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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Gotta juice!

— Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (born 3219) is the titular protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog endowed with super speed, the leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters,[6] and the arch-enemy of Dr. Robotnik.


Sonic is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog with peach skin on his muzzle, belly and arms. He also has black eyes, a black nose, and a thin line consisting of three quills that run from the top of his forehead and down the back of his head. For attire, He wears white gloves and red shoes with white straps and white cuffs. Sometimes, he also wears a watch on his wrist or a brown backpack on his back.


TV series


Young Sonic and Sally, from "Blast to the Past, Part 1".

Sonic was born in 3219, and was raised by his uncle, Sir Charles Hedgehog, whom he affectionally called "Uncle Chuck". During his childhood, he made friends with Sally, the princess of Mobotropolis, spending most of her time with her. In 3224 however, Dr. Robotnik made a coup and seized power over Mobotropolis, transforming the city into Robotropolis. While most of the population got turned into Worker-Bots by Dr. Robotnik's Roboticizer, Sonic and several other children managed to escape to Knothole Village with the aid of Rosie.[1][7] In time, Sonic and the other children would come together to form the Knothole Freedom Fighters, a group of Freedom Fighters determined to end Robotnik's dictatorship and restore peace to Mobius.

At the age of ten, Sonic was already doing his first solo missions, although without permission.[8] As the years passed, Robotnik's reign remained unbroken, but Sonic managed to make himself the foremost enemy of Robotnik, whom he would keep opposing well into his teenage years.

Season one

Sonic caught by Dr. Robotnik, from "Heads or Tails".

While out in the Great Forest with Rotor, Sonic would practice playing the guitar to impress Sally. While there, he also saved Tails when he came under attack by a Buzz-Bomber. When a Surveillance Orb later came over to check on Sonic, Sonic told Robotnik, who was watching through the Surveillance Orb, that his days were numbered. Then, along with Rotor and Tails, he returned to Knothole Village, where Sally was preparing catapults. However, she needed additional parts, so Sonic went to Robotropolis to get the parts Sally needed, picking up Tails along the way. Within Robotropolis, Sonic and Tails managed to escape from a Swat-Bot patrol and get the parts they needed, only for them to stumbled upon Muttski: Sonic's roboticized dog. Confronting Muttski in an effort to get him back, Sonic managed to assume control over Muttski, but only for a moment. Once Muttski began to attack him again, Sonic had no choice but to run away with Tails. When Swat-Bots then began chasing him, Sonic retreated into air duct leading past Robotnik's war room. There, Sonic overheard Robotnik's plan to disclose the location of Knothole Village by destroying the Great Forest with chemicals that his Buzz-Bombers would deploy. Due to a mishap committed by Tails however, Sonic and Tails slipped into Robotnik's war room and were captured. Fortunately, Sonic managed to escape with Tails, and when they got cornered by Robotnik and his forces, Sonic used the power of a Power Ring to escape with Tails and return to Knothole. There, Sonic warned everyone about the Robotnik's attack. Fortunately, Sally had prepared the catapults, which were ready to be loaded with water balloons for short-circuiting the Buzz-Bombers. Once the Buzz-Bombers arrived, Sonic helped launch the Freedom Fighters' attack on the Buzz Bombers. He also managed to destroy Robotnik's Hedgehog Missile, which had designed by Robotnik in case Sonic interfered. After the Buzz-Bombers were forced into retreat and the threat of the chemicals they carried were neutralized, Sonic and Sally returned to Knothole together.[5]

Some time after, Sonic, Antoine, and Cat met with Sally in one of the hangars in Robotropolis. There, while trying to sabotage Robotnik's Stealthbots, Sonic helped Sally get a message from her father. When Antoine later accidentally revealed their intrusion, Sonic got the Swat-Bots' attention, giving his friends the chance to escape. During the evacuation, however, Cat got captured and Sonic decided to get him back. Meanwhile, Sally and Antoine went to the Dark Swamp to find the source of the message from the King. Sonic eventually managed to break into facility holding Cat. There, however, Cat warned him that Dr. Robotnik was tracking Sally. In order to save Sally, Sonic had no choice to leave Cat and go find Sally. However, he promised Cat that he would come back for him. While Sonic ran through the Dark Swamp however, a Stealthbot managed to track him down. Sonic, however, managed to lure the Stealthbot into a trap with a tree trunk that destroyed it. By then following Sally and Antoine's trails, Sonic arrived at Ironlock Prison, where he caught up with his friends. Inside the prison, Sonic helped Sally get her father's message from an old computer, only for a trapdoor to open beneath them a moment later. The heroes subsequently landed in the sewers where a monster attacked them. Sonic, however, managed to defeat the monster thanks to the power of a Power Ring, and it turned out that the monster was just a robot. Following then the map of the sewers that Sally got from the message from her father, Sonic, Sally, and Antoine found their way back to the Stealthbot hangar, where they managed to reprogram the robots. Sonic then then left to get Cat, but found his cell empty when he arrived. With Cat gone, Sonic withdrew from Robotropolis, and when Robotnik sent his Stealthbots after them, they were destroyed. Sonic then pulled out a Surveillance Orb and told Robotnik that his Stealthbots' destruction was payback for Cat.[9]

Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie later carried out an attack on a Swat-Bot factory in Robotropolis. Sonic's assignment was to plan explosives around the factory, which he performed swimmingly until the Robotnik's robots came after him. However, he eventually managed to escape using the power of a Power Ring. After returning to Knothole however, Sonic realized that Sally had gone missing. After waiting impatiently for the next Power Ring to emerge from the Lake of Rings, Sonic ran to the rescue. Returning to Robotropolis, Sonic managed to get Sally out of prison and bring her back to Knothole. However, Sonic later learned that the Swat-Bot factory was still operational, meaning that they had to try and destroy it again. When they prepared to take off the next day however, Tails warned Sonic that Sally might be a robot. Sonic, however, did not believe him. Later, Sonic, Rotor, Bunnie and Sally snuck into Robotropolis, and despite their initial successes, they soon found themselves harassed by constant patrols, as if Robotnik knew their every move. Soon after, Sonic discovered that the Sally that was with them was actually a Sallybot, a robot agent for Robotnik disguised as Sally. After Sallybot ran away, Sonic ran in pursuit of her, only to get immobilized by a puddle of Mega Muck. Fortunately, Sonic's friends came to save him, and Bunnie released him from the Mega Muck. Sonic then followed Sallybot and managed to overheat her circuits, shutting her down. The heroes then interrogated the robot and found out that the real Sally was to be roboticized soon. After Rotor reprogrammed Sallybot, Sonic snuck into Robotnik's headquarters and freed Sally, while having Sallybot take her place in the Roboticizer. Afterward, Sonic and his friends, who managed to destroy the Swat-Bot factory in Sonic's absence, returned to Knothole, where Sonic received a kiss from Sally.[2]

Sonic meets his roboticized Uncle Chuck.

