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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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I won't stop until I've saved everyone you've captured! I'll never stop until I've honored the sacrifices of everyone who's fallen along the way! And I won't be through until I've kicked your flabby behind once and for all! So you just keep pushin' me, doc! I'll push right back!

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #236

Sonic the Hedgehog (born day 162, 3220), born ??? Maurice Hedgehog,[2] is the titular protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He was a mobian hedgehog endowed with the power of super speed and the ability to control the Chaos Emeralds, and the son of Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog. Renowned as the hero of Mobius and the chosen hero of the multiverse, Sonic was the strongest and primary agent of the Team Fighters, and had since early childhood opposed the global and tyrannical rule of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and afterwards his alternate universe counterpart Dr. Eggman, to reclaim the freedom of his planet. Although he was sometimes overconfident and assumes he can deal with things on his own, Sonic also realized he had friends to back him up when needed. Additionally, he was willing to put his life on the line for his loved ones.

From the ends of the world to the far reaches of space and time, Sonic had many adventures and faced countless trials in the fight against evil for the fate of his planet that tested him to the fullest, earning him many titles, allies and the scorns of several foes. When Eggman used the reality-warping Genesis Wave to alter the world for his own ambitions, Sonic's attempt to undo it resulted in a new reality which not only destroyed the multiverse from which he hailed, but formed a new one in its place and gave him an entirely different life.


Full frontal view of Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog Free Comic Book Day 2010.

Sonic is a slim mobian hedgehog with blue fur that covers most of his body, and peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle, insides of his ears and front torso. He has small, triangular ears on top of his head, six long quills on the back of his head, two spines protruding from his back behind his shoulders, and a short tail.

For attire, Sonic wears light-weight, hyper friction-resistant red sneakers with white cuffs around the ankles, gray soles, and white straps across the top; the latter of which are held down by a golden buckle on each foot. He also wears a pair of white gloves with sock-like cuffs on his hands.


Sonic is overall a fun and fast daredevil out on an ego trip. Having saved the world numerous times has left Sonic with an inflated sense of self as he thinks highly of himself. Throughout his life, Sonic has exhibited a great desire for adventure and excitement, in keeping with his super speed. Thrill-seeking aside, he genuinely cares for the people and things he fights for, which at times has led him to break the rules in order to do what he thinks must be done. His greatest flaw in this area may be that he has developed something of a need for action, which leaves him uneasy in times of peace and often influences his decisions more heavily than any other factor. Though he has great loyalty to his friends, family, nation, and Mobius in general, he has shown a tendency to be hesitant about committing to anything that doesn't allow him to fight for the things he cares about.

He has a bragging nature and that shows as he enjoys gloating about his accomplishments even going so far to rub others noses in it. Even though he isn't intrigued by the marital proposals at all he enjoys all the attention he gets from females sometimes. Depending on the person Sonic can either treat them great and be happy to give them his time or outright ignore them. Sonic is also clever and intelligent.

In dealing with his enemies, Sonic is usually light-hearted in behavior, often mocking his opponents with insults and puns. Given how serious he can be in some cases, however, it is likely that these jokes are an attempt to lighten the mood or project an air of confidence. Of course, it also serves (in most cases) to aggravate his enemies to the point of distraction. A milder form of this behavior is found in ribbing of his various friends and allies, who he often attempts to get them to loosen up. However, after Sally's roboticization and the events that followed, he has become far more serious, moodier, distrusting, and unforgiving than usual, most often during the course of battle, though he did try to maintain his cool, light-hearted demeanor after Team Fighters began their mission. Conversely, he can also become friendly to those he previously distrusted in a flash, as seen by how he quickly forgave Mega Man even after the they had been trying to destroy each other just moments before, much to the boy robot's surprise.

Sonic enjoys being laid back and confident, rarely showing any signs of being put off by anything. It is only in the moments of greatest loss (such as the destruction of Knothole, Eggman's temporary descent into madness, and Sally's roboticization) that his macho and carefree appearance falls away.

