This article contains a list of glitches from the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Unless otherwise noted, all glitch names are conjectural. Many of them have not been confirmed by Sega.

List of glitches

In Act 1 of Green Hill Zone, there is a steep slope with a ramp at the end which is located at the beginning of the act. The player can use it to skip almost the entire act.

Ramp Speed glitch

This glitch occurs if the player presses down on the d-pad, and then quickly presses up whilst in mid-air. Sonic will then go off-screen and the camera will stop at the end of the act. This glitch could also happens on the ramp at the end of Green Hill Zone Act 2. This ramp is even more broken compared to the first one; when timed correctly, the player could go too far, and Sonic will roll on the ground infinitely, forcing the player to reset the game.

This glitch occurs more prominently on the Master System version of the game.

  • Wall warp glitch:

In Act 2 of Green Hill Zone, there is a spring that can push the player inside a wall. While stuck in the wall, if the player jumps, Sonic will be warped upwards as the game ejects Sonic out of the wall, creating a shortcut.

In Act 1 of Jungle Zone, there is one slope that if player gains enough speed and the right distance, player could land on a rolling log.

If player lands on the rolling log quickly enough, the log won't load correctly and its sprite will become a mess for a couple seconds.

  • Jungle Zone camera glitch:

In the middle of Act 2 of Jungle Zone, there is a waterfall with multiple logs which players need to jump on. It is possible to outrun the camera if the player moves vertically quicker than the camera can go up. However, the player is unable to get too far upwards, as the log platforms won't spawn until they are on screen.

If the player barely stands on the rising platforms at Labyrinth Zone before they begin moving, player can get Sonic wedged into the wall. Jumping will warp Sonic upwards close to a bubble. This can be done with every rising platform in the first two acts.

In Act 2 of Scrap Brain Zone, the player can get Sonic to stand inside the walls above the doorways.

  • Scrap Brain Zone platform clip:

At the end of Scrap Brain Zone, the player chases Robotnik as he tries to escape on a rising platform. The player can get on the edge of it, jump, and clip under it. Jumping again will make Sonic clip onto the platform, advancing the game as normal.

If the player heads left in Act 1 of the zone, goes past the wall turrets, and then jumps to the right, Sonic will land on an invisible ledge that Sonic cannot run on. Instead, Sonic will now start rolling, and the player can head to the right and enter the inside of the airship, skipping an entire portion of the Act.

  • Final Boss collision glitch:

If the player quickly lands on and hits the glass that shields Robotnik, Sonic is able to jump inside it. The jump has to be a low enough jump to land at Robotnik's feet. When the player is inside the glass with Robotnik, the player can land a good amount of hits on Robotnik before the homing projectiles attack Sonic.

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