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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Sonic's the name, speed is my game!

— Sonic the Hedgehog, "The Mobius 5000"

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a teenage hedgehog and a world-famous Freedom Fighter with the power of super speed, who roams Mobius with his sidekick Tails and battles the evil tyranny of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and other villains.


Sonic is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with blue fur that covers most of his body, and peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle, insides of his ears and front torso. He also has three quills on the back of his head and two spines protruding from his back behind his shoulders.

For attire, Sonic wears hi-tops, two light-weight, hyper friction-resistant red sneakers with white cuffs around the ankles, gray soles, and white straps across the top. He also wears a pair of white gloves with sock-like cuffs on his hands, as well as red and white socks that resemble his hi-tops.[8]


TV series


Sonic meeting Tails for the first time, from "Tails' New Home".

At some point in the past, Sonic met a baby fox cub, who was looking for a family. While the fox asked if he could live with Sonic, the latter just dismissed him and ran away. However, he was shocked after seeing that the baby could fly and keep up with him. Eventually, he accidentally fell of a cliff, although he was saved by the fox cub. Sonic told the fox that he could stay with him, and was dropped anyway by him because of the excitement. Later, while being carried by the fox, the injured Sonic asked what his name was to which he, after making him promise not to tell anyone else, tells the hedgehog that his name was "Miles", although he hated it. Following this, Sonic gave him the nickname "Tails".[13] Eventually, Sonic adopted Tails as his younger brother. Other than Tails, Sonic also met many other people who became his friends, including Professor Von Schlemmer and Hacker. Eventually however, the hedgehog would meet the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik, who wanted to conquer Mobius. Becoming Sonic's nemesis, Robotnik built countless machines to destroy Sonic, but these were all destroyed by the hedgehog.

Not too long ago, Sonic and Tails came to a village whose inhabitants were terrified. They then met Dragon Breath, who was looking for a way to a bounty hunter convention. Sonic decided to go there with Tails to interrupt Dr. Robotnik's speech to his bounty hunter Badniks. There, Sonic blended in with the crowd, and later revealed himself. After tugging Robotnik by the mustache, he ran away. Sonic then hid Tails and disguised himself as a ringmaster, leading Frankly, Skweel, and Dynamight over a cliff. Afterward, he handed a rope to Davy Sprocket and Arms. Sonic then ran with the rope, dragging the robots behind him until they were thrown against a rock wall. Finally, he faced Dragon Breath in the disguise of Walter Tell. In the end, Sonic defeated Dragon Breath by making him snap a tree that fell on top of him. Having defeated all the bounty hunters, Sonic left with Tails. Some time later, Sonic decided to stop by a chili dog stand, which soon transformed into a huge robot controlled by Coconuts. While Sonic and Tails tried running away from the robot, it started shooting at them. Eventually though, Sonic directed all the robot's cannons into the robot's cockpit, causing Coconuts to blow up his own machine. Sonic and Tails were later having a nap when Grounder arrived. Grounder subsequently threw a pumpkin at Sonic's head, which made Sonic dizzy and upset him. Sonic ran after Grounder, but stopped along the way and grabbed the rope Scratch tried to release to drop a brick wall on Sonic. Releasing the rope himself, Sonic hit Scratch with the rope while Grounder crashed into the brick wall, Sonic then left. A little later, Sonic got lured in by a girl, who turned out to be an inflatable doll. Scratch then hit Sonic on the head with a rock and threw him into a hole with the aid of Grounder. Landing gracefully on the bottom, Sonic used his Triple Spin to hit himself up to the surface. Sonic then disguised himself as a doctor and convinced Scratch and Grounder to let him examine them. In the end, Sonic managed to knock Scratch and Grounder into the same hole they put him in before. Later, however, Sonic had to give himself up when Tails got caught by Grounder. Sonic was subsequently locked up in a cage, but he figured out an escape plan when Coconuts arrived. As a part of his plan, Sonic suggested to Coconuts that he should throw Scratch and Grounder into the cage. However, when Coconuts did so, Sonic ran outside and threw Coconuts inside the cage as well. As Dr. Robotnik then came flying in his Egg-O-Matic, Sonic started running around the cage, stirring up a dust storm that engulfed the area. He then took Grounder's phone and contacted Robotnik, telling him to shut down his engines. This caused Robotnik to crash down into his own robots, while Sonic and Tails escaped.[14]

Season one

Sonic and Tails caught by Scratch and Grounder, from "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad".