Soon after, Sonic and Sally attempted to sabotage the Roboticizer, but Snively detected them when they were rummaging through the air ducts. Making their escape, Sonic and Sally left to meet up with Rotor, Antoine and Bunnie. While escaping from their pursuers, Sonic and Sally withdrew to an underground train station with a train that took its passengers to the Crystal Mine. There, Sonic saw his roboticized Uncle Chuck board the train. Wanting to save Chuck, Sonic headed for the Crystal Mine with his friends after meeting up with them. At the entrance to the Crystal Mine, Sonic approached Chuck, who began to attack him. Regardless, Sonic managed to take him to the rest of his friends with Bunnie's aid. Using then a Power Ring, the heroes managed to return Chuck to his senses. Upon regaining his mind however, Chuck took the heroes into the Crystal Mine and showed them a massive Energy Crystal, which Robotnik's forces were intended to extract. If that much Energy Crystal was removed, then Mobius' ecosystem would be destroyed. Taking action, Sonic, Bunnie, and Chuck took control of a Dinobot, which they planned to use to destroy the ropes pulling the Energy Crystal out of the mine, while Sally and the others handled the control room. Although the Swat-Bots tried to stop Sonic's team, the heroes eventually destroyed the ropes, which made the crystal fall back into the mine and get shattered. Having accomplished their mission, Sonic and his friends planned to get out of the Crystal Mine by train. However, along the way, the Power Ring used to restore Chuck's mind wore off, causing Chuck to turn back into an aggressive robot. Although Sonic did not want to leave him, his friends forced him to do so in order to escape Robotnik's forces. On the train ride however, Sonic promised that he would come back for his uncle.[3]

The Knothole Freedom Fighters (not including Sonic) later built the Freedom Stormer, an airplane which they intended to cross the Great Mountains in and reach the ruins of Maga in order to retrieve the Secret Scrolls. Sonic, however, decided to run there on his own. Upon arriving there, he helped the Freedom Stormer land. Sonic and his friends soon after discovered that there were many mysteries among the ruins of Maga. Upon encountering a hedge in particular, Sonic used his Super Spin to dig through the hedge, which ensured that the rest of his team could get through. After clearing many more different traps and obstacles, Sonic and co. eventually found and obtained the Secret Scrolls. Soon after, however, Robotnik and Snively arrived with several Swat-Bots in order to take away the scrolls. Taking in upon himself to distract Robotnik and his lackeys where his friends got away, Sonic engaged his foes before starting to run away. When he later rejoined friends, Sonic revealed to them that he was being followed by a Surveillance Orb. In order to help Sonic, the heroes suggested that he used the Breath of Mobius, an ancient and powerful wind tunnel mentioned in the Secret Scrolls that lay somewhere in the ruins. Sonic thus ran to this tunnel and took refuge inside it in-between the gusts of wind it blew out. When Robotnik and his forces then arrived at the wind tunnel, the Breath of Mobius released a gust of wind that blew them off a cliff. Sonic, however, managed to stay in the tunnel thanks to the power of a Power Ring. Afterward, Sonic joined his friends on the way back home in the Freedom Stormer.[10]

When Nicole began to malfunction, Sonic helped Sally get some spare parts in Robotropolis. Afterward, Sonic learned about the existence of the Forbidden Zone, where the wizard Lazaar rested. After hearing that Lazaar had a computer filled with spells that could come in handy, Sonic decided to go to the Forbidden Zone and get that computer despite Sally's warnings. Eventually, Sonic found Lazaar's fortress in the Forbidden Zone, but there were various traps and obstacles waiting for him inside it, including Lazaar's Guardian. Sonic, however, managed to avoid all the threats, but when he reached Lazaar's resting place, the wizard suspected him of stealing his computer, which was already gone. Lazaar then imprisoned Sonic in a bubble. After learning that Robotnik had the computer though, Sonic convinced Lazaaar to le him go so that he could get his computer back. However, as an insurance that Sonic would keep his word, Lazaar took Sonic's speed away. Despite having lost his greatest strength, Sonic managed to sneak into Robotnik's headquarters. After arriving there however, hr was attacked by Sally and Bunnie, whom Robotnik had hypnotized with Lazaar's computer. Regardless, Sonic managed to break free and recover the computer. He then used his smarts to free Sally and Bunnie from Robotnik's spell, and together with his friends, he fled from Robotnik's headquarters. Returning to the Forbidden Zone, Sonic gave Lazaar his computer back and regained his speed. Sonic then offered Lazaar to join the Freedom Fighters, but Lazaar insisted on staying and keeping watch over his computer in order to ensure no one evil would come out of it. Sonic thus bid Lazaar goodbye, who vanished shortly afterwards, before returning to Knothole with his friends.[11]

Sonic racing Robotnik's robot.

Sonic, Sally and Bunnie later attacked the Robotropolis power generator. While they managed to destroy it, Robotnik revealed that he had a backup generator. Sonic later participated in a race organized by Dr. Robotnik in order to distract Robotnik while his friends destroyed his backup generator. During the race, Sonic encountered various traps designed for him, including a very fast robot cheetah. Regardless, Sonic managed to avoid being fried by a laser grind and being pulled into a pool by a mechanical arm. He also survived falling from great heights when the robot cheetah threw him into the sky. Near the end of the race, Sonic was about to overtake the robot cheetah, but then he noticed a signal that indicated that Antoine was in trouble at the backup generator. Not willing to risk his friends' lives, Sonic abandoned the race and came to his friends' aid at the backup generator, which Sonic managed to short-circuit by inserting a Power Ring into its gears. Sonic, Antoine, Sally and Bunnie then escaped safely from Robotropolis. Although Sonic did not win the race, he took solace in knowing that Robotnik had lost his spare generator.[12]

A while afterward, Sonic destroyed the Shredder when it began cutting down the Great Forest. The following evening, Sonic was praised by everyone for his heroism, and he even received a kiss from Sally. However, Sonic would later learn that Antoine had stolen a Power Ring for an attempt to capture Robotnik and impress Sally. Although Sonic did not like having to save Antoine, Sonic nevertheless ran to the rescue. However, Robotnik had prepared a Sonic Radar powered by the Power Ring he stole from Antoine. Every time Sonic ran, the radar would lock onto him and fire a laser at him with deadly accuracy. Eventually though, Sonic managed to fake his death by leaving a torn glove on the ground. With Robotnik now believing him to have been liquidated, Sonic snuck into Robotropolis. On the way to Robotnik's headquarters however, Sonic noticed that a new Shredder was being deployed. Inside the city, Sonic managed to save Antoine from roboticization. He then ran off to stop Robotnik's Shredder, with Antoine accompanying him on the trip. Although the two managed to destroy the Shredder by tricking the Sonic Radar into firing at the robot, Sonic and Antoine were soon surrounded by Swat-Bots. Antoine, however, managed to fish the Power Ring out of the Sonic Radar and give it to Sonic, who used it to escape Robotnik and his Swat-Bots with Antoine. Sonic and Antoine returned afterward to Knothole, where Sonic would listen to Antoine's bragging for a while, much to his own dismay.[13]

