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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I live for the moment. I want to see the world, find all its thrills and adventures, and enjoy them. I want everyone to have the freedom to do that, too. And you wouldn't get that opportunity if I took it away from you. I've made peace with enough enemies to know there is a better way.

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #50

Sonic the Hedgehog is the titular protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog who is endowed with super speed and renowned as a hero across time and space.[8] Possessing a strong sense of justice, Sonic uses his abilities and skills to defend the innocent from the forces of evil, most notably against the tyranny of his nemesis, Dr. Eggman, and his empire.


Sonic the Hedgehog, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

Sonic is a slim anthropomorphic hedgehog with blue fur that covers most of his body, peach skin that covers his arms, inner ears, muzzle and front torso, and emerald-green eyes. He has small, triangular ears on the top of his head, a black nose on his muzzle, six long quills on the back of his head, two spines protruding from his back behind his shoulders, and a short pointy tail.

For attire, Sonic wears two light-weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with white cuffs around the ankles, gray soles, and white straps across the top, the last of which are held down by a golden buckle on each foot. He also wears a pair of white gloves with sock-like cuffs on his hands.



Sonic hails from parts unknown. What is known is that he has always been on the move, looking for his next adventure.[9]

Sonic has spent years of his life battling his arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman, and his forces for the fate of the world, with Sonic always prevailing in the end.[10][11] Along the way, he has made numerous friends, rivals, and other enemies. Noticeably, he practically raised his best friend and closest ally, Tails.[12] Some of Eggman's plots that Sonic has foiled include Eggman's countless attempts to procure the Chaos Emeralds,[11] and the deployment of the Death Egg,[11]

In the past, Sonic and Tails would visit Angel Island. During their trip around the island, they became quite familiar with its various regions.[13]

Sonic fighting the Egg Viper, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

One the earliest known conflict between Sonic and Eggman included a battle between the two where Eggman was in his Egg Viper mech, which ended in Sonic's victory.[10]

Another encounter involved the Space Colony ARK, in which Eggman used its Eclipse Cannon to blow up a part of the moon in order to show the world the power that he wielded. These events lead to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge, Shadow and even Eggman to eventually team up and stop a bigger threat.[1][11]

Sonic facing the Egg Emperor, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

Later, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles formed a team. Soon after, a battle happened between Team Heroes and Neo Metal Sonic - the powered up form of Metal Sonic - who was impersonating Eggman. This time, the fake Eggman was piloting the Egg Emperor mech, but Sonic and his friends defeated the mech.[10][14] After learning that Neo Metal Sonic had taken over the Eggman Empire however, Sonic and his team defeated the robot, causing him to revert back to normal.[14] At some point after that, Sonic fought Gemerl, a robot serving Eggman, at the Altar Emerald. However, Sonic did not destroy Gemerl. Instead, Tails reprogrammed Gemerl into a kind-hearted robot who became Sonic's friend.[15]

After that, Sonic took part in war against the Black Arms when the vicious aliens invaded; with the aid of Eggman's forces, Sonic and his allies were able to repel the Black Arms.[1]

During another adventure of his, Sonic was hit by a curse. However, he managed to overcome this threat in the end.[16]

Some time later, Sonic foiled Eggman's plans again when the doctor shattered the planet with the Chaos Energy Cannon.[11] During this incident, Sonic got an infection that turned him into a Werehog, but he eventually got over it.[16]

At one point, Sonic saved Planet Wisp when Dr. Eggman tried to conquer it. Along the way, he befriended the Wisps, the alien inhabitants of Planet Wisp.[17] During this adventure, Sonic befriended a White Wisp named Yacker.[17]

Sonic and the Egg Dragoon during the Time Eater incident, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

Soon after, Eggman tried using the power of a monster known as the Time Eater to tamper with time until he was defeated by Sonic.[11] During this incident, Sonic also fought and defeated the Egg Dragoon.[10]

Not long after, Sonic and Eggman would clash on the Lost Hex but also found opposition in the Deadly Six, a group of Zeti that Eggman tried to control. Sonic managed to stop the Deadly Six, forcing to relinquish their control of Eggman's Badniks.[11][18] While there, the Wisps assisted Sonic.[17]

The Eggman War

Eventually, Sonic got caught off-guard and imprisoned by Dr. Eggman in a cell in space, allowing the latter to conquer the majority of Sonic's world.[10][19][20] After six months of imprisonment, though, Sonic was freed by the Resistance, a freedom fighting group formed by Sonic's friends and allies commanded by Knuckles the Echidna, whom he joined up with.[19][20]

Participating in the Resistance's war efforts, Sonic fought a Metal Sonic phantom at one point during the war.[14] He supposedly also encountered the Jackal Squad's members, but was able to defeat them.[21]

After many battles, Sonic and the Resistance were able to break the Eggman Empire's control over the world.[10] At the climax of their war, Sonic fought Eggman, who was armed with his Death Egg Robot. After Sonic beat Eggman however, the doctor simply vanished.[10] In aftermath, Sonic left the Resistance, who began focusing on cleaning up after the Eggman Empire.[22]

Fallout! and Big's Big Adventure

Sonic coming to the aid of Vista View, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

About a month later, Sonic noticed a local town called Vista View under attack from a Badnik force. He quickly rushed to their aid, helping trash many of the robots. He soon came across some Egg Hammers though, who were able to put the pressure on the hedgehog. While running underground in the sewers to avoid them, he met and said hello to Big. Fortunately, Sonic's best friend Tails was able to step in and help him destroy the Badniks. Afterward, Tails confided in Sonic that the Badniks had been undergoing much more coordinated attacks following Eggman's absence. Realizing there could be something controlling them, Sonic thought it might be Eggman, but Tails did not believe so, as Eggman was known for making sure they knew he had returned before attacking. Regardless, Sonic remained determined to take care of the rest of the Badniks like he always had, but Tails expressed his worry over the thought of Sonic losing again. Sonic thus promised Tails to be careful and even offered him to tag along with him. However, Tails decided it was more important to help the town that they had just saved rebuild and recover. Commending Tails for his decision, Sonic set off on his new quest alone.[10][23]

At the neighboring town called Riverside, Sonic brought down the Death Crab down before it could cause any major damage. Amy Rose then arrived and helped finish the Death Crab off. She explained that she heard about Sonic and Tails' latest actions and came by to find Sonic to present him with a request: rejoin the Resistance. The Resistance had their hands full as there were many leftover Badniks from the last major battle against Eggman who randomly attacked citizens. However, much to Amy's dismay, Sonic declined her offer as he wanted to find out who was controlling the Badniks on his own.[22]

Sonic fighting Badniks, from Sonic the Hedgehog #2.

Sonic and Amy soon discovered that the Death Crab was just a decoy so that more Badniks could invade from the west. While Sonic thinned them out, Amy rallied Wispon-wielding villagers to help destroy the Badniks that reached the town square. Sonic and Amy then continued to destroy more Badniks and find their source. During this time, Amy kept asking Sonic to join the Resistance. Soon, Sonic and Amy discovered a Blowfish Transporter unloading many more Badniks at the edge of the town. With their Croquette Bomber technique, the duo took out the Blowfish Transporter. Afterwards, Amy came to terms with Sonic's decision and let him be on his own. Regardless, she requested for him to check on Knuckles the Echidna in a nearby town as she had not heard from him since. Accepting the mission, Sonic set off to find Knuckles.[22]

As he arrived at Barricade Town, which was a hub for Wispon distribution, Sonic found that Knuckles had already dealt with the Badniks that had been attacking the town. Knuckles explained that the town's Wispon shipments had dwindled and he had come to find out why. The two entered the town and found its citizens in a panic. They were told that all the town's Wispons had been stolen by a duo of mercenaries that had, before the Eggman War ended, driven Eggman's forces away and saved the town, only to then conquer the town and keep its arsenal to themselves. With this in mind, Sonic and Knuckles continued to the town's supply depot-turned-fortress to defeat the mercenaries. There, they encountered a group of captive Wisps being hoarded. Soon, Sonic and Knuckles confronted the mercenaries, who introduced themselves as Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk. A battle ensued between the four, which seemed to be evenly matched until Sonic called upon the help of the Wisps that were trapped within the Wispons Rough and Tumble had stolen. They broke out of the Wispons and allowed Sonic and Knuckles to easily defeat Rough and Tumble, who were promptly arrested and hauled off to jail. With the town now free, Sonic and Knuckles began partying with the townspeople.[17]

Continuing his journey, Sonic arrived at Spiral Hill Village, where a Buzz Bomber battleship was deploying by a stream of Badniks to attack the village. As he entered the village, he reconsidered Amy's invitation to rejoin the Resistance, but pushed that aside. He soon after noticed a ring-tailed lemur fighting the Badniks as well, who introduced herself to him as Tangle the Lemur. Together, they fought the Badniks until they got cornered by a large group of them. Fortunately, Blaze the Cat appeared, and helped them tear through the rest of the Badniks' ranks, including the giant Buzz Bomber. Once the attack had ended, Sonic introduced Blaze and Tangle to each other, and asked Blaze what brought her to his world. She explained she had come to prevent a "terrible event" on his world, as per the Sol Emeralds' directions. Sonic thought she referred to Eggman's global takeover until Tangle brought up the possibility that the organized Badniks could a sign of something worse coming their way, which made Blaze stay until she understood why she was here. After bidding farewell to Blaze and Tangle, who went to calm the fires in the village, Sonic continued his search for the Badniks' ringleader.[19]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman

Sonic meets "Mr. Tinker," from Sonic the Hedgehog #5.

Sonic was later contacted by the Chaotix, who needed his help. Meeting up with his escort Espio, the two heroes were forced to clear out some Badniks that were attacking them. After that, Sonic was filled in on the Chaotix Detective Agency's activities by Espio, who told him that they had finally found Dr. Eggman, and that he was taking him to him. Arriving in Windmill Village, Sonic was introduced to a friendly Dr. Eggman, now going by the name "Mr. Tinker," but scoffed the doctor's greeting. Learning from the Chaotix that Eggman was suffering from amnesia, and had become a productive member of the village, Sonic began talking with the Chaotix and the village's elder about what to do with the doctor since it did not seem right to penalize him now that he was a good man with no recollection of his evil deeds. However, a horde of Badniks soon approached the village. Suspecting Eggman to be behind them, Sonic confronted him while the Chaotix faced the Badniks, only to find a scared Mr. Tinker protecting the local children. Convinced now that this form of Eggman was a new man, Sonic helped the Chaotix beat the Badniks. Telling the Chaotix about Mr. Tinker, the group decided to leave him to his new life. After properly greeting Mr. Tinker, Sonic prepared to leave, but then noticed Mr. Tinker mention Eggman Land. Immediately after, Shadow and Rouge showed up, with the former seeking to destroy Eggman.[11]

Although Sonic tried telling Shadow that Eggman's amnesia was legit and that he was now a good man that did not deserve the punishment Shadow had planned, Shadow did not care. Eventually, their disagreement came to blows. While they raced around and fought however, Sonic convinced Shadow that Eggman was not beyond forgiveness, just like Shadow was in spite of his past attempt to destroy the world. However, when Shadow realized that Sonic had been leading him away from Eggman, the back hedgehog went back to Windmill Village, forcing Sonic to hurry back. Fortunately, by the time Sonic arrived, Mr. Tinker had convinced Shadow that he was not the person he used to be by showing him that the "Eggman Land" he mentioned earlier was but an amusement part for children which he had named after a word that "came to him." After Shadow and Rouge took their leave, Sonic promised Mr. Tinker that he would come back to visit, even if it was only to check if the doctor's memories were returning.[1]

Neo Metal Sonic threatens Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #7.

