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This is the script of the cutscenes from Sonic Episode in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

The Soleanna Festival

[One night at the Soleanna Castle Town, the Festival of the Sun is being held with fireworks fired up towards the night sky. A large boat comes in with Princess Elise on board, waving to the cheering crowds. Once the boat docks at a large platform overlooked by a large cauldron, she steps off, walking towards a statue. One of the hooded figures then brings in a torch and bestows it to Elise while she looks at it. After a few seconds of staring at the flame, she then visualizes a large blast of fire engulfing Soleanna and her floating into the air as she notices Iblis in the distance emerging from a large crater as it gives a ferocious roar before being snapped back to reality.]

Elise's lady-in-waiting: Miss Elise.
Elise: It... It's alright. We give thanks for the blessed flames. May we always continue to have peace. Sun of Soleanna, guide and watch over us with your eternal light...

[Elise lights a flame with the torch that ignites a frame surrounding a pedestal and finally the large cauldron itself. Everyone applauds while more fireworks are launched into the sky. No one notices several missiles streaking out of the sky among the fireworks until it is too late. The missiles land and impact several buildings around Soleanna Castle Town, causing everyone to instantly go from celebrating to panicking as they realize Soleanna is under attack. Elise yelps in shock upon witnessing the carnage to her kingdom. The Egg Carrier then flies over the cauldron and drops off Egg Gunners around Elise and the other figures with her. As they are about to attack, Dr. Eggman appears in his Egg Mobile. The Egg Gunners to the sides of the Egg Mobile glance over as their boss prepares to confront the Soleanna sovereign.]

Eggman: A pleasure to meet you at last, Princess of Soleanna. I am Dr. Eggman. I've come here to obtain the secret of the Flames of Disaster from you. [Eggman then points to the blue Chaos Emerald that Elise clutches in her hand, which she then presses tightly against her chest in terrified fear.] And to take the miracle gems that are the keys to its secret... The Chaos Emerald! Now Princess, this way please.

[Eggman politely gestures towards his direction and Elise begins to step back in fear. Within a few seconds, blue hurls begin to appear circling around in the air, blowing up the robes of the bishop and robed figures with Elise. Elise looks around puzzled before her attention is drawn to a protruding piece of debris as a familiar blue hedgehog comes to a stop on it.]

Sonic: My... That's a pretty snazzy performance there.
Elise: You... [Elise visualizes Silver the Hedgehog in Sonic's place.] It can't be!

[Sonic smiles and attacks the Egg Gunners, dispatching them all. The last one he stuns with the energy from his earlier attack as it dispels over it before he simply nudges it to tip over and off its perch. He then runs back over next to Elise.]

Sonic: I'm Sonic. Sonic The Hedgehog! [Scoops up Elise in his arms and runs off.]
Eggman: Not that irritating hedgehog again! Attack!

[The Egg Gunners begin to fire missiles at Sonic as he runs away. Elise cries out in fright when some impact dangerously close to Sonic as they cause further damage to Soleanna Castle Town. However, he is able to make it to the rooftops and escape. Silver stands over a roof looking towards Sonic.]

Silver: I finally found him... the Iblis Trigger!

[Silver clenches his hand into a fist as he knows what his objective is now.]

The Chaos Emeralds entrusted

[Sonic is running through the town with Elise in his arms.]

Elise: Umm... Why are you helping me?
Sonic: No special reason. [Jumps over a canal]
Elise: Sonic!

[More of Eggman's Egg Gunners block Sonic's path. Sonic puts Elise down and destroys all of them. However, he barely has a chance to catch his breath before he hears Elise scream and sees Eggman grabbing Elise with his Egg Mobile while his back was turned.]

Eggman: I'm afraid our little game ends now.
Elise: [Wriggles an arm free] Sonic, take this!

[Elise throws the blue Chaos Emerald to Sonic and he catches it.]

Sonic: I've got it! And don't worry, I'll rescue you!
Elise: I know.
Eggman: [scoffs] It's only a matter of time before it's mine. Until then, you can hold onto it for me!

[Eggman flees with Elise into the Egg Carrier and leaves Soleanna while Sonic watches it depart.]

Meeting with Tails

[Sonic is running through Soleanna Castle Town during the day. He hears Tails calling his name and stops.]

Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Tails! Long time no see!
Tails: I'm glad that you're here. I heard that you tried to save the Princess from Dr. Eggman. You're going to rescue her, aren't you? Let me help. I may not know what Eggman's up to, but it can't be a good thing!
Sonic: OK! With your help, this should be a piece of cake. [Runs off]
Tails: Heh heh. I'll do my best! [Follows Sonic]

Too late, Sonic

[Wave Ocean, day. The Egg Carrier flies away as Sonic and Tails watch it. A feather falls down from the sky which Sonic picks up. It looks like one of the feathers from Elise's dress.]

Tails: It looks like the Princess was moved to another location. [Walks around Sonic, while Sonic looks at a feather.] Let's head back to the city!

[Tails leaves the scene. Sonic clutches the feather and follows.]

Sonic Rescues Elise

[Dusty Desert, late afternoon. Inside a chamber of ancient ruins, Elise is sitting. She then gets a thought that she remembered from the past.]

Duke: You're a good girl, Elise. Remember, be brave. Don't cry no matter what happens.

[Sonic and Tails break into the room. Sonic comes in and Tails waves his hand.]

Elise: Mr. Sonic!
Sonic: Just call me Sonic. [Elise hugs Sonic.] Now then, are you OK?
Elise: I-I'm so glad that you came...
Sonic: I always keep my word.
Tails: Sonic!

[Sonic, Tails, and Elise turn their attention to the Egg Cerberus who is sealed in a caged. It starts to open its mouth as Eggman then appears.]

Dr. Eggman: It looks like a pesky rat has stuck its nose where it doesn't belong. Well, a hedgehog to be more precise... The Princess is mine until I unlock the secret of the Flames of Disaster.
Sonic: Tails!
Tails: Got it! Let's go!

Let's Split Up

[In the sunset of Dusty Desert, a large hoard of Egg Gunner robots, led by a trio of Egg Stingers are flying towards somewhere, possibly towards Sonic, Tails, and Elise.]

Sonic: How long is this going to go on?
Tails: Let's split up. I'll get their attention, and you take the Princess.

[Sonic nods and turns his head towards Tails.]

Sonic; OK. You be careful, Tails.
Tails: Leave it to me!

[Tails files off and Sonic holds Elise.]

Sonic: Hold on tight!
Elise: Ok!

[Sonic runs off with Elise.]

Running through the plains

[Sonic runs as he holds Elise through some plains and runs up a hill. As he reaches towards a peak, he then stops and places Elise down. Once she stands up on her own, she bows to Sonic in gratitude.]

Elise: I have no words to express how grateful I am for your help... [Pauses and notices Sonic having a cut in his arm] You're hurt!
Sonic: [Checks his arm for any injury] It's nothing.
Elise: Don't say that. [Uses some fabrics as a bandage to cover the injury] I'm sorry. It's all my fault...
Sonic: Smile.

[Sonic then wags his index finger. A butterfly flies towards his nose and Elise smiles. She lightly flicks the butterfly and it flies away.]

Sonic: Your smile... That's all I need.

[Sonic then walks along the hill and Elise follows him.]

Sonic: Eggman mentioned the Flames of Disaster. Is that why he's after you?
Elise: Yes. The name of the sun god our country honors is Solaris... [A flashback of the festival plays in the background.] It is told that Solaris's rage would destroy the world. [The background shifts to Elise's vision of Iblis from before.] His wrath comes in the form of the Flames of Disaster. [Background returns to normal.] 10 years ago, we almost faced the full force of his fury... I was a child then, so I don't remember it very well. I lost my father then... [An image of Eggman looking over his shoulder at the camera appears as Elise continues] And now that man is trying to cause the same disaster again... [Back to her and Sonic with the sky and ground around them] What can I do? [Pause, then Sonic grabs Elise's hand and runs together.] Sonic? Sonic! Sonic, wait! I can't run that fast!
Sonic: Don't worry! Just raise your head and run! [They continuing running. It then fades into another scene] Feels great, doesn't it?
Elise: Yes. I-I've never run so fast before...
Sonic: Nothing starts until you take action. If you have time to worry, then run!

[Sonic grabs Elise's hand, then the camera points towards the sky and fades.]

