Sonic the Hedgehog (Music from the Motion Picture) is the original soundtrack for the the Sonic the Hedgehog film adaptation. It is scored by Tom Holkenborg and was released digitally and on CD the same day as the film.[1] The CD release was limited to two thousand units.[2]


  1. "Meet Sonic (Before We Start I Gotta Tell You This)"
  2. "Welcome to Green Hills"
  3. "A Very Lonely Life"
  4. "Dr. Robotnik"
  5. "That Would Work"
  6. "Is That a Drone"
  7. "Things to Do Before I Die"
  8. "A Visit From the Doctor"
  9. "But I Will Always Be Faster"
  10. "SF-Paris-Egypt-SF"
  11. "Skyscraper"
  12. "Not a Baby Bigfoot"
  13. "He Is My Friend"
  14. "A New Home"
  15. "Sonic the Hedgehog"


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