. While still being pursued by the police and G.U.N., Sonic traveled to Eggman's pyramid base to find a means to reach Space Colony ARK, aided by Tails configuring the X Tornado for space flight.[39] Once at the colony, Sonic was given a fake Chaos Emerald in the hopes of sabotaging the Eclipse Cannon with it, but Eggman used Amy as a hostage to catch him and have him and the fake emerald put into an escape pod set to explode. Sonic was able to escape using Chaos Control with the fake Emerald though, but with all seven of the real Chaos Emeralds in his possession, Eggman activated the Eclipse Cannon, only to trigger the doomsday program his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, installed as revenge against G.U.N. for the murder of his granddaughter, Maria.[40]

Sonic facing off with Shadow, from "Showdown in Space".

With the ARK now on a collision course with the Earth to destroy the planet, Sonic managed to defeat Shadow thanks to a Ring, but could not stop the ARK's plummet. Realizing that the Master Emerald could drain the Chaos Emeralds of their power and diffuse the Eclipse Cannon from its state as a mega-bomb because of the Emeralds' energy, Sonic and Knuckles, aided by Decoe and Bocoe, reached the chamber where the Emeralds were stored, only to get attacked by the Bio Lizard. Shadow, having realized the full promise he made to Maria, arrived to keep the Bio Lizard at bay, while Knuckles drained the Chaos Emeralds of their power with the Master Emerald.[41]

Refusing to let Gerald's doomsday plot be stopped, the Bio Lizard fused itself to the Eclipse Cannon, becoming the Final Lizard, and continued to drag the ARK towards the Earth. In response, Sonic and Shadow used the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow, and destroyed the Final Lizard, leaving the ARK to continue to plummet under gravity alone towards the Earth. In their attempt to stop the ARK, Sonic and Shadow used a Chaos Control strong enough to restore the ARK to a stable orbit, averting Gerald's final doomsday plot. However, Sonic returned to his friends with only one of Shadow's Limiters to show that he apparently sacrificed his life to save the Earth. As everyone prepared to leave the ARK and return home, Sonic stayed behind to offer a final goodbye to Shadow.[41]

Egg Moon Saga

Sonic talking with Vector and Charmy, from "Defective Detectives".

As things settle down following the events with the ARK, Eggman attempted to make amends for his grandfather's doomsday plot by repairing the half of the moon destroyed by the Eclipse Cannon and turning it into the Egg Moon, gaining the attention of Sonic back on Earth when he sees the new design of the Moon. Later, Sonic found his arch-enemy and his Egg Mobile resting on a cliff overlooking Station Square. As Sonic talked with Eggman, it seems as if the events with the ARK and Shadow had convinced Eggman to look into retirement from his evil ways and the Eggman Empire. Sonic was wary, but believed his arch-enemy to be honest in his intentions. However, Sonic and Eggman's talk was interrupted by someone who Sonic recognized in shock. Taking her back to the Thorndyke Mansion, Sonic arrived to find Chris and the others scuffling with Chaotix detectives Vector and Charmy, before revealing the person he brought back with him to be Cream's mother, Vanilla. As Vanilla and Cream reunited, Vanilla thanked both Sonic and Vector for their help, and Sonic soon had Vector trying to save face over his mistaken identity screw-up with thinking Sonic was a kidnapper.[42]

Later, Sonic and his friends were preparing to celebrate the New Year, when the Egg Moon mysteriously caused a solar eclipse and would not budge. Eggman claimed it was malfunctioning, but offered his Sunshine Balls as a makeshift solution to the problem until the Egg Moon was repaired. However, Sonic suspected that Eggman was up to his old tricks again, and began wrecking the Mirror Towers that provided power to the Sunshine Balls, drawing concern from his friends and G.U.N. that Sonic had gone rogue on them.[43] As Sonic continued his rampage, he soon got interrupted by Knuckles, who had been asked to stop Sonic. When the X Tornado arrived with G.U.N. via their Hot Shots and surrounded Sonic, Sonic explained how Eggman has tricked everyone because the Egg Moon could not block the Sun all the time due to how the Earth and Moon orbit each other and the Earth around the Sun, meaning Eggman was purposefully having the Egg Moon block the Sun so he could profit off his Sunshine Balls.[44]

Worse, Eggman managed to take the President and Christina Cooper hostage in the White House, but Sonic and his friends crashed the X Tornado into the White House, giving Mr. Stewart time to free the President and Christina in the confusion, allowing Sonic to send Eggman flying out of the building. With Eggman now on the run from authorities with Decoe and Bocoe, Sonic and his friends were able to set up an elaborate trap that resulted in Eggman being caught and arrested, locking him, Decoe, and Bocoe behind bars at long last.[44]