Silver appears

[Sonic and Elise are walking in Soleanna before he puts out an arm to stop her. Sonic notices an attack coming towards them and, grabbing Elise, jumps to avoid it. Elise cries out as the attack explodes harmlessly where they were. The source of the attack soon descends to confront them.]

Silver: I've been looking for you. You're the Iblis Trigger. Your actions will condemn us all.
Sonic: Who are you?
Silver: My name is Silver. For the future of the world, I will destroy you!

Saved by Amy

[Silver is weak from their fight and Elise is looking at him.]

Sonic: Hey.

[Silver psycho-kinetically attacks Sonic, knocking him towards a building where Sonic slams hard against the stone and falls down to the ground on his knees after hitting it. Elise looks on with worry as Sonic tries to catch his breath as Silver approaches him.]

Silver: Hmph! Is this a joke? How could someone like you cause the destruction of our world?

[Two robotic hands appear behind Elise.]

Sonic: What do you...mean?
Silver: It doesn't matter. For the sake of the future, the Iblis Trigger must be destroyed!

[Elise screams. Sonic and Silver see the Egg Mobile capturing her.]

Sonic: Elise!? Wait!

[Sonic tries to go after Elise but Silver attacked Sonic again in the back, knocking him down.]

Silver: Don't you dare turn your back on me! It's time I finally put an end to this!

[Silver tries to attack but Amy appears.]

Amy: Stop!
Silver: Amy? Get out of my way, Amy! This is my mission!
Amy: Absolutely not!

[Silver grunts in frustration. Sonic stands up.]

Sonic: Thanks Amy. I appreciate it.

[Sonic begins to flee and chase after the Egg Carrier.]

Amy: Leave it to me.

[Sonic keeps running to catch up to Eggman and Elise while Amy holds off Silver.]

Knuckles delivers a letter from Eggman

[Sonic and Tails arrived at a seaport in New City and encounter Knuckles. Knuckles is seen holding a card.]

Sonic: Knuckles.
Knuckles: I saw Eggman on the outskirts of the city. [Throws the card to Sonic.] He wanted to give this to you.

[Sonic looks at the card and a holographic message from Eggman shows up.]

Dr. Eggman (via card): Sonic the Hedgehog. If you want me to return the Princess, you must give me your Chaos Emerald. Meet me at my base in White Acropolis.

[The recording ends and Sonic hand the card back to Knuckles, who is not paying attention. He fumbles it in his hands before dropping it and stomping on it with his shoe.]

Knuckles: Huh. He's pretty cocky.
Tails: It's most definitely a trap. I don't think Eggman will honor his agreement.
Sonic: [Looks at his Chaos Emerald.] I'm going.
Tails: Sonic?
Sonic: Since Eggman went to the trouble of telling me where Elise is. I think I should thank him personally.

Eggman sends Sonic to the future

[Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles arrive at Eggman's base in White Acropolis.]

Dr. Eggman: You're late.

[Camera zoom from Eggman, looking down at them from an upper viewing area.]

Knuckles: Well, we had to deal with your little pets.
Sonic: Where's Elise?
Dr. Eggman: My, aren't we impatient...

[Eggman grabs Elise and is holding her by his side.]

Elise: Sonic!

[Sonic and his friends get ready to fight.]

Dr. Eggman: Ah ah. You better not move. Now, the Chaos Emerald... [Sonic takes his Chaos emerald out.] Place it there. [Eggman points to a capsule that rises from the ground while Elise shakes her head. Sonic places the Emerald in the capsule and it recedes back into the ground. Eggman smiles wickedly before he then presses a button on a control panel next to him.] Hmph!

[A pink force field generates from the ceiling, surrounding Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.]

Tails: Huh!? Wha-!?
Knuckles: Wha!?

[Knuckles tries punching the field but gets knocked back.]

Dr. Eggman: It's no use. It's too powerful for you to overcome. Now allow me to introduce you to my latest creation. This is the Solaris prototype. [Elise gasps while Eggman laughs and pulls a handle on a nearby control podium.] With this machine, I'll be able to control the flow of time itself!

[Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are sucked upwards by the machine.]

Sonic: Whooah!
Tails: Ahhhhh!
Knuckles: Arrrrrhhhh!

[The force field disappears along with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Elise leans against the window in despair at what she just witnessed.]

