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Sonic the Hedgehog is an American comic book series based on Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog video game franchise and the successor of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog. It is distributed by IDW Publishing and began on 4 April 2018.[1][2]

The comic series began with the first four issues being released each week in April, followed by a monthly release of subsequent issues starting in May 2018.[3]



The Sonic the Hedgehog comic series was first announced on 21 July 2017 when the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account revealed that Sega and IDW Publishing would be collaborating together to create a new Sonic comic following the cancellation of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic two days prior.[4] The first official creative summit was conducted on 3 August 2017.[5]

IDW Sonic NYCC Promo

Promotional artwork of the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, drawn by Tyson Hesse.

During the New York Comic Con 2017 event, more information regarding IDW's Sonic comic was revealed on promotional flyers (drawn by Tyson Hesse, known for his work on the Archie Sonic comics and Sonic Mania), where it was revealed that the comic will contain characters old and new, and feature brand new stories.[1] Following this, Ian Flynn, former writer of the Archie Sonic comics, was confirmed to be the lead writer for the IDW Sonic comics.[3] On December 28, 2017 though, Flynn revealed that none of the characters he created for Archie Comics will appear in the IDW Sonic comics.[6]

IDW Sonic 1 Img Cvr

A variant cover for Sonic the Hedgehog #1 by Tracy Yardley. This was the first piece of art for the comic series that was publically revealed.

On 11 January 2018, IDW opened an official family-friendly IDW Sonic Facebook group, called “IDW Sonic Comics Squad“. This page will feature updates, art reveals, link to the IDW editorials and more related to the IDW Sonic series.[7] A few days later, on 16 January 2018, it was revealed that Tracy Yardley, a long-time Sonic artist at Archie Comics, would be joining the IDW Sonic team as well.[8] As more information about the first four issues went public, it was revealed that each of the four first issues will feature a different artist, and then rotating art teams would be taking over once the book went monthly.[9]

After its introduction, IDW Sonic Comics Squad revealed that a new character was set be announced on January 24. After five days, this character was revealed to be Tangle the Lemur.[10] On that very same day, the solicitations for the first four issues were revealed.

In an interview with Game Informer, Flynn established that IDW Sonic was a brand new continuity with no connection to the Archie Comics. He further stated that the comics will, at the moment, only draw inspiration from the Sonic game continuity and will go in a fresh new direction not dictated by an already-established canon. Flynn also stated that older elements and fringes of the franchise might be incorporated into the comics at some point, but for the beginning of the series, he wanted to focus on the core style of storytelling for the Sonic series. Flynn also revealed bits of the storyline for the first few issues, which will follow up on Sonic Forces and will deal with the fallout of the War to Take Back the Planet. As for the Sega relationship, it was revealed that they this time around are more directly involved with the stories themselves, namely by offering suggestions here and there on where to tweak things. In return, Flynn makes sure that the comic elements fit into the Sonic universe.[11]

On 21 February 2018, IDW opened its pre-orders for the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. On the same day, the IDW Sonic Comics Squad surmised the returning Archie Comic artists for the IDW Sonic series, with Matt Herms being among them. It was also revealed that Sega had placed restrictions on the comics (term like “Mobian” or any similar term has been banned, and the only “Mobile” that is allowed is the Eggmobile), that no crossover had been planned, and that the series will be a mix of various genres.[12]

During a Q&A on Facebook, it was revealed that the Sonic the Hedgehog series would be an ongoing title with no end date determined.[12]


The IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comic series exclusive bundle.

On 16 March 2018, at "Gotta Go Fast: The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Panel", the official Sonic the Hedgehog panel at the 2018 SXSW Gaming convention, Sega announced the "Sonic the Hedgehog IDW Comic Series Exclusive Bundle", which was a limited edition bundle up for pre-order on their online store, SEGA Shop. This bundle included IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog #1-#4, an additional exclusive variant cover of IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog #4, an exclusive mystery t-shirt (both of which were only available on the SEGA Shop), and digital downloads of Sonic the Hedgehog #1-#4 as they were released.[13] The bundle was released on 1 May 2018 and cost $40. It was also possible to select a shirt size from the following options: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2X-Large.