When Sonic and co. found a rocket booster that crashed near Knotholk, Sally discovered that Robotnik had sent his Sky Spy into space - a space station equipped with numerous sensors that could uncover the location of Knothole. Robotnik had already sent a Stealthbot for preliminary spying, but Sonic and Rotor stopped it by frying it with electrical energy waves, causing it to crash. Sonic and Rotor then flew into space to stop the Sky Spy in a rocket made from the fallen rocket booster. After making it onboard the Sky Spy however, the space station's Surveillance Bot detected them, thus alerting the Sky Spy crew to the heroes' intrusion. Sonic and Rotor subsequently fled from the Surveillance Bot, only to get caught in the tentacles of another robot. Fortunately, Sonic broke free from the tentacles and tied the robot up with its own tentacles before rescuing Rotor. Later, Sonic went undercover, disguise as a robot, in order to infiltrate the Sky Spy's canteen, which was where the other crew members stayed, in order to get information. There, Sonic showed off his guitar playing, which the robots found horrible. Regardless, Sonic managed to get information from them about the location of the main spy sensors before he was exposed. As the robots surrounded him however, Sonic escaped and took Rotor to a safe place. Then, together with Rotor, they overpowered one of the guards and destroyed the spy sensors, causing the whole Sky Spy to start falling apart. Fortunately, by using a Hover Unit onboard the Sky Spy, Sonic and Rotor managed to return to the Great Forest. However, Sally had noticed that the Sky Spy was now unstable and that it could fall any minute now and cause serious damage. Sonic and Rotor thus used Rotor's Super Magnet to pull the Sky Spy into the wastes. After returning to Knothole, Rotor constructed a machine for Sonic to style his quills. However, something went wrong, and Sonic ended up with a mohawk.[14]

One night, Sonic had a nightmare about Sally getting roboticized, and he was powerless to stop it. The next day, Sonic learned that Robotnik was planning to create toxic rain by poisoning the atmosphere of the planet with his Cloud Burster. As the Freedom Fighters set out to stop Robotnik, Sonic himself was sent to the Island of Nimbus, where Robotnik planned to pick up the chemicals for his plan, to see if there were any civilians there that needed to be evacuated. Sonic found nobody there, however, and returned home, only to discover that none of his friends were there. After investigating the trail of the convoy carrying the Cloud Burster, Sonic realized his friends had been kidnapped while trying to stop the Cloud Burster. Sonic thus ran back to Island of Nimbus, where he managed to escape from a homing fireball that Robotnik sent after him. Making then his way through Swat-Bots. Sonic found his friends trapped in a cage. Sonic wanted to release them, but by then, the Cloud Burster began spreading its chemicals. Sonic then began remembering his nightmare, but he managed to snap out of it with the help of Sally. Coming up with a plan after that, Sonic dug underground and found an old oil-pumping machine, which he got going with his speed. This led to the launch of a stream of oil from a chimney into the Cloud Burster, which got flooded with oil and crashed. Afterward, with the aid of Sally, Antoine, and Bunnie, Sonic freed his friends from their cage using a Power Ring. Sonic then took his friends off the Island of Nimbus, which subsequently sank into the river.[15]

Sonic, Sally, and Antoine later sabotaged the traffic control center in Robotropolis. However, Swat-Bots ended up surrounding them during their escape. However, they were saved by Griff, who showed them the passage to the underground city of Lower Mobius. While spending their time there, Sonic tried to eat the local chili dogs. However, he had to put that on hold because Griff needed help with a Ratbot attack. Finding the Ratbots, Sonic started to fight them and managed to trick them into defeating themselves. However, when the biggest Ratbot arrived, the gang tried to get away. However, Griff could not start his Hover Sled, so Sonic pushed it back to Lower Mobius himself by using a Power Ring to empower himself. Once they were safe, Griff showed how impressed he was at the Power Ring's capabilities. Afterward, Sonic tried again to eat his chili dogs, only for Antoine to interrupt him, who revealed that Griff was making a move on Sally. Sonic and Antoine thus tried separately to earn Sally's interest, but Sally found their efforts ridiculous and offensive to Griff after everything he had done for them. The next day, Griff went with the heroes to the Great Forest. However, when Griff's Hover Sled seemingly broke down when he tried to return home, Sally suggested that he could spend the night in Knothole, which Sonic did not like. Later at night, Sonic teased Sally about what Griff had that he had not. Suddenly though, Antoine informed them that there was something wrong with the Lake of Rings. As such, Sonic dived in the lake and discovered that the lake's Power Rock was gone. The group then discovered that Griff had stolen the Power Rock since both Griff and his Hover Sled had disappeared. Sonic thus ran back to Lower Mobius, where he helped the residents and Griff defeat the Ratbots who had managed to sneak into the city. Learning that Griff stole the Power Rock so that his city could have a power source to replace the aging one that made it possible for them to live underground, Sonic recovered the Power Rock, but broke a fragment of it off and gave to Griff, thus allowing his city to keep cruising for a while longer.[16]

Sonic captured by the Kraken.

Later, Sonic was practicing playing the guitar while fishing in the Great River. When he caught a fish however, Sonic got pulled into the Great River by the fish, much to Sonic's surprise. After returning to Knothole, Sonic knocked some green water from the Great River out of his ears. Sonic and co. immediately after discovered that the green water had special properties that made plants grew rapidly. Needing help to get the plants they were planting growing, Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Rotor sailed down the Great River in order to get more green water. During the cruise however, the group got sucked into a contaminated, underground lake by a whirlpool. There, while Sonic and Rotor diverted garbage that was about to collide with their damaged boat, Antoine disappeared. The heroes sailed on however, hoping to find him. Along the way, they came across increasingly polluted water and a waterfall. Fortunately, Sonic managed to push their boat away from the waterfall and into a branching river. There, however, their boat began to sink into boiling water, but Sonic, Sally and Rotor managed to get up on dry land by using the vines hanging from the ceiling. Soon after, they came across underground flowers that wanted to bite them. While Sonic managed to tie them up, Sally disappeared while he and Rotor were distracted. Sonic subsequently went further into the caves with Rotor. Eventually, they found a cave with a throne. There, Sonic got kidnapped by the Kraken, and Sonic ordered Rotor to flee. After Rotor got away, the Kraken suspected Sonic of contaminating and destroying his kingdom, after which he imprisoned Sonic together with Sally and Antoine in a pool that they slowly began sinking into. Fortunately, Rotor arrived and helped Sonic by pulling a Power Ring out from Sonic's backpack. With the Power Ring's power, Sonic saved himself and Sally, while Rotor pulled out Antoine. The heroes then met the Kraken again and began to explain to him that the one behind the pollution of his underground kingdom could be no one else by Dr. Robotnik. Immediately after, the Kraken got bound by Snake Probes. Decided to examine them, Sonic ran up to the surface through one of the tunnels made by the Snake Probes. There, he discovered Robotnik's drilling platform, which he sabotaged by pressing all the buttons in the control room at once. After the platform was destroyed, Sonic returned underground. There Rotor purified the contaminated underground water with some of the green water, and in return for his help, the Kraken gave Sonic a back filled with life-giving water. Returning to Knothole, the heroes began using the Kraken's gift on their crops, with the results exceeding their expectations.[17]