One day, Sonic was running with Tails when they were both trapped by Scratch and Grounder. However, Sonic decided to tell them about how they first met in order to convince them of how much they meant to each other. After Scratch and Grounder had listened to the story, Sonic freed himself and Tails, and the two escaped.[14]

Sonic and Tails were later running through Marble Zone when Scratch and Grounder started chasing them. Putting on a miner's costume, Sonic jumped into a geyser with Tails, which erupted a moment later and blew Scratch and Grounder away. Continuing onward, Sonic and Tails stumbled upon a treasury that belonged to Spelunk. Aggressive towards any intruders, Spelunk fired a cannonball at them. Sonic took Tails however and began running away from the cannonball, which they managed to lose in the corridors. Sonic and Tails soon after found a railroad that they followed upward, but Spelunk soon after appeared and chased them in his rail cart. While running away from Spelunk by following the railroad however, Sonic and Tails found their way blocked by a turtle family passing by. Sonic then disguised himself as a crossing guard and stopped Spelunk, allowing the turtles to pass through without getting run over. Sonic and Tails then left Spelunk and began making their escape up along a spiralling cliff. However, Spelunk triggered a trap that made the ground slippery, causing Sonic and Tails to slide into a cage made of Diamondius, a material that even Sonic could not cut through. While the heroes were trapped however, the cave ceiling began to collapse. During this, Spelunk opened a hatch under Sonic and Tails' feet that lead into a very deep chasm. While Sonic and Tails were holding onto the cage's bars however, the entire cage was destroyed by a crystal falling from the ceiling. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder soon after dropped into the cave and fell into the chasm. After Sonic and Tails said goodbye to the villains, they wanted to get out of the cave, but soon discovered that the exit had collapsed. Sonic then saved Spelunk from a falling boulder, which changed Spelunk's attitude. Sonic then dug through the collapsed cave exit, allowing the heroes to escape. As they escaped through the corridors, Sonic used the Diamondius treads from Spelunk's clothes to stop some moving maces obstructing one of the tunnels. After getting through the tunnel, Sonic then repaired Spelunk's clothes and gave them back to him. Finally outside, the heroes found Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder stealing Spelunk's treasure. Sonic proceeded to disguise himself as a tax collector and tied Scratch and Grounder up with a receipt. Sonic then threw the robots onto the conveyor belt leading up to Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic, which Spelunk then detonated. With Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder defeated, Spelunk promised Sonic and Tails some chili dogs.[15]

Sonic giving Breezie some flowers, from "Lovesick Sonic".

Some time after, Sonic and Tails were about to set up camp when Sonic heard a cry for help. As it turned out, Scratch and Grounder had captured a female hedgehog named Breezie. To save her, Sonic disguised himself as a photographer and tricked Scratch and Grounder into stepping into some glue he had spilled on the ground. With the robots immobilized, Sonic untied Breezie and saved her. Sonic soon after fell in love with Breezie and was ready to fulfill her every wish. To protect her from the sun, Sonic first opened an umbrella for her. Breezie then asked him for flowers, which Sonic quickly brought her, but it turned out that her favorites were grown in the Mobisia Marvelosa Marigoldias Garden. Telling Tails to take care of Breezie, Sonic ran to the equator himself, getting a map along the way. On the way to the garden, Sonic came across angry alligators, a giant python, and cannibals, but he managed to avoid them all. When he reached the garden, he defeated the local Fire Dragon and took the flowers to Breezie. She then asked him for chili dogs, made by Chef Charlemaine from the Ice Territory. Running there, Sonic asking a polar bear for direction along the way. When Sonic came back, he was covered in snow like a snowman. After thawing out, Sonic handed Breezie her chili dog. It turned out, however, that it was cold, and Tails could not heat it over the fire, since Sonic had put it out. As such, Breezie directed Sonic to Rent-a-Stove. When Sonic returned, Tails tried to stop him, telling him that Breezie was not what he thought she was. Sonic, however, paid no attention to his friend and ran to Breezie. Before serving the chili dog however, Sonic gave her a locket and a poem he wrote for her. Suddenly though, Scratch and Grounder caught him in a trap, which was a treadmill and a magnet that pulled Sonic in. Sonic was saved by Breezie however, whom he repaid by taking her away from the giant crusher that Scratch and Grounder wanted to use on them. Sonic then learned from Breezie that she was a robot that Robotnik had created to eliminate him. Breezie also told Sonic that he had to stop Robotnik from stealing the water from the Mobius Resovoir. Heeding Breezie's request, Sonic ran into the tunnel that Robotnik had dug. He then attached a line to the Egg-O-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer, pulling the machine away from the reservoir. Later, Sonic sat by himself all alone and sad until Tails brought him a letter from Breezie, which cheered him up.[16]