On 23 August 2018, it was announced at Gamescom 2018 that the upcoming Nintendo Switch app InkyPen will feature the IDW comics from launch.[14]

In October 2018, Mana Books began releasing European French translations of IDW Publishing's Sonic the Hedgehog graphic novel compilations. The releases follow the same format as their American counterparts.[15] In April 2019, ECC Ediciones stated that they would begin releasing Spanish translations of the comic series beginning 14 May 2019, under their Kodomo line.[16][17] It was later stated that the comic series will be translated to Russian with plans to expand it to other languages.[18] On 21 November 2019, it was announced by IDW Publishing that in June 2020, they will also publish Spanish-language editions of the graphic novel compilations of the comic series.[19] On 27 March 2020, it was announced that the comic will be published in Japan by Wise Publishing.[20]


The comic is set in its own continuity, which is heavily inspired by the Sonic the Hedgehog video games' universe. Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends live on a planet inhabited entirely by anthropomorphic animals like themselves, which is constantly under threat from the evil human scientist Dr. Eggman, who wants to take over with his army of Badniks and establish the Eggman Empire.

Prior to the start of the comic, the battle between Sonic and the Eggman Empire has been going on for quite some time, with the heroes having fought Eggman multiple times before. Many of these encounters in the past of the comic's universe bear a strong resemblance to those that took place in past Sonic video games. When the comic's storyline begins, Sonic and his friends are dealing with the fallout caused by Eggman's recent conquest of the planet, as depicted in Sonic Forces, which was the most recent Sonic game at the time.



Sonic prepares to save a village, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

After Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies defeated Dr. Eggman and liberated the world from his Eggman Empire during the Eggman War, the evil doctor went missing. However, his Badniks remained. Initially directionless, these robots eventually began launching coordinated attacks on villages, suggesting that someone had taken control of them. Sonic thus begins traveling from town to town to stop the Badniks, receiving help from both old friends and new allies (like Tangle the Lemur) along the way.

With the aid of the Chaotix Detective Agency, Sonic finds the missing Dr. Eggman, only to discover that he is suffering from amnesia and has become a model citizen. Just as Sonic and the Chaotix settle on leaving Eggman to his new life however, Shadow shows up with Rouge to destroy the Doctor after hearing him mention Eggman Land. Sonic, however, manages to convince Shadow to give the amnesiac Eggman a chance to prove his benevolence. In the aftermath, Eggman shows that the Eggman Land he mentioned was but an amusement park for children, thus clearing out any doubts about his amnesia being legit. In the meantime, the ringleader behind the Badnik attacks is making his next move. Sonic and Tails reach the Egg Fleet with the Tornado in order to get some information but as soon as the hedgehog enters the battleship, he discovers that the ringleader is Neo Metal Sonic, who assumed Eggman's appearance to lead the Eggman Empire and finish Eggman's incomplete plans. Amy and Knuckles were eventually informed and they decided to reunite the Resistance to stop Neo's scheme. Sonic soon after infiltrates one of Eggman's bases with the aid of Silver and a new ally named Whisper, where they find out that Neo Metal Sonic has conquered Angel Island in order to seize the Master Emerald.


The Resistance and their allies attack Master Overlord, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

Assembling their various allies, Sonic and the Resistance launch an attack on Angel Island in an attempt to liberate the island and stop Neo Metal Sonic. Shortly after arriving, Sonic and Knuckles confront Neo, who used the Master Emerald to become Super Neo Metal Sonic. In the meantime, the Resistance manage to free Angel Island. However, when Shadow intervened with Sonic and Knuckles' battle with Neo Metal Sonic, the robot managed to transform into a even more dangerous form: Master Overlord. Though Master Overlord puts up a bigger challenge for the heroes, he is eventually brought down by the combined strength of everyone and Angel Island is restored once more. Afterward, Knuckles, as the Resistance's commander, disbands the organization, having concluded that it has served its purpose, so he can remain on Angel Island and guard the Master Emerald. Sonic accepts Knuckles' choice and everyone eventually sets off from Angel Island.

In the meantime, unbeknownst to Sonic and the others, Eggman has been kidnapped by Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk and brought before Dr. Starline, a Eggman fanatic who wishes to return Eggman to his former glory, and is eventually succesful. After providing Eggman with the seven Chaos Emeralds, Starline is taken in by Eggman as his newest lackey. Eggman afterwards goes to work creating the Metal Virus, a virus that can convert organics into robotic slaves. To keep Sonic distracted, Eggman and Starline lure Sonic and Tails into the clutches of Rough and Tumble after they learn of Eggman's abduction. While the heroes are able to beat the skunk brothers, they disappear before they can ask them some questions. Suspecting that Eggman was back to his old ways, Sonic goes in search of answers. Along the way, Sonic met and clashed with Dr. Starline, who almost succeeded in destroying Sonic. As he returned to Eggman though, Starline was reprimanded for trying to kill Sonic (and in the wrong way no less), which Eggman saw as his privilege. Meanwhile Sonic resumes his search for Eggman. While hacking into the Eggnet with Amy in an abandoned Eggman base where they discover Eggman's plans for a Faceship, the duo come under attack by Rough and Tumble. During the subsequent fight, due to Eggman's manipulations, Rough and Tumble unwillingly let themselves get infected with a batch of the Metal Virus, which turns them into Zombots. While Sonic is able to contain Rough and Tumble by knocking them into a pit, Sonic gets infected with the Metal Virus in the process.