Eventually, Sonic joined up with Tails again, whom he began raiding bases with in search of clues to whom was commandeering the Badniks. While flying through the sky in the Tornado however, the duo encountered an Egg Fleet battlecruiser. Seeing this as a chance to get a noteworthy clue, Tails had Sonic board the battlecruiser with his MIles Electric so he could get some computer data from a computer. On the cruiser, Sonic met someone who looked like Eggman. Since Sonic had seen Eggman however, he did not buy the bluff, and the faker revealed himself to be Neo Metal Sonic. Neo Metal Sonic revealed that he was supposed to be the doctor's greatest weapon in the final battle during the Eggman War, but he was completed too late. Since he had been given his creator's genius, vision, and drive however, Neo decided to take over the Eggman Empire and conquer the world for Eggman as him (making him the ringleader behind the Badnik attacks) and then find the real Eggman so he could hand his empire back to him. Sonic realized that this was the reason that he had to fight a phantom of Metal Sonic during the Eggman War instead of the real thing. Sonic tried to defeat Neo Metal Sonic and his army of Egg Pawns, but was forced to flee after Neo Metal Sonic copied his bio-data. Destroying the ship's Badnik staff and artillery along the way, Sonic ultimately escaped Neo Metal Sonic with Tails and the Tornado's aid. Rendezvousing at Resistance HQ, Sonic told Tails, Amy and Knuckles of what he had learned. In an effort to undermine Neo Metal Sonic's scheme, Sonic and co. decided to search for any old plans that could tell them what Neo Metal Sonic was up to.[14]

Soon after, Sonic infiltrated one of Eggman's bases. There, he encountered Silver when the psychic hedgehog destroyed a Spina for him. The two of them then noticed that the "Guardian Angel" was in the area when she sniped a Spina sneaking up on them. With Sonic oblivious to who that was, Silver told him about her and her efforts during the Eggman War. Silver then explained that he had come back from his time to help Sonic and co. stop an event which would lead to the extinction of all life in his time. The duo soon after found the Guardian Angel. Although Silver scared her into the shadows, Sonic convinced her to trust them when her Wisps playfully greeted him. With the Guardian Angel, who introduced herself as Whisper, on their side, Sonic and co. broke into the base's computer room. There, they overcame E-107 Theta and a horde of Spinas. After keeping Whisper from destroying the computer, Sonic had Silver access the Eggnet. On it, they discovered Neo Metal Sonic's horrific plans, which prompted Sonic and Silver to contact Knuckles and Amy at Resistance HQ and have them call everyone in.[20]

Battle For Angel Island

Returning to Resistance HQ, Sonic and the Resistance's allies were informed of what he and Silver had discovered: that Neo Metal Sonic had conquered Angel Island, which he had turned into a flying fortress, and secured the Master Emerald for himself on the island. As Amy laid out a plan on how they could liberate Angel Island, Blaze offered to confront Neo Metal Sonic as Burning Blaze, which Sonic was all about. However, Tails shot down that plan, having deemed it too risky if Blaze had to face Neo Metal Sonic's powers. In the end, Sonic and Knuckles were chosen to confront Neo Metal Sonic instead and secure the Master Emerald while the others focused on breaking the Egg Fleet's control over the island.[24]

On their way to Angel Island in one of the Resistance's battleships, Sonic thanked Whisper for joining them on this mission before paying Tails a visit in the captain's nest. As the two friends were having a moment however, the Egg Fleet began bombarding the ship. Using their Extreme Gears, Sonic and Knuckles left the crashing ship and flew to the Master Emerald's shrine, which had been turned into a fortification. Inside it, the two heroes found Neo Metal Sonic on top of the Master Emerald. When they tried to confront him however, Neo Metal Sonic used the Master Emerald to turn into Super Neo Metal Sonic.[24] While Sonic was undeterred, Super Neo Metal Sonic went on the offensive. Sonic subsequently tried to distract Super Neo Metal Sonic while Knuckles went for the Master Emerald, but both him and Knuckles were foiled and outfought at every turn by the robot. When Sonic and Knuckles ended up lying in defeat before Super Neo Metal Sonic however, Shadow showed up and succeeded in making Super Neo Metal Sonic revert back to normal before laying the smackdown on him. Sonic brought the fight to a halt though, concerned that Neo Metal Sonic would copy Shadow's powers. However, Neo Metal Sonic revealed that he had just finished copying Shadow's bio-data, which, combined with Sonic's bio-data and the Master Emerald's power, would let him assume his final form. While Knuckles and Shadow tried in vain to stop Neo Metal Sonic, Sonic convinced them to evacuate the stronghold once the structure started to fold into Neo Metal Sonic. The ground soon after began to rumble and Knuckles noted that the Master Emerald had been cut off from Angel Island ― without its power, the island would fall. Meanwhile, Neo Metal Sonic grew into a form more monstrous than the last ― dubbing himself Master Overlord ― and demanded that Sonic bowed to him.[12]

Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow dodging attacks from Master Overlord, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

Getting attacked by Master Overlord, Sonic heard from Knuckles that Burning Blaze could not help them. He, Knuckles and Shadow were then grabbed and flown away by Master Overlord, who wanted them to see him destroy their allies, who were onboard an Egg Fleet battleship. It was then that Sonic came up with a plan: if they could drive Master Overlord closer to Angel Island and rip the Master Emerald out of him, they could deprive the robot of his power source and save the island. When the trio escaped Master Overlord's grasp, Sonic and Shadow focused on attacking Master Overlord's wings while Knuckles went for the Master Emerald. Sonic also taunted Master Overlord, which distracted the robot long enough for Sonic's allies, whom Knuckles had relayed Sonic's plan to, to swarm Master Overlord and help drive him towards Angel Island. During the battle, Sonic got shaken off Master Overlord, but was rescued by Silver with his psychokinesis. Knuckles subsequently got the Master Emerald away from Master Overlord after Tails rammed he robot with his battleship, and brought it back to Angel Island, returning the island to the sky while Master Overlord powered down to normal. Down on Angel Island, Sonic sought out Tails, who was safe and sound. With Angel Island now back to normal and Metal Sonic offline, Sonic and Tails celebrated their victory.[25]

Sonic later had Tails partially repair Metal Sonic so he could talk with the robot. Upon waking up, Metal Sonic threw himself at Sonic, only to collapse in his arms, unable to fight. Sonic explained everything and proposed a truce and the chance for a new life since Eggman was out of the picture. The robot, however, rejected Sonic's offer and flew away. Although disappointed, Sonic decided not to follow him out of respect for his choice. Later, Sonic made several rounds around the Angel Island and informed Knuckles that the island seemed intact. He offered Knuckles to join the others on the trip back to Resistance HQ in the Egg Fleet battleship Tails was repairing, but Knuckles refused, having decided to remain and guard the Master Emerald. When Sonic then asked him about the future of Resistance, Knuckles decided to dissolve the organization. Sonic then went to the battleship, where he met Amy. He informed her about the Resistance's disbandment, and then ran to Tangle and Whisper when the Chaotix demanded payment. Tangle expressed her excitement about her new life to Sonic, but Whisper decided to remain silent. Sonic decided to give the latter some space. He then met Silver and Blaze, who were both holding off their trips home for the time being. This made Sonic note that this was a chance to have more adventures together. Sonic later met Rouge, whom he asked for her next plans and asked to thank Shadow for him. Sonic then visited Tails on the captain's bridge and congratulated him on the record-breaking repair of the ship and another well-finished adventure as the battleship took off Angel Island.[21]

Jet Set Tornado and Sonic Fan Club

Sonic and Tails flying the Tornado in pursuit of a Stealth Balkiry, from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019.

Sonic would later pilot the Tornado for Tails to test the biplane's new engine. During the flight however, the heroes stumbled upon a Stealth Balkiry who had stolen supplies from a Resistance warehouse. Sonic and Tails subsequently chased the Badnik to a volcanic island. There, they directed the robot so that it was hit by lava fired from a geyser. As it then dropped the stolen supplies, Sonic destroyed it in midair, and was caught by Tails on the Tornado's wing. Sonic proceeded to thank his friend and let him take the helm, stating that landing the plane is too slow for him.[26]

Later, Sonic dropped by the Sonic Fan Club's first meeting and destroyed the Egg Pawn bothering them before taking off again.[27]


While Sonic was relaxing with a Flicky, Tails came with a letter he had received which foreshadowed Eggman's return to his evil ways in Windmill Village. Deciding to check this out, Sonic and Tails went to Windmill Village. There, they found no one, except for Elder Scruffy, who had been beaten up and hung up in a tree. While helping him, Elder Scruffy revealed that Eggman had been kidnapped a week ago by two thugs, who had since returned and locked up the villagers in the community center. Immediately after, the thugs appeared, who turned out to be Rough and Tumble, now wielding new weapons. Sonic subsequently faced the skunks to distract them while Tails and Elder Scruffy freed the villagers. Knowing that Rough and Tumble were not smart enough to make their weapons or leave cryptic letters, Sonic guessed they were working with someone and demanded that they told him where Eggman was. However, the brothers were not interested in that. Eventually though, Tails joined the fight. Splitting Rough and Tumble up, Sonic took on Tumble, who became a blubbering mess after Sonic smashed his new prosthetic tail. Bringing Tumble together with Rough, who had been defeated by Tails, Sonic almost got Rough to tattle, only for the brothers to vanish through a portal. Although Sonic was reluctant to admit that the old Eggman was back and helping Rough and Tumble, Sonic figured that someone must have freed Rough and Tumble and told them where to find Eggman. With Tails staying behind to fix Windmill Village, Sonic left to find Silver to see if he had found something.[28]

Following a lead from an informant Silver had met, Sonic and Silver went to Frozen Peak where they found an Eggman base teeming with activity. Before they could attack though, Metal Sonic ambushed them. During the subsequent fight, Metal Sonic got saved by Dr. Starline, whom Silver recognized as his informant. Introducing himself, Starline revealed he was behind their concerns and that he had staged this encounter to test himself against Sonic. Realizing that it was Starline who worked with Rough and Tumble, Sonic asked him about Eggman, and Starline revealed he had restored Eggman's memories. Sonic and Silver thus engaged Starline and Metal Sonic. Although Silver took care of Metal Sonic, Sonic got sent through a portal and over a cliff, prompting Silver to follow Sonic through the portal. After Silver saved Sonic, he and Sonic hurried back to Starline, whom Sonic pinned down and demanded info on Eggman from. In response, Starline gave them a code to a vault in the base, which Silver went to check out. When Starline then revealed that Eggman was up to something and that he had given Silver the activation code for a bomb, Sonic hurried into the base to stop Silver. Although Sonic was too late, Silver managed to protect them from the bomb's blast with his psychokinesis. Sonic then took the injured Silver to Restoration HQ to recuperate. After bringing Amy up to speed, she and Sonic tried figuring out their next move, as they knew nothing about what Eggman was up to. In an effort to locate Eggman and figure out his plan, Amy figured they could tap into his network from an unguarded Eggman base in Echo Mine. With a new mission target, Sonic got Amy to come along since its was her plan.[8]

Sonic fighting Zombot Tumble, from Sonic the Hedgehog #15.