Dr. Eggman: Rest assured... They're not dead... yet. They've just been teleported by my glorious invention to another time. Who knows where they'll end up? It could be the distant past or far future. But my machine still requires some fine-tuning. In fact, what my machine needs in order to be complete, is your power.
Elise: My power?
Dr. Eggman: Yes, I can finally complete my plans... Now that I have the Chaos Emeralds, and you... The Princess of Soleanna. That's all I need to revive the Flames of Disaster. And with its power, I will be able to control everything and rule the world. So, you would be wise to remain on my "good" side.

[Eggman walks off and camera zooms to Elise. She puts her hands together to pray as she looks skyward.]

Shadow and Rouge

[At a ruined future of the same location, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles fall down from the machine in the top of the room. Sonic lands on his feet, Tails lands on his rump, and Knuckles lands on his head.]

Tails: Boy, do I feel dizzy... [Looks around] Where are we?

[Someone approaches the group from a higher ledge.]

Rouge: Oh, look who's here! I didn't expect to see you guys.

[Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles look up and see Shadow and Rouge.]

Tails: Rouge! Shadow!
Rouge: Hi. Long time no see!


[Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge look over the ruins of Crisis City.]

Shadow: This is the distant future, far removed from our own timeline.
Tails: The future? Then that means Eggman's machine can control time!
Sonic: Eggman's got some nerve dropping us here.
Knuckles: [Kicks a rock] Now, how can we get back to our own time?
Shadow: You need a space-time rift, but this requires a lot of energy.
Sonic: I see. You mean using your Chaos Control will...
Shadow: Yes, but that alone is insufficient.
Sonic: Okay Shadow. It looks like we need to work together.

[Shadow nods. Rouge does as well, knowing that this will require teamwork between Team Sonic and Team Dark to return to the present.]

The death of Elise?!

[Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles wonder about in a corridor of a ruined building.]

Knuckles: No matter where we go, all we see are ruins. How can this be our future?

[The trio turned to look at their surroundings.]

Tails: How could it come to this?

[Sonic notices gas flowing from a room that is slightly opened with various notices and warnings on the door. The trio then turn to have a peak inside to discover what's happening within.]

Silver: Could it be true? [Mephiles (under Shadow's appearance), Silver, and Blaze can be seen standing in front of a large database computer.] If I eliminate that guy, will our world be saved?
Mephiles: [Nods.] The Day of Disaster... Here are my records of this event. This was when Iblis was freed and his flames were released into the world. [Mephiles presses a key. The screen then displayed screenshots from the present timeline.] And you have this person to blame.

[Mephiles holds his purple Chaos Emerald out. Silver takes a hold of it and stares at it. The background shifts to a stream of fire surrounding Sonic as he turns to face the camera with a stern look on his face.]

Silver: I see it! So, That blue hedgehog's the Iblis Trigger?
Blaze: Blue hedgehog...
Mephiles: I'll send us back in time to the point when the Iblis Trigger was alive.

[Mephiles forms an purple orb in his hands that expands, covering Silver and Blaze along with him and then disappeared out of sight. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles approach towards the computer.]

Knuckles: What the... Who was that guy? He looked just like Shadow...
Tails: Th-This is terrible! [Types on the keys.] According to the data, the Princess died when she was kidnapped by Eggman! Apparently Eggman's battleship exploded! [Types on the keys.] The date of this incident was... two days after the Festival of the Sun!
Sonic: If we don't return in time, Elise will die onboard Eggman's battleship. That means...
Tails: Yeah... I think so.

[Sonic punches his hands together in frustration while Tails types on the keys.]

Beyond the flames...

[At Flame Core, Shadow and Rouge meet with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.]

Rouge: You guys are so slow. Look.

[She shows the green Chaos Emerald.]

Tails: A Chaos Emerald! You've already found one!
Rouge: Well now... I may not look It, but I'm a real treasure hunter. Unlike a certain echidna I know.
Knuckles: [Gets up in Rouge's face] What? [Scoffs and walks away]
Shadow: Have you guys discovered anything?
Tails: Um, yeah. [Points into the distance] I received a signal indicating there's a Chaos Emerald here, but...
Rouge: You mean we've got to go through there?
Knuckles: [Gets up in Rouge's face again] If you don't like it, you can stay here.
Rouge: You've got to be kidding!