Emerl Saga

With Eggman locked up, Sonic got talked into arranging a date with Amy and also a race with Sam. However, Sonic ended up having to fight against Bokkun who used a tank at a shipping yard. While Sonic was victorious, Bokkun told Sonic that their fight was a distraction for a robot who would free Eggman from prison. When Sonic finally came across Amy and Sam, Sonic ignored the former to race with Sam.[45] Eggman later continued to cause trouble for Sonic by sabotaging the machines being produced by Thorndyke Industries, turning them into evil robots. While Sonic and his friends were able to stop the robots, it was all a trick Eggman used to busy them while Bokkun busted Eggman out of prison.[46] When Chris and Cream later went missing while looking for Eggman, Sonic went in search of them and eventually tracked them into the sewers where he found them and their friends in the clutches of Eggman. With the aid of Rouge and Cream's new friend Emerl, Sonic saved his friends, although Eggman managed to escape.[47]

Sonic saving Cream from the enraged Emerl, from "A Wild Win".

With Eggman still on the loose, the President held a tournament with a Chaos Emerald as the prize to the winner. Sonic participated, but when he reached where his opponent was Amy, before the two could exchange blows, Eggman appeared, and when he attacked Amy, Sonic chased after him, eliminating himself from the competition in the process.[48] Sonic soon had to deal with Emerl when he went berserk from the Chaos Emerald's energy, but even when teaming up with Amy, Knuckles, and Rouge, Sonic could not beat Emerl due to his ability to copy moves from individual opponents, such as Sonic's Spin Attack. After Sonic blocked an attack meant for Cream and Cheese, the enraged friends attacked Emerl in a tag-team effort, which Emerl was unable to overpower due to his copy ability being interrupted when the other member attacked him while scanning the first one, resulting in Emerl being knocked into the ocean and exploding underwater.[49]

Homebound Saga

Sonic and Knuckles after destroying the Egg Battleship, from "Map of Mayhem".

Sometime later, Sonic and his friends were tasked with pursuing Eggman again as he attempted to find the lost continent of Murasia. When they caught up to his Egg Battleship, he attempted to force Sonic to back off by revealing he had taken prisoner the crew and passengers of the G.U.N. destroyer Seahawk, including Rouge's partner Topaz. However, Sonic and his friends were able to rescue Topaz and the others and destroy the Egg Battleship.[8] They then pursued Eggman onto Murasia, and were able to prevent him from completing his master plan with it, leaving the continent to sink back into the ocean depths, while Decoe and Bocoe renounced their allegiance to Eggman and joined Sonic's side.[50]

It was soon discovered that Sonic's world and Earth were merging, which would lead to the stopping of time. The only way to save both planets was to return Sonic and his friends home. In response, Tails and Chuck created a portal back to Sonic's homeworld.[51] With a Chaos Emerald Sonic had found, and power supplied by the Eclipse Cannon, Tails was able to complete the portal on the day of their departure. After everyone but Sonic had gone through a portal though, Chris, who was unable to let go of Sonic, shut the portal down, much to everyone's surprise.[51][52] Chris then took Sonic away, with Sonic putting up no resistance.[53]

Sonic saying goodbye to Chris, from "Friends 'Til the End".

Their trip eventually led to Chris' old summer home. There, Chris told Sonic how much he would miss him and how much of a friend the hedgehog was to him. Sonic however, helped Chris through his grief, allowing him to head home with a clean conscience.[53] Using his speed, Sonic gathered the Chaos Emeralds, and, after taking Chris for one final run, returned to his home planet using Chaos Control.[53][54]

Upon returning home, Super Sonic easily destroyed Eggman's latest battleship and saved Tails. Sonic then met Amy, whom he gave a rose, and offered her some words of comfort to ease her grief over his absence.[54]

Metarex Saga

Sonic facing off against Dark Oak, from "Station Break-In".

Six months later, Super Sonic battles Dark Oak, the leader of an alien/robot race called the "Metarex" in outer space. Unable to defeat Dark Oak, he spreads the Chaos Emeralds throughout space to prevent Dark Oak from getting them for some time and falls back to the planet. He is found and nursed back to health by Dr. Eggman. A plant-like alien girl named Cosmo informs him that the Metarex are taking over the galaxy by stealing a "Planet Egg" from each planet they can find.[55] The heroes recovered the Chaos Emeralds in a space journey as well as curing every planet. As the role of the main villain has been completely taken over by the Metarex, Eggman, Rouge, and Shadow mainly sided with Sonic and the others against the Metarex threat, although there were moments when both sides fought each other, such as the first time all seven Chaos Emeralds had been retrieved, only for Super Sonic and Super Shadow to fight each other before scattering the emeralds again, forcing everyone to search for them again before the Metarex got to them first.