Eventually, Sonic and Amy reached the base in Echo Mine where they found an old Eggman computer. Amy soon managed to hack it and find plans for an ARK-like space station and talk about a "payload distribution". However, before the heroes could learn more, Rough and Tumble appeared in a large tank with a massive drill and guns. Sonic, however, again mocked the skunks' attempt at an rhymey introduction. He then took Amy and escaped with her through the mines until they reached a refuse pit, and they decided to use the narrow floor in the cave to defeat Rough and Tumble. When Rough and Tumble arrived, Sonic brought Amy in from to the rear of the tank. He then threw Amy up to the tank's cockpit, which she destroyed while Sonic hit the tank's treads. The tank subsequently fell into the refuse pit, but Rough and Tumble escaped and activated their backup backpacks. This made a metallic liquid gush over them and turn them into Zombots. Sonic proceeded to engage Tumble, only for the Zombot to instantly regenerate from any damage he got. As Sonic then wiped his mouth, he discovered he had been infected with the same liquid that turned Rough and Tumble into Zombots. After warning Amy not to touch them and fighting with Tumble some more, Sonic disposed of both Zombots by knocking them into the refuse pit. He then showed Amy the infection and asked if she had any good ideas.[29]

Taking Amy's advice, Sonic hurried to Tails' Workshop to get Tails to look at him. While Sonic had Tails run some tests on him, Tangle came by for a visit. After discovering the extend of how contagious Sonic was, Tails conclude that Sonic had forced this Metal Virus into remission with his speed. Seeing that Tangle had questions, Sonic brought her up to speed. After Tails then realized that they had to warn people about the Zombots, Sonic and Tails heard what Tangle had been up to. Afterward, the group tried to figure out their next course of action. Since Amy had found plans for a battleship that Eggman was planning to spread his virus with, they concluded that they should find it. When Sonic tried to high-five Tangle however, he saw his infection had returned and withdrew himself. Seeing that Sonic's speed could only burn off the virus and keep in check, Tails wanted to conduct more tests. Not wanting to risk his friends' well-being, Sonic left to find Eggman's battleship. On the way, Sonic reflected on how different things were this time with this new threat Eggman was posing. Nevertheless, he assured himself that they would get through this.[16]

Crisis City

Sonic later came to Seaside City after he learned that Eggman had attacked it with the Metal Virus. Upon arriving, Sonic saved Vector from some Zombots and learned that the Chaotix were evacuating the inhabitants to the docks. Following Vector's plan, Sonic decided to distract the Zombots in order to facilitate the rescue operation. Along the way, Sonic blew past some Zombots blocking the way down from a roof in order to rescue two residents. Soon after, he saw a Rescue Shuttle arrive to take the survivors to safety. Knowing this would draw the attention of the Zombots, Sonic wanted to save everybody. However, noticing how much his infection had spread, Sonic decided to take a quick run in order to burn it off. When Sonic later arrived at the port, he learned that Charmy Bee had flown back into the city. After ordering Vector and Espio to escape with the evacuees, he went to look for Charmy.[30]

Sonic argues with Gemerl, from Sonic the Hedgehog #18.

Having failed to find Charmy, Sonic went to Floral Forest Village to evacuate Cream, her family, and the other villagers before Eggman's Metal Virus hit them. By the time Sonic arrived however, Eggman had already created a Zombot outbreak. While fighting the Zombots, Sonic began thinking about how he failed to save Charmy and how he did not want history to repeat itself. Soon after, Sonic noticed that the Zombots were beginning to ignore Eggman's orders. Later, as Sonic helped villagers evacuate to the north glade where the Rescue Shuttle would be, Sonic noticed his infection was getting worse. As he thought about whether he should leave the villagers and go for a run to burn off the infection or stay and help the village, he was attacked by Gemerl, who had deemed him a threat to Cream and her family due to his infection. Sonic explained that he could keep his infection in check, but Gemerl refused to consider Sonic less of a threat. Sonic suggested to Gemerl that he could remove the Metal Virus by interfacing with it, but Gemerl noted that he and the Metal Virus were incompatible. Nonetheless, Gemerl gave Sonic an ultimatum: either run away and burn off his infection, or stay and be eliminated. In the end, Sonic chose the former, since he could not fight Gemerl and the Zombots at the same time and because his infection was reaching its apogee anyway. During his run, Sonic kept two villagers from starting a forest fire to keep the Metal Virus from spreading. Hurrying to Cream's house afterward, Sonic blew away a Zombot trying to get Vanilla and Cream. Seeing that Cheese and Chocola had become Zombots too, Sonic encouraged a grief-stricken Cream to be brave and promised her that they could find a way to cure the Zombots. After seeing Cream fly her mother towards the north glade, Sonic was saved from some Zombots by Gemerl, who apologized for his behavior. Forgiving him, Sonic told where Cream and Vanilla went and instructed him to ensure the Rescue Shuttle took off safely. Sonic then trapped Cheese and Chocola in glass jars to keep them from flying away. As he engaged more Zombots, Sonic was contacted by Rouge, who needed aid evacuating Sunset City, which was Eggman's next target. Agreeing to help her and Team Dark with the interception, Sonic swore not to let any more of his friends fall victim to the virus.[15]

Sonic and Shadow argue, from Sonic the Hedgehog #19.

When Sonic came to Sunset City, a massive Zombot outbreak had already begun. While fighting through the Zombots, Sonic looked for civilians to save while noticing that his infection was getting worse. After a while, he heard cries for help. Seeing some civilians being kept in a building by Zombots, Sonic rushed in to clear the Zombots out, only to pull back when Omega beat him to it by shooting at the Zombots. Sonic tried to persuade Omega to hold back against the Zombots as they did not choose to be Eggman robots, but Omega remained determined to destroy any Eggman-related robot. Nevertheless, Sonic noticed that the Zombots were too hardy for Omega to really damage. Sonic then saw Rouge, who told him to escort the survivors to the Grand Gold Flicky Hotel where they were organizing survivors. With Omega's help, Sonic managed to evacuate the civilians from the building. After then clearing out a path to the hotel for the survivors, Sonic met Rouge there and told her about his infection and that Eggman could no longer control the Zombots. Immediately after, Sonic heard some civilians call for help, as the Zombots were coming. At first, he wanted to reach out to a civilian, but then he remembered that he was infected. Sonic proceeded to create a whirlwind that blew the nearby Zombots away. Sonic then went to help Omega, who was slowly getting surrounded by Zombots. However, the Zombots were knocked away by Shadow when he arrived in a truck to take the survivors away in. Upon seeing Shadow though, Shadow blamed Sonic for this crisis; if he had not stopped him from destroying Eggman in Windmill Village, none of this would be happening. Although Sonic tried to defend himself by noting that Starline was the one who brought Eggman back, he had to cut his argument with Shadow short, as he needed to go on a run to burn off his infection. He thus left the evacuation of the civilians to Team Dark, although not before informing Shadow that if the Zombots infected him, he could run around to control his infection. As his run took him outside the city, Sonic began to feel his fatigue catching up to him. Seeing the city chaos also made Sonic worried about his friends. However, he shoved those thoughts aside in order to focus on the task ahead. By the time Sonic returned to Team Dark's site however, Rouge told him to "handle" Shadow. As Sonic wondered about what she meant by that, he got pinned against the truck by Shadow, who had become a Zombot.[2]

Sonic began to fight his Zombot rival while also realizing he would get the chance to say "I told you so" to him later. He found discomfort in having to fight not only Shadow but an entire city of Zombots. Nonetheless, Sonic kept the pressure up on the Zombots and confirmed with Rouge that all the uninfected citizens were secure. When Rouge took off with the truck, Omega stayed behind to continue fighting the Zombots though Sonic teased him to say that he stayed to help him exclusively. Sonic soon spotted Shadow running after the truck. As the Zombot Shadow did not know how to properly use his rocket skates, Sonic was able to catch up to him only for Shadow to throw him back. Omega suggested to Sonic that he should retreat before his infection took over completely but he refused as he did not believe the truck was far enough away and he did not want to leave another friend behind. Omega protested, saying that they were not friends. Sonic instead suggested that they both retreat since Omega could not actually destroy the Zombots but the latter refused. When Omega began to violently fight Shadow, Sonic tried to remind him who he was but Omega did not care as he saw his former partner as another Eggman robot. Sonic continued to fight the Zombots until Shadow ripped Omega's chest open and his two arms were torn off by two other Zombots. Sonic used a Spin Attack on Shadow and tried to reason with him but to no avail. He tried to suggest a retreat one more time to Omega but he still refused. Just when Sonic thought it was all over, the recently healed Silver arrived on the scene and used his psychokinesis on all of the Zombots to clear a path for him. Tails told him to go to the Tornado which was waiting just outside the city to the east. With this, Sonic fled the scene.[18]

Sonic begins to look on the bright side, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

Later at Restoration HQ, Sonic was let inside by Cream. He was told that though it was past her bedtime, she was permitted by her mother to help around. Cream goes on to tell him that she has been trying to keep the refugees happy by handing out snacks and sweets to them, which left Sonic to call her the bravest hero there. Sonic was told that Amy was asking for him. Before he could enter her office, Gemerl stopped him due to his hazardous infection. Cream told Gemerl off, saying that Amy had requested to see him personally. With this, Gemerl moved out of the way and Sonic joked that he was a "mechahazard" due to the Metal Virus. Inside, Sonic found Rouge and confirmed to her that Shadow was lost to the Metal Virus. This angered Rouge and she stated that he should have run when she said so. Sonic began to talk to Amy who wished to see how he was doing. However, she quickly turned her attention back to the search and rescue missions she was coordinating. Sonic next found Vector and Espio who have been taking shifts in finding survivors and supplies while also looking for Charmy, the latter part of which Sonic did not think was a good idea. Espio then considers Sonic's health and the hedgehog told the duo that he could only afford small naps before the virus caught up to him. After the trio said their goodbyes, Sonic met up with Silver and Tails and thanked them for their help. He confirms with Silver that the Metal Virus was the cause of his metallic future, though he did not see any Zombots (or anyone) there. Sonic checked up on Omega whose body was left behind in Sunset City. Tails explained that he would give the robot a temporary body in the future once he had the supplies and the time. Tails went on to explain that since the data he got from Sonic before was too robust to create a cure from, he created a sensor for him that would read his biometrics to give insight as to how his speed combated the Metal Virus. However, he also stated that the computers in the HQ would not be able to read that kind of data and planned to go to his lab in Central City instead but was wary that he may get attacked by Zombots. Silver proposed to cover him, despite the risk that he may be called elsewhere but Sonic took Silver up on his optimism.[18]

