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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Pushing fifty and you still haven't changed one iota, Mr. Hedgehog.

Sally Acorn, Sonic Universe #8

King Sonic the Hedgehog is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He was the Light Mobius counterpart of Mobius Prime's Sonic the Hedgehog.


Aside from the golden crown and red cape that he wears, Sonic is identical in appearance to his Prime Zone counterpart.


25 Years Later (Unaltered)

Prior to transforming the future, Sonic, at some point in the past, stopped Knuckles, after the latter managed to once again transform into Chaos Knuckles, from using his vast powers and energy to recreate Mobius as he saw fit by accidentally using an alien device on him. As a result, Knuckles returned to normal and his right eye was ruined and had to be replaced by a bio-mechanical implant; it was this event that caused the two to be openly hostile against each other.

It was also around this time that Dr. Eggman was defeated by Chaos Knuckles once and for all (even though Knuckles later stated that it was Sonic who defeated Eggman).

In the years that followed, Sonic had a falling out with his best friend Tails, and the two haven't seen or spoken to each other in years. Sonic later married Sally and had two children with her, Sonia and Manik, who both inherited their father's speed.

Sonic, after becoming king, became distant to those around him, but Sally put up with this, believing that her husband was going through a midlife crisis and the pressures of ruling without being raised to do so.

Unfortunately this future had a major crisis facing it. Following the celebration of Lara-Su's sixteenth birthday, King Sonic's family paid a visit to Angel Island. When Sonic met with Knuckles, he learned that Mobius faced imminent destruction. Cobar and Rotor then revealed to Sonic that he was to blame of the upcoming crisis (with Knuckles yelling 'HAH!' proving that Sonic was wrong about Knuckles being the cause of this), mentioning that it was because of Sonic's access of the Cosmic Interstate, his final battle with Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and his detonation of the Xorda Quantum Dial, the fabric of space and time was in danger of collapsing, which would cause Mobius to be destroyed. Sonic and Knuckles then said that that he is not the only one messing around with time and space, Knuckles points out that the Dark Egg Legion as messed with time and space and admits that he's done it too, but Cobar points out that they've done the math. In an attempt to fix the problem, Sonic and Knuckles agreed to a truce. Sonic agreed to use the Tachyon Displacement Chamber, a time machine built by Eggman and kept in storage for years, to travel to the past and collect information so that the problem could be rectified. Sonic entered the chamber, but something went wrong and he disappeared and the time line was irrevocably altered...

25 Years Later (Altered)

Upon using the Tachyon Chamber in the previous timeline, King Sonic was sent back twenty-five years in the past to restore stability to the Zone by healing the temporal wounds. While he restored existence, he forever altered the status quo of his timeline.

Because everyone located in close proximity of the Tachyon Chamber would carry memories over to the new timeline, King Sonic would fully recall his previous existence as well. This would prove to take an extreme mental toll on the former king who was now forced to live on the slums knowing now that his children, Sonia and Manik, had been erased from existence. His former wife, Queen Sally, had also married the oppressive King Shadow who was now head of the kingdom.

Sonic would soon be found by Tails and Lara-Su, who were looking for his assistance on combating Shadow’s tyranny. Sonic would immediately reconcile with Tails and join the duo, hoping to restore his life to what it was like in the previous timeline. But before any of them could act, they were all placed under arrest by Knuckles who was now King Shadow's chief enforcer.

Sonic, Tails, and Lara-Su would be locked up in King Shadow’s cell, along with the tortured and battered Rotor. Chief Enforcer Knuckles would arrive to reveal it was all a plan to betray King Shadow and he released the four prisoners. Sonic and Knuckles would then proceed to go take on King Shadow himself with Knuckles admitting he felt guilty for turning against his king.

Upon arriving in Shadow's royal chambers, Knuckles would escort Queen Sally away leaving Sonic to battle the king. Yet the battle was short as Shadow was immortal and hasn’t grown physically older; he would use his physical prowess against the aged Sonic. Yet Lara-Su would appear and interrupt the battle, claiming she was more physically on par with Shadow. King Shadow was more evenly matched and both would call on their Chaos Powers to battle. Yet, Lara-Su would overcome by freezing Shadow in time with a powerful Chaos Control, effectively defeating and overthrowing the king with a burn on her shoulder by a Chaos Spear that just grazed her shoulder.

Sonic would then reconcile his relationship with Queen Sally; who claimed she was never in love with Shadow, but feared his power was potentially dangerous to Mobius and married him in an attempt to tame him. The two would recall their past love and agreed to move forward where they left off. Then once again, King Sonic would then bring up the ideas of children to Sally.