Later, Sonic helped Rotor and Sally work on Bunnie's leg-ladders. Soon after, Tails brought Baby T, a small Terapod, into Knothole. When a herd of Terapods then began to run past Knothole however, Baby T broke free to join them. Tails tried to run after him, but fell in front of the stampeding Terapods. Fortunately, Sonic saved Tails from getting trampled. Soon after, Sally warned Sonic that the Terapods, who were on their annual migration, were migrating in the wrong direction. Sonic thus rushed to the front of the Terapod herd and directed them into a small valley where they calmed down. Sally then found Momma T and tried translating her speech with an invention of hers. Sonic, Sally, Rotor, Bunnie and Tails decided afterward to accompany the Terapods to make sure they reached their destination: Boulder Bay. Upon reaching the Great Jungle however, the group noticed some Stealthbots and Robotnik's hovercraft approaching. Having no choice, Sonic and his team fled into the Great Jungle with the Terapods. There they encountered a Scorch Plant, a plant capable of eating metal. When Sonic began considering to use these plants against Robotnik, he was suddenly caught by a wild vine that pulled him over a muddy pool. Momma T saved him, however, by pushing the trunk of a tree into the pool and allowing Sonic to get solid footing for him to run back on dry land with. During their subsequent wanderings, the heroes were attacked by Stealthbots. Sonic and his friends thus fled on the back of Momma T and Baby T, but Robotnik managed to trap them within an energy field. When Momma T tried to break through the force-field, Sonic fell off Momma T and lost consciousness upon hitting a tree. Rotor and Tails woke him up though, and Sonic set off to save Momma T when Robotnik caught her in his hovercraft's cage. Jumping onto the cage, Sonic began to detach it from Robotnik's hovercraft. Along the way, he received help from Bunnie. After Momma T was released, Sonic used a Power Ring-enhanced Super Spin to break through Robotnik's force-field, allowing him and his friends to escape. The heroes then fled to the river, where Momma T gave them the idea to use the Scorch Plants against Robotnik. When Robotnik and his Stealthbots later found Sonic, Sonic lured them into a field full of Scorch Plant. As such, the Stealthbots were destroyed, and Robotnik lost track of the heroes. With Robotnik dealt with, Sonic and his friends escorted the herd of the Terapods to Boulder Bay and it turned out that the Terapods were going in the right direction all along.[18]

Season two

While helping Sally recover parts for the new De-Roboticizer from a wrecked Hover Unit, Sonic saved Sally when Antoine almost crushed her with the remains of the Hover Unit by accident. Immediately after, the Knothole Freedom Fighters notice Swat-bots chasing a ram named Ari. At the request of Sally, Sonic lured the Swat-Bots over to her. There, the robots were destroyed by a magnetic field generator that the heroes found during their search. At night, Ari explained that he was a member of one of the Freedom Fighter groups. Sally did not trust him because she had never heard of other Freedom Fighters before, but Sonic decided to trust Ari and help him free his Freedom Fighters, who had been captured by Dr. Robotnik. The next day, Ari showed Sonic the fortress where Robotnik had imprison his Freedom Fighters. Thanks to special goggles provided by Ari, Sonic avoided the sinkholes that protected the fortress. Soon after however, Sonic got attacked by a toothed robot, but he managed to bury it in the ground by luring it into one of the sinkholes. Sonic then entered the fortress with Ari, only to see the exit door close behind him just as Sally and Dulcy arrived. Afterward, Ari and Sonic reached the room where Ari's Freedom Fighters were being held. When Sonic tried to release them however, Sonic discovered that the prisoners were nothing but holograms. Ari then trapped Sonic in the room, which turned out to be a big pinball table. Appearing then on a nearby monitor, Robotnik introduced Sonic to the rules of the game: if he hit his bumpers on the table, he would score points for himself and a portal into the Void would close. However, the opposite would happen if the hedgehog hit the Robotnik's bumpers. During the game, Robotnik tried to bounce Sonic around with flippers, send Swat-Bots after Sonic, and even freeze Sonic. Sonic, however, resisted every attempt. Eventually, Sonic tried to use a Power Ring to save himself, but Robotnik made him drop the Power Ring by hitting him with a flipper. Fortunately, Ari came and helped Sonic with a magnet. Thanks to this, Sonic could harness the Power Ring properly and destroy the whole pinball table. In response, Robotnik set the portal to the Void to start sucking everything in before self-destructing. while trying to escaping the pull into the Void, Sonic tried to save Ari, but he failed. Before Ari was drawn into the Void, however, he mentioned the King's list to Sonic, which included a list of all the Freedom Fighter groups. Sonic then got out of the fortress, which was destroyed by the self-destructing portal. Back in Knothole, Sonic would discuss the King's list with Sally.[19]

Sonic reunited with his uncle Chuck.

While returning from Robotropolis with Sally some time after, Sonic saw Uncle Chuck. While Sonic tried to walk up to him, Robotnik's Shriek-Bot spotted him and began firing at him. Sonic thus took Sally and started to run away with her. When Shriek-Bot caught up with them, Sally gave Sonic a Power Ring, which Sonic used to escape from Robotropolis with Sally. After returning to Knothole, the De-Roboticizer was tested on Bunnie. When it seemingly restored Bunnie to normalcy, Sonic decided to use it on Chuck. While waiting for a new Power Ring to emerge however, Sally warned Sonic that they had to wait and see if the De-Roboticizer's effects were permanent. Sonic, however, did not listen to her. He subsequently crept into Robotropolis at night and snuck a Power Ring into Chuck's tools. When Chuck grabbed the Ring, he regained his consciousness and free will, thus allowing Sonic to take him to Knothole. There, the heroes tried to use the De-Roboticizer on Chuck, but it burned out, and Chuck soon turned aggressive again. While the heroes locked Chuck in a cage, Sonic found out that the only source of spare parts for the De-Roboticizer was the original Roboticizer. Regardless, Sonic went to Robotropolis and let himself get arrested so that Swat-bots would take him to Robotnik. Once before Robotnik, Sonic broke free from the Swat-Bots before throwing Robotnik into his chair and spinning it around. Taking advantage of the situation, Sonic stole the parts he needed from the Roboticizer and returned to Knothole. Chuck was then turned back to normal, and Sonic was happy about his return. He also learned from Chuck that Worker-Bots know what is happening around them, but they cannot do anything about it. However, it soon turned out that the De-Roboticizer's effects ceased to work after some time. As such, both Bunnie and Chuck returned to being robotic, with the latter kidnapping Antoine and Tails afterward. Sonic thus apologized to Sally for his impatience, who hugged him in return. Then, after getting a new Power Ring from the Lake of Rings, Sonic began tracking Chuck. However, he got caught in some Mega Muck Chuck had made, and Chuck escaped with Tails and Antoine. Fortunately, Sonic was saved by Sally, Dulcy and Bunnie. After they pulled Sonic out of Mega Muck, he used his Power Ring and began running to Robotropolis. There, he managed to find Chuck and convince him to fight Robotnik. Eventually, Chuck returned to his senses, although his body was still mechanical. Sonic offered him to return to Knothole, but Chuck decided to stay as a spy. When Swat-bots then began arriving, Sonic pretended that Chuck had caught him. After Robotnik sent the Shriek-Bot after him however, Sonic broke free and began to run away. While the machine was chasing him, Sonic ran in-between two narrow buildings, leaving the Shriek-Bot to get destroyed when it tried to follow Sonic in between the buildings. After returning to Knothole, Sonic felt sad over how Chuck was now living, but Sally consoled him by telling him that Chuck was on their side now.[4]