The Last Minute

Sonic took off with Tails' bio-scanner and started to burn off more of the growing Metal Virus infection. He soon called Tails, who had gone to Central City, when he was running at the outskirts of Barricade Town. After explaining how well he got the data from his bio-scanner and the situation at Central City, Tails suggested that Sonic kept running so he can find a cure for the virus. Sonic understood and wished Tails luck.[31] When Sonic reached Barricade Town, he found that it had attacked and wondered if he would be able to help any survivors there. Once he sees Dr. Eggman present in the village, he goes to interrogate him on why he decided to go back to his evil ways after Dr. Starline restored his memories instead of being more like "Mr. Tinker". Eggman told Sonic that he was "bringing peace and unity to the world through his brilliant guidance", which he considered to be better than his deeds as Mr. Tinker. Sonic disagreed with Eggman's vision and after having had his patience spent, he demanded that he reverse the effects of the Metal Virus. Eggman refused, saying that he could not stop it if he wanted to and after he managed to control the Zombots he would be able to take over the world. This proved to be the last straw for Sonic and prompted the hedgehog to engage in battle with Eggman. After being taunted by the doctor, Sonic jumped onto Eggman's Egg Mobile in an attempt to infect him. Eggman instead dodged this by flipping over in the Egg Mobile, which forced him and Sonic to fall to the ground. As the duo get surrounded by Zombots, Sonic jokingly taunts Eggman on how he could not do anything about it. However, after Starline managed to find a working frequency with the Egg Mobile that could control Zombots, the infected instead attacked Sonic solely.[32]

Sonic nearly succumbs to the Metal Virus, from Sonic the Hedgehog #23.

When Eggman demanded that Starline upload the frequency to the Faceship, Sonic burst out from the pile of Zombots and destroyed the Egg Mobile. After Starline rescued Eggman from Sonic and the Zombots, Eggman berated Sonic for destroying the only means of controlling the infected. Sonic sarcastically voiced his concern and told Eggman to work on a cure instead. Eggman refused again and then retreated with Starline back to the Faceship. Sonic looked to his arm to realize that the bio-scanner had been destroyed after he destroyed the Egg Mobile. Feeling hopeless, Sonic upsettingly reflected on how his little faith in Eggman has made several people pay for it in the end. Soon, as Sonic is almost fully infected, the hedgehog is nearly attacked by several Zombots that climbed up onto the rooftop. Sonic quickly ran out of Barricade Town and refused to give up as he still believed he had time to make things right. As the hedgehog took a brief break from full-speed running, he received a call from Amy. She told him that Restoration HQ and Tails' lab were overrun by Zombots, stating that they were now on the way to Spiral Hill Village to help evacuate it. Despite his fatigue, Sonic readily pledged his assistance, clinging to the hope that things cannot get any worse.[32]

Soon enough, Sonic arrived at Spiral Hill Village ready to help. As he saw that the Restoration was helping out with evacuation, he believed that he should check in with Amy to see what he could do; out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Espio and decided to help him out first. After beating some Zombots back before they could attack the chameleon, Espio explained the current situation in the village; Amy and Gemerl were watching the Rescue Shuttle, while the latter scanned survivors for infections; Tails and Cream were helping evacuate any uninfected villagers they could find; he was last told that Silver went to Ice Paradise to help out there; and he, Tangle and Whisper were distracting the Zombots until it all survivors had been found. When Sonic asked where Vector was, the chameleon told him that they had found Charmy and had him contained. Espio felt that the situation was his fault as he believed he should not have let Vector bring Charmy back to Restoration HQ. However, Espio also angrily pointed out that he should not have let Sonic convince him to leave Eggman alone in Windmill Village. While Sonic argued that it was not Eggman and they did not know that Starline would turn him back into his evil self, Espio told him that they would not have had to worry should they have dealt with him earlier. Sonic went on to ask if they should then never give second chances to anyone, leaving him and Espio to have an intense stare at each other. Not wanting to prolong the events, Espio wished to continue the mission, which Sonic agreed with. The hedgehog tried to barricade a few Zombots within a building and was helped by Whisper after she used her Variable Wispon to cut down a street light to block the entrance.[33]

Sonic and Tangle team up once again, from Sonic the Hedgehog #24.

Sonic soon arrived to the Restoration's choke point, where Amy jokingly noted his fashionably late arrival. She informed him that while Espio, Tangle and Whisper kept the Zombots in the village distracted, Tails and Cream helped rescue uninfected citizens. She also noted that if they attempted to retreat, the Zombots would swarm them, which led Sonic to want to find a way to cover the escape. When Sonic met Tails and Cream and the latter gave him the cold shoulder, Amy quietly told the hedgehog how Vanilla had stayed behind in Restoration HQ to hold back some Zombots. After Sonic told Tails that he lost the bio-scanner after a fight with Eggman and Tails stated that they could not find any more survivors, Amy called for a retreat. Sonic ran off to find Tangle and coordinate with her. He came across her fighting in the Mineral Museum and told her of Amy's call for a retreat. Unable to quickly flee without drawing attention from the Zombots, Tangle suggested Sonic carry her around while she wrapped her tail around nearby lampposts to create a trip wire to block the Zombots. When Sonic initially refused for fear of infecting her, she revealed her own infection. Sonic was horrified and apologized to her, but she urged him not to give up, stating there were still survivors to protect and that he could still set things right. With that, they enacted their plan, blocking off several Zombots. Having resolved to stay behind, Tangle asked Sonic to apologize to the others for her, knowing Whisper would be devastated when she heard the news. Sonic said he would, and the two friends embraced before parting ways. Sonic was last to arrive at the shuttle and stated that he would ride on the outside. He informed the Restoration that Tangle had gotten infected and chose to stay behind so that they could escape easily. Though the team were quite upset over this, Whisper became frantic and attempted to run back in the village to save her friend; Amy quickly held Whisper back from going and asked Sonic for help, though the latter knew that he could not do it as he would infect them. Instead, Whisper's Wisps sprung out and pulled her back into the shuttle. Amy then called for a take-off. Sonic jumped onto the top of the Rescue Shuttle and solemnly watched Spiral Hill Village as they flew away.[33]

All or Nothing

The Rescue Shuttle arrived at Angel Island, a last resort for a safe haven. Sonic jumped off of the ship next to Knuckles on the pavement in order to prevent the grass from being infected, as his infection had spread so much to the point where only one of his eyes remained its natural color. As Knuckles expressed concern and wondered why Sonic looked like Metal Sonic, the hedgehog did not have time to stop and instead told him that Amy and Tails would be able to explain what was going on to him. With this Sonic ran off around the island. After his run, Sonic returned to find Knuckles confirming that he was now fully up to speed on the situation and expressed annoyance over trouble being brought to his island again. Suddenly, a portal opened of which Eggman, Starline and Metal Sonic dropped out of. As Amy prepared to attack them for everything that they have done, Sonic prevented her act and questioned why Eggman appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden unarmed since he had the advantage. Eggman responded to this by saying Starline brought the Deadly Six onboard the Faceship, which they swiftly took control over. Espio then appeared to inform everyone that they had just gotten word from Rouge. On the shuttle, Rouge reported that Eggman had been powering the Faceship with the Chaos Emeralds, which Zavok had now distributed to the rest of his team and then sent them out into the world; she went on to say that she was coordinating with Orbot to spy on their deployments and coordinate their counterattack. An argument soon arose between Tails and Eggman about a cure for the Metal Virus, to which the doctor clarified that he did not need to have one as his research found that as the Metal Virus mutated, it became unsustainable; soon, every Zombot would disintegrate approximately two hundred years into the future. An injured Silver came onboard and confirmed this claim as it described his current future well.[5]

Sonic asks Jet for his help, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

Later outside, while running on a makeshift treadmill, Sonic and the others tried to come up with ideas on how to counteract the virus. Amy suggested that Sonic could fix the situation if he went Super Sonic but he felt that though the Chaos Emeralds could give him unlimited power, they could not let him just do anything. Eggman instead came up with the idea to use the Warp Topaz, as if they had Super Sonic charge it with his power, they would be able to warp the virus away with one swoop. Starline protested against it due to its instability and decided to leave and create a solution on his own; instead, Eggman, with Metal Sonic's help, removed Starline's glove that had the Warp Topaz attached to it, fired him and had him thrown out via a Warp Portal. Recalling how Starline was the one to bring back Eggman and try to blow him and Silver up, Sonic was okay with Eggman's decision. Following this, Eggman surmised that Rouge would be able to steal the two Emeralds that were on the Faceship from Zavok; Espio noted that it left five Zeti left to deal with but Silver felt confident that they would be able to overwhelm them so long as they had each other. The group realized that they would have to split up and ambush the Deadly Six all at once since there was a risk that one could contact the others should they get a sense of their plan. While Eggman thought to work on a "Multi-Portal Generator" to help the others reach their destinations, Tails thought it would be best if everyone had a backup in case someone turned into a Zombot; Sonic also noted how he did not know how much fight he left in him. This prompted Amy to call in the Babylon Rogues to increase their numbers. Sonic was unsure of Amy's decision but she was confident in it as they were perfect for stealing Chaos Emeralds and would have avoided the plague due to staying in their blimp most of the time. Upon their arrival to the island, Jet wasted no time in insulting Sonic's appearance and stated that he may help if the reward was big enough. Sonic turned to his rival and told him that he needed his help, and the world needed the "Legendary Wind Master". Upon hearing this, Jet accepted Sonic's offer to save the world. Amy claimed that she will not tell Knuckles about Sonic boosting Jet's ego, though the hedgehog was accepting his own ego's hits; from this, Sonic set out for another run but promised to be back before deployment so that they could hopefully end things before they got worse.[5]

After returning from his run, Sonic told the others that he had come up with a plan for who will be going with who and what Zeti will they go after. Before he could, his infection had resurfaced, nearly covering up all of his quills in metal, and he felt a sharp jolt of pain. As Amy showed concern for him, Sonic shook it off and continued to devise the plan. As Tails pulled up a hologram of Zomom, Sonic requested that he and Amy take him on as they would be able to outsmart him easily, seeing how the Zeti has very low intelligence. Once Sonic stated that it would be best for Knuckles and Espio to take on Zazz, Knuckles rejected his idea in assisting anyone as it would leave Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Sonic alone with the Master Emerald; since everyone was going to have the fight of their lives and Sonic was weakened and exhausted, no one would be able to keep Eggman from stealing it. Sonic questioned Knuckles' paranoia at first but went with it after remembering their history of working together with the latter and being stabbed in the back in the end; Espio made it clear that he was okay with the change, stating that he had a tactic in mind. Sonic moved on and assigned Silver and Whisper to Zor, stating that he was weird and they best handle him at a distance. Even though it was a huge gamble, he assigned Gemerl to Zeena, telling him to use her high and mighty persona to his advantage. Lastly, he assigned the Babylon Rogues to go after Master Zik, telling them that even though he was old, he was also smart and crafty. Following this, Eggman reminded everyone that Rouge had two retrieve the final two Emeralds on the Faceship which Sonic would use to become Super Sonic to undo the effects of the Metal Virus. He then joked that Sonic may succumb to the virus beforehand, until Sonic reminded him that he life rested on this as well. This caused Eggman to change his approach; he then called on Tails to assist him in building a treadmill for Sonic as his speed was not combating the virus as well anymore.[34]

Eggman plants a seed of doubt in Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #26.

