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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Dude, I've raced through more Zones, battleships, and death traps than you can imagine. "Go fast" is my answer to everything!

— Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog #266

Sonic the Hedgehog is the eponymous protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a mobian hedgehog endowed with the power of super speed and the ability to control the Chaos Emeralds. Renowned as the hero of his world, Sonic has stood as the primary opposition to the villainous reign of the evil Dr. Eggman and the Eggman Empire for years. He is the strongest and the primary agent of the Freedom Fighters, a generation of heroes whom he inspired with his unyielding heroism and continues to be their source of strength to this day.

Sonic's speed is his ultimate weapon and he has used it to help those in need, as well as foil his enemies' plans. Although he is sometimes overconfident and assumes he can deal with things on his own, Sonic also realizes he has friends to back him up when needed. Additionally, he is willing to put his life on the line for his loved ones.


A younger Sonic, from Sonic: Mega Drive.

Sonic is a slim mobian hedgehog with blue fur that covers most of his body, and peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle, insides of his ears and front torso. He has small, triangular ears on top of his head, six long quills on the back of his head, two spines protruding from his back behind his shoulders, and a short tail.

For attire, Sonic wears light-weight, hyper friction-resistant red sneakers with white cuffs around the ankles, gray soles, and white straps across the top; the latter of which are held down by a golden buckle on each foot. He also wears a pair of white gloves with sock-like cuffs on his hands.

In his younger years, Sonic was shorter and stubbier, had a round head and an equally round torso, and black eyes (although this trait has been portrayed inconsistently). However, he has since grown taller and thinner, and developed green eyes.



Sonic defeats Dr. Eggman and Dr. Snively in the Final Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog #288.

When Dr. Robotnik began his attempts at world domination as Dr. Eggman, Sonic would quickly make his presence known to the rotund dictator, thwarting his plans at every turn. When Eggman and his assistant, Dr. Julian Snively, began their strip-mining and processing of South Island as well as major construction and refinements on Westside Island, Sonic made his first appearance to the two doctors and followed them all the way to their base on the island, battling and defeating the duo within the Final Zone, while also rescuing Walter Naugus from the Special Zone, who was disguised as King Nigel Acorn.[4][5][6]

Sonic faces the Egg Destroyer Battlesuit, from Sonic the Hedgehog #289.

The two doctors fled to Westside Island where they continued with their original plans, and Sonic would chase them down; however, his victory over the villains inspired the creation of the Freedom Fighters, who resided in Westside Island's Knothole, a hideaway from Dr. Eggman, who conquered their original home, Mobotropolis. With new friends in tow, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters chased down the two doctors, with Miles "Tails" Prower close to Sonic's side as his sidekick and best buddy.[5][6][7][8] While on Westside Island, Sonic, Tails and Sally Acorn met Dulcy the Dragon who ran away from her home. Tails was slightly frightened by her, but Sonic assured him that there was nothing to fear. Dulcy was in disbelief at how Sonic had nobody to tell him what to do and all he had achieved from that. Soon after, he and the other Freedom Fighters taught Dulcy to be herself and to choose her own fate.[9]

Eventually, Sonic would reach the original version of Eggman's flying fortress, the Death Egg, where he battled a Silver Sonic model and Eggman in his battlesuit. Ultimately, Sonic put a stop to the doctors' plans and defeated them, causing the Death Egg to fall back to the planet while Sonic reunited with Tails.[8][10] Soon, he would come to discover that Walter Naugus was impersonating King Acorn after he and the Freedom Fighters had saved the real king from the Special Zone. Sonic and his team defeated Naugus, bringing peace to the Kingdom of Acorn.[11]

Sonic races Metal Sonic in Stardust Speedway, from Sonic the Hedgehog #290.

Later, Sonic would be in Green Hill Zone before being kidnapped by the Time Eater. It was then when he teamed up with older versions of himself and Tails to traverse through multiple locations. In the end, it was revealed that Eggman was cooperating with his older self to control the Time Eater and undo their respective defeats. However, the Sonics were able to defeat the doctors and the Time Eater. Afterwards, Sonic and Tails would bid farewells to their older selves and return to their own time, though Sonic would slowly forget the events ever happened.[12][13][14]

Soon after, Little Planet made its appearance over Never Lake. Wanting to see the planet for himself, Sonic rushed to Never Lake, only to find that it was covered in a metallic shell and chained to a mountain with Dr. Eggman's face. Suspecting that the doctor was behind this, Sonic remembered the vague memories he had of adventure with his older self and prepared to head to Little Planet. Just as he was about to do so however, he met Amy Rose, a young hedgehog whose tarot cards read about an encounter with Sonic at Never Lake. Nevertheless, Sonic did not care much and went to Little Planet anyway, leaving Amy behind.[12][15]

On Little Planet, Sonic encountered Eggman in the EGG-HVC-001, who was discussing with Snively about the reconstruction of the Death Egg, which was revealed to have barely survived the fall to Sonic's World. After Sonic easily destroyed the EGG-HVC-001, he forced Eggman to escape. Just as he was about to reach the doctor however, Amy suddenly appeared and hugged Sonic, giving Eggman enough time to escape to the nearby Collision Chaos. There, Amy was kidnapped by Metal Sonic, a robotic copy of Sonic created by Eggman. Sonic later made his way through Little Planet, learning of Eggman's actions and how they led to a ruined future for Little Planet. Fortunately, he was able to use Time Warp signs and undo his operations, creating "good futures". Eventually, Sonic went to Stardust Speedway, where he found Eggman and Metal Sonic, who challenged him to race against the robot to rescue Amy. Despite the odds, Sonic won the race, liberating Amy. He then learned that Eggman was seeking to collect the mystical Time Stones to re-write history and conquer the world. With this in mind, Sonic set off with Amy to collect the Time Stones. In the end, the hedgehog foiled Eggman's plans and liberated Little Planet for good.[12][15]

Sonic's first meeting with Knuckles, from Sonic the Hedgehog #271.

It would be soon after revealed that the Death Egg had crash-landed on Angel Island, where Eggman and Snively were re-building it. Sonic thus went to the island with Tails, only to be ambushed by Knuckles the Echidna, the guardian of Angel Island whom Eggman had tricked into believing that Sonic was evil. After his surprise attack, Knuckles took the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic and escaped. Sonic and Tails would afterward make their way across Angel Island, dealing with Knuckles and Eggman's constant attacks along the way while re-collecting the Chaos Emeralds. At Launch Base Zone, where Eggman had just finished repairing the Death Egg, the duo could cause the space station to fall back to Angel Island as it took off.[16]

Soon after, Sonic and Tails landed to safety in Mushroom Hill Zone, where they learned that, despite the Death Egg having crash-landed on Angel Island again, it was still intact enough for Eggman to savage it and re-launch it. Unsatisfied with this, the duo continued their adventure across the island, dealing with Knuckles and Eggman along the way. In Hidden Palace Zone, Sonic had a short confrontation against Knuckles. However, Eggman took advantage of this battle to steal the Master Emerald, the Emerald Knuckles had been protecting and was what caused Angel Island to float. Realizing that Eggman had lied to him, a furious Knuckles tried to get the Master Emerald back, though with little success. Afterward, Knuckles took Sonic and Tails to the Sky Sanctuary, where they were barely able to make it in time to infiltrate the Master Emerald-powered Death Egg, which was heading into space. There, the duo had a battle against Eggman, which resulted in the Death Egg being destroyed while Sonic, transformed into Super Sonic, retrieved the Master Emerald and took it back to Angel Island, allowing it to float again. However, at some point, Sonic returned to Angel Island with the Tornado, which he used to rescue Knuckles and the Master Emerald after a battle against Mecha Sonic at the Sky Sanctuary.[17]

Sonic destroys Knuckles' trap, from Sonic: Mega Drive.

While running through Green Seaside Zone in the Eastwatch Islands, Sonic came across Tails being attacked by a Super Badnik. After saving him, Tails informed him of a rumor that Eggman was searching the islands for the Ancient Gears in order to run his new super-weapon, the Mega Drive. After encountering Eggman, the two defeated him and retrieved one of the Ancient Gears that Eggman had found as well as saved captured Mobini. On the next island, Flower Park Zone, Sonic and Tails came across Amy, who was following Sonic in an attempt to travel with him. Initially refusing to have Amy tag along, Sonic changed his mind when Amy proved she was not longer helpless by showing her new skills. After once again encountering Eggman, the trio defeated him and retrieved another Ancient Gear as well as saved more captured Mobini. In the Cascade Temple Zone, the trio fell into a trap run by Knuckles, who had once again been tricked by Eggman, this time into believing Sonic had been going on a rampage with the Chaos Emeralds. After realizing his mistake, the four teamed up and once again encountered and defeated Eggman, retrieved another Ancient Gear, and saved the captured Mobini.[2]

Sonic hands over an Ancient Gear to Metal Sonic, from Sonic: Mega Drive - The Next Level.

After arriving at Glitter Peak Zone and defeating another Badnik, the four heroes once again encountered Eggman, who Tails, Amy, and Knuckles, with Sonic watching on in disappointment, realizing that he wanted to adventure by himself and at his own pace. After retrieving another Ancient Gear, the team traveled to Haunted Depths Zone, where Sonic suggested splitting up to cover more ground. At first Sonic was happy by himself, but after encountering and defeating Eggman once more and retrieving another Ancient Gear, he realized that he had no one around to joke around with at Eggman's expense. Sonic then arrived at Eruption Ruin Zone, where he found himself stuck beneath a ledge. After worrying about his three friends, the traveling trio showed up and helped Sonic reach the ledge, making Sonic realized that he preferred having his friends around with him after all. After teaming up to defeat Eggman once again, the team retrieved one more Ancient Gear, but their victory was cut short by Metal Sonic, who swooped in to steal the five Ancient Gears that Tails had as well as kidnap Amy. After Tails realized where Eggman and Metal Sonic could be hiding, Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails made their way to Eggman's new flying fortress. After handing over their Ancient Gear in exchange for Amy thinking that Eggman did not have the seventh, the team realized that Metal Sonic had the last Ancient Gear inside of it. After the three defeated Metal Sonic and saved Amy, Eggman and Metal Sonic fled the fortress. After taking a look at the database on the fortress, Tails realized that there was a deep sea base directly under where they were. However, Sonic decided that before pursuing the villains they should collect the seven Chaos Emeralds, which had a habit of showing up when they needed them.[18]

Later, Sonic defeated Eggman when the doctor plotted a scheme to reuse his older machines to conquer the world with.[19] Soon after, Little Planet returned back to Sonic's World. Sonic subsequently teamed up with Tails to defeat Eggman, who had retrieved Metal Sonic and was planning to build a space station around Little Planet.[20]

The Silver Sonic prototype attacks Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #269.

Eventually, Tails was kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. In the Underground Zone, Sonic fought against Coconuts of the Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad and the Egg Antlion. After defeating them, Sonic came across the other two members of the S6 Squad, Scratch and Grounder, who pretended to use their double agent, Breezie, as a hostage, but Sonic managed to take both out. Sonic took Breezie along with him afterwards, who winded up betraying him, with Breezie revealing her betrayal to Sonic when they reached the Scrambled Egg Zone. It was there the prototype version of Silver Sonic made its appearance and battled Sonic, but was eventually defeated.[21][22][23] After that, Sonic faced off against Eggman in the Egg Storm Chamber, where Eggman held Tails captive. However, the Naugus twins, Walter and Wendy, then arrived to seek revenge on both Eggman and Sonic. Eggman let Tails go free in an attempt to keep Sonic from chasing after him while he fled before the twins could find him. However, he was intercepted and trapped in crystal by the twins before he could escape, and Sonic caught up with him moments later, only to be trapped in crystal himself by Wendy, and taken away by the Naugus twins. In the end, the twins were defeated, and both Sonic and Eggman were set free.[24] Sonic, however, became reluctant to share the tale of Breezie's betrayal even with his closest friends.[21]

Sonic defeats Dr. Eggman during the invasion of Lupe's village, from Sonic the Hedgehog #277.

At some point in the past, Lupe the Wolf's village was invaded by Dr. Eggman's forces. Thankfully, Sonic, Sally Acorn and Antoine D'Coolette came to her aid. Sonic ran off to follow and defeat Dr. Eggman while Antoine defended Sally and Lupe. Using the terrain of the Thunder Plains Zone to his advantage, Sonic lead the evil dictator into a lightning bolt, destroying the doctor's vehicle and sending him fleeing while Sonic made a mockery of his nemesis's name.[25]

Sonic and Knuckles' clashing over Chaos Emeralds, from Sonic the Hedgehog #271.

After a long journey, Sonic came to Station Square before having a battle against a monster known as Chaos. Reuniting with Tails the next day, Sonic soon after discovered that Eggman was planning to use Chaos' powers to destroy Station Square and build Eggman Land on its ruins. Thus, Sonic and Tails explored various locations of the Mystic Ruins and Station Square and got two Chaos Emeralds. However, the Emeralds were snatched by Eggman after a battle with Knuckles. Sonic would later go to Eggman's Egg Carrier to stop the doctor and rescue Amy, who had been kidnapped by ZERO. After a battle with E-102 Gamma and Chaos, Sonic managed to make the Egg Carrier fall back to the surface of the planet. Soon after, he would have a battle against Eggman in the Egg Viper at Final Egg. Afterwards, Sonic reunited with Tails once again. However, it was later revealed that Chaos had betrayed Eggman and collected the seven Chaos Emeralds, allowing it to transform into Perfect Chaos and flood all of Station Square. There, Sonic used the positive energy of the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and stop and neutralize Perfect Chaos.[3][26]

On another adventure, Sonic was mistaken for Shadow the Hedgehog, who had stolen a Chaos Emerald, causing Sonic to be incarcelated by G.U.N. Though Sonic escaped, he would be captured again after meeting Shadow, leading him to be imprisoned on Prison Island. After being rescued by Tails and Amy, the hedgehog teamed up with them and Knuckles to prove his innocence and find out who Shadow was. Later, the four learned that Shadow had teamed up with Eggman and Rouge to collect the Chaos Emeralds to power the Eclipse Cannon on the Space Colony ARK. Making their way to the ARK, Sonic had a final confrontation against Shadow, before Eggman placed the seventh Emerald into the cannon. However, this activated a doomsday program created by Eggman's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, to destroy Sonic's World by having the ARK collide with the planet. Sonic thus teamed up with Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Eggman, and Rouge to stop this threat. Using the Master Emerald, Knuckles was able to put a stop to Gerald's program, only for the Biolizard to fuse itself to the ARK to keep the doomsday program on course. Using the Chaos Emeralds however, Sonic and Shadow transformed into their respective Super States and stopped the Biolizard. The two then used a combined Chaos Control to warp the ARK back into orbit, though at the cost of Shadow's apparent death.[27]

A later adventure would cause Sonic to team up with Tails, Knuckles and Amy once again to stop Eggman.[28] The blue hedgehog soon after befriended Cream the Rabbit and her companion, Cheese the Chao, while teaming up with them, Tails, Knuckles and Amy to save Cream's mother, Vanilla, from Eggman.[29] Sonic would later cross paths with Tails and Knuckles to form Team Sonic. This group would team up with Team Dark, the Chaotix, and Team Rose to battle Neo Metal Sonic and his transformed state, Metal Overlord.[3][30] Sonic would continue to make new friends on his adventures, such as the powerful robot Emerl,[31] who was later destroyed and rebuilt into Gemerl by Eggman. Sonic and his allies would eventually get caught up in the launch of Eggman's first Genesis Wave, which resulted in the planet being split into multiple pocket dimensions.[32]

Sonic and his allies paralyzed, from Sonic Universe #59.

When the Black Arms descended on Sonic's World, Sonic worked with most of his friends and G.U.N.'s forces to repel their invasion of the planet. Eventually, Sonic and his friends met up with Shadow (whom they had encountered during this crisis) on the Black Comet, as Shadow was about to hand the seven Chaos Emeralds he had gathered to Black Doom, the leader of the Black Arms. Sonic and the others told Shadow to stop though. It was then revealed that Black Doom wished to harvest humans as food. Taking the Emeralds, Black Doom used Chaos Control to warp the Black Comet down to Sonic's World. Black Doom then explained that he helped Professor Gerald Robotnik create Shadow from his blood in return for the Chaos Emeralds, which were needed to bring the comet down to the surface. Black Doom then paralyzed Sonic and his allies with a special gas and left them to be devoured by his offspring. However, Shadow broke through the paralysis and chased after Black Doom. Eventually, Sonic saw Shadow kill Black Doom, who had transformed into Devil Doom, as Super Shadow and take the Black Comet back into space where it was destroyed with the Eclipse Cannon, stopping the invasion.[33]

Sonic and Tails with Yacker, from Sonic the Hedgehog #252.

Future adventures saw Sonic team up with the otherworldly princess Blaze the Cat to battle Eggman Nega,[34] and later meet Marine the Raccoon and help her and Blaze battle Nega's pirates led by Captain Whisker.[35] He would also be caught up in Eggman's schemes to harness the power of a monstrous creature in an aborted timeline that saw him meet Silver the Hedgehog while battling the evil of a super-dimensional creature.[36] Sonic would go on and face new foes, such as the Babylon Rogues and their leader-yet another speedy rival-Jet the Hawk.[37][38][39] He would again face Nega and meet Silver-a first for both of them due to alterations to time-when the time traveling Hedgehog came back in time to try and stop Nega's plans.[40][41] Sonic would also travel and be summoned to two realms, where he contended with the evildoers that endangered each one, respectively.[42][43] Another adventure with Silver saw Sonic and Tails attempting to save the Wisp alien species from Eggman's clutches.[44][45]

During his birthday, Sonic and his friends were abducted by the Time Eater and sent to a white void. There, he teamed up with Tails and younger versions of themselves to rescue their friends and return back home. It would be later revealed, however, that Eggman and his younger self were planning to use the Time Eater to tamper with time to undo their previous defeats. Using the Chaos Emeralds, though, the Sonics defeated the Time Eater and the Eggmen, restoring their timeline to normal. However, this battle let to Eggman's meeting with Dr. Wily.[13][14][46]

A little while later, Sonic returned to Mobotropolis with Tails to find the city under attack by the transformed Tails Doll. The pair were about to combat the monster, when suddenly the world was enveloped by the newest Genesis Wave.[44]

Worlds Collide

Note: Due to the Genesis Wave, Sonic's history from this point was changed to be nearly identical to that of his game counterpart.

Sonic experiencing déjà vu just after the launch of the second Genesis Wave, from Sonic Universe #51.

Sonic once again found himself running through the Green Hill Zone when he felt a sudden sense of déjà vu, similar to what he had felt there previously. He shook off the feeling and focused on the task at hand: finding his missing friends. Earlier on, he'd gone to Tails' workshop where the young fox should've been getting ready to set off on a journey through the Mystic Ruins with him, only to find that his best buddy was nowhere to be seen, his bag of supplies spilled out across the floor. Worried about his friend, Sonic then flew the Tornado to Angel Island to get Knuckles to help him search for the young fox, but instead was surprised to find that the Guardian of the Master Emerald was not at his post. Finally, Sonic headed over to Amy's house, with the intention of asking for her help (noting that she'd be good at finding them as she seems always able to track Sonic down easily), but sure enough, the pink hedgehog had also vanished. Realizing that something bad had happened, he approached the Chaotix for help, asking them to join the search.[47]

Sonic was briefly joined in his search by Silver the Hedgehog, who informs him that he felt a disturbance in space-time that he had traced back to this point. Sonic questions whether Silver had, like him, acted upon a gut feeling that something was wrong, much to Silver's surprise. The two hedgehogs both come to the conclusion that Dr. Eggman is most likely the cause of whatever is wrong, moments before Silver is shot down by a mysterious blue-armored boy wearing a purple scarf in front of Sonic's very eyes. Sonic gave chase after the mystery assailant, remarking that he should've shot him while he had the chance. After a long chase, the armored boy quickly ducked out of sight at the very moment Mega Man was approaching their location, himself chasing Metal Sonic. Mistaking the true Mega Man with the imposter he'd been chasing, Sonic strikes the boy-robot with a spin dash as Metal Sonic and the imposter disappear from sight. After cheering that he'd knocked the scarf right off of him, Mega Man, in turn mistaking Sonic for the strange blue blur he'd been chasing, proceeded to shoot at Sonic with his Mega Buster Cannon, sparking a fierce brawl between the two.[47]

Sonic and Mega Man battling each other, from Mega Man #50.

As their fight proceeded, Sonic bragged about having taken down hundreds of robots in the past; when the fight appeared to be a stalemate, Sonic decided to use the surroundings to his advantage, running through Green Hill Zone's loops to boost into Mega Man and then bounce around him in the springs before knocking him off his feet, only to be punched back by the Blue Bomber. Suddenly, a Warp Ring portal appeared behind the heroic robot, created by Mega Man's father, Dr. Light; this distracted Mega Man long enough for Sonic to disable his Mega Buster. Mega Man then tricked Sonic into following him through the portal and they (along with Tails Man) arrived back in Mega City. Sonic wondered if he was in a place he knew on his planet, though quickly guessed that such was not the case, as Mega Man called his friends Tango, Eddie, Beat and Rush to his aid.[48]

Sonic and Mega Man team up, from Mega Man #25.

The two heroes continued their fight, Mega Man repairing his Buster and taking to the air against Sonic with Beat and Rush's aid. Tango's use of a spin dash-esque attack only riled Sonic further. However, as the battle began to endanger civilians, Mega Man again attempted to reason with Sonic, only to be confused as Sonic accused him for Copy Robot's actions. As they argued, Tails Man attacked them on Eggman's and Wily's orders. This forced them to put aside their feud to protect nearby civilians and engage the Roboticized Master. Unexpectedly, their combined attacks-Sonic Spin-Dash and Mega Man's charged shot-immobilized the Robian, and Mega Man's weapon copying powers restored Tails to normal. Comparing notes, the two heroes quickly realized the truth: that their respective nemeses Eggman and Dr. Wily had joined forces, and that each had been framed-Sonic by Metal Sonic and Mega Man by Copy Robot. With that issue settled, Sonic suggested they meet with Mega Man's creator, Dr. Light, and they teleported to Light Labs. Unfortunately, they arrived just in time to see the doctor being kidnapped by Metal Sonic and his new partner, Bass. Quickly resolving that they had to save the doctor and Sonic's other missing friends, the pair and Tails teamed up with Mega Man, Rush, and Mega Man's "brother" Proto Man. With Tails' genius at work, they managed to create a portal that allowed them to enter the doctors' Skull Egg Zone.[49]

Making their way deeper into the bizarre zone, which combined elements from both their worlds, the heroes soon ran into opposition: Copybot, backed by the Genesis Unit. The group's name struck a chord in Sonic, but he had little time to think on it as the trio of Robot Masters attacked. The heroes split up, with Sonic taking on the monkey-like Buster Rod G, who brought back vague memories of fighting Monkey Khan. Sonic was quick to insult the robot. The fight was quickly ended thanks to Mega Man's new weapon-acquired from Tails Man-and the group's team effort. Mega Man and Proto Man then noted the strangeness of the Copybot and Genesis Unit returning, as intelligent robots from their world were incredibly complex and nearly impossible to rebuild. Moving on, the heroes encountered further strange activity, as well as a new threat: a team of eight Roboticized Masters.[50] After a brief battle, Proto Man left and drew most of the group off, leaving Sonic and the others to deal with Vector Man, Espio Man, and Charmy Man. Remembering their defeat of Tails Man, the remaining heroes resolved upon a strategy: Tails would modify the Mega Buster to emulate Sonic's Spin-Dash, and Sonic would run interference. The tactic worked, and the three detectives were soon restored to normal.[51]

Sonic and Mega Man remember the old reality, from Mega Man #26.

Sonic's group continued their journey, but soon ran into another obstacle: the Roboticized Shadow, known as Shadow Man, and his Robot Master ninja partner, also known as Shadow Man. After some confusion caused by the shared name, the heroes engaged the two villains, and managed to restore Shadow to normal only to have him destroy Shadow Man, who had been frozen by the weapon Mega Man had acquired from Shadow. When offered a chance to join their quest or help find Proto Man, Shadow declined both and disappeared using Chaos Control. The warping of space-time rekindled lost memories for the heroes, making Sonic remember that Eggman had altered reality before, and making him dread the possible effects of a second Genesis Wave. Determined to undo the damage that had been done, the heroes pressed on only to meet Silver Man and Blaze Woman. Sonic and Tails engaged the fire-wielding robot, but fortunately were quickly relieved by a restored Silver and Mega Man. With his two friends deciding to rest and regain their strength for the coming battle, Sonic and the others continued forward to find the remaining Masters.[52] Soon afterwards, they met the pair-Rose Woman and Knuckles Man-who had been ordered to destroy them at all costs, including self-destruction. Fortunately, they were able to return the two to normal, and after ribbing Knuckles and being tackle-hugged by Amy, Sonic laid out their game plan. Tails and Knuckles left to join Proto Man and the Chaotix, Mega Man and Rush departed to collect Silver and Blaze, and Sonic and Amy took off to find Shadow.[53]

With their allies assembled-and joined by Shadow's fellow Team Dark member E-123 Omega-the heroes massed at the Wily Egg, where they were confronted by a massive army of Robot Masters, much to Sonic's delight. Sonic threw himself into the battle and continued to provide assistance to his allies while encouraging an anxious Mega Man about their efforts to rescue his father. He was soon targeted by a squadron of high speed Robot Masters-Slash Man, Charge Man, Metal Man, Turbo Man, and Nitro Man-but found his most entertaining opponent in Quick Man. After tripping up the Robot Master, Sonic helped Mega Man restore Rouge Woman-the newest Roboticized Master-to normal before going on a fighting spree across the battlefield. At Shadow and Proto Man's suggestion, however, Sonic broke off from the fight with Tails, Mega Man, and Rush to board the Wily Egg. Just as they were heading to board the flying fortress, however, they spotted Dr. Light plummeting towards certain death from its underside.[54]

Shadow was able to use Chaos Control to save Dr. Light and teleported him onto the battlefield to help the others. Tails was able to hack into the systems and teleported them into the Wily Egg. Once inside, Sonic and Mega Man bantered about the Wily Egg's interior defenses, which were inspired by features from both Death Egg and a typical Wily Castle. At that moment, they ran into the Mega Man Killers. As the two sides engaged, one Mega Man Killer, Punk, used a spin dash-like move to combat Sonic, much to the hedgehog's annoyance. Eventually, Sonic tricked Punk into crashing into his own teammate, Enker. He and Tails then attacked Ballade, but while Sonic managed to land a hit, Tails was hit at point-blank range by one of Ballade's bombs. With Tails too badly hurt to go on, Sonic and Mega Man had Rush carry him out of the Wily Egg. The blue heroes continued further into the Wily Egg, with Mega Man trying to assure Sonic that Tails would be alright. They soon ran into further resistance in the form of the Chaos Devil, which quickly overwhelmed them. Luckily, Duo arrived and saved them. With Duo keeping the Chaos Devil busy, the blue heroes made the last leg of their trek through the Wily Egg, stopping at a Wily/Eggman-themed boss door. On the other side of said door, the power seemed to go out, making Sonic wonder if they had already won. Just then, however, he and Mega Man were ambushed by Bass, Metal Sonic, and Treble.[55]

Sonic and Mega Man face their rivals, from Sonic Universe #54.

Sonic immediately engaged Metal Sonic while Mega Man fought Bass and Treble. Reaching a stalemate with their dark rivals, the blue heroes, realizing they were only being stalled to buy the doctors time, decided to try the old "mix-and-match" strategy of switching opponents. However, this plan almost immediately backfired; Metal Sonic disoriented Mega Man with his speed, while Bass fired too rapidly for Sonic to get in the mid-battle banter he favored. The two then decided to gang up on their rivals one at a time, with Mega Man using all of the abilities he gained from the Roboticized Masters while Sonic kept up the pressure. Bass was the first to go down, followed by Treble, and then Metal Sonic.[56]

Soon after this, Eggman and Wily burst into the room in their powerful new battle mech, the Egg-Wily Machine-X. Fatigued from the fight with their rivals, Sonic and Mega Man were quickly beaten and knocked unconscious. They later awakened to find themselves imprisoned in containment pods within the heart of the Wily Egg, face-to-face with the evil doctors and the gathered Chaos Emeralds. It was then that Eggman and Wily horrified the blue heroes with the truth of their master plan: to unleash a "Super Genesis Wave" to not only completely remake their universes in their image, but also erase their enemies from existence.[56] As Mega Man tried to reason with Wily, Sonic, struggling to free himself from his prison, inquired to Eggman if he was worried about reality breaking due to his and Wily's tampering with Space-Time.[57]

Sonic and Mega Man engage the doctors, from Sonic Boom #8.

Just as all had begun to seem hopeless, however, Knuckles, Proto Man, Dr. Light, and Rush broke into the Wily Egg. There, the red heroes attacked Eggman and Wily while Dr. Light freed Sonic and Mega Man. At Light's suggestion, Mega Man fused with Rush to don the Super Adaptor. Inspired by the word "super" Sonic had Mega Man hoist both of them up to the Genesis Reactor, where the Chaos Emeralds were. Then, as the Super Genesis Wave activated, the blue heroes absorbed the Emeralds' power to become Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man.[57]

Eggman interrupts Sonic's Chaos Control, from Mega Man #50.

After preventing the evil doctors from killing Knuckles and Proto Man, Mega Man and Sonic instructed them to evacuate Dr. Light and have Duo fall back. A huge battle ensued between the two sides, ending with Sonic and Mega Man emerging victorious. By then, the Super Genesis Wave was already starting to reshape all reality, so Sonic taught Mega Man how to use Chaos Control to restore their worlds to normal. However, Eggman, unwilling to accept defeat, attacked Sonic while his Chaos Control was still charging. After getting Mega Man to restore Earth 20XX, Sonic turned his attention to restoring his own world, which proved to be easier said than done as he struggled to focus Chaos Control under Eggman's assault. Realizing it was all or nothing now, Sonic used Chaos Control. Due to Eggman's interference, however, it was clear something awful was now about to happen to their world. As Sonic wondered what Eggman had done, white light consumed them both...[57]

Countdown to Chaos

Note: From the readers point of view, this picks up from where Sonic's original timeline ended.

Sonic compares his two sets of memories, from Sonic the Hedgehog #252.

Sonic returned after the Super Genesis Wave, but suddenly had a completely different set of memories: including the recollection that they had just been attempting to rescue Mecha Sally at the Northern Tundra with Silver and Team Fighters, seconds before being pulled into an adventure where he teamed up with a hero from another world. Noting the absence of both Amy and Silver, he was looked over by a concerned Tails, who reminded him that they were there to rescue King Acorn. Sonic quickly guessed at Walter Naugus' involvement, and the depowered sorcerer himself fled the city, completely ignoring his enemies. During the course of the battle with Tails Doll, Tails' memories of the unaltered reality returned, and the two swiftly acted to defeat the monster. As they headed for Castle Acorn, Sonic's memories of this new reality came to him, including the circumstances of Dr. Robotnik's initial meeting with King Acorn. Upon freeing their monarch, the pair were surprised to find that he had become healthy and cheerful, which Sonic noted as one positive change to their world. After discussing the matter with Nicole, Sonic and Tails determined that their best course would be to locate the other Freedom Fighters.[44]

Sonic and Tails soon found themselves the Mystic Ruins, searching for Rotor and finding Big the Cat instead. Fortunately, Big knew where their missing friend was located, and led them to the general area, which Sonic recognized as the Final Egg. Realizing that he recognized the area from his memories of the new timeline, Sonic noted that it was becoming harder to distinguish between the two. The heroes' pondering was put on hold as they realized that the Sky Patrol, Rotor's location and the Freedom Fighters' new base, was under attack by Spinners. Sonic and his two companions engaged the enemy alongside Rotor, defeating the lesser robots and a new Silver Sonic who appeared to join them. Afterwards, Sonic and Tails reunited with Rotor, both of them nothing with surprise the Walrus' vitality given his previous injuries and girth in the original timeline. Knowing that it was the only real way to help their friend realize what had taken place, Sonic and Tails handed him Nicole, granted Rotor his own memories of the other reality. Rotor reacted poorly, but managed to inform the pair that Sally and Bunnie were on deep cover missions, Antoine D'Coolette was with Uncle Chuck in Knothole, and Amy had disappeared mysteriously.[58]

Sonic begins to change, from Sonic the Hedgehog #254.

Making their way to Knothole in the Wood Zone, Sonic and Tails found Antoine and Chuck, whom they were both happy to see given all the changes to reality and Antoine's previous condition. They were also stunned to encounter a new, and yet familiar face: Ben Muttski, Sonic's Mobini dog of the old reality turned Mobian. At Tails' urging, they refrained from restoring Chuck's memories, choosing instead to restore Antoine's. After telling him what little they could of Bunnie's whereabouts, the pair were suddenly shaken-quite literally-as a powerful tremor rocked the area. A massive fissure appeared, and both Chuck and Muttski fell in. The Freedom Fighters managed to save them, but in the process, Sonic inhaled some Dark Gaia Energy that the pair had extracted from below the surface for study. After displaying a brief, feral reaction, Sonic claimed to be fine, refuting Chuck's insistence that he see a doctor. Antoine reluctantly decided to escort the scientists to Spagonia, entrusting Sonic and Tails with the task of finding Bunnie and restoring her memories.[59]

The pair made their way to the Metropolis Zone, where they found Bunnie disguised as a member of the Egg Army. After being reminded that she was still partially roboticized, they decided to wait until they could reunite with the others before giving her alternate memories. Working together, they helped her complete her mission: acquiring a shield generator for the Sky Patrol from Eggman's Death Egg project. Returning to the Sky Patrol, they found Antoine waiting, and after restoring Bunnie's memories left the distraught Rabbot to be comforted by her husband. Still concerned over Amy's absence, Sonic decided to focus on locating Sally next. The heroes also had to deal with another dilemma: Nicole's diminishing reserves of Genesis Wave energy meant that she might only be able to restore one more set of memories.[60]

Sonic confuses his friends, who have not yet had their old memories restored, from Sonic the Hedgehog #256.

A return trip to Mobotropolis found Sonic arriving just in time to save Sally, Amy, Cream, and the Royal Guard from the attacking Metal Sonic. After working with Tails to deal with his metal doppelganger, Sonic happily reunited with his friends, though his comments about the alternate timeline and the Genesis Wave left the pair confused. Following a brief reunion with her father, Sonic took Sally and the girls back to the Sky Patrol, where they prepared to restore Sally and Amy's memories. Like the other Freedom Fighters before them, the two-particularly Sally-were deeply shaken by their newly regained memories. Unfortunately, they would have little time to mull the experience over, as Nicole finally computed the horrific consequences of the Super Genesis Wave's improper reversal. Not only had the entire multiverse imploded, but the damage caused the entire planet to break into large fragments. The Shattered World Crisis had begun.[61]

Shattered World Crisis

Act One

Sonic rescues civilians as his change continues to advance, from Sonic the Hedgehog #257.

The Freedom Fighters quickly traveled to Station Square in order to provide relief to victims of the Shattered World Crisis. Splitting into two teams coordinated by Sally, Cream, and NICOLE from the Sky Patrol, they set out to rescue as many of the civilians as they could. Despite their valiant efforts, the task proved overwhelming, and Sonic began to exhibit further signs of transformation as the stress got to him. Fortunately, Captain Amanda Tower and the Letter of Gabriel arrived with G.U.N. support forces to take over the rescue effort. However, the Freedom Fighters were soon informed of another piece of bad news: Muttski called in from Spagonia University to inform them that Chuck and his colleague Professor Pickle had been abducted by Eggman's forces.[62]

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters managed to locate the captured scientists aboard an Bullet Train heading for the Rail Canyon Zone. Intercepting it in Soleanna Forest Zone, the group split into two teams to board the train and rescue Chuck and Pickle. Sonic's team were tasked with locating the missing captives, and initiated a car-by-car search. However, the other group had the misfortune of alerting E-106 Eta to their presence, and the robot's rampage made the train accelerating uncontrollably. After fighting a number of Badniks, Sonic located his uncle and the professor, only for Eta to arrive in the car ready for a fight.[63] The battle with the super Badnik proved more challenging than Sonic expected, and the stress of the moment caused him to exhibit further signs of transformation. Fortunately, Amy arrived just in time to subdue Eta, and the heroes were able to escape the train with the two scientists. A subsequent debriefing made the Freedom Fighters aware of the existence of Dark Gaia and the effects of its essence, which Sonic-despite his efforts to appear nonchalant-was troubled by given his previous exposure to it. The Freedom Fighters were thus left with a new quest: to locate the missing Gaia Temples and Chaos Emeralds in order to restore the shattered planet.[3]

Sonic and his allies fight Dark Gaia Creatures, fromSonic the Hedgehog #262.

The search took Sonic, Amy, and Rotor to a seemingly uninhabited coastline, where they heard a mysterious voice coming from underground. Soon enough, Razor the Shark arrived to lead them to the Eusebes Shrine, where they were introduced to the voice's owner: Coral the Betta. The trio spent some time exploring the shrine and its adjacent Chao Garden, and getting to know Razor, Coral, and Coral's apprentice Pearly the Manta Ray better. Unfortunately, the pleasant visit was interrupted by the arrival of Captain Striker and the Meropis City Guard, who demanded to know what the surface dwellers were doing in the sacred shrine.[1] After a heated discussion, Sonic and Amy volunteered to accompany Coral and the guard in appearing before King Puff and Queen Angelica, rulers of the city of Meropis. Sonic attempted to explain that the recent problems that had befallen the city were caused by Eggman shattering the planet, but the king and queen refused to believe him. They thus stripped Coral of her title, and informed the Freedom Fighters that they were required to leave the city the following day. Sonic and Rotor briefly argued over helping Coral and her friends, but Amy diffused the situation and suggested that they take them aboard the Sky Patrol. Unfortunately, Coral was unable to maintain the city's mystical shield due to the stresses put on her, and it collapsed, allowing city and shrine to be swarmed by Dark Gaia Creatures.[64]

Sonic and his allies thanked by King Puff and Queen Angelica, from Sonic the Hedgehog #263.

Sonic, his teammates, and Razor managed to fight off the first wave to attack the shrine, and Sonic and Rotor left to aid the city's defenders and see about getting help for the shrine. Sonic grabbed a pair of Air Charms to allow the pair to breathe underwater, and they soon located Captain Striker. Unfortunately, he refused to send any support to the shrine while the city was under attack, and Sonic and Rotor were left to continue fighting in defense of Meropis. They soon ran into the commander of the minions, a Dark Guardian, and began to battle it. Unfortunately, they realized too late that their Air Charms were not fully charged, leaving them on the bottom of the ocean with no air to breathe.[65] Sonic began to transform again, only to be interrupted by the Dark Guardian throwing Rotor into him. Just when the pair seemed doomed, however, an unexpected ally arrived: Chaos. Creating air bubbles around the pair, Chaos attacked the Guardian with the ocean as his weapon. The battle soon ended and Coral restored the shield, and she was subsequently reinstated as priestess. Tikal provided some counsel to help the heroes on their quest, and they set out with a new supply of Power Rings for the Sky Patrol.[66]

On their way to Soumerca in their continuing search for the Chaos Emeralds and Gaia Temples, Sonic and the others were treated to a tour of the Sky Patrol by Rotor, who also handily dispatched the attacking War Walrus Badnik Horde Commander.[67] Sonic, Sally, and Amy were then deployed to recover a Chaos Emerald, only to run into a new enemy-E-113 Xi-and old friends-Mighty and Ray. After comparing notes, the two heroes introduced Sonic's team to their mentor Moss the Sloth, who sensed the darkness that Sonic had been struggling to contain within himself. Once again doing his best to assure his friends that he had things handled, he requested that Amy use her newly learned Mystic Melody to locate the Emerald. Joined by Mighty and Ray, the trio journeyed to the nearby Soumerca Egg Army base, only to be ambushed by Egg Boss Thunderbolt, whose electrical attack proved the final push to complete Sonic's transformation into the savage Werehog.[68]

Sonic finally succumbs to his dark side, from Sonic the Hedgehog #264.

Enraged and feral, Sonic attacked and swiftly defeated the Egg Soldiers, and would have killed Thunderbolt had Mighty not engaged him. Between the Armadillo's efforts and Amy and Sally talking him down, Sonic gained a measure of control over himself. The group then returned to Moss' hut, and the return of daylight saw Sonic returned to his normal self. However, he quickly resolved that he couldn't afford to return to the Sky Patrol until he got his new savage side under control.[69] He thus joined Mighty and Ray under Moss' tutelage, though as usual he initially found himself trying to prove his own superiority. Moss quickly deduced that the root of his problem was his need to be in control, and that mastering his Werehog form would require acceptance of his own uncontrollable nature.[70] After gaining this mastery, Sonic found himself confronted by another attack from Thunderbolt: the Flying Dynamo. However, with his new powers and the aid of Mighty and Ray, he proved triumphant, and soon returned to the Sky Patrol. Finding his teammates beaten and weary after a failed attempt to recover another Chaos Emerald, he rallied their spirits, reminding them of their previous successes. Unfortunately, even Sonic was appalled when Nicole revealed that another Chaos Emerald was in the hands of an old enemy: none other than Breezie.[71]

After sharing the story of Breezie's betrayal-and his reasoning for not doing so beforehand-Sonic learned that he, Amy, and Tails had been accepted into Breezie's Chaos Emerald Championship as competitors, but that the other Freedom Fighters had been denied entry. Rotor proposed stealing the Emerald given the stakes, which Sonic liked the idea of, but Sally and Amy both spoke against it. After learning that Sally had also attempted to buy the Emerald from Breezie, Sonic joked with her about how her father felt about her use of the kingdom's funds in both this attempt and hiring the Chaotix to help find the Emeralds. Sonic and the rest of Team Fighters traveled to Casino Park, where they were greeted by Breezie and had the tournament rules explained. Looking to keep his Werehog form out of the public eye, Sonic insisted that his matches take place during the day, and threatened to walk out when Breezie didn't want to accommodate him. After succeeding in this, Sonic and his friends met Honey the Cat, Amy's favorite fashion designer, who was also entering the tournament. She proved sympathetic to their cause, offering to give them the Chaos Emerald in the event that she won the tournament.[21] In the first round Sonic triumphed over the human fighter Segata Sanshiro, and after briefly basking in the adulation of the crowds was informed by Amy that the sun was about to set. He quickly returned to his room and transformed, and dejectedly settled in to watch the rest of the matches on TV. The first round ended with Tails eliminated from the tournament, and Sonic was paired with Honey for the second round.[22]

Sonic and Breezie, from Sonic the Hedgehog #268.

Sonic took a breather from laughing at his foes when he noticed Tails pouting over his loss to Honey in the previous round. Tails explained that he was upset that people all over the world got to see him lose like a chump, but Sonic assured him that people everywhere knew him as his best friend and the hero who saved Station Square. Meanwhile after Nack the Weasel was declared the winner, Sonic asked Espio the Chameleon if he was happy to see his loss against Bean the Dynamite avenged. He also asked why he didn't manage to sneak Vector the Crocodile or Charmy Bee into the tourney. Espio explained that he only planted Knuckles because he was in the area and it shouldn't have worked in the first place, suggesting that Breezie is aware of the sabotage and has tampered with the brackets herself. Espio also reminded Sonic that Dr. Eggman is sure to be involved and not to let his guard down. As they finished their conversation, Amy and Knuckles began their fight. Amy was getting pumped to take down Knuckles and face Sonic in the finals, but started over-analyzing the situation and worrying about disappointing or hurting him. While she was distracted, Knuckles landed an explosive punch which sent her flying into the spectator seats. Sonic and Tails glared at Knuckles. Sonic and Tails later visited Amy in a hospital room, where she was more annoyed about her loss than her injuries. Sonic took her hand and asked if she's okay, but Amy insisted that she was fine and asked Sonic to avenge her loss before swooning over her hero. Tails also requested to be avenged as Sonic headed out to start his match with Honey. Sonic and Honey met in the ring and shook hands, ready to fight, but Honey admitted that Sonic needed to win the Chaos Emerald far more than she needed to promote her brand. Sonic offhandedly mentioned that they still needed to put on a show for the crowd when Honey flipped him over her shoulder and slammed him into the ground. They had a fierce fight, dodging and countering attacks, when Honey decided to use her afterimage dodge. Recognizing the move from her fight with Tails, Sonic grabbed Honey and threw her out of the ring. As she soared through the air, Honey was overcome by how cool their fight was. After Knuckles won his match against Nack, he and Sonic entered the ring for the championship match. The two heroes teased each other, joking about past fights and getting ready for a real fight.[72]

Sonic and Knuckles battle in the final round, from Sonic the Hedgehog #271.

Upon learning that Knuckles had left Angel Island after being forced to shatter the Master Emerald, Sonic offered to throw the fight so that Knuckles could resume his quest. Knuckles refused and the battle continued, until Metal Sonic broke into Casino Park thanks to the Hooligans' sabotage. Putting aside their fight and teaming up with Sonic's teammates, Espio, and Honey, they managed to recover the Emerald. Knuckles and Chip were then invited to join the Freedom Fighters aboard the Sky Patrol, and agreed to do so. While traveling aboard the Speed Star, however, the pair were treated to an unexpected surprise as Sonic transformed into the Werehog. Shortly thereafter, Sally received a distress call from Gregorios in Apotos.[73] Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters subsequently traveled there in search of him, only for Sonic to run afoul of Dr. Eggman and a patrol of Egg SWATs. Their battle was interrupted by the arrival of the Ifrit through a strange phenomena known as the Genesis Portal, but Sonic was able to drive it back through with help from Silver the Hedgehog.[74]

On another trip in Apotos, this time accompanied by Antoine and Chip, Sonic was forced to battle a force of Badniks. He and his companions then found Gregorios, who led them to the hidden Gaia Gate. He explained that they could use it to access the Gaia Temples without finding them through the use of the Gaia Keys, thought Sonic took occasion to mock Antoine's reactions to various bits of information he gave them. Gregorios then provided the trio with a list of names of families who protected the keys, wishing them luck as they departed. Sonic transformed into the Werehog yet again and expressed his hope that he would return to normal once the world was restored, while Chip hoped that his memories would return. They were then forced to deal with a force of Dark Gaia Creatures led by a Dark Gaia Titan, but were joined by Bunnie, Knuckles, and Amy. After defeating the creature and recovering a Master Emerald shard from it, Sonic and his friends passed on their new information to their reinforcements. The revelation of the Gaia Keys opened the way for Amy and Knuckles to leave in search of the Master Emerald shards, and Sonic found himself being teased over his reaction about Amy leaving.[75]

Sonic fights Metal Sonic for an Emerald, from Sonic Universe #75.

As Sonic attempted to recover the final unclaimed Chaos Emerald from Metal Sonic as he pursued him through the Crystal Desert Zone with Bunnie and Tails, Sonic ended up grabbing a hold of Metal Sonic and being dragged through a Genesis Portal into the Burning Ruin Zone. There he met Silver, and was distracted enough that Metal Sonic was able to punch him in the stomach and escape. After exchanging greetings, Silver revealed that he was still in the process of finding and closing the various Genesis Portals, a large number of which led to Sonic's world in his present. They then set out to stop Metal and find a portal Sonic could return home. They eventually succeeded, trapping Metal Sonic in another dimension while Sonic returned home with the Emerald.[76]

Worlds Unite

Sonic battles three of the Deadly Six, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Worlds Unite Battles #1.

The Freedom Fighters' search for the final Chaos Emerald led Sonic to the planetary fragment on which Green Hill Zone rested, and he wound up running underneath it. Following a reading from Tails, he located another Master Emerald shard, though Sonic bemoaned the fact that they could not detect the Chaos Emeralds more reliably. Unfortunately, Zavok, Zor and Zeena of the Deadly Six-acting under the control of Sigma-attacked him. Though he put up a fierce fight, the weight of numbers and the powers of their armor saw him defeated by the wreckage of numerous Badniks. He was then brought to Sigma's new base on the Lost Hex along with a captured Mega Man, both heroes having been captured on the suggestion of their nemeses Eggman and Dr. Wily, both of whom had been enslaved by Sigma.[77][78] The two, while unconscious, were then transformed into the latest Roboticized Masters, and Sonic Man was dispatched to Mega City to set up one of Sigma's Unity Engines.[46] The Light Robot Masters appeared to challenge him, but proved no match for the corrupted Sonic.[79][80]

As a result, Dr. Light was forced to call upon Quake Woman and some "reformed" Wily Robot Masters to try their luck. Unfortunately, they fared no better, and Break Man similarly proved to be no match for Sonic Man. As a result, he was able to complete setup of his Unity Engine, and Sonic's World and Mega Man's World began to merge together. This led to Sonic Man and M'egga Man being brought together, and the activation of another set of programming installed by Eggman and Wily.[80] The two then attacked each other, and eventually returned each other to their original forms. Recognizing his old friend, Sonic helped refresh Mega Man's memories-and those of his allies-regarding their previous alliance since they forgot due to the timeline of their world going back to it's proper position. Joined by X, Mega Man's descendant from the future, Sticks the Badger, a resident of alternate reality not-too removed from his own, and their allies, the heroes then boarded the Sky Patrol to launch their campaign against Sigma.[81]

While in flight, the heroes determined that the effects of their worlds being merged together was causing the Unified World to deteriorate. After being unexpectedly joined by Eggman, Wily, and Xander Payne, they learned that Sigma's plans involved fusing more worlds together and obtaining infinite power by draining their power. The heroes thus set course for the Lost Hex; along the way, Sonic talked to Mega Man about their first meeting. Though he could not remember the events, Mega Man could tell that his blue friend was, to a degree, exaggerating.[82]

Sonic fighting with the other heroes, from Sonic the Hedgehog #275.

Sonic and his fellow heroes then joined together in facing the Deadly Six and Sigma's Mechaniloid army, with Sonic encouraging Mega Man not to take the situation so seriously. Unfortunately, he would subsequently be attacked Mega Man and their other robotic allies, who fell under the technology-manipulating powers of the Zeti.[83] Sonic and his organic teammates were thus forced to engage their friends, but due to their desire not to harm them were forced to retreat inside the Sky Patrol. Fortunately, Eggman and Wily managed to halt the villains and their unfortunate puppets using their Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon. The heroes' troubles were from over, however, as Sigma emerged from the Lost Hex in a massive new robotic body, accompanied by an army of Mavericks.[84] Weary from their previous battles, the heroes engaged the Mavericks, but were unable to stop the majority of them from scattering through Genesis Portals to attack other worlds. However, they were saved when Sticks returned from a trip to the World of Street Fighter with some of that world's heroes, though Guile's Sonic Boom maneuver did not impress Sonic. Given the chance to recover, the heroes prepared to follow Sigma's forces.[85]

Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man about to finish off Sigma-3, from Mega Man #52.

Sonic joined Break Man in traveling to the world of Alex Kidd, where they recruited Alex Kidd and Stella to their cause.[86] They later rejoined their allies only to find the Sky Patrol destroyed, but joined the assembled force of heroes and villains in launching a massive attack on Sigma. While they succeeded in defeating his defenders and destroying his giant body, it proved to be a mere protective shell for his ultimate form. Sonic and Mega Man were thus forced to use the Chaos Emeralds to take him on as Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man.[87][88] Even then however, they would have failed had it not been for Eggman and Wily's interference. They managed to destroy Sigma, but his actions had left reality dangerously damaged, and it was only Xander Payne's quick-thinking that saved the universe from annihilation. However, the events of the conflict with Sigma were undone, and Sonic found himself in touch with a very much alive Shadow. The battle was not entirely forgotten by Sonic, as he recalled once again fighting alongside Mega Man.[89]

Act Two

Following his second inter-dimensional adventure, Sonic returned home and resumed his search for the Gaia Keys, though he soon ran afoul of Tundra the Walrus.[90] Following this clash, he was reunited with Lupe the Wolf, and together they set out to take down E-118 Tau.[25] He would then lead Antoine and Big to Shamar, where an effort to rescue the local Gaia Key Guardian Ehsan from the Midesta Egg Army had them team up with the Desert Raiders to rescue Ehsan, earning them two more keys.[91][92] Sonic, Tails and Chip then made a trip to Mazuri where Sonic distracted the Efrika Egg Army while Tails and Chip took the Gaia Key they had stolen.[93] Sonic later headed for the city of Chun-nan to search for the next key, where he was aided by Dulcy the Dragon. However, after meeting the other Shijin Warriors, Sonic and his crew learned that the Gaia Key's guardian was trapped with the Dark Gaia Phoenix; a powerful phoenix spirit corrupted by Dark Gaia energy.[9] The Freedom Fighters soon came up with a plan and that night Sonic (in his Werehog form) battled the Dark Gaia Phoenix to weaken it enough for Chip to restore it back to normal while they received the last Gaia Key from Zonshen.[94] Back on the Sky Patrol with all the Gaia Keys and Emeralds secured, Sonic and Sally contacted their various allies and announced their plan to stage a worldwide assault on the Eggman Empire as a distraction so they could fix the planet.[95]

Soon after, Sonic was planning their celebratory party before he and the Freedom Fighters fixed the world. They were interrupted by an attack by the Battle Bird Armada and Phage. Sonic fought alongside Bunnie and Antoine topside against the incoming army but did not know that Speedy sneaked inside the Sky Patrol to kidnap Chip. The Sky Patrol's engines were blown up, which caused Sonic to panic and made him ask Bunnie to throw him to the Battle Fortress in a last ditch effort to rescue Chip. However, he was unable to reach him and began falling towards the planet's core, yelling Chip's name.[96] Luckily, before the hedgehog could meet his doom, Sky Patrol began flying again, encouraging him to go check on his friends so they could regroup and catch up to their attackers. However, he, Bunnie, and Antoine arrived to see the engine room barely holding thanks to the assault. Later that day, the team concocted a plan to not only delay the Death Egg, but to rescue Chip, take control of the Gaia Temples, and break Eggman's control of the Dark Gaia energy. Sonic was tasked with rescuing Chip, which he headed to the Gaia Colossus in Eggman Land to do, only for Eggman to intervene with his Egg Dragoon mech.[97] Sonic began battling the mech, not taking much account of it and even mocking the doctor. Though he struggled at first, the sun eventually set in time for Sonic to transform into the Werehog, narrowly avoid being killed, and swing the tides of the fight back in his favor. He rescued Chip, who was elated to see him, but was permanently deprived of his Werehog form when Dark Gaia began drawing its energy from across the planet, including its energy inside Sonic. As a result of this absorption, Dark Gaia was fully awakened and was getting ready to essentially destroy the world. Chip took control of the Gaia Colossus while Sonic harnessed the Chaos Emeralds' power to become Super Sonic and engage the monstrous deity alongside his friend.[98]

Sonic wearing Chip's bracelet, from Sonic the Hedgehog #287.

Dark Gaia had proven a formidable foe, but in the end was no match for the two's teamwork. Exhausted from the fight but relieved, Sonic witnessed Chip return the fragments back to where they belonged, but was soon distraught when he realized that Chip was staying in the core with Dark Gaia, meaning Sonic would never get to see him again. As he was sent back to the Sky Patrol, Chip thanked all his friends for their contributions to the restoration of the planet, and provided Sonic with his bracelet to remember him by. Together, the Freedom Fighters witnessed the first sunrise since the restoration of the planet.[99] Later on, Sonic joined a tea party with Sally, Amy, Cream, Cheese and Nigel Acorn where Amy told them about her adventure. During it, Sonic comforted those of his friends who were not there to say goodbye to Chip and made jokes while talking about Knuckles.[100]


Always prepared to put his life on the line to protect others, be they friends or civilians, Sonic is a carefree spirit and a fearless daredevil with a heart of gold. He typically maintains an easygoing, cool, and fun-loving demeanor. He is kindhearted and never passes up an opportunity to help someone in need.

Sonic's egotistical side, from Sonic the Hedgehog #266.

Having saved the world numerous times has left Sonic with an inflated ego, as he thinks highly of himself and sees heroics as a workout or opportunity to have fun, making him sassy, quick-witted, cocky, and at times overconfident.[69][101] At the same time, he has a firm conviction of justice and a desire to see evildoers like Dr. Eggman stopped. While Sonic generally assumes he can deal with things on his own, he also realizes he has friends to back him up in troubled situations, as demonstrated during his adventure on the Eastwatch Islands.[18] Throughout his life, Sonic has exhibited a great desire for adventure and excitement, in keeping with his super speed.

Sonic is laid-back and confident under pressure, especially in fights; he often mocks his opponents with insults and puns and engages in banter with them, which usually ends up aggravating them to the point of distraction.[48][73][90][98] It is only in the moments of greatest loss (such as Chip departing to the planet's core to remain with Dark Gaia[99]) that his macho and carefree appearance falls away. Nonetheless, Sonic never dwells on the past or allows his painful experiences to weigh him down; he instead chooses to live in the present and always look forward to his next adventure, holding no regrets for what has transpired.[100]

In keeping with his footloose lifestyle, Sonic values freedom above all else and strives to live his life according to his own rules rather than the standards of those around him or for the sake of heroism and duty. As such, despite his loyalty to his friends and allies, Sonic is typically reluctant to commit to anything that requires him to act primarily under the authority of others, including his friends, believing that he knows what is best for himself. Noticeably, he almost never sticks to Sally's plans (which has caused him to act recklessly and get into trouble[101]), but still comes through for his team in the end.[25]

Sonic is rather charismatic, allowing him to easily get along with others and make new friends. He is also shown to have a capacity to forgive and become friendly to those he previously distrusted in a flash, as seen by how he quickly forgave Mega Man even after the they had been trying to destroy each other just moments before, much to the boy robot's surprise.[49]

If Sonic has a flaw besides recklessness and a certain disregard for authority, it is that, much like his friend Mighty, he tends to take too much upon himself; when he inhaled a concentrated dose of Dark Gaia energy and began exhibiting signs of change,[3][59][62][66] Sonic brushed them off and continously insisted that he was fine despite his friends' concerns, until he eventually succumbed to the full transformation.[101] He also enjoys teasing some of his friends, most notably Knuckles,[72][73] although he knows where to draw the line between teasing and mocking, preferring to save the latter for his enemies.[100]

Powers and abilities

Sonic's most notable ability is his incredible super speed, allowing him to cruise at speeds far surpassing Mach 1 which is at the blistering speed of 768 mph or more. While his top speed is unknown, glimpses of Sonic's prowess are shown in his tendency to routinely scale vertical walls, effortlessly knock down enemies in his path and run over water, plow straight through foes, and even cause the ground to explode in his wake. He is also stated to be the fastest thing alive in any world.[102]

Sonic's Homing Attack, from Sonic the Hedgehog #258.

Sonic has demonstrated complete mastery of his speed at any level. Not only can he run at maximum tilt in straight lines, but also in full tight circles and through sharp turns with full control over his momentum, and without recklessly crashing into unintended targets. However, he has trouble keeping his balance when coming to a sudden halt at full speed though. As far as stamina goes, Sonic's is seemingly limitless as he is never winded from running. Sonic can also set strong winds in motions with high-speed movements to attack opponents, similar to aerokinesis.

Sonic possesses extreme acrobatic skills, agility, and reflexes enough to compliment his astonishing speed, enabling him to avoid sizable voluminous and minuscule obstacles with precise jumps and delicate movements despite their close proximity and incoming speed.

Sonic is incredibly resilient to pain and damage, capable of taking beating after beating from a large spectrum of adversaries without any lasting injuries. He is also a skilled fighter and a profound user of hand-to-hand combat. Even during his earlier adventures, he had the capabilities to single-handedly take on hordes of Eggman's robots. Like Shadow, Sonic can use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to perform Chaos Control, which allows him to teleport to other locations.

Sonic's Spin Dash, from Sonic the Hedgehog #253.

Sonic's primary offensive maneuver is the Spin Dash, a technique in which he, while curled into a concussive ball or cutting disk, can damage, destroy, mow down, or burrow through many obstacles or foes. He also has an aerial variant of it called the "Homing Attack" where he homes into a target from midair while in spinball form. He can also do a technique called grinding, which allows him to balance on rails and move down them at high speeds.


Super Sonic

Main article: Super Sonic (Archie)

Super Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog #275.

By absorbing the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can transform into Super Sonic. While in this state, his natural talents are not only increased exponentially, but he is also granted the ability of flight, invulnerability and can as well manipulate Chaos energy to his will.

Sonic the Werehog

When Sonic accidentally inhaled a concentrated dose of Dark Gaia Energy, he unwillingly gained the ability to transform into Sonic the Werehog, a mutated version of his original form. In this form, Sonic is granted increased strength, elastic arms and sharp claws. However, the corruptive influence of the energy initially caused him to become extremely violent and aggressive. However, he soon learned to exert control over himself in this form. When exposed to sunlight, he automatically reverts back to normal.

Sonic Man

When he was subjugated to Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily's specialized roboticization procedure, Sonic was turned into the Roboticized Master Sonic Man. In this form, though deprived of his free will, Sonic can overwhelm several Robot Masters at once, and his speed is so greatly enhanced that time-slowing powers have no noticeable effect on him. He can also use a variety of Special Weapons.



Dr. Eggman

Sonic teases Eggman after another defeat, from Sonic the Hedgehog #277.

Sonic's archenemy is none other than the diabolical Dr. Eggman, whose attempts at world domination have always been thwarted by Sonic. Despite his massive streak of victories and their mutual dislike for one another, Sonic has occasionally had to team up with the doctor for the greater good, such as when the Space Colony ARK was plummeting towards the planet,[27] and when the super-dimensional tyrant, Sigma, had begun wreaking havoc across multiple universes, Sonic's included.

Despite this, while the two will stop at nothing to defeat each other, Sonic has never really been shown to take much account of his adversary; he usually takes his fights with Eggman and his goons very lightly, cracking jokes and remaining fully confident that he can emerge victorious, even when being confronted by the madman's deadliest forces.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic cheering Tails up, from Sonic the Hedgehog #269.

Tails is Sonic's best friend and sidekick, having helped Sonic a lot on his adventures. Although Sonic's cocksure attitude sometimes irritates Tails, the two are as close as brothers and always stick by each other's side, willing to put themselves and/or anything at risk for those they love and care about.

During the Chaos Emerald Championship, when Tails suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Honey and grew rather grouchy as a result, he was reminded of his past accomplishments by Sonic and how little one defeat could compare to them.[22]

Amy Rose

Amy is another one of Sonic's close friends, and also happens to be his self-proclaimed girlfriend. Amy has been a maniacal fan of Sonic for a long time, but Sonic does not show as much attraction to her. Her affection for Sonic only grew after he rescued her from Metal Sonic.[12][15]

On occasion, Sonic has been known to affectionately tease Amy for her crush on him, though deep down, he does not reciprocate any of her feelings.[76] Still, he as always viewed her as a dependable, reliable, and trustworthy ally, having held faith in her ability to handle herself when she, unbeknown to Sonic, was summoned to the Blaze's world.

Sally Acorn

Sonic cheers Sally up, from Sonic the Hedgehog #267.

Sonic is shown to retain a great fondness for Sally in the altered reality, not to mention a notable sense of relief over her no longer being a minion of Eggman's. While their dynamic friendship remains the same, they do not share a romantic bond.[102]

Antoine D'Coolette

Antoine is another one of Sonic's friends (and teammates). Sonic was happy Antoine was recovered and healthy when meeting up with him,[59] and Sonic was said to have helped him gain the courage he needed to protect the kingdom.[103]

Bunnie D'Coolette

Bunnie is also a friend of Sonic's. She was depressed when she first became a cyborg. However, Sonic and his fellow Freedom Fighters helped her through those times as well as show her that she was still herself, both prompting and inspiring her to fight alongside the rest of her friends and use her cybernetics to her advantage.

Rotor the Walrus

Rotor is another intelligent friend of Sonic's, not to mention a brawny one, at that. He and Rotor have worked together in the past under many conditions. While the two each have good hearts, their attitudes towards mission vary considerably, to the point of them arguing, as seen throughout the time spent by them and Amy Eusbes Shrine, which leads Rotor's pragmatic, no-nonsense attitude to clash with Sonic's nonchalant, selfless nature.[64] However, they are always back by each other's side in a pinch.

Nicole the Holo-Lynx

Nicole is Sonic's helpful and trustworthy computer friend. She helped Sonic gain Tails, Rotor, Antoine, Bunnie, Amy and Sally's old memories from the original timeline, although she also gave Walter Naugus his old memories back as well. She aids alongside the gang in her Lynx form and her body gives her all the power she needs to aid the gang.

Professor Charles the Hedgehog

Charles and Sonic reuniting, from Sonic the Hedgehog#254.

Charles the Hedgehog is something of an "uncle"-like figure to Sonic, and someone who Sonic is always happy to see. This was especially the case when they met in the Wood Zone; Sonic was overjoyed to find Chuck fully organic and de-roboticized after the Super Genesis Wave changed reality.[59] Sonic has on more than one occasion demonstrated a willingness to protect Chuck at all costs; when the latter had passed out during Sonic's battle with E-106 Eta, Sonic quickly grew enraged.[3]

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna is one of Sonic's greatest rivals and best friends. They have known each other for a long time, but their relationship is somewhat complicated. Sonic and Knuckles are much like oil and water. While Sonic exemplifies the wind, laid-back, cool and free, Knuckles is the mountain, stern, serious and unmovable, which cause them to argue a lot. Because of their differences and morals, they do not understand each other and they do not always see eye to eye. While Knuckles at times rebuts his help and claims he could do better, Sonic just rolls with it and is merely glad to help him.

Sonic always welcomes a challenge from Knuckles and enjoys teasing him for fun because of his serious nature, and will even try getting him angry so he can fight him. Despite their differences, the two of them are connected by a hot-blooded friendship, and have joined forces many times.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sonic checking up on Shadow, from Mega Man #52.

When Sonic and Shadow first met, they started out as enemies, each trying to stop the other from achieving their goals (Sonic was trying to save the world while Shadow tried to destroy it via the Eclipse Cannon). However, when Shadow discovered he had been mislead by fake memories, he and Sonic joined forces to save the planet.[27] Since then, they have remained arch-rivals, but also comrades, and have helped each other out on numerous occasions.

When Shadow had presumably perished after the destruction of Letter of Gabriel, Sonic felt sadness for his arch-rival's demise and used it to further motivate himself to take down Sigma, who indirectly caused this.[81] After the timeline was reset, Sonic immediately called and checked up on Shadow, and was elated to find him alive.[89]

Silver the Hedgehog

Sonic's usual behavior getting on Silver's nerves, from Sonic/Mega Man Free Comic Book Day 2015.

Like with Knuckles and Shadow, Sonic's relationship with Silver had gotten off to a rocky start (although the events of their initial meeting were erased from the timeline); the two were enemies, and Silver stopped at nothing to eliminate Sonic, having been tricked into deeming him responsible for the destruction of his timeline. However, upon realizing he was tricked, he joined forces with both Sonic and Shadow to defeat a super-dimensional threat.[36]

Even though he and Sonic are now allies, Silver still tends to get irritated by the former's cheeky attitude, such as when Sonic decides to make some puns during their second encounter with the Ifrit.[74] Like Knuckles, Sonic will occasionally tease Silver for his core traits, although the two share very similar morals.

Mighty the Armadillo

Mighty the Armadillo is among Sonic's oldest of friends, and the two are close allies despite having not met in some time. According to Mighty, it was the hedgehog who had in the past inspired him to get his act together.[70]

Sonic and Mighty were reunited with one another when the former's search for the Chaos Emeralds had brought him to Rocky Jungle Zone.[101] Later that same day, Mighty would be the one to help keep Sonic in check and bring him to his senses when the Dark Gaia Energy he'd swallowed responsible for infecting him eventually caused him to mutate into the Werehog (the same form in which he was able to effortlessly take on the Soumerca Egg Army on his own) and his sanity to slip away.[69] Although Mighty still finds Sonic's ego to be overbearingly large,[70] the two are nonetheless respectable and dependable allies, who both make a formidable team.

Mega Man

Sonic and Mega man sharing a fist bump, from Sonic Universe #54.

Mega Man is a robotic ally of Sonic's, one who hails from an entirely separate multiverse. Both of the adventures they shared, however, saw them meeting under dire circumstances, such as when their nemeses tricked them into battling one another,[47] or when the tyrant Sigma tried to claim the power of both their worlds for his own ambitions.[80][81] Due to Mega Man having managed to successfully reverse the effects of the Super Genesis Wave on his world, he was left without any memories of his first meeting with Sonic, and Sonic wound up having to retell the events of their first meeting when they crossed paths for the second time.[81] Regardless, they are both dependable allies and shared a strong bond, especially during their first adventure together.






  • A frequent artist error in the comics is that, in flashback panels, Sonic is shown having his modern appearance when he is supposed to have his classic appearance.
  • According to Ian Flynn, as of Sonic the Hedgehog #271, Sonic no longer remembers the Pre-Super Genesis Wave World.[104]

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