In the end, with the help of every hero, especially Cosmo, who sadly sacrifices herself in order for the others to be victorious, Super Sonic and Super Shadow finally destroyed Dark Oak for good, and they all returned home while every Planet Egg the Metarex captured returned to their respective planets. Though Sonic attempted to revive Cosmo, he only succeeded in producing a seed, which left Tails devastated when Sonic presented it to him. Sonic watched as Chris was escorted away back to Earth and then continued his battle against Eggman alongside his friends.[56]

Archie Comics

Early adventures

Sonic, from Sonic X #40.

Sonic competed with Sam Speed in a race to determine who's faster. At first, Sonic was losing but managed to push himself and successfully won the race. The following day, Chris' parents invited Chris, Sonic and his friends to spend the day at the Emerald Coast but Sonic turned down the opportunity and visited Angel Island to go on an adventure with Knuckles but the echidna refused. While returning back to Station Square, Sonic heard the news of a bank robbery which was caused by Dr. Eggman and his robot Ben-728 Packratbot and rushed to the scene to stop them.[57]

A week later, the President arrived to praise Sonic for stopping the robbery and then assigned the hedgehog to investigate a sunken shipwreck that government researchers suspected that an energy signature similar to a Chaos Emerald was detected there, to which Sonic accepted. Aided by Topaz and Rouge, Sonic dove underwater and found the shipwreck and the energy source. However, they were attacked by a shark and then by Eggman's Dragonbots. With Knuckles' aid, Sonic was able to destroy them. Later, Sonic and the others discovered that there was no emerald.[58]

After Sonic rescued Cheese, he, Tails and Amy went to Station Square Space Museum where Chris and his classmates were there for a special field trip. Not long, several of Eggman's humanoid robots attacked the museum. Sonic, Tails and Amy fought the robots while ensuring the safety of the school kids.[59] Suddenly, a robot prepared to attack Sonic while Sonic responded by fighting it back (not knowing that Chris was actually trapped inside it). Several robots then appeared alongside and when Sonic insisted on attacking them, Rouge arrived and warned him that their friends (Topaz, Mr. Stewart, Sam Speed, Chris and the President) were trapped inside under Eggman's control. Eventually, after Sonic's persuasion to Chris, he managed to regain his free will and aided him in rescuing the others.[60]

I Never Promised You a Chao Garden

Some time later, Sonic rescued an owl from a forest fire, receiving praise from the public and his friends for his heroic deeds. A week later, following Dr. Eggman's advertisement of promoting his new Chao, Sonic and the others were out in town when they noticed that every citizen owned a Chao. They were suspicious about how Eggman managed to get ahold of them. Back at home, Lindsey's Chao suddenly transformed in a Dark Chao and caused havoc but Sonic managed to trap it. Sonic suggested that he and the others head to Angel Island to find a solution but when they arrived at Station Square, the entire city was in chaos when the Chao all met the same transformation as Lindsey's Chao.[61] Sonic resolved to rescue the city from the Dark Chao and was eventually aided by Knuckles, Tikal and an army of her Chao. When Eggman then arrived in the Egg-Gantor, Tikal gave the Chaos Emeralds to Chaos. Sonic was concerned that Chaos would destroy the city like it did before but Tikal assured that Chaos would use it for good to fight Eggman. While Chaos fought Eggman, Sonic was given a device made by Chuck to restore the Dark Chao back to normal and returned just in time to praise Chaos for defeating Eggman.[62]

Sonic was visited by Captain Westwood who requested his aid to uncover a possible doomsday device. While Sonic refused to go, the Captain made it clear it was under the President's orders. The two arrived at the desert where Sonic began to dig to uncover the device. Soon, they uncovered an ancient robot which suddenly came to life and attacked the duo. Sonic however managed to disable it. The Captain, who was proud of Sonic's actions and convinced him to work with G.U.N. for recognition and also said that it was his idea to bring Sonic to the operation. Sonic realised that the Captain had lied earlier and returned home without him, just in time to witness that Chris' parents invited Sonic and the others to a special birthday party for Chris at Paris.[63]

Wicked Sweet Shuttle Shenanigans

Arriving at Paris, Sonic and the others celebrated Chris' birthday and in the following day, he and the others witnessed Chris' parents in a conference unveiling a new space shuttle. Suddenly, the monuments around the conference came alive as robots and assaulted everyone present. Sonic went to rescue those in trouble and then followed Eggman into a hall full of mirrors and found him.[64] Suddenly, Eggman's Scrambler crashed through the hall but was dealt with quickly by Sonic (not knowing he was assisted by Emerl). However Eggman managed to escape in the shuttle.[65]