Eventually, Sonic saved the Sloth Family and their home when it was being attacked by Scratch and Grounder. What he did not know however was that the attack was actually a distraction for Sonic, which allowed Scratch and Grounder to zap him with Robotnik's Subatomic Slow-go Beam Weapon. Now trapped and unable to do anything, Sonic waited helplessly until Tails and Rocket the Sloth arrived and saved him. Later, Dr. Robotnik arrived at the heroes' location, only to get zapped by a reversed Subatomic Slow-go Beam Weapon that made him fast and uncontrollable. After this, Sonic disposed of the Mobian Mega Crystal, the crystal that powered the weapon, so that Robotnik could never use it again.[17]

Later, Sonic and Tails went to the Casino Night Zone where a group of Gambler Sheep stood to lose everything and become Dr. Robotnik's slaves. Though he managed to stop the incident, he discovered that Tails had been kidnapped in his absence. Sonic was then forced to lose a race against Grounder to ensure Tails' safety. However, Sonic managed to save his friend, win the race, and liberate Robotnik's slaves.[18]

Sonic later found himself reading the latest Crack Ups issue along with Tails until it was revealed that Sketch Lampoon, the creator, editor, and publisher of these magazines, had been kidnapped by Dr. Robotnik and imprisoned in Robotnik's Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons. Sonic later let himself be kidnapped, figuring that he could save Lampoon and thwart Robotnik's plans if he got inside the prison. However, Sonic ended up being taken to a special prison cell made specifically for him. Fortunately, Sonic managed to escape by tricking Scratch and Grounder and making the security system target the duo instead. He then freed Sketch Lampoon and scrambled the security system, causing the entire prison to self-destruct.[19]

After these events, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts tried to catch Sonic, but their mission ended in a failure. Sonic later found out that Tails had been kidnapped, forcing him to look everywhere on Mobius to find his two-tailed friend. Following a trail, Sonic eventually ended up in the Warp of Confusion, where he found Tails and his kidnapper, Dr. Warpnik, Dr. Robotnik's crazy cousin who had been sent to the Warp of Confusion five years ago due to his loony behavior. As it turned out, Warpnik had kidnapped Tails to lure Sonic to him, which in turn would make Robotnik follow Sonic to the Warp of Confusion so Warpnik could have his revenge on his cousin. When Robotnik later entered the Warp of Confusion, he and Warpnik got into a fight. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails managed to escape the Warp of Confusion before its entrance was destroyed.[20]

Later, Sonic, Tails, Scratch, and Grounder witnessed a spaceship crashing into Mobius. While Scratch and Grounder ran away, Sonic and Tails went to see what happened. At the crash site, Sonic and Tails found two aliens named Charnock and Splorg, who were visiting Mobius while on vacation. As it turned out, their spaceship broke down because it got caught in the Electro-Suction Plate, a trap designed by Dr. Robotnik to catch Sonic. Sonic and Tails then learned from the aliens that today was Charnock's coronation day, and if Charnock was not come for his coronation within two hours, Charnock's younger brother would become king instead and destroy Mobius. As such, Sonic and Tails decided to look for the pieces to repair the aliens' spaceship before it was too late. However, Dr. Robotnik tried to stop them, wanting to use the destruction of Mobius as a way to get rid of Sonic once and for all. Despite this, Sonic and Tail managed to fix the spaceship and say goodbye to the aliens as they went back to their home planet.[21]