Later, Sonic went to Robotropolis to get a message that Chuck had left the Freedom Fighters. Sonic, however, could not resist getting a chili dog. It was not until Sally admonished him that Sonic went and got the message as planned. After hearing the message's contents, Sonic went after a second chili dog. Upon getting it however, he noticed a group of Freedom Fighters being led to the Roboticizer. While Sonic managed to save the Freedom Fighters, he got hit by a Memory Scrambler by a Tech-Bot and lost his memory. Snively later found Sonic, who convinced Sonic that he was his friend and a double-agent serving him. After telling Sonic that he had infiltrated the Freedom Fighters on his behalf, Snively ordered Sonic to find Knothole for him. Running into the Great Forest, Sonic eventually found Tails and tricked him into leading him to Knothole by having a race with him. Although Sonic lost the race, he now knew of the location of Knothole. Tails, however, did notice Sonic's strange behavior, especially when Sonic could not recall which hut belonged to him. Once he was alone, Sonic contacted Snively, who ordered him to gather all the inhabitants in one place. When Sonic began looking for them however, he could not find anyone. Once Snively arrived, he had Sonic search for Sally while he captured most of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Upon finding Sally, Tails and Chuck however, the heroes managed to restore Sonic's memory with a Power Ring. Sonic thus caught up to Snively and used his Memory Scrambler on him. Then, together with Sally and Chuck, Sonic went to Robotropolis, where he told Snively that Robotnik was his enemy. Then, after Sally and Chuck changed Knothole's coordinates in the database, Sonic escaped with his friends just before Robotnik returned.[20]

Sonic with his younger counterpart.

Sonic and Sally later carried out a subversive mission in Robotropolis, but lost two of their people in the process. After returning to Knothole, Sonic suggested that they should have defeated Robotnik before he rose to power. Upon hearing this, Dulcy mentioned the Time Stones, artifacts that allow their wielders to travel through time, which rested on the Floating Island. Despite Sally's doubts about the possibility of time travel, she and Sonic decided to undertake this expedition. Dulcy subsequently took Sonic and Sally to the Floating Island. Just before entering the island's palace though, the stone Gargoyles on the island came to life and attacked them. Sonic, however, lured them over the edge of the Floating Island by jumping off the island, causing the Gargoyles to disappear. Sonic then called upon Dulcy, who flew them back to the Floating Island. After entering the palace, Sonic and Sally overcame a maze full of stairs and found a strange door. Upon trying to open the door however, Sonic and Sally got sucked into a whirlpool which deposited them in a spacious room. There, they met the Keeper of the Time Stones, who gave them a riddle to solve. Once Sally solved it, the heroes received the Time Stones, along with the instructions to think simultaneously about the time and place they would like to go back to. Sally gave Sonic the exact date to think about, but while thinking, Sonic accidentally thought about chili dogs. Immediately after, the Time Stones took them to Mobotropolis, where Peace-Bots greeted them. Sonic and Sally then went out into the streets, where they saw their younger counterparts visit the local chili dog hut. Soon after, Sonic and Sally went to see Uncle Chuck, and revealed to him that Robotnik was planning to take over the city. They also learned that Robotnik had stolen the Roboticizer's plans from Chuck. Sonic later met his younger counterpart, whom he introduced himself to as "Juice". After some childish banter, the two of them decided to have a race. Along the way, however, the Sonics stumbled upon a convoy of Robotnik's forces that roamed the city. Worried, Sonic returned to Sally and Chuck. They then discovered that they had arrived at the day of Robotnik's coup and not a week before that as intended. After waiting for Chuck to bring in Rosie and tell to bring the children to Knothole in case anything bad would happen, Sonic and Sally had an audience with the King, who recognized Sally as his daughter. However, it was too late: Robotnik's forces had already surrounded the palace and all those gathered in the throne room. Robotnik then revealed himself to the heroes and announced that he was taking over Mobotropolis, which would become Robotropolis from today. Meanwhile, young Sonic got curious and left to check out what was happening at the palace, regardless of the warnings, with the other younger Knothole Freedom Fighters. However they were all caught by Swat-Bots and put in jail.[1]

Despite being surrounded, Sonic and Sally managed to escape from the palace when Chuck distracted the Swat-Bots. They then went to check on the children, but they could not find them. Shortly thereafter, they were arrested by Swat-Bots and thrown in jail. Along the way, they met their younger counterparts, whom they had to save from roboticization. With the help of Nicole and Sally though, Sonic dug through the cell and into an air duct. They then stopped young Bunnie's roboticization by damaging the Roboticizer so that it would take two hours for it to become operational again. Afterwards, they broke into Robotnik's computer and downloaded the Roboticizer's plans. However, they also learned that the Destroyer was heading for the Great Forest. This event had never taken place in the original timeline and could mean that Knothole as they know it would never exist. Sonic and Sally thus had to stop two events from happening: the children's roboticization and the Destroyer. Having time before the Roboticizer came back online, Sonic and Sally decided to stop Destroyer first. Snively tried to stop them, but Sonic and Sally escaped him, ripping off his hair in the process. Along the way, Sonic saved Sabina when several Hover Units attacked her. They then followed Destroyer. To get to the ship, Sally pulled out a Power Ring for Sonic. Thanks to its power, Sonic was able to launch himself and Sally from a tree trunk like a cannon ball and allow themselves to land on Destroyer's surface. However, the Swat-Bots onboard had been expecting them. To make things worse, Hover Units were approaching them. Fortunately, Sabina came to their aid, who destroyed the Hover Unit and made the Destroyer crash. After thanking Sabina, Sonic and Sally returned to Robotropolis. Meanwhile, young Sonic was in line for roboticization and saw Robotnik roboticize Chuck. Around the same time, Sonic and Sally stumbled upon Rosie, whom they took with them. Soon after, Sonic stopped his roboticization and tried to snap Chuck back to his senses, while Sally took young Sonic away. Robotnik proceeded to grab Sonic, but the hedgehog broke free and made the doctor fall into the Roboticzer, which roboticized his left arm. The heroes fled afterwards and hid. Seeing how sadden young Sonic was over what had happened to Chuck though, Sonic promised him that Chuck would be the same as before. The two hedgehogs then joined forced and defeated the Swat-Bots watching the exits, thus enabling their friends to escape the city. Running to safety afterward, Sonic found himself beaten in a race by his younger self, but Sally consoled Sonic, saying that he defeated himself. In addition, Sally asked Rosie to never leave Knothole, which she agreed to. This surprised Sonic, who thought that Sally did not want them to mess with the space-time continuum. When Robotnik then surrounded the heroes with his forces, they used Time Stones to return to the present. Back home, Sonic and Sally learned that Rosie had never been roboticized because she had always been in Knothole.[7]