No Thanks for the Memories

After recently seeing the Chaotix arrive at Earth, Sonic asked Vector what he intended to do on Earth and he replied that he would keep his detective agency in business. Just as Sonic and his friends parted ways with the Chaotix, the Chaotix astonishingly disappeared. Under unknown circumstances, Sonic was trapped in a virtual reality world where he embarked on a virtual adventure rescuing his friends as they aided him battle the virtual Eggman numerous times. After clearing through the final zone, Chuck and Chris managed to wake up Sonic in time to rescue his friends as they were about to get launched from Dr. Eggman's base into the Moon.[66][67]

Thrown in prison

Following Eggman's imprisonment, Sonic was incredibly bored with the lack of danger and action and began pestering his friends looking for something to do. Following Chris' advice that he hang out with Sam and the Speed Team, Sonic accompanied them when they were called to intercept some criminal street racers. Immediately afterwards, they were called to an Eggman attack but it turns out to be the same robot Sonic and Captain Westwood found some time ago. Nevertheless, Sonic fought it albeit with more strategy and managed to defeat it. Discovering who was behind the attack, he was shocked to see that Captain Westwood and Tails were responsible.[68] Then the President's officials took Sonic and Tails for questions of the incident back at the G.U.N headquarters. They were both seen guilty and were thrown into prison.[69] However, Nelson managed to convince the President to release Sonic and Tails and the duo then headed over to Chris and Cream where Sonic aided them in returning the rogue King Boom Boo to his eternal sleep by bringing the associated talisman back to its castle.[70]

Holiday madness

Just when Christmas was around the block, Chris told the gang about how Santa Claus brings gifts to all the good boys and girls around the world. Eggman dressed up like Santa Claus and told the world that he wanted Sonic for Christmas or no gifts. Luckily, Chuck Thorndyke cleared Sonic's named and exposed Eggman's plot.[71] During Valentines Day, after losing a bet to Knuckles, Sonic was forced to take Amy on a date. Though Sonic did not know what to do so he to the Chaotix Detective Agency and asked what to do on the date. During the date, Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun tried to ruin the date but failed.[72] During St. Patrick's Day, Eggman began looking for the two leprechauns that he saw (which were just a green Cheese and Bokkun). Before Eggman could destroy Sonic, Chris pointed out that leprechauns live at the end of the rainbow and saved Sonic's life.[73]

Eggman's deceit and meeting S.O.N.I.C.X.

One night, Rouge the Bat had been sited stealing a gem stone from the Station Square Museum. This led to rumors that she has turned rogue. After watching the news report on the issue, Sonic remembered back to when Shadow the Hedgehog was pretending to be him, and begins to wonder if something similar is happening to Rouge. Once the fake Rouge was discovered, Rouge quickly destroyed her duplicate but Eggman got away.[74]

Later on, Sonic met an organization that wanted to get rid of Sonic. Once they revealed themselves as S.O.N.I.C.X., Sonic mocked the organization's name, believing they were his "fan club". Sonic escaped the shadowy organization for another day.[75] Not long after, Sonic appeared with Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Chuck and Chris on television to show off their skills to Station Square. Sonic begins to brag about his skills, and tries to take the attention away from the others. After he shows off his skills, it is downloaded into Dr. Eggman's X Robot. He sends the robot after them and Sonic tries to destroy it without the others' help, but fails to do so. He eventually gives up and asks Tails, Knuckles and Amy to help him. They manage to destroy the robot and Sonic apologizes for trying to hog all of the attention.[76]

One day, a bunch of multicolored hedgehogs were causing trouble in Station Square, but it was revealed that S.O.N.I.C.X. had made the clones. In order to get rid of the clones, Sonic raced the hedgehogs to Eggman's base while destroying them. Afterwards, Sonic went to Prison Island where he faced off one more clone but was destroyed by its creators.[77]

El Gran Gordo

When Dr. Eggman disguised himself as El Gran Gordo, Sonic tried to convince Chris that he was Dr. Eggman. Chris not believing this because he believed that El Gran Gordo is a hero. Sonic challenged El Gran Gordo to a wrestling match, while being trained by Knuckles. Dr. Eggman, using his mini robots, had the advantage at the beginning, but Sonic quickly defeated him. Dr. Eggman, still in disguised, begged Sonic not to unmask him and he would stop his evil ways. Sonic, not wanting to disappoint Chris with El Gran Gordo being unmasked, accepted Dr. Eggman's offer.[78]

Soon after, Bokkun went on a sugar rampage and became an evil villain during one of El Gran Gordo's wrestling matches. Sonic came to the rescue, told earlier by Bocoe, and destroyed two robots sent along with Bokkun. Dr. Eggman unmasked himself in front of everyone to stop Bokkun. As Sonic distracted Bokkun, Dr. Eggman calculated what to do and landed on him. Bokkun quickly crashed from the sugar rush. However, Sonic soon became enemies again with Dr. Eggman and Dr. Eggman used a discarded head of the robot to fly away. Sonic grabbed the mask that Dr. Eggman was wearing and puts it over his face, asking the reader "Should I try being El Rapido Azule?", but then throws the mask away saying "I would never do that to you!".[79]