Some time after, Sonic and Tails saw that Scratch and Grounder were destroying the Mobius National Park with some Tree-Killer Robots. Deciding to stop them, Sonic disguised himself as a mechanic and tricked Scratch and Grounder into letting him reprogram the Tree-Killer Robots into turning against them. Later, Sonic discovered that Scratch and Grounder were trying to destroy an entire town. To stop them, he whipped up another disguise and managed to defeat Scratch and Grounder. Some time after this, Sonic went to Chaos City to save Tails after learning that Tails went there to do Momma Robotnik a favor. At it turned out, today was the birthday of Momma Robotnik, who had escaped from the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers to have Dr. Robotnik kidnap Tails and use him as bait to catch Sonic. After Sonic arrived in Chaos City to save Tails from the trap he was getting himself into, they were attacked by Fuzzy Wuzzy, Dr. Robotnik's favorite toy and best friend when he was a baby. After defeating Fuzzy Wuzzy, Sonic watched with Tails as the Mobius Home for Really Bizarre Mothers' staff found Momma Robotnik and took her back to the home.[22]

Later on, while taking a nap, Sonic was woken up by Tails, who alerted him that Robotnik was preparing to launch a rocket piloted by Scratch and Grounder as part of a scheme to conquer Mobius. Sonic was too late to stop the rocket from taking off, but was able to stow away on the rocket with Tails. Sonic made a plan to take over the controls of the ship and steer it back to Mobius, but Scratch and Grounder had broken off the control lever with their idiotic bumbling, leaving them unable to return to Mobius and bound to run out of oxygen soon. Sonic then distracted Scratch and Grounder by dressing up as a space patrol police officer and ordering them to go to the rear of the ship and write "I will not park my rocket ship in a no parking zone" ten thousand times. Sonic was unable to fix the control lever, but by putting on a spacesuit, going to the top of the ship, and running, he was able to crash the ship into an abandoned space station where they would not run out of oxygen. Scratch and Grounder then realized they had been tricked and came after Sonic and Tails. While looking for a way off the station, Sonic and Tails encountered a sick and starving Space Monster, who wanted to eat them to cure his cold. After evading Scratch, Grounder, and the monster, Sonic found that Robotnik, having learned what happened from Scratch and Grounder, took control of Grounder and forced him to destroy himself, Scratch, and the only escape pod in the station in an attempt to strand Sonic and Tails on the space station forever. However, with great ingenuity, Sonic and Tails created a new escape pod using surviving parts from the old one and parts from Scratch and Grounder. Sonic then convinced the Space Monster to help them by letting Sonic tie him to the back of the pod and propel them back to Mobius by sneezing. Tails then asked Sonic how he got the monster to help them, and Sonic told him he promised him the biggest meal in the galaxy: Dr. Robotnik. Sonic and Tails then watched as the hungry monster chased Robotnik.[23]

Sonic Christmas Blast

Over the holiday season, Sonic enlisted Tails' help to pick out some Christmas presents for Sally, knowing she would renege on their deal to not get each other anything. However, when they arrived in Robotropolis, they found that all of the stores were understocked, due to Dr. Robotnik taking over for the retiring Santa Claus. Sonic quickly put together that the retiring Santa was actually a fake created by Robotnik, and disguised himself as a trash collector in order to get answers from Grounder and Scratch.[7]

Sonic with Santa Claus, from "Sonic Christmas Blast".

Sonic and Tails managed to free the real Santa, who had been imprisoned by Robotnik, and the former learned that the ring he had received as a gift the previous Christmas held a secret to ultimate speed. Breezing through a series of three tests (in spite of the henchbots' meddling), Sonic unlocked this power and used his increased mobility to reclaim the presents stolen by Robotnik and redistributed them to all the children of Mobius, including Sally. As a reward, he was officially appointed as the new Santa Claus, dubbed "Sonic Claus" by Tails.[7]


Sonic loves to move at super speed, and he cannot stand moving slowly. Other than running, he also enjoys fast race cars and roller coasters. He can sometimes be impatient, and calls slow people (usually his enemies) "slow-mo's". Sonic takes great pride in his speed and his title of "the fastest thing alive" and becomes angered if someone mocks his speed or calls him slow.

Sonic is not just quick on his feet, but quick-witted. Coming up with plans and disguises on the spot, Sonic uses his smarts and impressive speed to trip up the devious Dr. Robotnik. He is likewise very brave, almost never showing fear in the dangerous situations he finds himself in. He is also very adventurous, and loves seeing new places. He travels the world and never stays in one place for long.

Sonic is very compassionate and loves to help good people,[14] although he can get annoyed if someone tries to help him out. He feels that this will land them both in danger, and his temper can get the better of him (like with Captain Rescue). Sonic usually apologizes later though, showing that he does not mean to get angry.[12]

Sonic has a mischievous sense of humor, mostly shown by how he toys with Robotnik and his minions. Despite the mischievous attitude he is given in the main show, he is still illustrated as a responsible role model for the innocent Tails, often dealing advice to the fox when he gets into a difficult situation.

Sonic has been depicted as being quite a casanova, as evidenced by his many romances with women. He calls girls "babes" and tends to flirt and fool around with every attractive girl he meets, but he is also courteous and a gentleman. He also has a penchant for saying rhyming catchphrases, usually before he takes off running, such as "Let's speed, keed!".

Sonic is known for loving risky things and putting himself in danger. Although, he is usually clever enough to know when he is near a trap,[22] Also, due to his love of pretty girls, Sonic can get distracted by them rather easily, without realizing when they are working against him. When he is in love with one girl, he will do anything she wants of him, even if this involves running around Mobius several times.[14][16]

While Sonic enjoys helping people and will do whatever they ask of him, he does not seem to have the same feelings towards babies, as he has shown distain about the idea of babysitting infants. This is evidenced when he almost refused to care for the babies Becky, Bucky, and Chucky when he was asked.[10] Also, years ago, he almost left a young Tails alone, although he later accepted the fox cub after the latter saved his life.[13]

Powers and abilities

Sonic using his speed to enter the Time Warp, from "Black Bot the Pirate".

Sonic's greatest strength is his super speed. According to Captain John Paul Memo, Sonic is in a class of his own with his speed,[24] and has been credited as "the fastest thing alive" on Mobius. While his top speed is unknown, he can run fast enough to travel around Mobius within a matter of minutes.[16][25][1] Due to his speed, Sonic is able to run over water and outrun various forms of projectiles without problem.[26][14][15] Sonic can also run fast enough to create trails of fire with the friction from his speed.[16][20][8][27] In addition, he can move fast enough to create strong, blue gusts of wind by running or create a blue hurricane by spinning around.[8][25]

To match his speed, Sonic has reflexes and precision that let him avoid obstacles and predict others' moves.[18] In addition to his speed, Sonic also possesses impressive strength, able to lift a massive brick wall,[14] send an alligator flying backwards with a single kick,[16] lift Scratch into the air and slam him on the ground over and over with one arm,[28] and carry people while running without their weight slowing him down. He also has incredible jumping skills, capable of jumping up to several meters into the air, even while carrying extra weight.[29][2]

Sonic performing the Triple Spin, from "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad".

Sonic's core offensive maneuver is the Triple Spin, a technique where he curls into a saw-like ball and directs himself at his targets. With it, he can shred or burrow through nearly any substance given enough speed and hit with enough force to pierce colossal boulders. Sonic is also an incredibly efficient burrower; by cutting into the ground while spinning, he can dig through the underground at such speed that he can burrow directly through Mobius in less than twelve seconds.[25] However, this move is ineffective against hard materials such as Diamondius.[15]

Sonic is also a master of disguise and often uses a variety of costumes to foil Robotnik's schemes; his disguises are made all the more effective thanks to the extreme gullibility and stupidity of the doctor's minions. Some of these disguises even fool Robotnik himself.

Sonic is shown to be an experienced builder, able to relocate cannons[14] and build entire train rails,[30][25] a race car,[31] a fountain disguised as a huge slot machine,[18] and even a spaceship,[23] all of it in just seconds.


While Sonic loves speed and is always moving, he has a limit to his stamina. If he runs at full speed for too long, he can collapse from exhaustion.[13][25] He also requires special footwear while running, otherwise his feet are quickly injured by the intense heat and friction generated by his speed and foot movement.

Sonic’s love of women means that he can easily be distracted or manipulated by beautiful girls, even if they are fake and/or supposed to be a distraction.[14][16]

Sonic is shown to be allergic to poisonous flowers, most of which are grown in Poison Flower Valley. If he is makes contact with them, he will itch dreadfully and swell up like a balloon.[32]

Although skilled with his own trajectory and momentum, Sonic has terrible aim with firearms, literally being incapable of hitting the broad side of a barn.[5]


Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic with his best friend, Tails, from "Full Tilt Tails".

But even if you're never as fast as me, you're the greatest, keed! You're a great flyer, a great guy, and above all, the greatest friend I could ever hope for!

— Sonic the Hedgehog, "Full Tilt Tails"

Miles "Tails" Prower is Sonic's best friend and sidekick, as well as his adoptive younger brother. The hedgehog first met him when the fox was just a baby, and though he was not interested in him at first, he decided to adopt him because he was homeless and lost in the wilds. He also was impressed of his two tails, his ability to fly, and his speed.[13] He later developed a great bond with him.

Sonic is seen as a parental figure to Tails, telling him what is right to do and what is not. He also tends to keep him out of his battles with the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad because he fears that something bad will happen to him, although Tails has done the opposite very often. To deal with this, Sonic sometimes tells Tails that he will tell everybody that his true name is "Miles Prower" (as he knows that the fox hates that name). Since meeting Tails, he has become so dependent on his company that, when he took him to his suppose parents, he felt sad and lonely. He also worries about Tails when the latter is kidnapped, and will do anything to find him, some times even when it means facing dangers without knowing what is in store for him.[13][20]

Despite the countless troubles Tails has put Sonic into, Sonic still respects Tails. He is likewise confident that the fox cub will be a true hero when he grows up.

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Sonic with Dr. Robotnik, from "Sonic Breakout".

There's nothing you can do here in the real world that'll scare us, Robotnik!

— Sonic the Hedgehog, "Sonically Ever After"

Dr. Ivo Robotnik is Sonic's hated arch-nemesis. Because of Sonic's hatred of anything unjust, he holds a great mutual hatred for the doctor and his evil plans to take over Mobius. Whenever Robotnik hatches a plan to conquer Mobius, Sonic always shows up and thwarts him. Whenever something bad happens, Sonic always thinks that the doctor is to blame for it.[20][27]

Usually, Sonic is rather frank or taunting towards Robotnik and will almost always seize the opportunity to tease him with jokes and sarcasm. Sometimes, Sonic even finds Robotnik more ridiculous than threatening; when he defeated the doctor and saw him crying in the ruins of his destroyed Rot-Your-Life-Away Dungeons, he said that nothing could portray him as more ridiculous than he already is.[19] Nonetheless, he remains vigilant about Robotnik and his evil actions, like when he got worried when the doctor did not appear in a week.[33]

In spite of Robotnik's horrible deeds, Sonic is content with simply stopping him and is never out to put him out of commission for good on purpose. Because of Robotnik's tendency to survive their encounters and refusal to give up however, the doctor always returns with a new scheme, prompting Sonic to stop him again. As such, Sonic remains forever locked in a conflict with Robotnik where it is nearly impossible for both individuals to defeat the other once and for all, making their battle a never ending one.

Scratch and Grounder

Scratch and Grounder are Dr. Robotnik's minions, and as such Sonic's enemies. The robots always try their best to catch the hedgehog, sometimes on Robotnik's order, or even just for fun. However, Sonic always manages to defeat them just by tricking them. Sonic always enjoys fighting Scratch and Grounder, and usually laughs at their misfortune. However, he also sees them as a threat to both himself and his friends, which leaves him with no choice but to defeat them at all costs.

Because Scratch and Grounder are always easily repaired, their conflict with Sonic never ends, with them always being defeated only to come back for another round.


Sonic being threatened by Coconuts, from "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad".

Unlike Scratch and Grounder, Coconuts is not directly hostile towards Sonic. Instead, he only seeks to defeat him in hopes of getting a promotion. However, because Coconuts can still pose a dangerous threat to others, Sonic is left with no choice but to defeat him.

Despite the fact that Coconuts has successfully fooled Sonic and nearly led him to his doom on several occasions, Sonic believes Coconuts is just as absurd as the other villains he has faced, and laughs at his misfortune.

Because Coconuts is always easily repaired, his conflict with Sonic never ends, with him always being defeated only to come back for another round.

Wes Weasely

Wes Weasely's involved? I don't like this, kiddo!

— Sonic the Hedgehog, "Hero of the Year"

Sonic holds a neutral relationship with the salesman, Wes Weasely. At first, Wes started out as Sonic's enemy, but he soon became his ally after he betrayed Dr. Robotnik.[6] Wes's alignment with Sonic changed several times after that, as he would help Coconuts once,[34] and later helped Sonic sabotage the Pinball Fortress.[35] Finally, Weasely was told by Robotnik to catch Sonic at the Hero of the Year ceremony, though when he was betrayed by the doctor, he decided to save Sonic, saying that he had enough by helping villains. However, Sonic still does not completely trust Wes, as he thought that he was in on something during the Hero of the Year ceremony.[3]





Costume Episode(s) Image
Circus announcer 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad"
5. "High Stakes Sonic"
SSSSSS circus announcer.png
Walter Tell 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" William tell.png
Pumpkin 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" Pumpikin.png
Dr. Pimento 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad"
13. "Best Hedgehog"
27. "Boogey-Mania"
Telephone repair man 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" Telephone-repair-man.png
Miner 2. "Subterranean Sonic" Miner Sonic.png
Crossing Guard 2. "Subterranean Sonic" Crossing guard.png
IRS Auditor 2. "Subterranean Sonic" IRS.png
Photographer 3. "Lovesick Sonic" Photographer.jpg
Snow Man 3. "Lovesick Sonic" Snow Man.jpg
School Crossing Guard 4. "Slowwww Going" Crossing guard again.jpg
Maintenance Worker 5. "High Stakes Sonic" Maintenance man.jpg
James Bond 5. "High Stakes Sonic" James Bond.jpg
Window Washer 6. "Sonic Breakout" Window-washer-Sonic.png
Surfer Dude 6. "Sonic Breakout"
48. "Black Bot the Pirate"
50. "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme"
Painter 6. "Sonic Breakout"
20. "So Long Sucker"


Lady with Fruit Hat 8. "Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind" Sonic the Fruit Hog.png
Ready Robot Repairman 9. "Momma Robotnik's Birthday"
64. "Robo-Ninjas"
Ready Robot Repairman.jpg
Game Show Host 9. "Momma Robotnik's Birthday" Game Show Host.jpg
Little Old Lady from Pasadena[36] 10. "Big Daddy" Spca agent.jpg
Mobius Tonight Host 11. "Sonic's Song" Mobius tonight show host.jpg
Sid Sharkley, Executive Sales Manager 12. "Birth of a Salesman" Salesman.jpg
Lucinda 13. "Best Hedgehog" Sonic as Lucinda.png
Ticket Taker 14. "The Robotnik Express" Ticket-taker.png
Football Coach 14. "The Robotnik Express" Football coach.jpg
Athletic Trainer

15. "Too Tall Tails"

Athletic trainer.jpg
Crane Operator 15. "Too Tall Tails" Crane operator.jpg
Fire Man 16. "Tails' New Home"
39. "Tails Prevails"
Mail Man 16. "Tails' New Home" Mail-man.png
General Disorder 17. "Over the Hill Hero" GeneralDisorder.png
Police Officer 18. "Blank-Headed Eagle" SpeedCop.png
Stewardess 18. "Blank-Headed Eagle" Stewardess.png
Doctor 18. "Blank-Headed Eagle" DrSonic.png
News Reporter 19. "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" News reporter.jpg
Old Widow 19. "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" Old widow.jpg
Sandwich Face 20. "So Long Sucker" Sandwich face.jpg
Helga the Maid 20. "So Long Sucker" Maid.jpg
Pizza Delivery Man 21. "Sonic Gets Thrashed"

56. "The Little Merhog"