Deeply devoted to his friends and family, Sonic enjoys helping them every chance he gets. In particular, he helps less confident individuals express themselves and toughen up, as when he helped Mina Mongoose use her singing talents. However, he also has something of a bullheaded streak which causes him to think that he is right and everyone else is wrong. This had led him to clash with other such strong personalities as Knuckles, Geoffrey, Monkey Khan, Tails, and even Sally. In the case of the latter, Sonic is clever and prefers to make up plans as he goes along, whilst Sally is more tactically minded.

For all his rough edges, Sonic has shown himself to be quite a gentleman, almost always showing respect to women. This has been demonstrated in his first encounters with Bunnie and Rouge the Bat, as well as in other situations. While he tends to treat her differently, Sonic also shows Sally a great deal of respect, though their years of being acquainted and closer relationship seems to lead him to treat her more like "one of the guys" in many group situations.

Powers and abilities

An example of Sonic's speed when using the Figure-Eight Peel-Out, from Sonic the Hedgehog #175.

Sonic's most notable ability is his super speed, allowing him to run at speeds far surpassing Mach 1 which is at the blistering speed of 768 mph or more. His speed allows him to perform impressive feats, such as vibrating at high speeds to such a degree that it allows him to pass through solid objects.[4] More amazing feats of Sonic's speed is his ability to ball up water, and throw it, all in .00000000001 of a millisecond. Such feats have even included him being able to scoop up dirt, toss it in the air and walk on it like a bridge. Sonic, with the aid of several Power Rings combined with his speed, can tear open a dimensional rift in reality, alongside Knuckles, as shown in his first battle with Master Mogul. As stated by Sally, Sonic can go from 0 to 65 MPH in just .00000000001 seconds. It is possible that he can access greater levels of speed, as he was able to travel from the ruins of Knothole to the east coast of the continent and back in just a few seconds during his battle with the Egg Beater.

Sonic has also been known to innovate various techniques to increase speed and acceleration. His most popular instance of such is the Spin Dash, a technique in which he assumes a ball or wheel like shape by tucking his arms, knees and head to his core, and rotates on the spot at blurring speeds and takes off at the speed of rotation at the time of release. Perhaps his highest tiered technique of this nature is the Figure-Eight Peel-Out, as shown in Sonic the Hedgehog #175, in which Sonic, from a stationary position, moves his legs at an extremely high speed and takes off at speeds far surpassing that of which he reaches using any other technique. Sonic has also been shown incorporate this technique into his running style to various effect. While performing this skill, Sonic's legs flicker into and maintain the stark shape of a horizontal figure 8 or infinity symbol.

His speed also increases his combat abilities. His "figure 8" move increases his speed and strength, and even allows him to briefly hover in midair. Spinning around in an upright position, Sonic can become a makeshift tornado, taking down any foes close to him. Sonic can achieve similar effects by spinning his arms around, propelling him into the air and defeating anyone caught in his path. While running, Sonic can even create trails of fire with the friction from his speed.[5] As far as stamina goes, Sonic's is seemingly limitless as he is never winded from running. According to his father Jules "the more energy Sonic expends without resting, the stronger his "crashes" are when he's ready to relax." By running in place on roads, he can turn it into tar, stopping his enemies in their tracks. Sonic also possesses vast supernatural strength, as seen when punching Eggman's robots with brute force, being able to damage the Egg Beater, which was designed to counter and match Sonic's speed and strength, and being able to lift people and objects that are several times his weight.

Sonic is also a chaos being with the ability to manipulate Chaos energy, though with less ease than the likes of Shadow or Knuckles. Unlike Shadow or Knuckles, Sonic cannot channel Chaos energy without the aid of a power source like the Chaos Emeralds or the Master Emerald. When tapping into the Chaos Force, Sonic is granted amplified innate abilities, such as increased durability and speed. Also, due to the large amounts of Chaos energy Sonic has absorbed over the course of his adventures, Eggman has hypothesize that Sonic is the living embodiment of chaos, making him an unpredictable variable that can upset even the most well thought-out plan.