Green-eyed monster

When Dr. Eggman unleashed his three Greenbots, Sonic, Tails and Amy tried to destroy them. One of the Greenbots managed to steal a Chaos Emerald from the X-Tornado and Sonic, Tails and Amy followed them to Angel Island. Knuckles joined them, but the Greenbots proved too powerful. Gathering the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald, the Greenbots joined with Chaos to transform him into Chaosbot.[80] Dr. Eggman commanded Perfect Chaos, with a controller, to attack Station Square; leaving Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles trapped on Angel Island. Chris and Chuck arrived with the Tornado and set off to Station Square. Sonic jumped out of the plane asking Perfect Chaos to give them some help. Perfect Chaos spat out the Chaos Emeralds and Sonic transformed into Super Sonic. After an intense fight, Super Sonic grabbed Dr. Eggman's controller and destroyed it. Perfect Chaos himself again sent Dr. Eggman's Egg Mobile flying, and Super Sonic charged into Perfect Chaos, getting rid of the Greenbot-shell. Super Sonic then transformed back to Sonic and Chaos headed back to the Master Emerald.[81]

The Return of El Gran Gordo

Dr. Eggman soon dreamed of becoming a wrestler again after being challenged by Andes the Ginormous. Dr. Eggman sent Bokkun in a Dr. Eggman disguise to commit crimes, as Dr. Eggman went to fight the wrestler as El Gran Gordo. Sonic followed Bokkun on his 'crime' spree, robbing minor places. Sonic unmasked Bokkun, but did not stop him from getting away. Dr. Eggman as El Gran Gordo later appeared at the Thorndyke Mansion asking for Sonic's help.[82]

Bokkun, still in his Dr. Eggman disguise, stopped El Gran Gordo from returning to his base, and wanted Sonic's help to 'take down Eggman'. Sonic agreed as long as Dr. Eggman stopped being El Gran Gordo. Sonic was forced to disguise himself as El Rapido Azule to help Dr. Eggman stop Bokkun. Having no success invading the base (ending up with Sonic being squashed by Eggman), Sonic ran up the exterior while holding Dr. Eggman. Sonic, unable to fight in his disguise, against Bocoe and Decoe's robots, Dr. Eggman unmasked himself and stopped them from attacking. Dr. Eggman and Sonic found Bokkun in a machine, and Sonic was blasted by the machine's laser. With his disguise destroyed, Sonic attempted to take out the machine, but was unable. Sonic thus got Dr. Eggman to tell him the weakness of the machine and used an underground system to take down Bokkun.[4]

Switcheroo and Big Trouble in Little Station Square

Dr. Eggman planned to use a beam to get the mind of the President, but was stopped by Sonic. As the beam was fired, Sonic and Dr. Eggman were both caught by it and swapped minds. Sonic in Dr. Eggman's body tries to keep calm and go over what happened. Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman in Sonic's body was enjoying the relaxation, until Tails told him that Hector Dragg from S.O.N.I.C.X. had kidnapped the President. Dr. Eggman used Sonic's speed to save the President, but continued to crash into objects. Sonic, seeing the news report of Sonic and the kidnap of the President, used the Egg Mobile to save his body. Both Sonic and Eggman attempted to save the President, then Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun realized that Sonic is in Dr. Eggman's body and vice-versa. Sonic used a spare beam and fired it at Dr. Eggman; the blast crashed the car holding the President hostage. Sonic, back to himself, was thanked by the President, as Dr. Eggman is taken back by his robots.[83]

Sonic being chased by S.O.N.I.C.X., from Sonic X #38.

Vector had accidentally swallowed a chemical created by the Society for Observing and Neutralizing Inter-dimensional Creatures and Xenomorphs (S.O.N.I.C.X.) that was meant for Sonic.[84] The chemical made Vector grow exponentially and, after interrogating a scientist, Espio told Sonic that he knew of a cure. Sonic then went with him to a pharmacy while Charmy was tricked by the scientist. Espio told Sonic that it was aspirin, and that it was discovered by Greek ninjas, though Sonic doubted this. Vector later ate the aspirin and was cured.[85]

The End

On a quiet day, Sonic had a tea party with Cream. Just as Vanilla thanked Sonic for playing with her, Shadow the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic blasted into the zone right on top of the table. After Metal Sonic went in search of Dr. Eggman, Sonic showed Shadow around the town and informed him that their zone's Shadow had died. Sonic then introduced Shadow to the Chaotix Detective Agency, Chris and his friends, and Sam Speed. Shadow later left the zone with Metal Sonic before Sonic questioned if Eggman wanted to fight. He flew away, and afterwards, Sonic met his friends and told Chris that Shadow was gone. They said they would move on to the next adventure.[86]


In the 4Kids Entertainment crossover The Fight for the FoxBox, Sonic headed for Dr. Eggman's fortress where he heard that Dr. Eggman had one of the FoxBox broadcast codes. Although he was attacked by the defenses of the fortress, with the aid of his friends, Sonic managed to plow through them and confronted Eggman. Sonic managed to fool the doctor into telling Decoe the code resulting in the doctor unleashing a robot to attack Sonic. However, the robot attacked the machine in the centre of the room, initiating a blast of energy surrounding the base.