Charmy getting infected by Zombots, from Sonic the Hedgehog #17.

Returning to Tails for aid, Sonic and his friends discover that Sonic can burn off his infection and keep it in check with his speed. Not wanting to risk his friends' safety and let them get infected by the Metal Virus as well, Sonic leaves to find Eggman's Faceship, which they have concluded will be used to distribute the Metal Virus. However, Sonic is too late, as Eggman has already taken off in his Chaos Emerald-powered Faceship with his lackeys and begun spreading the Metal Virus with his ship by administering it in key locations. As the doctor carries out his plan, the Chaotix's home city receives a batch of the Metal Virus, creating a Zombot outbreak. While Sonic and the Chaotix are able to evacuate a handful of survivors with the aid of the Restoration, Charmy falls victim to the Zombot hordes. Soon after, Eggman creates another Zombot outbreak in Cream's home village in order to lure Sonic into the Zombots' grasp. However, Eggman soon discovers that the Zombots are beginning to ignore his commands, presumably due to a mutation in the Metal Virus coding. While Eggman is unconcerned by this development, Starline starts to get worried and begins to second-guess Eggman's brilliance. Meanwhile, Sonic manages to help Cream and Vanilla evacuate while Gemerl safeguards the family. In the process, Cheese and Chocola get turned into Zombots. Soon after, Sonic heads towards Sunset City to help Team Dark intercept the Faceship. By the time Sonic arrives however, a Zombout outbreak has already erupted, leaving him and Team Dark to rescue as many civilians as possible from an overwhelming horde of Zombots. During the commotion though, Sonic begins to feel the fatigue from his constant running. Meanwhile, Shadow gets overwhelmed by the Zombots and is turned into a Zombot himself. By the time Sonic arrives at the site, he is attacked by the Zombot Shadow. Sonic manages to keep Shadow at bay while Rouge drives off with the uninfected civilians. Omega stays behind to fight the remaining Zombots but soon gets torn apart. Silver and Tails come to Sonic and Omega's rescue, leaving Shadow behind. Tails later reveals that he created a sensor for Sonic to give more insight as to how his speed combats the Metal Virus. Meanwhile, Starline begins to devise a plan to control the Zombots that would involve Deadly Six.


Sonic and Dr. Eggman prepare to battle each other once again, from Sonic the Hedgehog #23.

Tails goes to Central City to research a cure for the Metal Virus, with Tangle and Whisper. After Dr. Eggman creates another Zombot outbreak there, Tangle and Whisper lead evacuation duties. However, Tails work is ruined by Cheese and Chocola, and other Zombots. Following Tails' failed mission, he goes on to help Tangle and Whisper evacuate the rest of the uninfected citizens. Elsewhere, Dr. Starline goes to the Lost Hex and meets Zavok. He manages to convinces him to help with their current crisis. Zavok accepts Starline's offer but unbeknownst to the latter, this was not done without malicious intent. Meanwhile, Vector and Espio return to Restoration HQ with many refugees and a captive Zombot Charmy. They planned to keep the bee at the HQ until Tails found a cure for him. Wanting to protect Cream, Gemerl objects to this. Soon, a refugee reveals that he is infected, which causes a panic among the other survivors. Due to the commotion, Charmy breaks out and begin infecting others. An emergency evacuation is ordered. However, Vanilla is not able to escape but makes Amy promise to get Cream to safety. Only one pilot was able to make it out of the building, leaving only one Rescue Shuttle available for use. Before anything else could happen, Charmy attempts to attack the ship's passengers but is stopped by Vector. Knowing he was lost to the Metal Virus, Vector had Gemerl seal him in Restoration HQ with the rest of the Zombots so that everyone else could escape. Following this, the Rescue Shuttle went to Central City to help pick up Tails, Tangle, Whisper and the survivors there. During this, Sonic is busy running to provide Tails' bio-scanner with data. He soon finds Eggman and Starline in Barricade Town, where the duo are attempting to find frequencies to control the Zombots once again. It is here that Eggman tells Starline and Sonic that there is no cure for the Metal Virus. Sonic foils the plot of the evil doctor duo, forcing them to retreat back to the Faceship. As Starline has deemed Eggman to be self-destructive, he once again visits the Deadly Six to ensure that they could exert their will over machines. Starline already knows that the Zeti plotted to turn on him, which prompts him to retrieve the Cacophonic Conch.