Pizza delivery again.jpg
Computer Nerd 23. "Grounder the Genius" Sonic the Nerd.png
Chili Dog Inspector 24 "Tails in Charge" Sonic the Chili Dog Inspector.png
Weatherman 25. "Sno Problem" Weatherman.jpg
Chef 27. "Boogey-Mania" Sonic the Chilidog Hog.jpg
Key Exchanger 27. "Boogey-Mania" Key exchanger.jpg
Hiker 27. "Boogey-Mania" Hiker.jpg
Baby 28. "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby" Baby Sonic.jpg
Hillbilly 30. "Full Tilt Tails" HillbillySonic.png
Gas Station Attendant 32. "Momma Robotnik Returns" Gas Station Attendant.jpg
Space Policeman 33 "Spaceman Sonic" Spacepolice.png
Used Car Salesman 34. "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" Used car salesman.jpg
WWI German Interrogator 34. "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" German.jpg
Delivery Boy 38. "Sonic the Matchmaker" Delivery-boy.png
Justice of the Peace 40. "Zoobotnik" Justice of the peace.jpg
Sailor 42. "Mass Transit Trouble" SonicSailor.png
Muscular Hedgehog 43. "Coachnik" ArnoldSonic.png
Ballet Teacher 43. "Coachnik" BalletSonic.png
Health Inspector 44. "Untouchable Sonic" Health inspector.jpg
Bert Whoo 44. "Untouchable Sonic" Sonic whoo.jpg
Momma Robotnik's Friend 44. "Untouchable Sonic" Old lady.jpg
Cushion Salesman 45. "Super Robotnik" Cushion salesman.jpg
Chemical Cleaner 45. "Super Robotnik" Chemical cleaner guy.jpg
Sheriff 47. "Magnificent Sonic" Sheriff Sonic.jpg
Clint Eastwood 47. "Magnificent Sonic" Clint Eastwood.jpg
Time Cop 18. Blank Headed Hero (as a normal cop)
48. "Black Bot the Pirate (as a Time Cop)"
Time cop.png
Sir Sonic the Speedy 49. "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table"
51. "Prehistoric Sonic"
Skateboarder 50. "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" Skateboarder.jpg
Fire Fighter 54. "Robotnikland" Fire Fighter.jpg
Race Car Driver 55. "The Mobius 5000" Race Car Driver.jpg
French Artist 55. "The Mobius 5000" French Artist.jpg
Scuba Diver 56. "The Little Merhog" Scuba Sonic.jpg
Professor 58. "The Robot's Robot" Professor Sonic.jpg
Heckuba 62. "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted" Heckuba.jpg
Construction Worker 63. "Sonic is Running" Construction worker.jpg
Beautiful Woman 63. "Sonic is Running" Sexy Woman.jpg
Politician 63. "Sonic is Running" Politition.jpg
Dentist 63. "Sonic is Running" Dentist.jpg
Blacksmith 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Blacksmith.jpg
Ticket Vendor 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Ticket Salesman.jpg
Fishing Warden 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Fishing warden.jpg
Beethoven 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Beethoven.jpg
Kwai Chang Crane 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Crane.jpg
Police 65. "Sonically Ever After" Police officers.jpg
Hansel 65. "Sonically Ever After" Hansel and Nettle.jpg
Squatty Guy 65. "Sonically Ever After" Squatty Guys.jpg
Princess Rapunzel 65. "Sonically Ever After" Rapunzel.jpg
Sonic Claus 66. Sonic Christmas Blast Sonic-Clause.png


"Thanks for the memories, slow-mo!"
—Sonic the Hedgehog, "Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad"
"When speed is of the essence, I'm the essence of speed."
—Sonic the Hedgehog, "Trail of the Missing Tails"
"Live fast, think fast, act fast."
—Sonic the Hedgehog, "The Robotnik Express"
"Oh, yes! Two pounds, three ounces. I was a cute little bouncing ball!"
—Sonic the Hedgehog, "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme"
"Every story must end. Even this one. But it's no fairy tale. See ya soon for more Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog!"
—Sonic the Hedgehog, "Sonically Ever After"
"The kid's right; an extremely merry Christmas, every year of your life!"
—Sonic the Hedgehog, "Sonic Christmas Blast"


  • Unlike most Sonic continuities, this Sonic is not afraid of water and can swim quite well.
  • This incarnation of Sonic was largely based on the version seen on the Western box art of the existing Mega Drive Sonic games, which lead to a number of diversions from his established Japanese design. Such changes include a mohawk-like single row of spines on his head as opposed to three rows, a two-spined single row down his back as opposed to two single-spine rows, and the lack of a tail. This design would be carried over into the subsequent Western Sonic cartoons, the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series and Sonic Underground, and adapted for the first eleven issues of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.
  • According to himself, when he was born, Sonic weighed two pounds and three ounces.[1]
  • This is the first incarnation of Sonic to be voiced by Jaleel White.

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