[Knuckles walks away.]

Sonic: Don't be late.
Shadow: Same to you. [Walks away]

[Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Knuckles and Rouge run off-screen.]

Fiery Iblis

[At a volcanic pool, Rouge flies away from Sonic, Shadow, Tails and Knuckles up to the turquoise Chaos Emerald floating in the air.]

Rouge: I've found a Chaos Emerald!
Shadow: Don't touch it!

[Iblis springs out of the lava. Rouge flies back to the group. Iblis looms over them as lava and flames boil around him.]

Rouge: What? What's this?

[Iblis swings at the group, hissing and snarling viciously.]

Going back to the present

[After defeating Iblis, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and Rouge gathered together. Sonic and Shadow pull out a Chaos Emerald each, preparing to use Chaos Control. They nod at each other.]

Sonic and Shadow: Chaos Control!

[The Chaos Emeralds begin flashing rapidly and emit a white swirling light into the air that transforms into a blue swirling portal suspended in mid-air. Sonic proceeds towards the portal while Tails and Knuckles follow. Rouge flies into the air and turns to Shadow. Rouge flies to the portal while Shadow turns around, sensing something that gives him pause to return to the present with Rouge.]

Return to the present

[A blue swirling portal appears at some place in Soleanna New City and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles come out through it before disappearing.]

Tails: Oww...
Knuckles: Looks like we make it back in one piece.
Tails: Where did Shadow and Rouge go? Did they appear someplace else?
Sonic: Those two can take care of themselves.

[Sonic spots a newspaper lying on the ground and proceeds to read it. Tails and Knuckles also move towards Sonic to read the newspaper as well.]

Silver and Shadow

[Radical Train, day. Sonic is running away while carrying Elise.]

Elise: I knew it... I knew you'd return! You had to!

[Sonic jumps to the side as an energy blast is fired by Silver.]

Sonic: ...You again.
Silver: This time there will be no more interruptions! The Iblis Trigger... must die!
Elise: Sonic...

[Silver fires an energy blast which Sonic dodges. Silver then grabs Sonic in a psychokinetic hold, paralyzing him.]

Dr. Eggman: So how was your little walk, Princess? [The Egg Mobile appears and grabs Elise with its two hands before flying away. Elise cries out in fear as she's grabbed.]
Sonic: Elise!
Silver: [Strengths his hold on Sonic] It's time to end this!

[Shadow jumps between Sonic and Silver, freeing Sonic before Silver could deliver the finishing move.]

Silver: Who? Mephiles! Why are you getting in my way?
Shadow: I'm Shadow. Shadow The Hedgehog.

[Sonic gives Shadow a thumbs up and runs away. Shadow and Silver prepare to fight each other.]

Elise jumps

[The Egg Mobile flies overhead above some plains. Elise is standing on the edge of the Egg Mobile]

Dr. Eggman: Now stop it. You have no where to go.
Elise: I would rather die than be your prisoner again!
Dr. Eggman: Hmph! So, what are you going to do, Princess? Do you plan to jump?

[Below on the ground, Sonic is seen running towards the Egg Mobile.]

Elise: Farewell.

[Elise leans back and falls off the Egg Mobile, leaving Eggman stunned.]

Dr. Eggman: Huh?

[Sonic catches Elise in his arms, arriving just in time to catch her before she hit the ground.]

Elise: Sonic!
Dr. Eggman: (growls) You won't get away that easily!

Thanks to you...

[At Soleanna Forest, Sonic walks while holding Elise's hand. Elise stops to catch her breath.]

Sonic: That was a gutsy move back there!
Elise: Well, I was desperate... and um... I just had to get away. I owe you a lot, Sonic...
Sonic: Uh... [Sonic turns to see a large hoard of Egg Gunners flying towards his direction.] I'll head into the jungle!
Elise: OK!

[Sonic carries Elise in his arms and takes off.]

Sonic and Elise, in the forest

[Deep within Soleanna Forest, Sonic, with Elise in his arms, is running through the lush jungle.]