During a mission in Robotropolis with Antoine, Sonic would rebuke Antoine after he almost revealed the place where Chuck left messages for the Freedom Fighters to a Swat-Bot. The next day, Sonic tried to rest in his hut, but Antoine's attempts to master martial arts resulted in a Robotnik dummy being knocked into his hut, which made Sonic throw the dummy back at Antoine. Later, he threw Antoine himself out of his hut when he jumped into his room. Later, Sonic and his friends went looking for Antoine, who had gone missing, during the night. Upon finding him however, they discovered that he was being treated like a king by the Nasty Hyenas. Eventually, they decided to leave him with the hyenas after he announced that he was leaving the Knothole Freedom Fighters. It turned out later, however, that the Nasty Hyenas eat their king, so Sonic and co. went to save Antoine. Arriving in the nick of time, Sonic defeated a lot of hyenas, and Antoine helped him defeat the last one, who tried to sneak up on Sonic from behind. After returning home, Sonic begrudgingly listened to Antoine's story about his fight with the hyenas.[21] Some time later, Sonic was training Tails to become a future Freedom Fighter by teaching him tracking. Eventually, the heroes came across Antoine, who was supposed to be hiding so that Tails could track him down. Antoine claimed, however, to have seen a ghost, but Sonic brushed if off. Later, at night, the heroes camped out and Sonic told scary stories to Tails. Shortly after Sonic fell asleep however, Tails woke him up, saying he saw a real ghost. While unconcerned by Tails' claim, Sonic became alarmed when he discovered that Antoine was missing. After tracking Antoine for a while, the duo stumbled upon a mysterious, shiny figure. Sonic told Tails to return to the camp while he confronted the ghost. Soon after, Sonic discovered that the shiny figure was just Antoine, who had gotten covered in glowing moss while sleepwalking. Sonic and Antoine then went looking for Tails for a long time, and when they finally found him, they explained to him that there was no ghost. The next day, however, they got disturbed when they discovered the Gopher Highwayman's medal, an object from one of Sonic's scary stories. Hearing ghostly mourns afterward, Sonic took Tails and Antoine and escaped this part of the forest with them.[22]

Sonic and Dulcy later helped Uncle Chuck get into Robotnik's headquarter. During the mission however, Sonic was detected and had to flee from Swat-Bots and some Mega Muck Units. During his escape, the Mega Muck Units were able to imprison Sonic in Mega Muck. Dr. Robotnik then personally flew in to catch Sonic. Fortunately, Sonic was saved when Dulcy came to help. Back over the Great Forest however, Dulcy had a hard landing in Knothole, and during the following night, she entered a trance and started flying over the Great Plain. Sonic and Sally followed her, however, and managed to rescue her from some Hover Units who wanted to capture her. Back in Knothole, the heroes found out that Dulcy heard her mother's voice in her dreams which told her to fly to Dragon's Nest. Sonic and Sally found out that adult dragons laid their eggs there, and younger dragons could be called there to look after them. Eventually, Dulcy realized what she had to do and flew to the nest, with Sonic unable to stop her. Shortly thereafter, the heroes received a letter from Chuck, who said that Robotnik was planning to capture the dragons in the nest. As such, Sonic left with Sally to rescue Dulcy. Thanks to the power of a Power Ring, Sonic got himself and Sally to the nest with time to spare, only to see Robotnik kidnap a dragon. Fortunately, it was not Dulcy. Sonic and Sally then entered the nest and saw that Dulcy was taking care of the dragon's egg. The heroes thus decided to take the egg with them and rescue its mother, whom Robotnik had kidnapped. While Sonic flew through Deep Canyon on Dulcy with Sally and the egg however, Robotnik appeared and chased after them. Fortunately, they managed to lose the doctor. After returning to Knothole, Sonic, Sally and Dulcy left the dragon egg under the care of Bunnie. They then went to Robotropolis to stop the convoy taking the Mother Dragon to roboticization. With the help of Chuck, they organized a trap where they successfully managed to use the Mega Muck Units against Robotnik and his Swat-Bots, and save the Mother Dragon. Sonic and co. then returned to Knothole for the egg, from which a young dragon was hatched. Afterward, the Mother Dragon thanked the heroes for everything and then flew away with her child to a place where Robotnik could never find them.[23]

Sonic and Naugus.

Some time after, Sonic was running through the Great Unknown when a portal to the Void suddenly opened in front of him. Fortunately, Sonic managed to escape the suction into the Void thanks to a Power Ring. In the aftermath, he found a strange artifact on the ground which he took with him to Knothole. Upon showing the artifact to Sally, Sally thanked him, as the artifact was the first proof of the existence of the Mandaras. Sonic soon after had to go to Robotropolis because Chuck was requesting his presence. Inside Chuck's hideout, Sonic learned that Robotnik was calling all his commanders in for meeting on something called the Doomsday Project. Upon hearing this, Sonic decided to remain vigilant. Returning to Knothole afterwards, Sonic found Nicole lying on the floor. Knowing that Sally would never leave without Nicole, Sonic knew something was wrong. Picking up Nicole, Sonic found out what had happened to Sally after convincing Nicole to "speak clearly" by shaking her (and scrambling some of her circuits in the process). It turned out that the artifact he found had created a red energy that took Sally and Bunnie to the Void. Sonic thus decided to return to the Great Unknown to investigate the matter. There, he began to search for the portal to the Void using Nicole. While there, however, Sonic got attacked by Robotnik's forces. Although Sonic managed to escape Robotnik's forces, he soon ran into the portal to the Void, which began to suck him in. Meanwhile, Robotnik's forces caught up to Sonic and began to push him towards the portal. It was then that Nicole told Sonic to relax, as he was already looking for the Void. Sonic thus let himself get sucked into the portal. Within the Void, Sonic met the sorcerer Naugus, who had frozen Sally and Bunnie in crystal. He released them, however, after the arrival of Sonic. Naugus revealed that Robotnik had imprisoned him in the Void, and he needed Sonic's speed to get him out of it. Sonic did not want to help Naugus however, so he took Sally and Bunnie with him, fleeing towards the portal leading out of the Void. However, Naugus cut them off by imprisoning them inside a tunnel. In response, Sonic used his Super Spin to dig them out of the tunnel to a place that resembled the King's palace. Inside this palace, Sonic, Sally and Bunnie found the King, who seemed very ill. Upon seeing them, the King asked Sonic to take him out of the Void. The hedgehog agreed and together with the King, Sonic found the portal out of the Void and took the King through it. Once outside the Void, however, Sonic discovered that the one he had rescued was actually Naugus in disguise. The wizard then froze Sonic in crystals and told him that he would take care of Robotnik. Afterward, he freed Sonic and told him to go save his friends. Soon after, Sonic managed to pull Sally, Bunnie, Ari and the real King out of the Void. After a while however, it turned out that Naugus and the King had to return to the Void, or they would turn into dead crystal statues. Before leaving however, the King gave Sally a list of the various Freedom Fighter groups. Sonic then saw Naugus and the King return to the Void with the aid of Naugus' magic. After returning to Knothole, Sonic comforted a sad Sally, telling her that she got to see her father, and they had obtained her father's list, and gotten Ari back. While walking together with Sonic however, Sally began to take notice of Nicole's new behavior brought forth by Sonic's mishandling of her.[6]

During winter, Sonic and Antoine helped navigate Dulcy when she tried to land during a snowstorm, only for the dragon the crash and destroy Sonic's hut. As the snowstorm continued, Sonic found himself forced to wait for the storm to die down before making attempts to rebuilt his hut. As such, he moved in with Antoine for the time being. However, Sonic's stay badly affected the cleanliness-obsessed Antoine, who got vividly upset when Sonic left muddy shoeprints on his floor, tracked in snow, and left his kitchen covered chili sauce. Eventually, Antoine lost his mind when Sonic began to sleeprun while dreaming that he was fighting Robotnik. After seeing Antoine's behavior, Sonic decided to move out and rebuilt his hut, regardless of the snow storm.[24] One night later on, Sonic helped Rotor look for Antoine, who had disappeared along with Ro-Becca, Rotor's mechanical assistant. The next day, Ro-Becca met Sonic and fell in love with him when the hedgehog imitated Antoine's French accent. Sonic, however, escaped from her and Ro-Becca fell from the gust of wind Sonic created when he took off.[25]