As an off-spin of Sonic's ability to manipulate Chaos energy, Sonic can absorb Power Rings, which he uses to get a boost of energy during battle as well as to facilitate his Super Forms. Following the destruction of Knothole, it is revealed that Sonic has absorbed so many Power Rings that their energy has given him increased resistance and durability. He also possesses the curious ability to negate negative influences brought on by Chaos energy, as shown by his victories over Perfect Chaos, Enerjak, and his resistance to Dr. Finitevus' hex. This ability also enabled him to absorb energy from the Master Emerald despite it being locked by Finitevus' hex, something that even the wizard Merlin Prower was at a loss to explain.

When it comes to combat, Sonic is a self-taught boxer[6] and has briefly trained alongside Sally Acorn.[7] His fighting style has been shown to be on par with Geoffrey St. John, the leader of the Royal Secret Service.[8][9][10][11] Even after all his fights with Geoffrey, Sonic has shown that he is willing to continue training alongside others, using virtual reality battle simulations.[12] Even without his speed, Sonic has shown to have some accuracy, such as when he destroyed a Combot by throwing a Power Ring directly at it.[13]

Sonic is also a master of disguise, having used clever costumes to fool others on multiple occasions.[14][15][16] Sonic is also a very talented guitarist. When learning to play guitar, Sonic quickly mastered it, with Mina describing him as a natural-born talent and a large crowd gathering to listen to him.[17] Additionally, while Sonic was adventuring in outer space, he was implanted with a device allowing him to understand all languages (including those of mobinis).

Also, being a hedgehog, which are a burrowing species, he also has an ability to dig. As shown when Enerjak (Knuckles) transported him underground, but Sonic quickly resurfaced.


Super Sonic

Super Sonic

By absorbing large amounts of Chaos energy originating from the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can transform into Super Sonic. While transformed, Sonic is given a vast increase in strength, speed and reflexes. Additionally, Sonic is granted the ability to fly, is virtually invulnerable to harm, and is given an open link to the Chaos Force. He can also access this form with either a Super Emerald or the Master Emerald.

Ultra Sonic

Main article: Ultra Sonic

After absorbing a large amount of Power Rings, Sonic can assume the form of Ultra Sonic. While in this form, Sonic can fly, manipulate non-organic matter, and open dimensional portals.



Sally Acorn

Sally and Sonic kiss, from Sonic the Hedgehog #130.

Sonic and Sally were childhood friends who used to play together in the royal palace during the time of the Great War. When the war started to go badly for the Mobians, Sonic and Sally were sent to the sanctuary of Knothole Village with many of the other children.[18] When Dr. Robotnik eventually took over, the two were still in the haven of Knothole. As children, both Sonic and Sally witnessed the formation of the Original Freedom Fighters and decided that, years later, they would follow in their footsteps.[19][20]

Originally, Sonic and Sally first met up when Sonic's uncle was captured and roboticized by Dr. Robotnik, and Sally assisted in Sonic's escape from Robotropolis. Due to their mutual anger towards the despot and loss of their parents/guardians, Sonic joined Sally's group of Freedom Fighters. The story was later retconned to have Sonic and Sally as childhood friends, and the two modeled the Knothole Freedom Fighters after the Original Freedom Fighters.

During their life as Freedom Fighters, Sonic and Sally regularly got on each others' nerves, usually due to the former's ego and attitude and the latter's impatience with said qualities. However, over time, this was usually used to hide their growing infatuation with one another. Despite their disagreements, the two had a strong commitment to the Freedom Fighters and to one another, and as their commonalities grew, so did their love and respect for one another.[21][22][23]

Sally was temporarily involved in a love triangle between herself, Sonic and Geoffrey St. John, head of her father's Secret Service.[24][11][25] After Sonic secretly stole the Sword of Acorns to try and de-roboticize his father, pressure began to mount from the Secret Service as they linked Sonic to the theft.[26] Geoffrey, now King Elias' adviser, worked hard to impress Sally while he was busy antagonizing Sonic; he convinced Elias to take away Sonic's knighthood.[27] During a long period of reconstruction that followed after Robotnik's defeat, Sally was involved with royal duties and could not make time for her former compatriots. With Bunnie's advice, Sally chose Sonic to be her royal consort, and one day her husband.[28]