Game appearances

Sonic Snake

In Sonic Snake, Sonic appears as the playable snake of the game.

Sonic XS

In Sonic XS, Sonic must save Amy Rose, who has been kidnapped by Dr. Eggman, by fighting his way through his E-23 Missile Wrist robots to reach the top.

Shadow XS

In Shadow XS, it is mentioned that Sonic is chasing after Shadow the Hedgehog, who is escaping to his hideout after kidnapping Amy Rose.

Sonic X (Leapster)

In Sonic X (Leapster), Sonic realized that his friends were kidnapped by Dr. Eggman and went off to save them. However, Eggman told him that he would have to go through his newest math robots. Despite the complications, Sonic managed to save his friends and foil Eggman's plans.

Sonic X Bowling

In Sonic X Bowling, Sonic serves as the bowling ball for the game.


Sonic is a habitual daredevil who is kind, loyal, honest to his friends, keeps his promises, and dislikes tears. He took the young Tails under his wing like a little brother. Even though he isn't intrigued by the marital proposals from Amy Rose, he seems to share her feelings. With Knuckles, he shares a friendly rivalry, but the two can be great teammates, though Sonic simply can't resist teasing him whenever he has the chance to. Even though he meets Chris at the beginning of the series, he quickly becomes his friend and treats him like a younger brother similar to Tails. He is mostly seen napping, running towards an adventure or thwarting Dr. Eggman's attempts at world domination. In times of crisis, though, he focuses intensely on the challenge as if his personality has undergone an astonishing change.

In some instances, Sonic is shown to be an isolationist and slightly antisocial as he is the kind of person "that needs a lot of privacy," preferring to be alone either by napping, looking at the horizon, or going on an adventure alone for a few minutes or for over six months; ignoring his friends when engaging in conversation or going on an adventure themselves to a location he has been to. Also, Sonic is a nature lover, seeing as he prefers to be outdoors than indoors and take the time to smell the flowers and enjoy life.

Despite his positive attitude and strong need for privacy, Sonic displays some loneliness when he first arrived at Earth, believing that he was the only one being transported without his friends and feels sad about it for a moment.[12] Sonic has also shown himself as a bit of a trickster, as seen when he was stuck on a cruise with his friends, where he manipulated the others to return back by deceiving them that their loved ones at home were missing them.

Powers and abilities

Sonic running at full speed.

Sonic's greatest skill is his running speed with the ability to reach supersonic speeds. While his top speed is unknown, it is confirmed that he can run much more than the speed of sound and achieve speeds greater than that of a lightning bolt.[87] Having nearly limitless stamina, Sonic is able to run for an entire day without stopping.[29] He can also run backwards at full speed just as well as forwards and over water.[12][70] In line with his speed, he is a master of rapid response,[9] having astonishingly quick reflexes and capable or running on walls and buildings. Sonic's speed is so great that he has been shown to easily outrun Sam's Rocket Car.[26]

Sonic has displayed great physical strength over the course of the series, he can smash robots with his bare hands, carry two steel girders while running,[88] and was able push E-18 Guerra-Hard away when it had him pinned against a wall, albeit with a great deal of effort.[21] His legs are very powerful as well, capable of destroying a ghost-enchanted wall that Amy's Piko Piko Hammer was incapable of damaging.[25] Sonic possesses amazing durability; he has survived getting smashed through buildings, hit by missiles, and beaten to a pulp by the E-99 Eggsterminator while powered the six Chaos Emeralds. He can even survive atmospheric entry. Sonic is also extremely agile and acrobatic, capable of jumping hundreds of meters, doing acrobatic moves, and adding his speed with his jump to achieve more height in the air. Sonic also has incredible reflexes to match his speed, capable of catching a miniature missile and dodging lasers with ease.[52]

Sonic is able to draw chaos energy from the Chaos Emeralds further empower himself and even gain new abilities; with two Emeralds, he gains high-speed flight and immense strength which he used to level Eggman's fortress. Also, after seeing Shadow performing it, Sonic learned to induce Chaos Control with just one Emerald to bend time and space to his will.

Sonic's Spin Attack, from "A Cosmic Call".