Soon, when Sonic was running on his new custom treadmill, he turned to Metal Sonic and talked about how Eggman did not get a chance to stay reformed due to Starline. However, Metal Sonic had a choice and chose to go back to Eggman, unlike fellow robots Gemerl and Omega. Eggman stepped into the conversation, asking if Sonic actually thought neutralizing the robot would make him less of a threat. When the hedgehog made it clear that he did, Eggman explained that he only neutralized his hardware but not his software, which demanded battle and conquest; his sole desire from that point on would be to become dangerous again. Sonic pointed out that they did not think anyone could restore him, to which Eggman found him to be right on; however, he did not know about Starline or his return, which had things take a turn for the worse for the hedgehog. Sonic then brought up how Eggman was living happily and peacefully as Mr. Tinker, bringing joy to others and slyly remarked on how it must have been a waste. When Eggman asked when Sonic is going to let that go, the hedgehog responded that it was to be done until he got a clue. Eggman told Sonic not to get too high-and-mighty on him, noting that he helped spread the Metal Virus. Though Sonic noted that he was not dumping gallons of it on people, Eggman clarified that Sonic did fight back the infection for a while and wondered how much it mutated after the failed attempts to remove it; Eggman continued asking how much he spread it fighting Zombots and many miles of infected grass he crossed, or rather caused. Sonic passed Eggman's comments as trying to get into his head and told him it will not work. The doctor did not believe this and told his enemy that he had infected him with a little germ of doubt, noting that even when it was all over he would not be able to shake it; Eggman dubbed this as his passing gift to the hedgehog. Sonic told Eggman that they would go back to being enemies when it was all over, which the doctor responded saying that they never stopped being enemies and that helping him was just a convenience. Later, as everyone took off on their missions, Sonic wished them luck.[34]

A little while later, Sonic and Eggman saw that the Faceship had arrived to Angel Island, meaning that Zavok had found them. The others soon arrived back on the island with their Chaos Emeralds, except for the Babylon Rouges, Cream and Gemerl. Sonic instead caught the red Chaos Emerald from the Sunset City Warp Portal as indication that neither Cream nor Gemerl was returning, which distressed him. As Amy grew worried, the blue hedgehog stated that she will be fine with Gemerl by her side. He then turned to Silver and told him that the future had already fallen to the infection, meaning that the current events had already occurred but had failed. However, the difference is Silver coming back to their present to help them change the future and he asked Silver to help fix things once and for all, to which the young hedgehog agreed to. Eggman contacted Rouge to hurry up with her mission in retrieving the last two Emeralds as the Faceship drew near every second. She soon flew out of the Faceship with the white Chaos Emerald in hand, forcing the ship to short circuit and fall into the ocean on top of the many Zombots Zavok had led there. Eggman complained that his best effort to date had gone to waste, with Sonic adding that he was glad that the Zombots could survive that sort of damage. Sonic then asked if Rouge knew that the Zombots could survive the Faceship crushing them, to which she replied that she did as she does her research, adding that Sonic was welcome for her help. When Sonic asked about Zavok's Chaos Emerald, Rouge told him that they will retrieve it when the fires die down and stated that the Zeti was not going anywhere; Eggman contradicted this, pointing back down to Zavok who was emerging from the rubble and was heading straight for them. The Zeti proceed to power himself up with his Chaos Emerald, transforming into Giant Zavok; he then shot a fireball from his mouth at the island in anger. Sonic asked Tails and Rouge for air support and told Silver to bring the Chaos Emeralds. Before Sonic could finish his sentence, he and the others were met face-to-face with Zombots that were thrown onto the island by Zavok, some of which were his fallen allies.[35][36]

Super Sonic pummels Zavok, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29.

Sonic revealed that he had a last ditch effort plan to get rid of the Metal Virus once and for all. Before taking off, he saw Knuckles willingly punch a Zombot Shadow in order to buy him some time and protect the island. Sonic requested that Metal Sonic help him as well, which Eggman permitted. While Silver carried the Chaos Emeralds, Metal Sonic flew with Sonic. Zavok told Sonic to give up and began throwing hordes of Zombots at them; this did not slow Metal Sonic down as he simply flew around them. Zavok then fired a large fireball at Sonic and Metal Sonic, only for the latter to activate his Black Shield in protection; following this, Sonic remarked that he was glad he and Tails did not deactivate the robot. Zavok tried to grab the duo but was stopped by Silver using his psychokinesis. Metal Sonic attempted to fly Sonic directly to the final Chaos Emerald on Zavok's chest, only for the Zeti to blow them downwards to the Faceship wreckage. On the ground, Sonic found himself surrounded by Zombots. While Sonic planned to run up Zavok's body, the Zombots forcibly grabbed onto him and slowed him down. Metal Sonic soon returned and hit the Zombots out of the way. The robot carried Sonic upward, only for Zavok to use his electromagnetic his powers on Metal Sonic to prevent him from advancing. Nonetheless, Sonic ran up Zavok's body and managed to pull out the Chaos Emerald from his chest while calling on Silver. The force taking out the Emerald caused Sonic to fall. Silver flew to Sonic with the rest of the Emeralds as his infection nearly completed and Zavok clasped his hands around them. With the power of the Emeralds, Sonic and Silver became Super Sonic and Super Silver, with Super Sonic completely burning off his infection. The hedgehog proceeded to beat back Zavok, forcing him into his regular form. With the Warp Topaz in hand, Super Sonic opened up a Super Warp Portal to the sun while Super Silver used his enhanced psychokinesis to remove the Metal Virus from every living infected thing on the planet. When the Topaz began to spin out of control, the duo flew around the planet many times at super speed with to quicken the process. After Super Silver detected that all of the Metal Virus had been sent into the sun, Super Sonic tried ditching the Warp Topaz through the Super Warp Portal. This only backfired and created a large explosion (that Sonic disappeared through), resulting in a green gate of energy to be left in the sky.[37]

Out of the Blue

The resulting explosion thrust Sonic to Blaze's world, where he crash landed in the garden of the Imperial Palace and fell unconscious.[38] During some tea with Blaze later, it was revealed that Sonic had lost his memory and could not remember what had occurred before he arrived in Blaze's world; he could not even recall his own identity but accepted being called "Mr. Needlemouse" by a young girl that he had met there. Sonic did mention that there was nothing concrete and his memories seemed warped; he dreamt of sea and sky, of golden fire and a sense of falling, and nothing more.[4]

Sonic runs off in search of a new adventure, from Sonic the Hedgehog #32.

Some time later, Sonic returned from a run around the island. Upon returning to the Imperial Palace though, Blaze treated him with the power of Sol Emeralds which restored his memories. Back to his old self, Sonic thanked Blaze and asked her to send him back to his world after explaining that he had recently saved it with Silver's aid. As he was being sent home, Sonic suggested to Blaze that she should visit them sometime soon, which she agreed to. Sonic appeared immediately after in a fiery blast in Spiral Hill Village, breaking up the attack Dr. Eggman had launched on his friends with his Giga Omega mecha. There, Tails informed Sonic that Eggman was using Omega as the core of his Giga Omega. Sonic proceeded to attack the mecha and release Omega, who destroyed Giga Omega. Sonic then announced to Eggman that he would always ruin his plans. He also wanted the doctor to come closer because he wanted to settle some scores with him, one of which included being infected with the Metal Virus. Instead, Eggman flew away, promising him that he would soon have a new scheme ready. Sonic was then greeted by his friends and received a group hug. Afterward, Sonic helped put out the fires in Spiral Hill Village that Eggman had created. As dawn then came, Sonic summed up his latest adventure and decided to head out to find his next one.[39]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Sonic was later resting near Tails' Workshop when he heard Tails talk to Amy and Rouge about repairing Omega, with Tails needing both data and spare pairs to fix Omega. Sonic then jumped in and informed Tails that during one of his runs, he found an old Eggman base near Windmill Village, which they could break into to gain access to data from Eggnet. Initially, Amy wanted to join Sonic, but Sonic discouraged her from coming along by saying that it would be dark, cold and dangerous in the base. While Sonic and Tails decided to head to the base, Rouge decided that she and her group would get the spare parts, which the Chao trainer Clutch the Opossum might have in White Park Zone. Soon after, Sonic and Tails flew Tornado to the base. There, Sonic started joking that Eggman had abandoned the base because it was haunted. Regardless, Sonic and Tails soon reached a computer terminal, which Tails went to work on. Meanwhile, Sonic felt uncomfortable being in the presence of the dolls that Eggman had made in Sonic's image.[40]

Sonic attempting to fight Belle, from Sonic the Hedgehog #34.

While waiting for Tails to do his thing, Sonic got bored and tried to tackle a Knuckles doll for fun, but to no avail. Soon after though, he discovered a mysterious robot he believed to be a Badnik and attacked her while trying to figure out her name. When he stepped on her tail though, she kicked him. Tails soon stopped him, however, and calmed him down, explaining that the robot did not look like a Badnik. The stranger robot introduced herself as Belle and explained that she was not the work of Eggman, but a creator whom she was looking for and whose name she did not want to reveal. However, an alarm soon went off in the base because Tails had forgotten to turn off the base's firewall. The heroes were then surrounded by numerous Beats. Since Sonic could not build up momentum to get rid of all the Beats, his only choice was to break down the exit door while Tails covered him. He also asked Belle for help.[41] After some trouble, Sonic, Tails and Belle escaped from Eggman's base and its Badniks. They then received a message from Rouge, who asked them for help in White Park Zone. Sonic thus decided to go there, but was hesitant to take Belle with them when she asked for a lift. Ultimately, however, he allowed it as she had saved Tails' life twice during their escape from the base. After reaching the White Park Grand Chateau in the Tornado, Sonic met up with Amy, who told him that the situation was not critical and that Rouge was acting quite strange. Amy proceeded to lead Sonic and Belle to the suite of Clutch, who was lying unconscious on the floor while Cream and Gemerl tried to free some Chao from a cage. While Belle decided to help Cream open the cage, Sonic ran off to find Rouge and Tails. He eventually found them both, trapped on a moving roller coaster led by a hooded figure. The figure threw a cart at Sonic, causing him to lose balance on top of the roller coaster's rails, but Shadow saved him from falling. The two of them then set off in pursuit of the hooded figure, who turned out to be Dr. Starline. There was then an explosion on top of the White Park Grand Chateau's mountain, causing an avalanche. Starline then gave Sonic the choice between saving his friends or the hundreds of hotel guests.[42]

Upon Tails' insistence, Sonic decided to stop the avalanche, although he was unable to persuade Shadow to help him. When he got in the way of the avalanche however, Shadow joined him. The two of them then felled nearby trees in order to form a barricade. Despite this though, the avalanche broke through their barricade, prompting Sonic and Shadow to chase the avalanche. After the avalanche had collided with the White Park Grand Chateau, which withstood it, the guests had been led to safety. In the process however, Sonic and Shadow had been buried by the snow. Fortunately, they dug themselves out quickly and received congratulations from their friends. Sonic also apologized to Belle for being too hard on her during their first meeting after hearing how she helped his friends. After returning to the Tails' Workshop, Sonic admitted that things got dicey, but was glad that Shadow helped him.[43]

Test Run!

Sonic, Tails and Amy inside Eggman's overloaded test chamber, from Sonic the Hedgehog #37.

Sonic and Tails later took Belle to the Restoration's new HQ where they met up with Amy and Jewel to get Belle somewhere to live. While there, they found out that Eggman had built a mysterious tower on the coast that was influencing the weather. Sonic, Tails and Amy thus decided to investigate it. Tangle wanted to go with them too, but she had responsibilities with the Restoration to attend to. However, Sonic consoled her by saying that she could get the opportunity to come along next time. Afterward, Sonic and co. flew to the tower in the Tornado, where they defeated a group of Egg Pawns and blew through the tower's front door. By doing so however, they accidentally fell into a portal and woke up in an unusual corridor. There, Sonic destroyed another Egg Pawn, which for some reason was using a piece of chalk to draw on the walls. As Sonic and his friends tried making their way forward however, they discovered that the corridor they were in was constantly changing. Sonic therefore grabbed Tails and Amy, and started to run faster and faster to see if the altering space could keep up with him. When the corridor started to overload, Sonic, with Amy's help, demolished one of the walls in the corridor, causing the trio to fell into a strange space.[44] There, Sonic and Amy were caught by Tails, who hypothesized that the space they were in was a creation of Eggman's where he could bend the laws of spatiality. Sonic and Amy were then taken to another portal Tails spotted, but when they passed through it, Sonic and co. found themselves in an abandoned town. Sonic tried to run around the area, but Tails reminded him that this space was using the same spatial warping as the first one. As Sonic thought about overloading the space again, Amy called them to an open house. There, they found mannequins that they initially mistook for normal residents. Suddenly though, they heard a disturbing noise, which turned out came from a Badnik that was a hybrid of different models. After taking care of it though, other Badnik hybrids launched an attack on the group, but Sonic and Amy managed to defeat them. Upon noticing an army of Badnik hybrids approaching from the window though, Sonic and co. barricaded themselves inside the house. There, Tails came up with the idea of finding an exit by tracking the signals for the incoming Badniks. Suddenly though, Sonic and co. heard Eggman's laughter from the kitchen. There, Sonic found the doctor transmitting to him via the kitchen appliances. Eggman proceeded to inform the heroes that the spaces they were in were used as test chambers for his new robots, and that he would now use this opportunity to test his machines on them.[45]

With a way pointed out for them by Tails, Sonic prepared to take his friends out of the test chambers, only for Eggman to reverse gravity in the test chamber. Keeping Amy from falling into the sky, Sonic eventually let himself and Amy fall into the sky with Tails, suspecting Eggman had prepared something for them, which beat their current situation. Arriving in a dark abyss that materialized into the room, Sonic and co. came under attack by an upgraded Egg Viper, which used electrified shields. Regardless, Sonic managed to destroy it with Tails' help. However, the trio were quickly attacked by three new Egg Vipers, which began to overwhelm them.[46] As the fight progressed, Sonic rescued Tails and Amy, who were surrounded by the fire-type Egg Viper, by directing the water jets from the water-type Egg Viper into the fire-type Egg Viper's flames, extinguishing them. Afterward, Sonic managed, with Amy's help, to damaged the water-type Egg Viper. When the wind-type Egg Viper overwhelmed the trio with a gust of wind however, Tangle arrived to help. Sonic and his friends subsequently managed to subdue the Egg Vipers, only for Eggman to attempt to crash the mechs directly into the heroes. Sonic and co., however, evaded the final attack and Sonic got dragged out of the test chambers by Tangle with her tail while Tails Any followed them. Arriving back in the tower, Sonic dragged everyone back to the Tornado, which they used to escape the tower before it imploded from an overloading test chamber portal. After then parting ways with Orbot and Cubot, Belle, who had accompanied Tangle to the tower, revealed that Eggman really did create her, but while he was "Mr. Tinker". However, Sonic's friends consoled her, saying that she had done a lot of good and was not like Eggman.[47]

Zeti Hunt!

Sonic attacks the Deadly Six, from Sonic the Hedgehog #42.

As Sonic fought Dr. Eggman in Winterburg, he found out that the doctor was tracking the Deadly Six. A few days afterward, he managed to destroy Eggman's local base. During the doctor's escape, he received a message from Tails, who told him that the Deadly Six were causing trouble again, and according to the Chaotix, they were heading for Sunset City and Winterburg. Ready for the challenge, Sonic prepared to face the Zeti in Winterburg.[48] While still in Winterburg, Sonic had a video conversation with the Chaotix, Jewel and Tails over how to handle the Deadly Six. However, when it was discovered that the Deadly Six were attacking Restoration HQ, Sonic quickly ran there and challenged them just before they could break into the control room.[49]

Sonic proceeded to fight the Deadly Six, during which he was supported by Tangle and Whisper. Sonic initially tried to keep the Deadly Six at bay until Tails could arrive with his Zeti Zappers, but was eventually overwhelmed by the group. Fortunately, Tails soon came and saved Sonic, who helped Tails place the Zeti Zappers on each of the Deadly Six, who were incapacitated by the devices. Afterward, however, Sonic heard from Tangle that Belle had been kidnapped by Dr. Starline.[50]

Afterwards, Sonic and Tails announced to the Zeti that they would be sending them back to the Lost Hex in the Zeti Launcher. This confused Zavok, as the hedgehog was still showing them mercy despite their actions, to which Sonic responded that winning was enough and humbling for them. However, Zavok ignored him and told Sonic that he would make him regret this by promising that he would return and make him suffer. This made Sonic remember that his compassion indirectly lead to Eggman's return and the creation of the Metal Virus. Despite this, Sonic chose to stick to his principles and promised that he would be there if Zavok ever tried anything. Sonic and Tails then learned from Jewel that there was no news from the Chaotix. Sonic, however, assured her that they would be able to find Belle, but that he would join the search if necessary.[51]

Trial by Fire and Deep Trouble

Sonic and Amy see Tangle off, from Sonic the Hedgehog #47.

Coming to Tails' lab in Central City, Sonic would help Amy out by packing some camping gear she needed for a trip with her friends in her Pink Cabriolet. Tempted by the allure of nature, Sonic considered coming with Amy's group until Tails reminded him that he had promised to play a video game with him. As such, Sonic decided to stay with Tails. During the following night however, Sonic would mysteriously sneeze while playing Tails' game.[52] Coming to Tails' Workshop not long after, Sonic enviously listened to Tangle and Amy's tale about the adventure they had been on when pulling out a forest fire. As Sonic then inquired Tangle about her next move, she explained that she was going to join Whisper on her travels. After Tangle left, Sonic had a playful conversation with Amy, although he would quietly contemplate about whether the forest fire was a fluke or not.[53]

Eventually, Sonic and Tails were called upon Knuckles to come to Angel Island to help him with a problem. After the duo traveled there in the Tornado, Sonic and Knuckles briefly got into an argument due to Knuckles saying that Sonic brings trouble to his island, and angrily blaming Sonic for bringing the Metal Virus and the Zombots. Regardless, Tails managed to defuse the tension between the two, prompting Knuckles to reveal that he needed their team to investigate some strange quakes in Marble Garden. Sonic thought that meant that Knuckles counted on them, but Knuckles snarked that he counted on Sonic to cause trouble and relied on Tails to keep him focused. Soon after setting out, Sonic and Tails began discussing which way would be the quickest to Marble Garden (among other things) until Knuckles took them down a shortcut through the mountains. While Sonic was impressed by the shortcut, Knuckles would admit that he had only found it recently and that he had yet to explore all of Angel Island. Eventually reaching Marble Garden, Sonic and his team came across Dr. Eggman, who was causing the quakes by recklessly drilling for rare minerals in a drilling vehicle. Following then a few brief exchange, the trio engaged Eggman and his vehicle. During the battle, Sonic almost got swallowed by a crack in the ground that Eggman made had it not been for Tails, and by working together, Sonic and his friends defeated Eggman's vehicle. After Eggman had then fled from Angel Island, Knuckles declined coming back with them for some R&R and see what had been going on without him, insisting that he still had a lot to discover about Angel Island first. Accepting this, Sonic promised Knuckles that he could count on his teammates if he needed help again.[13]

Sonic, Tails, and Belle soon after began conducting an experiment on lesser Badniks that they had gathered at Tails' Workshop. With the group having isolated the nonaggression subroutines of Motobud, a friendly Motobug that Belle had befriended, Belle would transfer them to the other Badniks, which made them docile in the presence of Sonic after Tails unveiled him to them. Their experiment a success, Sonic assured Tails when he began to worry about recent events that they would be able to handle whatever storm was coming, before heading into the workshop for lunch. Later at night, however, Sonic awoke to find Belle and Motobud under the influence of a control signal. As the possessed Belle tried to punch Tails, Sonic protected Tails and proceeded to occupy both Belle and Motobud while Tails whipped up something to fix this. Eventually, Sonic got pinned down by Belle and Motobud. However, Tails came to his rescue with a prototype Zeti Zapper that blocked the signal controlling Belle. With Sonic keeping Motobud pinned down as well, he learned from Belle that it was a beacon signal controlling her and that it was being used to summon an army of Badniks from everywhere in one place. Since Belle could not recall where however, Sonic and his friends resorted to setting Motobud loose and following it to the signal's source. Along the way, they found people surrounded by Badniks, but Sonic managed to get them out of the robots' hairs. Resuming their chase, the trio eventually reached some woods after hours of pursuit, with Eggperial City just ahead of them. Belle then tried to stop Motobud, which caught the attention of the surrounding Badniks. As Belle then went to work cutting Motobud's power and make the Badniks cease their attack, Sonic and Tails held the Badniks off. After Belle's plan worked and the Badniks resumed their mindless march, Sonic discovered that Belle had found a written confession for her from Mr. Tinker inside Motobud. After Sonic had then cheered up Belle, who chose to come with him and Tails, Sonic grabbed his friends and zoomed towards Eggperial City for an investigation.[54][55]


Sonic playfully showing off after defeating some Badniks, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

It's what I do. Just keep moving, doing good, saving folks, and living as free as the wind. Living by my way. My own way.

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #2

Always prepared to put his life on the line to protect others, be they friends or civilians, Sonic is a carefree spirit and a fearless daredevil at heart.[10] He is driven by his own personal code of justice that compels him to respond to any form of evil, no matter how great or how overwhelming its threat is. This attitude sometimes gets him in trouble, but it also makes him the answer to evil anywhere and everywhere.[9] Unlike most others, Sonic finds fun in fighting and thwarting evil, primarily in the form of Dr. Eggman and his empire, although he will still confront his enemies with a serious demeanor when the situation warrants it. Despite his usual cocky and laid-back attitude and massive ego, Sonic's defining traits have always been his pure heart of gold and his utter dauntlessness in the face of danger.[10] Also, despite his ego, Sonic is willing to swallow his pride for the greater good, such as using obsequious flattery to convince his rival, Jet, to help him save the world.[5] Also, despite his devotion to the greater good, he is notably careless, often throwing himself into trouble without much of a plan in mind.

Sonic is an optimistic individual; as mentioned by his friends, he always puts a positive spin on things.[21] He thus refuses to give into despair, even when faced with a hopeless situation, although he has been known to drop his positivity in the darkest moments in favor of a more sympathetic outlook and somber mood.[32] Despite this, he never gives up and always fights to the end, believing firmly in the righteousness of his decisions and refuses to compromise his ideals out of fear.[32][51] Also, since he is a hedgehog of action and is constantly looking for new adventures and challenges for himself, having nothing to on an adventure makes Sonic very bored, and staying cooped up for too long makes him uneasy due to his hatred of confinement.[41]

Sonic's personality is a juxtaposition of kindness and ferocity. While he does everything he can to snuff out evil, he cannot turn away when someone is in need of aid. Most noticeably, after helping defeat Metal Sonic, he compassionately had the robot repaired in hopes he could convince him to abandon his evil ways.[21] He likewise believes that even the worst person has good in them.[32] Far from a pacificist however, Sonic recognizes that peaceful methods do not always work, especially when dealing with an unpredictable enemy.

If Sonic has a flaw besides recklessness and a certain disregard for authority, it is that he tends to take too much upon himself.[16][4] Another flaw of his is that he puts a lot of faith in the belief that everyone, even villains like Eggman, has some good in them and are redeemable, something that he himself sometimes regrets and individuals like Shadow challenge.[32] This does not make him stupid, because he is still aware when enemies pose too much of a threat to be reasoned with.[5]

In keeping with his footloose lifestyle, Sonic values freedom above all else and strives to live his life according to his own rules rather than the standards of those around him or for the sake of heroism and duty. As such, despite his loyalty to his friends and allies, Sonic is typically reluctant to commit to anything that requires him to act primarily under the authority of others, including his friends. As such, he does not consider himself a part of larger organizations like the Resistance or Restoration, believing that he knows what is best for himself and and can do much more on his own without being tied down by a greater power.[22] At one point, Sonic found error in his ways as he was an indirect catalyst for Eggman's return and the spread of the Metal Virus.[33]

Sonic also cares deeply for his many friends. Despite his loyalty to them though, he never lingers too long in one place. However, his friends know he will be cruising back into their lives in no time.[9]

As the amnesiac Mr. Needlemouse, Sonic was a more aloof and relaxed individual, taking great interest in learning new things he had not heard of before.[4]

Powers and abilities

Sonic breaking the sound barrier as he runs, from Sonic the Hedgehog #42.

Sonic's trademark ability is his super speed. He can travel up to speeds surpassing Mach 1, which is at the blistering speed of about 768 mph. While running, Sonic resembles a blue streak from a distance that leaves a blue trail behind him.[14][49] At the same time, he is experienced enough with his speed to turn easily while maintaining his speed.[10]

While Sonic's top speed is unknown, glimpses of Sonic's prowess are shown in his tendency to routinely scale vertical walls,[17] effortlessly knock down enemies in his path,[10] run over water,[22] and ability to build up enough momentum to throw spears with such force that they can pierce large metal structures while exerting enough air pressure to blow said structures apart.[14] His speed also allows him to perform several impressive feats, such as creating small tornadoes by running around in circles at super speeds.[2] Sonic's speed is so great that he could eventually outpace a spatial maze reality that folds back in on itself ad infinitum, which even Dr. Eggman knew could not hold Sonic for long.[44][47] Sonic can also use the Boost to not only increase his speed but also barge through obstacles in his path.[22]

Sonic has demonstrated complete mastery of his speed at nearly any level. Not only can he run at a maximum tilt in straight lines, but also through sharp turns with full control over his momentum, and without recklessly crashing into unintended targets. To match his super speed, Sonic also has immense, though not quite limitless,[2] stamina that allows him to run at high speed for days without rest.

Sonic is as well a skilled acrobat with quick reflexes and reaction time. He is able to perform a variety of aerobatic moves and techniques, even while running.[10] Despite his size, he also has great physical strength: he can easily fling Amy Rose and her large hammer several feet into the air singlehandedly,[22] managed to overpower Master Overlord's giant grip alongside Shadow and Knuckles,[25] and can set off with enough power to bend thick metal armor.[22] Sonic can also go hundreds of meters into the air with a single jump.[22] He is also incredibly durable, being capable of taking a hit from an artillery shell and emerge from it without a scratch.[14]

Sonic possesses the ability to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds. With them, Sonic can give himself a boost in power.[20] He is also a capable aerial pilot, able to perfectly pilot the Tornado, even at high speed. However, his skills are not nearly as good as Tails'.[26]

Sonic's core offensive maneuver is the Spin Attack, a technique where he curls into a concussive ball or cutting disk and directs himself at his targets. With it, Sonic can shred or burrow through just about any substance given enough speed, and perform moves like the Spin Dash, Homing Attack, and Rolling Combo, though the last one requires the aid of Tails.[10][22]


Super Sonic

Main article: Super Sonic (IDW)

Super Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #29.

By absorbing the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can transform into Super Sonic. While in this state, Sonic's innate talents are vastly increased. He also gains the power of flight and energy channeling.

Sonic the Werehog

While he was stuck with an unspecified aliment, Sonic could transform into Sonic the Werehog. His powers and abilities in his form are unknown, however.


Although well-versed in his own super speed, Sonic has trouble building up his speed in unfavorable environments, like in deep snows where it is hard to get traction or inside small rooms.[8][41] Additionally, Sonic's stamina is not unlimited; if pushed to run often for several days on end with little to no sleep, Sonic's stamina can reach its limits, causing him to feel actual fatigue and exhaustion.[2][32]


Dr. Eggman

Sonic engages Eggman in battle, from Sonic the Hedgehog #23.

Whatever you're up to, Eggman, it's not gonna work!

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #39

Sonic and Dr. Eggman have spent years as archenemies, due to the latter's constant attempts at planetary domination, which Sonic always thwarts, causing him to become a thorn in Eggman's side.[10] The two have battled for the fate of the world under various circumstances, from Eggman's imprisonment of various types of wildlife to the planet's surface being shattered by the Chaos Energy Cannon.[11] Even though Sonic is aware of how dangerous Eggman is, as the doctor can pose a threat to an entire planet and spacetime itself,[11] he usually makes quips directed at the doctor, reminding him of his bad tastes and constant failures. However, if pushed far enough, Sonic will abandon his witty insults and take Eggman on with absolute seriousness.[32]

Recently, in an unexpected turn of events, Eggman managed to catch Sonic off-guard and imprison him, allowing him to easily conquer most of the world, though his reign ended when the Resistance freed Sonic and helped him defeat Eggman six months later.[10] When Sonic and Eggman next met, the latter had taken up residence in an idyllic village as "Mr. Tinker" and was seemingly amnesiac, having no recollection of his past life. Initially, Sonic was left conflicted and doubtful about Eggman's amnesia being genuine. He was also unable to make a decision about what to do with this new Eggman, as he would remember how much suffering the doctor has caused him in the past and the countless times his actions have endangered the world, yet could not find a reason to punish someone who did not remember anything from his past. Sonic later became convinced of Eggman's changed nature, which made him start their relationship over with a truce and remaining on friendly terms with him. This was a decision he firmly stood by when he defended it against Shadow. In the back of his head, however, he had concerns that the Eggman he knew would come back someday.[11][1]

When Eggman seemingly returned to his old ways due to intervention from Dr. Starline, Sonic hoped for a long time that Eggman was not at the center of it. However, he was disappointed when the threat of Eggman seemed quite real.[28] When Eggman later started the Zombot apocalypse with the Metal Virus, Sonic would doubt the righteousness of his decision to leave Eggman be when he was reproached by his friends and allies for his choice.[2][18][5] Sonic, however, was convinced that no one could have expected Starline to intervene and stood by his belief that everyone, even Eggman, deserves a second chance.[1][2] During his subsequent meeting with Eggman in Barricade Town, Sonic approached the doctor in all seriousness about why he had to go back to his evil ways as there was nothing wrong with him living a life like "Mr. Tinker". Though Eggman agreed to a degree, Sonic's attempt to convince Eggman to be more like Mr. Tinker failed, as Eggman felt that him bringing "peace and unity to the world through his brilliant guidance" was better, though Sonic knew after years of battling him was not true. From this, Sonic was forced to continue to have Eggman as his arch-nemesis due to him refusing to change his ways. With no choice but to defeat him, Sonic has made it his goal to lock him up once and for all.[32]

While Sonic and Eggman have collaborated several times in the past, it has only been to deal with a greater threat that threatened the both of them.[1] During the Zombot apocalypse in particular, Sonic would cast aside Eggman's attempts to plant seeds of doubt in his mind by trying to confuse him and convince him that his kindness led to the development of the Metal Virus. Despite this, Sonic announced that he and Eggman would return to being enemies when this was all over.[34]

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails saving Sonic from an Egg Hammer, from Sonic the Hedgehog #1.

You're a class act, buddy.

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #1

Miles "Tails" Prower is Sonic’s oldest and closest friend, to the point that the two can be considered surrogate brothers. Tails is likewise considered Sonic's personal wingman and partner in their various adventures,[24] and Sonic has shown much trust in Tails' abilities and technology.[49]

The pair have demonstrated near-perfect synchronization in battle whenever paired up and they complement each other with their various abilities, with Tails always being prepared to give Sonic a lift using his flight ability or both combining their Spin Attack to form the Rolling Combo. This and much more makes them a nearly unstoppable team. Also, whenever Tails worries for Sonic's well-being, Sonic is quick to give his buddy emotional support and assures him that he will be fine, even offering Tails to join him "just like old times."[10] Sonic likewise respects Tails enough to listen to his advises and commands, especially when it comes to his technology.

Amy Rose

Amy Rose is Sonic's long-time admirer and one of his few closest friends, and the only one who is known to harbor deeper feelings toward him. She sometimes fails to hide these feelings around him, which often makes him uneasy.[22] Mainly due to his carefree personality, Sonic has not pursued a relationship with Amy and keeps any feelings he may possess for her to himself.[56] The two do share genuine concern for each other when trouble arises.[32][33]

Sonic has a good relationship with her, and with most of his friends, she can be subject to his jokes and teasing.[22] As opposed to the past, Sonic is more open to Amy's demeanor which has exhibited more maturity, allowing both to freely converse, especially in a work environment. Together, their minds can seemingly unravel and pinpoint any clues given to them. This has led him to inviting her on more of his adventures, as Sonic knows that they can do well when facing their threats together.[22][8][40] The two have shown their combined wits in a battle setting and have orchestrated efficient synergy.[22]

Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic and Knuckles mocking Rough and Tumble, from Sonic the Hedgehog #3.