Soon after, Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Dulcy came to the Great Unknown in search of the Freedom Fighter group known as the Wolf Pack. Upon receiving the shortest route Nicole had to the Wolf Pack's headquarters, Sonic ran ahead of his friends. However, he soon came across a field with eternal lightning storms and had to retreat. He also stopped Dulcy before she could fly into the storm clouds. With the storm field in their way, the Knothole Freedom Fighters followed the second route Nicole pointed out for them. Eventually, Antoine discovered a secret underground passage by accident. Sonic ran in first, but came back when Dulcy and Antoine refused to go inside with him and Sally. Because Dulcy had claustrophobia, Sonic told her to go back to Knothole since letting her roam the Great Unknown alone was dangerous. Eventually though, Antoine decided to join Sonic and Sally in the tunnel. When the lights went out however, Sonic lit up some torches and handed them over to his friends. Sonic then ran ahead to check the tunnel out, eventually coming across a fork in the road. Sonic tried both tunnels, but one was a dead end with an abyss and the other one collapsed. Returning to Sally and Antoine, Sonic eventually found a wolf in the darkness. After Sonic and Sally asked him for a way out, the wolf took them to a trapdoor, which the trio fell through. Fortunately, the trapdoor led them into the Wolf Pack's headquarters. There, they met Lupe, the leader of the Wolf Pack, who told them the history of her people and that they were being menaced by a test Doomsday Pod. The heroes then told them about their plan to contact all the Freedom Fighter groups so they could unite against Robotnik. Lupe also showed them the weapons that the Wolf Pack had stolen from Robotnik's outpost. Under the cover of the night, Sonic and the Wolf Pack rolled their artillery cannon out of the caves to use it against the Doomsday Pod. Along the way, the heroes had to hide from Robotnik's hovercraft which was patrolling the area. Sonic also rescued Antoine when he was about to get caught by the hovercraft. After finding the Doomsday Pod, Sonic proceeded to set up explosives in the canyon. When the Doomsday Pod then approached, the Wolf Pack pushed it back with their cannon. Sonic then detonated the explosive, burying the Doomsday Pod in rubble. However, the Doomsday Pod was soon back up and running. Immediately after, Swat-bots and Robotnik's hovercraft, which was being piloted Snively, joined the fight. Sonic and Sally promptly hid in a safe place, where Sonic took matters into his own hands by grabbing a Power Ring and boosting his power. Approaching the Doomsday Pod from below, Sonic created a tornado that scattered the Swat-bots, the Doomsday Pod, and Robotnik's hovercraft. Despite this, the Doomsday Pod continued to operate, making Sonic and the Wolf Pack retreat to the caves. While they went over their next move, Swat-Bots managed to enter the Wolf Pack's tunnels. It was then that Sally had the idea of letting her and Sonic get arrested. Handcuffed, Sonic and Sally were brought before Snively. At that point however, they turned the tables on Snively by fighting back and breaking free from their handcuffs with the aid of Nicole. They then tied up Snively and took Doomsday Pod's plans for themselves, which Sally used to come up with a plan for destroying the Doomsday Pod, before fleeing. Eventually, Sonic lured the Doomsday Pod into the field with the storm clouds. Using then a Power Ring, Sonic outran the lightning bolts and survived, while the Doomsday Pod was destroyed by the lightning bolts. Immediately after, Lupe revealed that they had made contact with Polo and Dirk, the leaders of the Southern and Eastern Freedom Fighters. Sonic, Sally and Lupe returned afterward to Knothole, where they together with Ari, Polo and Dirk, swore that they would fight Robotnik and stop the Doomsday Project.[26]

Sonic and Tails later relaxed in a hot spring in the Great Unknown when they noticed one of the Robotnik's frigate going by. Running after it, they came upon Drood Henge, where Snively was leading an excavations. While in hiding, Sonic and Tails managed to neutralize one of the Surveillance Orbs approaching them. When Sonic then tried to take a closer look at the excavations, Swat-Bots snuck up on him from behind. Although Tails warned him, the fox cub got captured. Fortunately, Sonic managed to escape the Swat-Bots and find Snively's control center. There, Sonic overpowered Snively and forced him to release Tails and call off the Swat-Bots. Sonic and Tails later brought Snively to the excavation's power generator and told him to turn it off. Although Snively remained uncooperative, Tails managed to turn off the generator. The heroes then left Snively and returned to Knothole, where Sally had bad news for them: Robtonik was looking for the Deep Power Stones for his Doomsday Project. In addition, Nicole would not provide them with info about the Deep Power Stones before Sally reached adulthood. Sonic, however, persuaded Nicole to reveal the information because Robotnik planned to use the Deep Power Stones to ensure his Doomsday Project's success, meaning Sally would never live to reach adulthood. After the heroes learned that Deep Power Stones could generate incredible power or destruction, and that the place in which they were buried were described in three scrolls, they decided to stop Robotnik, who had already gotten the first Deep Power Stone. For a plan to secure the other Deep Power Stone, Tails brought Sonic a fake Deep Power Stone that Rotor had prepared for them. Sonic also convinced Sally to let Tails take part in the mission with them. The heroes promptly went to Drood Henge, where Sonic, Tails and Nicole pretended to have dug the second Deep Power Stone. Sonic then caught the attention of the Swat-Bots and Robotnik, whom he let into the Great Unknown. There, Sonic convinced Robotnik that he destroyed the Deep Power Stone by throwing the fake Deep Power Stone into a lava geyser. After that, Sonic was saved from Robotnik's forces by Dulcy. After returning to Drood Henge, Sonic dug up the last scroll, which allowed him to find the real second Deep Power Stone. Although Sally thought about destroying the stone, Sonic convinced her that they should keep it since its power could come in handy. Afterward, Sonic revealed that Tails was the one who came up with the idea for the fake Deep Power Stone. In recognition of his deed, Tail was made an official Freedom Fighter.[8]

Eventually, Sonic came to Chuck's hideout with a chili dog for him, and he learned that Snively almost caught him during his last spy mission. Sonic wanted Chuck to return to Knothole with him, but he refused to go until Robotnik was defeated. Sonic returned afterward to Knothole, where Sally received information about the Fuel Tanker convoy that was going to deliver the fuel for Robotnik's Doomsday Machine. With his friends joining him, Sonic snuck into Robotropolis and distracted the convoy's guards, allowing Sally, Bunnie and Antoine to sabotage the Fuel Tankers. After a while, however, the guards returned to the convoy. Sonic thus took out a Power Ring and used it to run back to his friends through the sewers. There, Sonic saved his friends by helping them escape into the sewers, before returning to Knothole with them. Sonic later went to Chuck's hideout, only to discover that Chuck's eavesdropping bug in Robotnik's war room had been damaged. In an effort to help his uncle fix it, Sonic caught the attention of the Swat-Bot guarding Robotnik's warehouse, thus allowing Chuck to enter Robotnik's warehouse through the air ducts undetected and set up a new wiretap there. Sonic later joined Chuck in the air duct and found out that Antoine had been caught by Snively. Fortunately, Sonic managed to save his friend and escape with him to Chuck's hideout. There, he promised Chuck that he would return to him as soon as Antoine had been taken care of. Tracking down Dulcy, Sonic handed Antoine over to her and then ran back to Chuck. Upon his return, however, Sonic saw that Chuck's hideout had been destroyed. Sonic thus infiltrated Robotnik's headquarters and rescued Chuck, whom Robotnik was interrogating. Although they were soon surrounded by Swat-bots, Sonic created a whirlwind that scattered the enemies. After then escaping with aid of Sally and Bunnie, Chuck led Sonic, Sally and Bunnie to his new hideout, which he had prepared in case his cover had been blown. Sonic wanted Chuck to return to Knothole with him, but Chuck insisted on remaining in Robotropolis as a secret spy. Having no other choice, Sonic bid goodbye to Chuck and left Robotropolis with his friends.[27]

Sonic and Sally empowered by the Deep Power Stones.