Sonic's main move is the Spin Attack, which is powerful enough to break through virtually anything. When harnessing a Ring, Sonic enters "Super Spin Mode" which greatly amplifies his Spin Attack's power and turns him into a nearly unstoppable and all-piercing projectile. Also, without using his Spin Attack, Sonic is adept in hand-to-hand combat skills.


During the Metarex wars, Sonic utilized different kits for his shoes created by Christopher Thorndyke. By connecting the kits to his shoes, Sonic is able to access new abilities and bolster his skills in otherwise disadvantageous environments. He also utilized an aerial snowboard for transportation above ice and combat.[89][90]


Super Sonic

Super Sonic, from "Showdown in Space".

Main article: Super Sonic (Sonic X)

With the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can transform into Super Sonic. In this state, Sonic possesses infinite speed and strength, is capable of flight, is virtually invulnerable, and has access to Chaos Powers. He can also heal people with a touch.

Dark Sonic

Main article: Dark Sonic

In one episode, Sonic gains a dark transformation when being exposed to counterfeit Chaos Emeralds or intense anger named Dark Sonic.[91] In this state, while his strength and speed abilities are enhanced greatly, Sonic also develops a somewhat uncontrollable rage.


Sonic is unable to swim and sinks like a stone in water, which may be due to aquaphobia, although he does not show that fear very often. On some occasions, Sonic can avoid his weakness by running on water (including with his Hover Shoes) or by wearing respirators when going underwater.


Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic and Tails out on an adventure, from "Satellite Swindle".

Miles "Tails" Prower is Sonic's best friend and side-kick, sharing a brotherly-like relationship with one another. During their first meeting, Sonic saw Tails tinkering with the Tornado and was impressed with Tails' work and agreed to become friends with Tails. Throughout the course of the series, Tails has frequently helped Sonic whenever he leaves to stop Dr. Eggman, normally as the pilot of the Tornado 2 or X Tornado to escort Sonic to the situation.

Christopher Thorndyke

Sonic taking off with Chris on his back, from "A New Start".

Like Tails, Sonic and Christopher Thorndyke are close friends with each other like brothers. Sonic has been grateful to Chris ever since their first meeting where he rescued a drowning Sonic and decides to let Sonic and his friends live with him in his mansion. As their friendship grew over time, Chris began to deeply care for Sonic to the point where he doesn't want him to return to his home world.

When Sonic and his friends were finally able to return home via a dimensional portal, Chris deactivated the portal to prevent Sonic from going home and the two ventured to a faraway place.[52][53] During this trip, Sonic sees Chris in situations where he needed help but surprisingly, Chris didn't want it. Arriving at their location, Sonic expressed to Chris that he didn't mind which world he chooses to reside in. Chris finally comes into terms with his own feelings and realizes that Sonic has to go. Although Sonic understands that his friend will be lonely without him, Sonic expressed hope that one day, they will see each other again.[53]

Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic fighting with Knuckles, from "Cracking Knuckles".

Your brain's even slower than your feet!

— Sonic the Hedgehog, "Cracking Knuckles"

Although Sonic and Knuckles are close friends, they share a rivalry with each other and as a result, the two can sometimes be seen fighting over each other. Their battles can be heated as Sonic's speed parallels the extent of Knuckles' strength although their battles are always tied and/or interrupted, leaving the suspense to the question on which of the two is stronger. However, the two can be powerful teammates and aid each other, being able to take on powerful foes together.

When Knuckles fought Sonic in the episode "Cracking Knuckles," Sonic did not take much interest in seriously fighting with Knuckles and instead wanted a general conversation with a smug face at first before Knuckles moved in for the first attack. Sonic generally was reluctant to attack him while making fun of Knuckles. When Knuckles realized that Dr. Eggman intended him to fight Sonic was a result of his gullible nature, Sonic and Knuckles instead worked together and fought off his robot E-47 Pumpty and rescued Sonic's friends who were trapped inside, fixing their friendship once more.

Amy Rose

Sonic handing Amy Rose a pink rose, from "A New Start".

Sonic and Amy Rose are also close friends with each other, but Amy believes herself to be Sonic's girlfriend, much to Sonic's dismay, as her constant romantic advances make him uncomfortable and he does not enjoy Amy giving him hugs and kisses. However, there are times where Sonic seems to care for Amy a lot such as when he dived into the water to rescue Amy from drowning despite his fear of water. Sonic can also be seen giving Amy a rose at the end of Episode 52. When he offers her this gift what he says to her varies between versions: in English he says that he'd never leave her again, in Japanese what he says is muted (although in episode 69, Amy recalls what he said to her was: "Take it, Amy. I missed you a lot."), in French he plainly admits he loves her. In season three, after he gives her the rose, they seem to become increasingly closer. He often becomes protective of her and even goes along with a lot of her love schemes in hopes of keeping her happy. In one case, Sonic actually agreed to take Amy out on a date.