Five Years Later

Five years after Shadow's defeat, Sonic has restarted his family with Sally and his two children Manik and Sonia. The day before the celebration of his five year rule, he watched a documentary on the "five years of peace" with his family. Sally gave Sonic a shoulder rub, noting that he's very tense. Sonic then stated that, while he can save the world no sweat, speaking in public sends his stomach into loops and corkscrews (a notably obvious reference to his "platforming" days in the video games). When the children get excited that Lara-Su is babysitting them, Sonic is seen upset, obviously remembering the previous life he had in the original timeline. The next day, Sonic attended the celebration of the Five Years of Peace, when a missile is launched at him, putting the rest of the Royal Family in danger as well. The missile was destroyed, however, by Silver the Hedgehog.

After the children went to bed, King Sonic and his wife have a talk with him. Silver explains that he is looking for a traitor that will put an end to the freedom Fighters. Queen Sally tells him that the Freedom Fighters have disbanded during King Shadow's reign, then King Sonic says that he experienced time travel once. He seeked to ask the Prowers instead. Misty-Re, the echidna servant for two years, appears to refreshments. The royal spouses kindly refuse, while Silver hesitates. Misty-Re then reveals herself being a Dark Hand agent. Understanding that Lien-Da wants to "see him in person", King Sonic puts Queen Sally in charge to take their children to the panic room while he will go to see her. Queen sally refuses at first, but Sonic insisted that the kingdom and children are far more important than him. They wish good luck to each other. King Sonic then leaves the castle, when he encountered Lara-Su standing up in front of four Dark Hands agents. When leaving, they encountered Melody and Skye panicked. Lara-Su led them to Argyle's to discuss of a solution. The young crocodile is honored to meet the king in person. He then presented Jacques and Belle D'Coolette, who he called for help. Before the operation launch, Melody and Skye say that they want to join them.

With Jacques and Belle, King Sonic passes through the Dark Eyes agents' guard and waits for Melody's signal. When the door opened, the little mangust showed up and tell them to enter. While running to the rendezvous point, King Sonic learns that his family and Silver are in the panic room and what is hidden inside the deepest room of the castle. Unfortunately, one Dark Eye agent saw them and signaled it to King Shadow. Before to enter the deepest room, all the Dark Presence agents escape. The castle then starts to fall into pieces under Perfect Tikhaos resurrection. The Freedom Fighters escaped as well to see the monster emerges readily to destroy Mobius. King Sonic puts Lara-Su in charge to lead the Freedom Fighters while he is going to take his family in a safe place. He reunited with his children first, then asks Silver if the world he came from looks like this. Silver replies, despite that the traitor is a Freedom Fighter. Nonetheless, he helps the king to take his family elsewhere and to reach Perfect Tikhaos' brain. In the final, King Sonic failed and his children succeeded.


Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is Sonic's long time rival. According to ally, Julie-Su and Lara-Su, Sonic and Knuckles have a lot in common, which cause them to both argue and make peace with each other. Unfortunately, their friendship was broken years ago when Sonic cost Knuckles his right eye in order to end his rampage as Chaos Knuckles. In the present day, they remain bitter about it and keep rejecting the fault on each other.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails and Sonic meeting again after the timeline was rewritten, from Sonic the Hedgehog #166.

Tails was Sonic's best friend and sidekick. In the past, Sonic raised and took care of Tails like his own little brother. They also went on a lot of adventures and always stuck together. However, they eventually had a falling out and stopped talking to each other for three years.

After the timeline was altered, Tails located Sonic to stop King Shadow and save the people from his reign. Regretful about how he had left things, Sonic apologized for alienating Tails, and the two quickly revived their partnership and brotherhood. Since then, Sonic has been calling Tails by his first name.


Sonic and Lara-Su do not interact much with each other, but Sonic recognizes a lot of Knuckles in Lara-Su. Despite this, Sonic gets along better with Lara-Su than with Knuckles. After ending the reign of King Shadow, Lara-Su now serves Sonic as her king by guarding the royal twins and every event that concerns him. Sonic has plenty of faith in Lara-Su's skills as he does not question her knowledges and abilities.

Shadow the Hedgehog

In the past, Shadow and Sonic were arch-rivals. In the altered timeline, they became enemies after Shadow married Sally and became the tyrannical king of Mobius. Eventually, they fought to decide who got to rule over Mobius. Over the years though, Sonic's physical abilities has diminished while Shadow's not, leaving Sonic at a disadvantage against him. Despite this, Sonic remains Shadow's greatest enemy in the present day.

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