Following an encounter with the Xorda alien invaders, Sonic was lost in space for a year. Sally assumed, along with the rest of the world, that he was dead.[29] When Sonic returned from space after a year, Sonic and Sally's love was rekindled.[30] However, Sally decided that she could not bear the pain of losing him again after witnessing Sonic get injured by Dr. Eggman's "daughter" Mecha, and tried to convince him to give up his heroics.[31] Sally had hoped to groom Sonic as the next King, but Sonic was mortified by the idea of not fighting against Eggman's growing threat. Sally gave Sonic an ultimatum: choose to be at her side. Sonic refused, which earned him a slap across the face and an end to their relationship.[32]

When King Max fell ill due to poisoning by Patch (an evil version of Antoine from the parallel universe of Anti Mobius, who has designs on ruling the Kingdom), he decided that the only way for Sally to rule the Kingdom of Acorn in his place was to marry Antoine. Sally reluctantly agreed, partially due to her anger with Sonic and partially because of her duty as princess. Before Patch could ascend the throne with Sally as his Queen, Prince Elias stepped in and retook the throne. A desperate Patch attempted to murder Elias, but was interrupted by Sonic, who sent Patch back to his reality.[33][34]

Some time later, Sally joined the Freedom Fighters on a sting operation against a group of villains who were, supposedly, moving in to purchase the Master Emerald from Rouge the Bat. During this time, Sally admitted that seeing Antoine and Bunnie so close made her feel jealous, as well as upset at her emotional distance with Sonic.[35] At Antoine and Bunnie's wedding, when the subject of marriage came up, Sally flatly remarked she was perfectly happy remaining single.[36]

During a nostalgic visit to the ruins of Knothole, they finally made up and remained friends, though they would've kissed if it weren't for the interference of Bean and Bark.[37]

Though it seemed that Sonic and Sally were on their way towards forming a new romance, Sally made a decision (with support from Bunnie) to "test the waters" with Monkey Khan.[38][39] Sonic had shown some jealousy over it, particularly during their journey into the Dragon Kingdom.[40][41] However, unbeknownst to him, Sally came to realize that she ended the relationship between her and Sonic badly, and that maybe she should explore it with him further. Upon her return from the Dragon Kingdom, Sally took Sonic out to lunch, which Sonic surprisingly accepted willingly.[42]

Later, with the events going on such as Geoffrey St. John betraying Sonic and Mina's song driving the citizens to believe Nicole is evil, Sonic decides to take Sally on a date to a fancy restaurant until person began arguing about Nicole, and they decide to leave. Later, Sonic and Sally go to the Lake of Rings where they tease one another by fighting over who was more jealous of each others' previous relationships. The night ends with Sally asking Sonic if he could slow down a bit so she could be by his side, to which he accepts. Later on, while jumping into battle, Sonic and Sally shared a kiss fully rekindling their romance.[43]

Amy Rose

Sonic and Amy, from Sonic the Hedgehog #207.

Amy has been a maniacal fan of Sonic for years, but Sonic does not show as much attraction to her. She started sending numerous letters to him. Her affection for Sonic grew after he rescued her from Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic.[44] She founded the Sonic fanclub in Knothole Village, and was also defending Sonic at his trial, after he was arrested for attacking Knothole as Mecha Sonic.[45]

Fed up with being overlooked as just a "kid", Amy took matters into her own hands and misused the power of the Ring of Acorns to age her body from 8 to 12. While this did little to attract Sonic's attention, it was enough for Amy to gain recruitment into the Freedom Fighters.[46]

Some time later, Amy received training from Knuckles' girlfriend, Julie-Su, so that she would not only become the "best" Freedom Fighter, but mostly so that she would win over Sonic's heart. She was also the first one to confront Fiona Fox about her betrayal of Sonic and the Freedom Fighters after Tails revealed to her Fiona was actually in love with Scourge.[47]

After helping Sally rescue Sonic from the Destructix, Amy showed signs of jealousy towards Sally, whom Sonic gave his thanks to for the rescue. Shortly after, though, Sonic pointed out his recognition for her efforts, making Amy blush with joy.[48]

Recently, after the Robotropolis mission, Amy asked Sonic out to dinner, which he accepted after seeing Sally and Khan walking away together.[38] He also came to her aid during the final battle for New Mobotropolis, though he showed some embarrassment by her enthusiastic hugs.[49]

Mina Mongoose

Sonic getting kissed by Mina, from Sonic the Hedgehog #99.