Zavok empowers himself with a Chaos Emerald, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

Following a Zombot outbreak in Spiral Hill Village, the Restoration fly there to help with evacuation and Sonic is called in to help out as well. Sonic soon discovers that Tangle has been infected by Jewel and she chooses to stay behind to hold Zombots back from following the Restoration. Much to the Restoration's upset hearing this news, the team retreats. Back onboard the Faceship, Starline wastes no more time and brings the Deadly Six onboard. Helpless against the Zeti's powers, Starline attempts to control the Deadly Six with the Cacophonic Conch but it is taken away from him when he lets his guard down. Starline thus retreats via his Warp Topaz with Eggman and Metal Sonic in tow. Zavok shifts priorities and have each of the Deadly Six equip themselves with a Chaos Emerald so that they can control the thousands of Zombots around the world which they will use to infect the whole world and destroy all that Sonic and Eggman hold dear. Meanwhile, Sonic and the others fly to Angel Island to use it as a safe haven. After being abruptly joined by Eggman, Starline and Metal Sonic, the group received word from Rouge (who snuck onto the Faceship days earlier) about the Deadly Six's plan and how she was coordinating with Orbot to spy on their deployments and coordinate a counterattack. Now, the heroes and villains join forces to figure out a way to combat the Metal Virus. Eggman suggests using the Warp Topaz charged by Super Sonic's power, though Starline refused to comply. Soon, with the help of Metal Sonic, Eggman takes the Warp Topaz from Starline and had him thrown off of the island via a Warp Portal. To increase their numbers against the Deadly Six in case any of, the heroes recruit the Babylon Rogues.


Super Silver and Super Sonic appear before Zavok, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29.

Eggman and Tails manage to build a Multi-Portal Generator that lead to each of the Deadly Six. After some teams have been formed, the heroes go after the Zeti. Ultimately, the heroes are able to retrieve the five CHaos EMeralds in possession of Zazz, Zomom, Zeena and Master Zik, but not without a cost; Cream has been infected and the Babylon Rogues are left to fight a horde of Zombots on their own. As the survivors regroup on the island, they find that the Zavok is approaching the island in the Faceship with a large group of Zombots following him. Fortunately, Rouge crashes the Faceship after she removes the Chaos Emerald that was powering it. This dors not stop Zavok though, as he grows to his giant size and used his enhanced powers to toss a large group of Zombots onto the island. While the survivors keep the Zombots preoccupied, Sonic, Metal Sonic and Silver go after Zavok's Chaos Emerald. Amidst the chaos Sonic finds himself nearly fully infected, only for Metal Sonic to swiftly rescue him. Sonic then procures the last Chaos Emerald, and with Silver coming in with the rest, the two transform into Super Sonic and Super Silver, with the transformation completely ridding Sonic of his infection. After Super Sonic defeats Zavok, he uses the Warp Topaz to open up a Super Warp Portal to the sun while Super Silver used his enhanced psychokinesis to pull away the Metal Virus from around the world. This cures everyone of their infection. The Metal Virus is sent into the sun, completely destroying it. Once this is done, Super Sonic attempts to toss the Topaz through the portal, only for it to cause a large explosion.

After being thrown back onto the island, Silver explains that they completed their mission but that Sonic disappeared when the explosion occured. Meanwhile, Zavok is captured and imprisoned while the other Deadly Six go into hiding. Taking advantage of the situation while everyone else is concerned with Sonic's disappearance, Eggman makes his escape with his lackeys and the disembodied head of Omega. Meanwhile, Blaze find Sonic after he crashed down into her world. However, Sonic is soon revealed to suffer from amnesia. Meanwhile, as everyone pick up the pieces from the from the Zombot apocalypse, the heroes eventually come together for a party in Tangle home town, only for Eggman to attack them with a mech that incorporates a repaired Omega. While the heroes fight, Sonic has his memory rstored by Blaze, and he returns home just in time to help defeat Eggman and free Omega. With Eggman having left to plan a new scheme, Sonic soon heads out on once more.

