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Sonic the Hedgehog (Music from the Motion Picture) is the original soundtrack for the Sonic the Hedgehog film adaptation. It was scored by Tom Holkenborg and was released digitally the same day as the film. It was released on CD on 13 March 2020 and the vinyl was released on 29 May 2020.[1] The CD release was limited to two thousand units.[2]


  • Vinyl tracks - side A: 1-8, side B: 9-15
  1. "Meet Sonic (Before We Start I Gotta Tell You This)"
  2. "Welcome to Green Hills"
  3. "A Very Lonely Life"
  4. "Dr. Robotnik"
  5. "That Would Work"
  6. "Is That a Drone"
  7. "Things to Do Before I Die"
  8. "A Visit From the Doctor"
  9. "But I Will Always Be Faster"
  10. "SF-Paris-Egypt-SF"
  11. "Skyscraper"
  12. "Not a Baby Bigfoot"
  13. "He Is My Friend"
  14. "A New Home"
  15. "Sonic the Hedgehog"




Vinyl releases

Sonic movie vinyl Sonic Blue.jpg Sonic movie vinyl Gold Ring.jpg Sonic movie vinyl Splatter.jpg Sonic movie vinyl Spin Dash.jpg
Sonic Blue Gold Ring Clear with Red & Blue Splatter Sonic Spin Dash
Limited to 750 copies: FYE Exclusive Limited to 500 Copies: General Retail Limited to 200 copies: Zavvi Exclusive Limited to 300 copies: ETR Web Store Exclusive

Each album is pressed on 140-gram colored vinyl housed in a 350gsm jacket including an insert featuring stills from the film.[3]

Key selling points

  • Limited Edition Themed Colored Vinyl
  • Pressed on 140gram vinyl
  • 350gsm Jacket with an insert featuring still from the film
  • Full-Color Themed Center Labels
  • Film Score By Award-Winning Composer Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL)