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Sonic News Network
Sonic News Network

This article pertains to the staff members behind Sonic the Hedgehog (Didj).


  • Developed for the Didj by: Realtime Associates, Inc.
  • President: Dave Warhol


  • Producer: Cheryl Higa
  • Production Support: Jack Loh
  • Technical Director: Eugen Condur


  • Programmers: Michael Fleming, Steve Winston, Brian Balamut


  • Game Designer: Glenn Storm
  • Level Designers: Chris Weeks, Jack Loh


  • Technical Art Director: Tim Jones
  • Art Director: Jeff Cook
  • Sprite Artist: Connie Goldman

Quality Assurance

  • Kat Macrae
  • Romeo Flores

Special Thanks

  • Phil Nguyen
  • Shippy Ohka
  • Jo Ann Faustino
  • and the original Sonic Team

Published by LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.

  • Executive: Chris Cocks David Schwartz


  • Production: Megan Atchley, Justin Cinicolo, Michael Kosaka, David Perkinson


  • Design: Michael Kosaka, Justin Cinicolo, John Korellis
  • Curriculum Design: Jim Gray, Suzanne Barchers, Dr. Don Cummings, Laura Donahue, Elizabeth Young, Justin Cinicolo


  • Art & Animation: Mark Tellegen, Sasha Houdek, John Korellis, Louise Dockstader, Leslie Arvio, Dov Jelen, Delia Stone


  • Audio: Mark Langman, Brian Walker, Ricardo Leigh, Kevin Riley, Sudhu Tewari, Aram Shelton, Christina Kowalchuk


  • Software: Chris Fernandes, Lovica Callisti, Dennis O'Brien

Support & QA

  • Developer Support: Ian McIntosh, Stacey Li, Kimberley Rathbun, Terri Hannon
  • QA: Debbie Yandl, Alex Stahl, Tim Smith


  • Marketing: Monica Brown, Chad Weiner, Juliana Wu, Wayne Samdahl
  • International: Anja McClellan, Georgene Poulakidas


  • Licensing: Doug Carlucci, Lennell Jones
  • Legal: Anna Silva, Carmelia Stanton
  • Contract: Roger Noyes, Kid Lab, Alissa McLean, Erica Atencion

Special Thanks

  • Special Thanks: Jeff Katz, Nancy MacIntyre, Bill Chiasson, Bill Campbell, Mike Houlahan, Mike Chai, Michael Dodd, Martin Pidel, Rob Moon, Dave Stauffer, Hilda West, Hamid Butt, Jeff Grant, Yakov A. Blyakhman, Virginia Schmitt, Teresa Cameron, Scott Esters, Ruth Nathan, Robert Escobar, Moana Sherrill, Mark Bartscher, Mariko Nobori, Laura McCombs, Jonathan Bach, John Chapin, Jameel Din, Irvan Krantzler, David Siegel, Christina Bergschneider, Cameron McCaddon, Brad Carlton, Armando Sanchez, Anthony Greene, Alex Potts, and all the kids that helped test our game.

Sega Special Thanks

Video game staff