Stories and arcs


"Fallout" revolves around Sonic the Hedgehog and his recent adventures in the aftermath of Sonic Forces. He discovers that after Dr. Eggman's disappearance his Badnik forces had become more organized, attacking several towns on command. Sonic decides to find the source of these attacks and stops several of them with the help of his friends such as Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Blaze, and a new ally named Tangle the Lemur.

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

The Chaotix Detective Agency receive an anonymous tip which leads them to a mountainous village where they find Dr. Eggman, only to discover that he is suffering amnesia and has become a model citizen. The tip was given by Rouge the Bat, who followed Shadow the Hedgehog in the research. Sonic convinces Shadow to leave "Mr. Tinker" to his new life. Sonic then discovers that the mysterious ringleader behind the Badnik attacks is Neo Metal Sonic, who took the leadership of the Eggman Empire once again, but only to conquer the world for Eggman in his absence. Sonic and Silver soon discover Neo's plans and alert Knuckles and Amy to gather their allies.

Battle For Angel Island

Having discovered that Neo Metal Sonic has taken over Angel Island, Sonic, the Resistance, and their allies began an assault to take back the island. However, with the Master Emerald under the control of Neo Metal Sonic (who has more than a few tricks up his sleeves) and the entire Egg Fleet guarding Angel Island, liberating the island proves not to be a simple task. Eventually, Metal Sonic is defeated and the island is freed, though Knuckles decides to disband the Resistance in the aftermath. Meanwhile, Eggman is kidnapped by Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk and has his memories restored by the shadowy Dr. Starline, who becomes Eggman's new lackey while Eggman goes to work on a new plan.


When trying to relax from his latest adventure, Sonic is called back into action after learning that Dr. Eggman has gone back to his old ways. While Eggman works on the Metal Virus, Sonic is kept occupied by threats in the form of Rough and Tumble, and Dr. Starline as he looks into Eggman's latest operations. Along the way, Sonic gets infected with the Metal Virus, which is slowly turning him into a Zombot. Eventually, Eggman completes his Faceship and begins distributing the Metal Virus across the planet.

Crisis City

With Dr. Eggman creating Zombot hordes across the world by downing entire cities in his Metal Virus using his new Faceship, Sonic races to catch up to the doctor while at the same time struggling to keep his own infection in check. With the help of his allies, Sonic fights to save as many civilians as he can from a crisis that is steadily spinning out of control while Eggman slowly begins to lose control over the Zombots. Along the way though, some of Sonic's closest allies fall victim to the virus, such as Charmy, Cheese, Chocola and Shadow. Meanwhile, Dr. Starline slowly realizes that Eggman has no plan to control the virus and plots to employ the Deadly Six to counter this.

The Last Minute

Tails tries to research a cure for the Metal Virus while Tangle and Whisper help the locals evacuate following another Zombot outbreak. Due to Zombot Cheese and Chocola's interference, Tails fails his mission. At Restoration HQ, Vector butts heads with Gemerl over whether or not an imprisoned Zombot Charmy could be kept there. One of the refugees reveals that they were infected, which causes a Zombot outbreak in the HQ. Despite all efforts, many survivors were infected in the process, including Vector and Vanilla. Elsewhere, Sonic uses Tails' bio-scanner to help discover how his speed counters the Metal Virus. He finds Dr. Eggman and Dr. Starline in Barricade Town attempting to find ways to control the Zombots once again. Though Sonic foils their plans, the bio-scanner is destroyed. Following this, Sonic helps the Restoration in evacuating Spiral Hill Village after a Zombot outbreak occurred there but at the cost of losing Tangle to the virus. Meanwhile, Dr. Starline meets the Deadly Six and proposes an alliance that they accept, with each party having external malicious intent.

All or Nothing

After Dr. Starline invited the Deadly Six onboard the Faceship but failed to control them with the Cacophonic Conch, he, Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic flee the scene. The Zeti decide to use the Chaos Emeralds to empower themselves and control the thousands of Zombots around the world. Rouge, who managed to sneak onto the ship earlier, relays this information to Sonic and the others, who are now using Angel Island as a safe haven. Unexpectedly joined by Eggman and Metal Sonic, who later fires Starline, the group gets to work on a counterattack against the Deadly Six that involved the Warp Topaz. Creating a Multi-Portal Generator, which allows the survivors, including the Babylon Rogues, to fight and retrieve the Chaos Emeralds from Zeti. When all but Zavok's are assembled, Sonic, Silver and Metal Sonic team up to get it, resulting in the hedgehogs becoming Super Sonic and Super Silver. They manage to manage to defeat Zavok and remove and destroy the Metal Virus from around the world, curing everyone infected. However, after Super Sonic tries to get rid of the Warp Topaz, he vanishes.

