Sonic the Hedgehog (Play-a-Sound) is a special book with a plastic, battery-powered backing and a strip of buttons down the right hand side.


The story inside is sprinkled with pictures instead of words in some of the sentences. When you see a picture show up in the sentence you're reading, you're supposed to push the corresponding button to enhance the story with noises. The story combines characters and elements from the video games along with the TV shows Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog.


Main Cast

Minor Cast/Cameos


The story is about Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sally on a scavenger hunt/race against Dr. Robotnik, Clucker and Grounder. Robotnik of course has all kinds of tricks up his sleeves. They go through many zones to find clues (Emerald Hill, Marble Zone, Chemical Plant, Mystic Cave, Sandopolis, Death Egg, and finally Metropolis). The prize is an ancient coin called The Cool Blue Baloo worth 6,000,000 Mobiums. At the end, Sonic wins and buys 1 million chili dogs, and one for everyone else... and the Mobius Hospital gets to keep the change.


The sounds were designed by Kristan Nordine.

  • Sonic Running - Makes a zooming sound
  • Knuckles - Pounding sound
  • Sonic stopping - Cartoony halting screech
  • Tails - Propeller sound
  • Spring - Spring sound similar to the games
  • Dr. Robotnik - Evil laughter
  • Rings - Chimes, very different from the games
  • Sally - Girlish giggle
  • Machine - Buzzing sound
  • Sonic - A five note theme song that repeats itself 4 times. Sounds similar to the first five notes of the main theme in Sonic 1 and 2.


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