Mina was first found by Sonic while she was mourning the loss of her mother in the recently-retaken Robotropolis during Dr. Eggman's takeover.[50] When Sonic's Uncle Chuck became a robot slave for the dictator once again, Sonic recklessly stole the Sword of Acorns to restore his uncle's free will. Along the way to Robotropolis, he ran into Mina, who lectured Sonic about stealing the sword. The two were ambushed by Eggman's Combots and Sonic chose to save Mina at the cost of losing the sword. Feeling grateful for saving her life, Mina provided an alibi for Sonic when the King's Secret Service started to suspect him for the theft.[27]

When Mina finally mustered the courage to kiss Sonic, she was turned away, as Sonic was still in love with Sally. Meanwhile, Sally, who was locked away within the palace for a while due to her royal duties, finally decided to make an exit to see Sonic again. Posing as a servant girl, she exited the palace, arriving just in time to see the kiss between Mina and Sonic that caused her to believe Sonic had moved on.[51]

Some time later, Mina was finally ready to join the Freedom Fighters. However, on her first mission, she discovered that she lacked the courage to act when engaged in conflict. She then realized she should not join the Freedom Fighters just for Sonic and that she was unfit for the lifestyle.[52] Shortly after, Mina discovered her talent as a singer when it gained Sonic's attention. With a little motivation from Sonic, Mina decided to start singing professionally.[53]

Mina's singing career led Sonic to slowly develop emotional feelings for her. However, just before Mina had the chance to ask Sonic out on a date, Sally was kidnapped by the fugitive Nack the Weasel. Mina embarked on a rescue mission with Sonic to save the princess, but was heartbroken when Sonic and Sally realized their true love for each other and kissed. During their moment of passion, Mina noticed Nack preparing to shoot Sally before making his escape. Mina took the bullet and told Sonic she loved him before passing out. She was rushed to the hospital by Sonic, where she made a full recovery, though she felt sad at discovering Sonic loved Sally.[17][54]

After Sonic's unexpected adventure in outer space (which stranded him away from Mobius for a year), he returned home to find that his friends and family had all accepted his apparent death. Like Sally, Mina had also moved on while Sonic was away and was dating her record manager, Ash. Although Mina briefly juggled her feelings for Sonic when he returned, she was quickly forced to reconcile with Ash when he was injured by a bomb while trying to protect her. According to her, while she would always have a place in her heart for Sonic, she loves Ash instead.[55]

Bunnie Rabbot

Sonic and Bunnie kissing, from Sonic the Hedgehog #152.

While Bunnie has shown interest in Sonic since he rescued her from a Roboticizer,[56] these flirtations have been rare, partly because Bunnie is best friends with Sally and knows of her love for Sonic. Bunnie also gradually developed an interest in Antoine, which eventually led to their marriage.[36][25] Prior to their full commitment, however, Bunnie and Sonic experienced minor cases of infatuation, particularly when Antoine was replaced by his Anti-Mobius self.

Antoine and Bunnie abruptly broke up when the latter started exhibiting unusually cruel behavior.[30] In reality, Antoine had been replaced with the Anti-Mobius version of himself, Patch. While she was on the rebound, Bunnie was approached by Evil Sonic, who tried to seduce her until Tails stumbled upon the two and loudly protested. Although Bunnie was initially put off by Evil Sonic's half-baked come-ons, she eventually began to play along in the hope that it would drive Antoine insanely jealous. She had no idea that both Sonic and Antoine had been replaced by their evil doubles.[57]

When A.D.A.M.'s nanites attempted to integrate Bunnie's robotic limbs into their systems, a quick-thinking Sonic convinced the machines that her "organic" half made Bunnie unfit for their purposes. Once released, Bunnie planted a kiss on an equally-relieved Sonic, still ignorant of the fact it was Evil-Sonic she was with before.[58]

Since the discovery of Patch and his sinister schemes, Bunnie has shown no signs of interest in Sonic. With Antoine's return to this universe, the two rekindled their love and finally married.[36]

Fiona Fox

Sonic and Fiona, from Sonic the Hedgehog #160.