Out of the Blue

With the Metal Virus gone, the Deadly Six decide to lay low, though Zavok ends up imprisoned. As everyone else is caught up in the commotion of Sonic's disappearance, Dr. Eggman makes a quick getaway with his lackeys and Omega. In the following days, several events occur; Amy gives control of the Restoration to Jewel; Rough and Tumble are freed from Echo Mine by Tails and Tangle; Silver returns to a restored future; Vanilla, Cream, Cheese, Chocola and Gemerl help the Chaotix with missing persons cases; Shadow reflects on Sonic's previous warning. Later on, Eggman crashes Tangle's party at Spiral Hill Village with a more weaponized Omega. Meanwhile, Sonic turns up on Blaze's world and becomes amnesiac. She helps him regain his memories and sends him back home to aid the others in defeating Eggman once more.

Chao Races and Badnik Bases


Bleeding Cool gave the first issue a score of 6.5/10, praising the art and creativity of the story but criticizing Sonic's characterization: "Sonic is an insufferable character... He’s smug, annoying, and radical in that 1990's sense."[21]

The first four issues sold about 60,000 copies, making the IDW series one of the greatest successes of printed Sonic media, surpassing Sonic Boom.[22]



The cover of a PREVIEWSworld catalogue.

  • An unused image that was made by Tyson Hesse was used for the cover of a catalogue from PREVIEWSworld, which is a catalogue of upcoming comics for comic shops.
  • The comic launched in what would have been the 25th anniversary year of its predecessor.
  • On 9 October 2017, Flynn stated on BumbleKing that there could be a chance that the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity from the Archie comics could be concluded in the IDW comics along with the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity, as he also said that IDW is famous for bringing back and completing older runs of fan-favorite franchise comics when they can.[23]
  • While the comic's logo is the same of the official video game franchise, the one shown on the promo art from the New York Comic-Con is similar to the latest one from the Archie Comics.
  • Characters like Ray, Mighty and Team Hooligan will not appear in the comics due to the fact that SEGA has currently requested a distinct division between "Classic Sonic" and "Modern Sonic". Since the comic is set within the "Modern Sonic" universe, the "Classic Sonic" material is currently off limits.[24]
  • On 26 August 2018, Flynn stated several things in an interview at SAGE 2018 about the IDW series:
    • Flynn stated that the "Modern Sonic" universe is set neither on Earth nor Mobius; just like the games' canon and Sonic X, Sonic and friends live on one world, while the humans live on another.[25]
    • Flynn has stated that he wishes to do a prequel of Sonic Forces so he can explore the six months of stories the readers did not get to see during Eggman's conquest.[25]
  • On 17 September 2018, during the BumbleKast, Flynn confirmed several things about the IDW comic series:[26]
    • He does not have any plans for the Knothole Freedom Fighters at the moment and stated that SEGA will declare if they can use them.
    • Only some places will have a name if they are important for world building.
    • He has plans for making an entire new rogues gallery for the comic, but that it will take time.
  • On 7 December 2018, David Mariotte announced that the schedule was being adjusted so more comics can be released in 2019.[27]
  • The reason why the "Classic Sonic" universe is not included in the series is because the creative team cannot state if it takes place in the past or is another dimension.[28]
  • Flynn has stated that there are characters in the series inspired by some characters from the comic series published by Archie Comics.[29]
  • Infinite will not appear in the comics in the immediate future as SEGA has established that he is off-limits.[30]
  • One of the first pitches Flynn presented to the creative crew before officially writing Sonic the Hedgehog was to begin with a villain that was not Eggman as there have been many Eggman-focused stories beforehand. Flynn believed he should use someone familiar to Sonic fans but not someone readers would necessarily expect. For that reason, he chose Neo Metal Sonic as the main villain for the first eleven issues of the comic as he was able to impersonate Eggman.[31]
  • Flynn has stated that despite the comic being settled in the "two worlds" canon, similar events from the games' canon have happened, and there is the possibility of passing knowledge from both worlds to introduce them later in the comics.[32]

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