During one night, Sonic helped test the Metal-eating Balloons that Rotor had created. He then left to check what Antoine was doing at his post. Finding Antoine asleep, Sonic woke him up. A while after, however, the earth opened up and a Doomsday Pod emerged from it, which began to destroy everything living around it. Sonic promptly evacuated Rotor from his workshop, just before a tree collapsed on top of it. Fortunately, they managed to save some of the Metal-eating Balloons, and Sonic used one to destroy the Doomsday Pod. Realizing that the Doomsday Project was now underway, Sonic and Sally sent messages to the other Freedom Fighter groups. With Nicole help, the heroes then learned that the Doomsday Machine could send hundreds of Doomsday Pods across the entire planet. After Ari, Lupe, Polo and Dirk arrived, the heroes took action. While Sonic, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine snuck into the Doomsday Machine's base by hiding underneath a Fuel Tanker, Lupe, Ari, Polo and Dirk created a diversion in the sky. With the guards distracted, Sonic and his team used a Metal-eating Balloon to create a breach in the Doomsday Machine, through which they entered. Inside the Doomsday Machine, Sonic came across a corridor where he was attacked by two electricity-generating robots that tracked his movements. Fortunately, Sonic managed to destroy them. Later, he and his friends reached the Doomsday Pod factory. There, Sally failed to contact the other Freedom Fighters. With the group realizing that their allies had been caught, Sonic decided to destroy Doomsday Machine himself and persuaded his friends to flee to safety in a Doomsday Pod. Before separating however, Sally gave Sonic Nicole, who helped Sonic locate the main generator. Sonic tried to destroy it with explosives, but he discovered it was protected by diamond glass. Immediately after, Robotnik appeared and dropped Sonic into a Roboticizer. As the Roboticizer was activated, Sonic tried to protect himself against the roboticization with a Power Ring, but its power was insufficient. As such, Sonic added two additional Rings to the mix, their power causing the Roboticizer to overload and him to break free of the Roboticizer. Sonic subsequently escaped from the Doomsday Machine and joined his friends in the Great Unknown. There, Chuck suggested that they used the power of the Deep Power Stones to destroy the Doomsday Machine. Being one stone short, Sonic snuck into Robotropolis, which was abandoned due to all of Robotnik's forces being preoccupied with the Doomsday Project. With Nicole's aid, Sonic searched Robotnik's private safe, but found nothing there. Fortunately, Nicole caught sight of the Deep Power Stone on Robotnik's table. Sonic then returned to Sally and Chuck, who had found a tunnel connected to the Doomsday Machine. Sonic and Sally then returned to the site of the Doomsday Machine and decided to join forces to stop Robotnik. Sonic subsequently dug a tunnel into the tunnel they had found, only to come under attack by a Doomsday Pod. Sonic, however, destroyed it with the help of the last Metal-eating Balloon. He and Sally then reached the Doomsday Machine's generator. However, Sally began to fear that unleashing the destructive potential of the Deep Power Stones could destroy the planet. Sonic thus decided that they should use the Deep Power Stones to unlock the stones' limitless energies. As Swat-Bots surrounded them, Sonic and Sally joined the stones together. Obtaining the power equal to that of ten thousand Power Rings, Sonic and Sally destroyed the Doomsday Machine together. In the aftermath, Robotnik disappeared. Sonic and Sally then returned to Knothole together, where they celebrated the fall of Robotnik. At the end, Sonic and Sally shared a passionate kiss.[28]


Sonic is a cool and relaxed teenager with a big attitude. Having hardly changed since his childhood, Sonic is basically just a big kid at heart.[1] He possesses a lot of self-confidence and has a playful, yet never mean-spirited arrogance about him, which lets him have fun even in the face of danger and crack jokes while staring evil in the eye. However, he becomes very serious when he finds his friends and family in danger. Never overestimating his abilities, Sonic believes his speed can carry him through any trial.

Sonic is very impatient when it comes to waiting and will actively seek out action, which makes him ignore manners and social customs, act before thinking, and unwilling to slow down. Because of his attitude, Sonic also sometimes come across as egotistical, but he is never selfish in his actions. Despite his flaws, Sonic is a good-natured person with a big heart and a strong sense of justice. Fully devoted both to his friends, family and the Freedom Fighter cause, Sonic wants to defeat Dr. Robotnik at any costs and make him pay for everything he has done. He also gets annoyed at Sally and Nicole's very technical manner of speech, prompting him to tell them to put their explanations in simpler terms that he can understand.[6]

While thinking and planning tactically ahead is not his strong points, Sonic is clever and sometimes deduces things that other people do not, and he is skilled at developing strategies to deal with Robotnik's robots, foiling his schemes or busting his friends out of situations.

Powers and abilities

Sonic's greatest strength is his running speed, with the ability to run at least at supersonic speed,[3] making him faster than any known living entity. As a testament to his speed, Sonic is able to outrun any of Dr. Robotnik's machines. His speed is so great in fact that when taking off, Sonic can create powerful gusts of wind. Sonic has demonstrated near-complete mastery of his speed and can use it for both high-speed offense and defense. For example, he is able to create powerful tornados and vortexes of wind by running around in circles, which can blow opponents away.[26][27]

Sonic's Super Spin.

Sonic's main maneuver is the Super Spin, which is a variant on the tendency for hedgehogs to roll into tight balls for protection. With this maneuver, Sonic can turn himself into a buzzsaw that can cut through earth, metal, and other dense substances.[6][9][26] Another version of this attack allows him to rotate around his own axis and become a living drill that can burrow underground and dig through many layers of soil.[7][28]

Sonic harnessing a Power Ring's power.

Sonic is the only being who can harness the forces of the Power Rings.[5][13] With the Power Rings, Sonic receives an increase in all physical talents and abilities. In fact, his speed is bolstered to such levels that when Sonic accelerates after charging up with a Power Ring, it is accompanied by a shock wave that emits from where he takes off.[23]


Sonic is equipped with several gadgets. His sneakers have an anti-gravity function that allows him to stick to ceilings at the click of a button on each sneaker.[4] In addition, Sonic can use his sneakers' anti-gravity to slowly fall to the ground when he is falling from high up.[7] Sonic also sometimes carries various explosive charges that can be attached to certain surfaces and be detonated remotely.[26][28]





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