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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Quotation1.svg When speed is of the essence, I'm the essence of speed. Quotation2.svg
— Sonic the Hedgehog, "Trail of the Missing Tails"

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is a teenage hedgehog and a world-famous Freedom Fighter who roams Mobius and battles the evil tyranny of Dr. Ivo Robotnik.


Like in the depiction of his game counterpart on the American Mega Drive game covers, Sonic is a blue, anthropomorphic hedgehog with a peach muzzle and belly. His head and back are covered in spines, which are instrumental in his buzz saw attack. He always wears the same red and white pair of shoes, which are heat-resistant and necessary for his incredible running ability. He also wears gloves and seems to have conjoined eyeballs.


Sonic loves to move at super speed, and he cannot stand moving slowly. Other than running, he also enjoys fast race cars and roller coasters. He can sometimes be impatient, and calls slow people (usually his enemies) "slow-mo's". Sonic takes great pride in his speed and his title of "the fastest thing alive" and becomes angered if someone mocks his speed or calls him slow.

Sonic is not just quick on his feet, but quick-witted. Coming up with plans and disguises on the spot, Sonic uses his smarts and impressive speed to trip up the devious Dr. Robotnik. Sonic is also very brave, almost never showing fear in the dangerous situations he finds himself in. He is also very adventurous, and loves seeing new places. He travels the world and never stays in one place for long.

Sonic is very compassionate and loves to help people. While Sonic enjoys helping people out, he can get annoyed if someone tries to help him out. He feels that this will land them both in danger, and his temper can get the better of him (like with Captain Rescue). Sonic usually apologizes later though, showing that he doesn't mean to get angry.

Sonic is very protective of his young charge, Tails. Tails is quite young, so Sonic is the role of big brother and parental figure to him. He does what he can to keep the fox safe and has some rules in place to keep Tails away from his dealings with Scratch and Grounder. He is shown to become angry with Tails when he disobeys these rules and puts himself in danger, indicating how important Tails is to him.

Sonic has a mischievous sense of humor, mostly shown by how he toys with Robotnik and his minions. Despite the mischievous attitude he is given in the main show, during the Sonic Sez segments he is illustrated as a responsible role model for the innocent Tails, often dealing advice to the fox when he gets into a difficult situation.

Sonic has been depicted as being quite the casanova (as referenced through his many love interests). He calls girls "babes" and tends to flirt and fool around with every attractive girl he meets, but he is also courteous and a gentleman. He also has a penchant for saying rhyming catchphrases, usually before he takes off running, such as "Let's speed, keed!"

Powers and abilities

Sonic, in a costume.

Sonic can run at extremely fast speeds, assuming he is wearing his specially designed Hi-tops. While his top speed is unknown, he can run fast enough to reach the opposite side of Mobius in less than four minutes and forty-five seconds.[3]

Sonic is capable of curling into a ball and performing a buzzsaw attack which can cut through most objects (similar to the spin dash) though there are various materials that are too hard for him to penetrate such as nuclear forged steel and diamondium laced metal. Sonic is also an incredibly efficient burrower; by cutting into the ground while spinning, he can dig through the underground at such speed that he can burrow directly through Mobius in less than twelve seconds.[3]

Sonic is a master of disguise and often uses a variety of costumes to foil Robotnik's schemes; his disguises are made all the more effective thanks to the extreme gullibility and stupidity of Robotnik's minions. Some of these disguises even fool Robotnik himself.






Costume Episode(s) Image
Circus announcer 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad"
5. "High Stakes Sonic"
SSSSSS circus announcer.png
William Tell's son

1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad"

William tell.png
Pumpkin 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" Pumpikin.png
Doctor Pimento 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad"
13. "Best Hedgehog"
27. "Boogey-Mania"
Telephone repair man 1. "Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad" Telephone-repair-man.png
Miner 2. "Subterranean Sonic" Miner Sonic.png
Crossing Guard 2. "Subterranean Sonic" Crossing guard.png
IRS Auditor 2. "Subterranean Sonic" IRS.png
Photographer 3. "Lovesick Sonic" Photographer.jpg
Snow Man 3. "Lovesick Sonic" Snow Man.jpg
School Crossing Guard 4. "Slowwww Going" Crossing guard again.jpg
Maintenance Worker 5. "High Stakes Sonic" Maintenance man.jpg
James Bond 5. "High Stakes Sonic" James Bond.jpg
Window Washer 6. "Sonic Breakout" Window-washer-Sonic.png
Surfer Dude 6. "Sonic Breakout"
48. "Black Bot the Pirate"
50. "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme"
Painter 6. "Sonic Breakout"

20. "So Long Sucker"


Lady with Fruit Hat 8. "Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind" Sonic the Fruit Hog.png
Ready Robot Repairman

9. "Momma Robotnik's Birthday"
64. "Robo-Ninjas"

Ready Robot Repairman.jpg
Game Show Host 9. "Momma Robotnik's Birthday" Game Show Host.jpg
SPCA Agent 10. "Big Daddy" Spca agent.jpg
Mobius Tonight Host 11. "Sonic's Song" Mobius tonight show host.jpg
Sid Sharkley, Executive Sales Manager 12. "Birth of a Salesman" Salesman.jpg
Lucinda 13. "Best Hedgehog" Sonic as Lucinda.png
Ticket Taker 14. "The Robotnik Express" Ticket-taker.png
Football Coach 14. "The Robotnik Express" Football coach.jpg
Athletic Trainer

15. "Too Tall Tails"

Athletic trainer.jpg
Crane Operator 15. "Too Tall Tails" Crane operator.jpg
Fire Man 16. "Tails' New Home"
39. "Tails Prevails"
Mail Man 16. "Tails' New Home" Mail-man.png
General Disorder 17. "Over the Hill Hero" GeneralDisorder.png
Police Officer 18. "Blank-Headed Eagle" SpeedCop.png
Stewardess 18. "Blank-Headed Eagle" Stewardess.png
Doctor 18. "Blank-Headed Eagle" DrSonic.png
News Reporter 19. "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" News reporter.jpg
Old Widow 19. "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops" Old widow.jpg
Sandwich Face 20. "So Long Sucker" Sandwich face.jpg
Helga the Maid 20. "So Long Sucker" Maid.jpg
Pizza Delivery Man 21. "Sonic Gets Thrashed"

56. "The Little Merhog"

Pizza delivery again.jpg
Computer Nerd 23. "Grounder the Genius" Sonic the Nerd.png
Chili Dog Inspector 24 "Tails in Charge" Sonic the Chili Dog Inspector.png
Weatherman 25. "Sno Problem" Weatherman.jpg
Chef 27. "Boogey-Mania" Sonic the Chilidog Hog.jpg
Key Exchanger 27. "Boogey-Mania" Key exchanger.jpg
Hiker 27. "Boogey-Mania" Hiker.jpg
Baby 28. "Musta Been a Beautiful Baby" Baby Sonic.jpg
Hillbilly 30. "Full Tilt Tails" HillbillySonic.png
Gas Station Attendant 32. "Momma Robotnik Returns" Gas Station Attendant.jpg
Space Policeman 33 "Spaceman Sonic" Spacepolice.png
Used Car Salesman 34. "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" Used car salesman.jpg
WWI German Interrogator 34. "Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior" German.jpg
Delivery Boy 38. "Sonic the Matchmaker" Delivery-boy.png
Justice of the Peace 40. "Zoobotnik" Justice of the peace.jpg
Sailor 42. "Mass Transit Trouble" SonicSailor.png
Muscular Hedgehog 43. "Coachnik" ArnoldSonic.png
Ballet Teacher 43. "Coachnik" BalletSonic.png
Health Inspector 44. "Untouchable Sonic" Health inspector.jpg
Bert Whoo 44. "Untouchable Sonic" Sonic whoo.jpg
Mama Robotnik's Friend 44. "Untouchable Sonic" Old lady.jpg
Cushion Salesman 45. "Super Robotnik" Cushion salesman.jpg
Chemical Cleaner 45. "Super Robotnik" Chemical cleaner guy.jpg
Sheriff 47. "Magnificent Sonic" Sheriff Sonic.jpg
Clint Eastwood 47. "Magnificent Sonic" Clint Eastwood.jpg
Time Cop 18. Blank Headed Hero (as a normal cop)

48. "Black Bot the Pirate (as a Time Cop)"

Time cop.png
Sir Sonic the Speedy 49. "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table"
51. "Prehistoric Sonic"
Skateboarder 50. "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" Skateboarder.jpg
Fire Fighter 54. "Robotnikland" Fire Fighter.jpg
Race Car Driver 55. "The Mobius 5000" Race Car Driver.jpg
French Artist 55. "The Mobius 5000" French Artist.jpg
Scuba Diver 56. "The Little Merhog" Scuba Sonic.jpg
Professor 58. "The Robot's Robot" Professor Sonic.jpg
Heckuba 62. "Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted" Heckuba.jpg
Construction Worker 63. "Sonic is Running" Construction worker.jpg
Sexy Woman 63. "Sonic is Running" Sexy Woman.jpg
Politician 63. "Sonic is Running" Politition.jpg
Dentist 63. "Sonic is Running" Dentist.jpg
Blacksmith 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Blacksmith.jpg
Ticket Vendor 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Ticket Salesman.jpg
Fishing Warden 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Fishing warden.jpg
Beethoven 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Beethoven.jpg
Kwai Chang Crane 64. "Robo-Ninjas" Crane.jpg
Police 65. "Sonically Ever After" Police officers.jpg
Hansel 65. "Sonically Ever After" Hansel and Nettle.jpg
Squatty Guy 65. "Sonically Ever After" Squatty Guys.jpg
Princess Rapunzel 65. "Sonically Ever After" Rapunzel.jpg
Sonic Claus 66. Sonic Christmas Blast Sonic-Clause.png


  • "Time to speed, keed (kid)."
  • "We are up... over... and gone!"
  • "I'm waaaaaaaaaaaitiiiiiiiiiing."
  • "I feel a need for speed!"
  • "Live fast, think fast, act fast."
  • "Let's juice."
  • "Juice time."
  • "Way Past Cool!"
  • "Gotta [verb], [noun that rhymes with the verb]!" (Example: "Gotta fly, Clyde!")
  • "That's no good!"
  • "Sonic says!"
  • "It just ain't gonna be the same without 'im. Never thought I'd say that after the uncool way we met."


  • Unlike most Sonic continuities, this Sonic is not afraid of water and can swim quite well. One of these moments is seen in the episode "Submerged Sonic".
  • In the episode "Pseudo Sonic", Sonic is shown to be allergic to poisonous flowers, most of which are grown in Poison Flower Valley. If he is in contact with them, he will itch dreadfully and swell up like a balloon.
  • This incarnation of Sonic was largely based on the version seen on the Western box art of the existing Mega Drive Sonic games, which lead to a number of diversions from his established Japanese design. Such changes include a mowhawk-like single row of spines on his head as opposed to three rows, a two-spined single row down his back as opposed to two single-spine rows, and the lack of a tail. This design would be carried over into the subsequent western Sonic cartoons, Sonic the Hedgehog animated series and Sonic Underground, and adapted for the first eleven issues of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.
  • This is the first incarnation of Sonic to be voiced by Jaleel White.

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