For years, Fiona harbored a dislike towards Sonic, viewing him as selfish for leaving her behind in one of Robotnik's prisons (unaware he had no choice at the time).[59][60] Her perception of Sonic changed after he supposedly died to protect Mobius from a Xorda alien attack.[61]

Fiona's interest in Sonic irritated Tails, who harbored a secret love for her. Eventually, Tails mustered the will to confront Sonic and Fiona about his feelings, but Fiona rejected Tails because of their age difference. Fiona and Sonic became a couple at this point.[33][55]

Sonic and Fiona were in love until Sonic found out that Fiona was evil and she was dating Scourge, having defected from the Freedom Fighters to become a villain. Fiona had fallen in love with Scourge while he briefly impersonated Sonic. After trying to find the same attraction in him, she failed, realizing that she preferred his evil counterpart.[47]

Sonic later revealed he began dating Fiona to help Tails get over her, and that at the time he was still hurt from his and Sally's breakup, indicating he may or may not have had a genuine interest in a long term relationship with her.[62]

Antoine D'Coolette

Early on Antoine would often compete with Sonic, especially over the love of Princess Sally Acorn. Antoine would be annoyed with Sonic's immature behavior and would take any reasonable chance to knock him down a peg, and Sonic would nag Antoine with endless heckling. Both of them seem to have matured, though; With Antoine married to Bunnie Rabbot, both he and Sonic have buried the hatchet and are no longer feuding, though they sometimes poke fun at each other, with Sonic bringing up Antoine's past arrogance and cowardice while Antoine makes sly remarks about Sonic's lack of maturity.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Due to him causing the fall of the Acorn family, Dr. Robotnik served as Sonic's main enemy for years. His crimes against Sonic are as follows but not limited to, roboticizing his family and friends, turning him into metal sonic and manipulating Hershey Cat into framing him for nearly killing Sally. Ultimately, their antagonism would end when Robotnik erased himself from existence.

Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman took Robotnik's place as Sonic's main enemy after the later erased himself from existence. Eggman made several attempts to kill Sonic, the most successful being when he took his Egg Beater and leveled Knothole. After getting payback, Sonic drove Eggman into temporary insanity.

Ixis Naugus

Perhaps Sonic's greatest enemy after the Robotniks is Ixis Naugus, who is partially responsible for the rise of Robotnik and King Max's imprisonment in the Void. After Naugus' escape, Sonic and Tails went on a journey to hunt him down. Recently, Nagus manipulated the peoples' fear to become king. Sonic would ultimately never dethrone Nagus due to the Genesis Wave.

Mammoth Mogul

While he is more Tails' enemy, Mammoth Mogul is one of the most dangerous enemies Sonic has ever encountered. In addition to having pitted his friends against him, Mogul has a long legacy that haunts Sonic, most notably the Order of Ixis.

Snively Robotnik

Snively is one of Sonic's oldest enemies. Sonic has taunted Snively since he was working for Robotnik and never really considered him a threat.

Scourge the Hedgehog

Though Scourge and Sonic the Hedgehog have nothing but hatred for each other, due to their identical abilities they do occasionally find themselves working together, such as when the pair and Shadow battled the sub-boss Croctobot (though afterwards, Scourge immediately and single-handedly defeated Sonic and Shadow, who left in a huff).

Scourge thought he figured out why Sonic did not like him: all Sonic needed was one bad day, and he would be just like Scourge. Sonic stated the exact opposite, saying that all Scourge needed was some good qualities and he would be just like Sonic. This gave Scourge some self-doubt that let to him reinventing his own identity and making him a much greater threat than before. At the same time, Scourge has become a grim reminder to Sonic of what he would become if he went down a dark path.




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