Sonic also has a healthy respect for Amy. Despite her being his "damsel-in-distress," he's often seen heeding her advice. In the episode "Cruise Blues," Amy lectures Sonic on bravery, telling him that it is not the absence of fear but the facing of it that makes for a brave hero. After this speech he walks away, a little taller, only to look back at Amy and faint, crawling into fetal position and giving up. She's also seen in season 3 justifying her constant partnership with Sonic on missions by saying that "behind every great man there is a great woman guiding him." Sonic shrugs but accepts her decision easily. Despite her advice often coming off as bossy he never complains, always valuing her opinions and input.

Dr. Eggman

Sonic and Eggman's rivalry, from "A Dastardly Deed".

Sonic and Dr. Eggman are arch-enemies, with Sonic always defeating Eggman and stopping his plots of world domination. Just like in the games, Sonic can be more frank or taunting towards Eggman and shows full confidence that he can spoil his plans no matter what. Sonic sometimes does not take Eggman's plans seriously and will almost always seize the opportunity to tease him.

There are moments where Eggman and Sonic had to join forces in order to stop a worse threat to the world. When Sonic, Eggman and the others discovered that Gerald Robotnik planned to have the ARK crash onto the Earth, the two worked together to prevent the collision. Eggman also sided with Sonic and his friends when they had to stop the Metarex's plans of achieving galactic domination.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic fighting Shadow, from "Sonic's Big Break".

Sonic sees Shadow the Hedgehog as another rival to him, but unlike with Knuckles, their clashes are more volatile. Every time Sonic fights Shadow, he knows that he cannot waste time joking with him or else he will quickly be defeated. Though they have their differences, both Sonic and Shadow will put their differences aside whenever they face an enemy greater than they can handle alone.

The two of them started out as enemies since Sonic was arrested by the military forces due to being mistaken as Shadow and getting severely beaten by him in their first fight. During the times they fought again, Sonic would engage him with absolute focus. However, when Shadow arrived to help them stop the Space Colony ARK from colliding with Earth, Sonic put their differences aside, and together they saved the planet. When meeting Shadow again after his supposed demise, Sonic held a better attitude about him and acknowledged his strength even when they fought opposite sides during the war with the Metarex. During their battles, Sonic would even try to persuade Shadow into leaving Eggman's side.

Dark Oak

Sonic has interacted with Dark Oak several times. Although Sonic did not give the alien much thought at the beginning, Sonic would later display a deep loathing toward Dark Oak for forcing him to scatter the Chaos Emeralds across the galaxy.[92] However, during his imprisonment in Final Mova's dreamscape, Sonic threw his anger aside and toyed with Dark Oak's minions, all while refusing the offer for a new life given to him by the Metarex.[93]

In the Japanese dub, Sonic had a final conversation with the deceased Dark Oak through a tree, where they discussed their different ideologies. Afterwards, Sonic replied, "Good night, have sweet dreams," before running away, making Dark Oak chuckle faintly.[94]





"The S-Team eh? The "S" must stand for "slow motion"!"
—Sonic the Hedgehog, "Chaos Control Freaks"
"Kids, don't use formula one race cars to chase hedgehogs!"
—Sonic the Hedgehog, "Chaos Control Freaks"
"Oh! What a great view!"
—After running up a tree in the Japanese version of "Cracking Knuckles"
"So, are you up for a race, eh?"
—Sonic the Hedgehog, "The Dam Scam"
"Good job, our captain!"
—To comfort Tails when he thought he wasn't a good captain
"Don't you worry, Amy, I never will!"
—Sonic telling Amy that he would never leave her again, "A New Start"
"If I don't get to the city fast, there won't be anything left to save!"
—Sonic realizing that Chaos is going on a destructive rampage


  • It has been said that Sonic never cries, nor can he stand seeing someone cry, yet in the second season finale, "A New Start," as Sonic is carrying Chris, tears are seen emitting from his face and onto Chris' eye.
  • Sonic is shown to have three missing quills on his head as compared to the games. When he turns into Super Sonic, he has five quills.
    • However, in the opening of the game Sonic Riders, Sonic is shown to have three missing quills on his head, although not in gameplay.
  • Sometimes when Sonic runs, his feet tend to move in a 3D circular motion.
  • In the Japanese version, Sonic uses the most English dialogue out of all characters.
  • Both Sonic and Chris appeared in the most episodes of Sonic X (76).
  • In some episodes, Sonic can be seen using the Spin Attack without the air aura, making it look dark blue and identical to the Spin Dash from the games.
  • Most of Sonic's sprites in Sonic X (Leapster) are taken from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, making him shorter and chubbier along with giving him black eyes.

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  1. The world where Sonic comes from is not named in the anime and comics. The comics state, though, that Sonic and his friends traveled across dimensions on a parallel planet, Earth.


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