Elise: It looks like we've lost them.
Sonic: I'll settle things here. Elise, you should go back to the castle.
Elise: OK... [Sonic makes a turn to the right.] Sonic? [They stop by a lake surrounded by green grass and numerous trees.] It's so beautiful! I've never seen so many flowers before! Sonic, have you visited many wonderful places before?
Sonic: Yeah.
Elise: Once you defeat Eggman... you'll leave, won't you? [Sonic nods] Though I've been frightened many times, I've also enjoyed this adventure. It allowed me to be something other than a Princess. I was able to be myself... a girl.
Sonic: It sounds like being a Princess isn't that easy.
Elise: It isn't sometimes, but I love this country. Everyone in the castle, the children, all my citizens really... The same love my late father and mother had...

[The scene flashbacks to the Duke of Soleanna sitting on a chair gently stroking a younger Elise's forehead.]

Duke: Don't cry, Elise. Become a strong queen who doesn't cry no matter what happens.

[The flashback ends.]

Elise: And so, I do my best to protect my country. I understand everything my parents said to me now. Sonic, if you leave here to go on another adventure... Remember this place.
Sonic: Definitely. [Elise suddenly strays away for a few moments.] Elise?
Elise: I'm fine... Sorry. (I mustn't cry... I can't...)

[Elise quickly hugged Sonic before it seemed that she was about to cry.]

Sonic: Elise... smile.

Elise goes alone

[At Soleanna, a Soleanna Royal Guard is conversing with two citizens. A shadow of the Egg Carrier is seen and the three turn to look at the Egg Carrier flying above the city. Citizens begin to panic as Eggman makes his announcement.]

Dr. Eggman: Princess Elise, ruler of Soleanna... By refusing to negotiate with me, you have forced me to take drastic actions. [Amy is seen in the crowd witnessing the Egg Carrier before turning to run away.] Meet me at the specified point alone 4 o'clock today. Failure to do so on time, will result in my leveling of this city so that nothing but ashes remain!

[Elise stands outside on the balcony of her castle as she listened to this.]

Elise's lady-in waiting 1: Miss Elise...!
Elise: I cannot allow harm to come to my people.

[As the Egg Carrier flies closer in the background, Elise turns to leave. She stops.]

Elise's lady-in waiting 2: Miss Elise...!
Elise: It is my duty as Princess of Soleanna to go... There is no other choice.

[She continues walking, heading to rendezvous and surrender to Eggman for the sake of her people.]

Eggman’s plot

[Eggman traps Elise inside the Egg Carrier and she is seen sitting on a chair.]

Dr. Eggman: You've wasted so much of my time. If you had cooperated with me earlier, I wouldn't have to do this.
Elise: What are you trying to do, Dr. Eggman? Why do you wish to revive the Flames of Disaster?
Dr. Eggman: Did your parents ever disclose to you anything about Solaris? Solaris's secrets are in his eternal flames. His power... can change time, and even manipulate the fabric of time itself. I wish to obtain this power and dominate everything in this world. From the past all the way to the future!
Elise: You wish... to rule over... Time?
Dr. Eggman: Yes. Truly. And the secret... It remains dormant in you, Princess. [Dr. Eggman proceeds to his ship's interface and begins inputting commands.] The Princess of Soleanna and the seven Chaos Emeralds... Once I have everything, the fate of the world will change. And one of the beautiful gems is just ahead.
Egg Carrier mother computer: Chaos Emerald located.
Dr. Eggman: Finally... Now, let's go collect that Chaos Emerald.

Things have changed

[Sonic is running through plains when his path is suddenly intercepted by several Egg Gunner robots. Sonic comes to a stop while the robots approach him and prepare to attack when a green aura suddenly surrounds all of them, disabling them from moving. Silver appears and psycho-kinetically pushes them away, destroying them in the process.]

Silver: You look like you're in a hurry.
Sonic: ... So what's going on?
Silver: Circumstances have changed. I need to rescue the Princess.

[Sonic nods and the two run off.]

Out of control

[Inside the Egg Carrier, an alarm is going off. Eggman is frantically typing on the keys at his interface while Elise watches.]

Dr. Eggman: Huh? The engines are malfunctioning. [Elise stands up.] What's this? Stop all engines now! [There's no response. Eggman pounds on his interface in frustration and horror.] ...Why is this happening? No! We're about to crash!

Battleship explosion

[A section of the Egg Carrier from outside bursts into flames, emitting smoke. Later, the Egg Carrier is seen from Kingdom Valley (with both sides now engulfed) losing altitude and then explodes into an orange tint behind a mountain as it disappears from view. Sonic arrives at the moment it happens with Silver and Blaze right behind him.]

Sonic: Elise!

[Sonic watches the incident in sadness, falling to his knees and pounds the ground in anger and grief. He's too late. Both Soleanna's sovereign and his arch-enemy have been killed.]

Silver: Wait, there's still a way to change this. [Sonic turns around.] If we return to an earlier point in time, we'll be able to save her.
Sonic: I understand.

[Silver and Sonic both grab their Chaos Emeralds out and approach each other.]

Sonic and Silver: Chaos Control!

[The two emeralds glow forming a white swirling light in the air, forming a blue swirling portal suspended in mid-air. Sonic turns to the portal and tosses his Chaos Emerald to Silver.]

Sonic: Silver. I can handle this myself. Besides, you've got somewhere to go, right?
Silver: You...
Sonic: I'll make sure to change Elise's fate. And that in turn, should change your future, too. [Silver nods.] Thank you, Silver!
Silver: Yeah... Just save her.

[Sonic leaps into the portal.]

The day before

[A blue swirling portal appears at Soleanna New City and Sonic comes out of it. He hears a bell ringing and looks at a clock tower, reading noon. Not much time. He quickly regroups with Tails and Knuckles and heads for the Egg Carrier's hangar in Aquatic Base.]

Sonic boards the battleship

Egg Carrier mother computer: Thrust increasing. Engine output at maximum. Course plotted. [Egg Carrier is seen preparing to depart from Aquatic Base.] Gate open. Lifting off.

[Red machines holding the Egg Carrier in place detach and recede into the walls. The Egg Carrier proceeds to take off. Just then, Sonic is seen running along a catwalk above the Egg Carrier and jumping onto the craft, landing just on its metal tail before it could accelerate too much and he missed his chance to board and save Elise and Eggman. The Egg Carrier zooms off towards its inevitable demise.]

Showdown with Eggman

[Inside the Egg Carrier, events play out like before as an alarm is going off while Eggman is frantically typing at the Egg Carrier's interface, trying to save his doomed ship.]

Dr. Eggman: ...Why is this happening? Noooooo!!
Sonic: Playtime's over.

[Sonic appears and Elise runs to his side. Eggman slowly turns around in half-astonishment, half-fury at seeing Sonic somehow got on the Egg Carrier to save the princess from the ship's inevitable destruction.]

Elise: Sonic!
Sonic: This ship is about to crash. Too bad, Eggman.

[Eggman throws a tantrum and growls in frustration, stomping his foot at the end of it.]

Dr. Eggman: I'm not finished yet!

[Sonic throws his arms out and stands in front of Elise, refusing to let Eggman get near her again and risk her being killed in the Egg Carrier's inevitable crash.]

Nice smile!

[Inside the Egg Carrier, Sonic is carrying Elise in his arms as he runs to escape from the ship as alarms continue to blare to order all hands to abandon the doomed vessel. Outside, the front section of the Egg Carrier explodes into flames and breaks off.]

Elise: Sonic!

[Elise points to burning debris soaring through the air as the Egg Carrier continues to fall apart.]

Sonic: Aren't you worried?
Elise: "If you have time to worry, then run," right?

[The front section of the Egg Carrier explodes in a huge fireball before it even hits the ocean surface below, sending smaller fragments shooting off in all directions like missiles. Sonic (with Elise in his arms) takes a running start, leaps off, and jumps from one piece of debris of the Egg Carrier to another. He lands on the wing to jump to a cliff and attempts to jump high into the air, only for them to start falling when gravity takes over before they can reach the top of the cliff. A large piece of debris of the Egg Carrier's engines collides into the cliff face below and its explosion launches Sonic and Elise up to solid ground as they roll along the ground before coming to a rest after several tumbles. Sonic recovers with a groan before checking Elise, who rolls over onto her back. Elise lies on the ground while Sonic walks over to her and lends his hand for her to get up. Sonic and Elise begin laughing.]

Sonic: Nice smile!

[Sonic and Elise turn to look over at the horizon.]

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