Knuckles the Echidna is both a close friend and rival to Sonic, with the two of them being no stranger to butting heads over a disagreement at worst, or partaking in banter with each other at best. Due to their rivalry, they tend to occasionally try and outdo each other.[12] Despite this, the two put a lot of trust in one another's abilities and work near perfectly to get the job done.[17] Sonic also tends to be amuse by Knuckles' excessive seriousness when he does not catch onto a comical situations.

Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk

Rough the Skunk and Tumble the Skunk are some of Sonic's newest enemies. In comparison to his major enemies, Sonic treats them with hardly any seriousness due to their stupidity and bully-minded natures. Notably, despite them holding a deep grudge at Sonic for ruining their occupation of Barricade Town, Sonic shows them hardly any interest or concern, even when they threaten him right to his face. He also finds the duo's attempts to rhyme laughable.[17][28]

Blaze the Cat

Sonic and Blaze the Cat have known each other for some time, as seen by Sonic's introduction of Blaze to Tangle. The two seem to get along well with Sonic claiming he could count on Blaze. In addition, they seem to coordinate with each other well in combat.[19] Sonic also enjoys seeing Blaze and willingly invites her to spend some free time together him and their friends.[19][39]

Tangle the Lemur

Sonic and Tangle the Lemur have been described as "kindred spirits"[57] due to having similar traits to each other. This includes their skill and enjoyment when it comes to battling Badniks, their desire to be in the middle of any action, their confidence, and their charisma. Even after meeting for the first time, the two were able to synchronize well with each other on the battlefield from the start, including battling together with Blaze, who Tangle had also just met during said battle.[19] Although their personalities seem to differ slightly, namely in the form of Tangle's unbridled enthusiasm and talkativeness that Sonic tries to tone down out of respect for withdrawn people like Whisper,[24] their enjoyment in fighting is something they both share together. Sonic also gladly invites Tangle on a joint adventure if an opportunity presents itself.[16][44]


Sonic considers the Chaotix to be the best detectives he knows, although this is mostly due to the fact that they are also the only detectives he knows.[11] Despite this, Sonic has confidence in their abilities and considers them his friends.[51] In addition, Sonic is able to work well together with the entire Chaotix team in a fight.[11]

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog is perhaps Sonic's most intense rival to date. Their relationship was antagonistic before as Shadow had threatened to destroy the planet. However, Sonic and his friends helped Shadow choose a more benevolent path after he almost destroyed the whole world. Since then, Sonic has forgiven Shadow and tries to be friendly and open towards him. In contrast, Shadow remains closed off and deaf to most of what Sonic says. Regardless, the two of them have gradually become respectable comrades. Nonetheless, Sonic and Shadow can easily enter arguments with each other over minor indifferences and this can result in them fighting each other. Sonic does find slight joy in their competitive nature with each other while Shadow finds it annoying if anything.[1][2] Regardless, Sonic still appreciates Shadow's help, especially when he gets outside his comfort zone.[24][2]

Rouge the Bat

Sonic has a friendly, yet professional relationship with Rouge the Bat. While they can work well together in combat, Sonic does not usually expect Rouge to contribute to efforts that means saving the world of the goodness of her heart. Regardless, he appreciates her help, even if she does so for her own benefit.

Metal Sonic

Y'know, in a way, Eggman didn't get a chance to stay reformed. Starline put him back on that track. But you... You just had to to go back to him, didn't you? You couldn't be like Gemerl or Omega. You just had to be a one-note jerk.

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #26

Another one of Sonic's rivals is Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman's finest creation. As a killer robot built in the image of Sonic for the purpose of destroying him, the two of are often hostile towards each other. During the time Eggman was missing however, Sonic wanted something more from Metal Sonic: to become a free person and not the obedient tool of Eggman or a slave to their rivalry. This would prompt Sonic to have Metal Sonic's repaired and let him go free after offering him a truce despite accepting that they could never be friends and that he would be content if they never saw each other again. Even when Metal Sonic rejected his truce, Sonic let him go and respected his decision.[21]

During the Zombot apocalypse, Sonic was disappointed to find Metal Sonic on Eggman's side once more. He tried to remind him of Gemerl and Omega, who were able to break away from Eggman and start living their own lives, but was reminded by Eggman that Metal Sonic would always be an enemy to Sonic, especially after his latest defeat.[34]

Silver the Hedgehog

Sonic are good friends and allies with Silver the Hedgehog. While Silver's awkwardness at times clashes with Sonic's more level-headed and cool-headed demeanor, which Sonic often uses to tease Silver, they are nonetheless faithful allies who put a lot of trust in one another and rely on each other. They are also perfectly coordinated in combat.[20]

Whisper the Wolf

While Whisper the Wolf is normally very quiet and not very open to others, Sonic respects her choices and understands that people like her prefer to work alone. Sonic also does not put pressure on her and asks his more extroverted friends to do the same out of respect for her.[20][24][21]

Dr. Starline

Sonic is shown to have a great dislike of Dr. Starline in almost every regard. He sees him as the main reason for Dr. Eggman's return following the Eggman War, and the sole reason for why he could not make peace with his arch enemy.[8][2] Sonic in particular often described Starline as a "fanboy" of Eggman's work and would also criticize his style of clothing.[19][49] Notably, after Starline was fired by Eggman and left to himself on the Zombot-infected planet, Sonic did not care about his probable fate.[5]

Cream the Rabbit

Sonic praising Cream, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

Kid's going to grow up into someone amazing...

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #18

Cream the Rabbit is a close friend to Sonic, forming a big brother relationship with her. Notably, Sonic has great hopes for her, believing that she will grow up to be someone amazing. Her bravery and courage in spite of her age has likewise impressed Sonic on several occasions and he has stated that she has been allowed to join him on adventures due to her sensibility. In the bleakest occasions, Sonic looks out for Cream and usually tries to encourage her.[15]

Over the course of the Zombot apocalypse, Sonic would try to lift Cream's spirits.[18] Eventually though, he had to painfully watch as Cream's hope diminished as the Metal Virus pandemic unfolded. He was especially affected when Cream greeted him quite coldly after her mother fell victim to the Zombots.[33]

E-123 Omega

Despite their limited interactions, Sonic considers E-123 Omega to be his friend. However, much to Sonic's confusion, Omega does not reciprocate this viewpoint. He also does not support Omega's brutality, as he is willing to destroy even his own friends if they are turned into Eggman robots.[2][18]

Jet the Hawk

Sonic and Jet have a great rivalry between each other, mainly based on their shared passion for speed. While Sonic sees Jet as a fun individual to throw jokes at, Jet sees himself as a superior to Sonic and has no problem mocking him at any given time. Though Sonic knows that Jet is a thief, he does not consider him an enemy in the truest sense of the world and still holds a great level of respect for him and trusts him enough to work alongside him when a greater threat poses a challenge. Jet's ego and little care for anybody other than himself and his gang has him see Sonic as more of a "goodie-goodie". Despite this, Jet also holds a certain level of respect for Sonic, enough to trust him to save the world.[5][36] Sonic is also the only one who has been able to convince Jet to help others. albeit namely by manipulating his ego.[5]

Belle the Tinkerer

You've already made a difference, Belle. All the little wins, the good memories between the hard times, the friends we find... Those are real. Nobody can take that away. We'll keep moving forward. Together.

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #49

Initially, Sonic was hostile towards Belle the Tinkerer, believing her to be just another Dr. Eggman-aligned Badnik to be destroyed.[41] Eventually though, he took the time learn about her personality and kindness.[42] Later, after Belle saved Tails twice and helped Cream, Sonic would apologize to her for his previous behavior and begin treating her like a friend.[42][43] He also often comforts Belle whenever she feels sadness over the fate of her creator, Mr. Tinker, who would become Eggman again and lose the persona that compelled him to build her.[47][54]

Deadly Six

Sonic taunting the Deadly Six, from Sonic the Hedgehog #44.

Unlike most other enemies he encounters, Sonic becomes serious and almost never makes any jokes when he confronts the Deadly Six, as he is aware of how dangerous they are. At the same time, he knows exactly the personality of each group member, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.[34]

While he does try to get under their skin with his quips, he holds great disdain towards them and the pain they want to bring to others. Ever since the Zombot apocalypse, where they would have been able to defeat him and destroy the whole world if not for Silver's aid, he has become heavily wary of them, as he does not want him or anyone else to relive the harm they caused. Notably, after being informed that the Deadly Six were attacking Restoration HQ, Sonic ran straight there from Winterburg with a serious expression and confronted them despite being outnumbered.[49] Despite this, he was still willing to show them compassion and send them home to Lost Hex even though they have made it clear that they do not regret their atrocities and will not change.[51]

Surge the Tenrec

Despite not having known Surge the Tenrec for the longest time, she is one of Sonic's most personal enemies. The two first met when he and his friends arrived at Eggperial City, only for Surge to ambush Sonic and drag him out to an isolated area away from everyone. Sonic then learned that Surge despised him due to the fact that she was made solely to destroy and usurp him the title of the world's hero, which caused her to lose her past life due to Starline's modifications. She would also vent over the fact that he simply lets his enemies go after beating them, which lets them return to fight another day, yet everyone loves him for it. Despite this, Sonic attempted to introduce himself to her twice and even voiced his respect for Surge being a foe capable of keeping up with him, much to her confusion and frustration.[7]

At one point during their first fight, Sonic knocked Surge down and the latter asked him to finish her off. Sonic, however, refused and stated that he chooses to live life freely and wants everyone to do the same, Surge, Starline and Eggman included. He offered to start a stable friendship with Surge due to her tragic past, but the latter refused and the two continued to fight. Their battle ended when Surge was almost knocked into a chasm. Although she had just tried to kill him, Sonic still offered her mercy and asked for a truce so he could pull her to safety, to which Surge responded by shocking him and allowing herself to fall. Despite this, Sonic was shown to be upset over Surge's apparent demise.[7]





"Maybe get inside, buddy. Nice chat! Need to save your town. Bye!"
—Sonic after saving a civilian, Sonic the Hedgehog #1
"I don't need to! I already know what works best for me."
—Sonic's answer to why he is not rejoining the Resistance, Sonic the Hedgehog #2
"I never fear the fall."
—Sonic to Neo Metal Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog #7
"Way too slow! C'mon! Step it up!"
—Sonic as he infiltrates one of Dr. Eggman's bases, Sonic the Hedgehog #8
"As much as I like adventure, I like kicking back afterwards, too."
—Sonic to a Flicky, Sonic the Hedgehog #13
"Chilling out with the promise of adventure? Life doesn't get better than that."
—Sonic while waiting in Winterburg, Sonic the Hedgehog #42



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