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— Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog (born 3219) is the titular protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog endowed with super speed and the leader of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.[3]


Sonic was raised by his Uncle Chuck in Mobotropolis, during the reign of the King. As a child, Sonic used to play with his friend, Princess Sally. Sir Charles was a top inventor of the kingdom and a personal friend of the King. Following the Great War, a warlord named Julian (later known as Doctor Robotnik) orchestrated a coup d'état and banished the King to the Void. Julian then renamed himself Robotnik and ordered that all citizens of Mobotropolis be roboticized and transformed into mindless slaves. Sonic and Sally, along with several other children, were spirited out of the city and hid inside a woodland camp that would eventually become Knothole Village. At the same time, Uncle Chuck fell into Robotnik's hands and was roboticized. Sonic remains frustrated by his inability to free his uncle from Robotropolis. This was one of the main reasons why he hated Robotnik so much and decided to form the Freedom Fighters to save his home from his tyranny.[4][5]


Sonic is a cool teenager with a big attitude. He possesses a lot of self-confidence and has a playful, yet never mean-spirited arrogance about him, which lets him have fun even in the face of danger and crack jokes while staring evil in the eye.

Sonic is very impatient when it comes to waiting and will actively seek out action, which makes him ignore manners and social customs and act before thinking. Because of his attitude, Sonic also sometimes come across as egotistical, but he is never selfish in his actions. Despite his flaws, Sonic is a good-natured person with a big heart and a strong sense of justice, and is fully devoted both to his friends and the Freedom Fighter cause.

While not the smartest of the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Sonic is clever and sometimes deduces things that other people do not, and he is skilled at coming up with plans to deal with Robotnik's robots, foiling his schemes or busting his friends out of a situation. He also trains Tails to be a Freedom Fighter in the second series.

Powers and abilities

Sonic's greatest strength is his running speed, with the ability to run at least at supersonic speed.[6]

Sonic's main maneuver is curling into a spiky ball, which is a variant on the tendency for hedgehogs to roll into tight balls for protection, thereby turning himself into a buzzsaw that can cut through nearly anything. He is also able to harness the forces of the Power Rings, which charges up his strength and super speed to such levels that he creates an explosion upon dashing off.


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  1. In "Blast to the Past, Part 1" it is stated that Sonic was the same age as Sally when Robotnik's took over. Since it was revealed in "Drood Henge" that Sally is sixteen, it means that Sonic is sixteen as well.


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