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This is the script of the cutscenes from the Silver Episode in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

The ruined world of the future

[Unknown city, sometime in the far future. There are ruins of buildings everywhere. Silver is flying around the city slowly, looking for any flames. The ground below has become nothing but a sea of lava, with the occasional rumble of thunder and flash of lightning from the storm clouds covering the sky.]

Silver: [voice over narration] This world was devastated before I was born. A harsh, bleak place, where we live in eternal darkness. Life is a struggle, and people live without hope. How did this happen? No one will answer me directly. But they always point... to the flames. [A tornado of flames swirl up before Silver. He uses a psychokinetic blast to clear the flames in front of him and they die away.] These flames. They burn away at my world destroying everything in their path. They come from a eternal life form we cannot truly defeat. The Flames of Disaster known as Iblis.
Blaze: Silver!
Silver: Blaze, what's wrong?
Blaze: He's appeared again!

[Looking in the direction Blaze pointed in with an angry scowl, Silver flies away as Blaze jumps quickly from roof to roof to follow him.]

Confrontation with Iblis

[Silver and Blaze have gone through Crisis City and are running right up to confront Iblis, who emerges as a fiery golem monster ready to attack with a roar. They are stunned but look up.]

Silver: Come on, you monster!

[Iblis moves on and roars in the flames.]

Mephiles appears

[A pit of molten lava is shown where Iblis once stood following his defeat by Silver.]

Blaze: Looks like we stopped it for now.
Silver: But, it'll just rise up from its ashes again. [Hits a brick wall with his fist in frustration.] What's the point of all this? It'll never end.
Blaze: Calm down, Silver.
Silver: [disappointed] Then tell me what we should do. How can we completely destroy Iblis?

[Blaze is unsure what to do and closes her eyes to think. All of a sudden a dark voice is heard.]

Mephiles: ...By knowing the truth, of course.

[Silver looks around to see who spoke, and he and Blaze look up at Mephiles, on top of a ruined building.]

Mephiles: Just as a flower comes from a seed, or a chicken comes from an egg, everything has an origin. You need to find the being originally responsible for this catastrophe. [raises his fist]
Silver: Is that really the answer to our problem? [Silver points at Mephiles.] Tell me, do you know who it is?

[Mephiles looks at Silver with a sinister look in his eyes. Scene fades to black.]

“He’s the Iblis Trigger!”

[Mephiles leads Blaze and Silver into the database.]

Mephiles: To fix this present timeline, you need to change the past.

[The group looks around the database.]

Silver: But, that's impossible.
Mephiles: With my help, you can, because I have the power to travel through time!
Silver: [Surprised] No way!
Mephiles: In order to change the past, you must eliminate the individual who has awakened Iblis. The Iblis Trigger.

[Silver and Blaze think and ponder, then...]

Silver: If I eliminate that guy, will our world be saved?
Mephiles: [Nods] The Day of Disaster... Here are my records of this event. This was when Iblis was freed and his flames were released into the world.

[Mephiles turns on the computer, and Silver and Blaze see images of Soleanna and other things.]

Mephiles: And you have this person to blame.

[Mephiles takes out the purple Chaos Emerald and shows it to Silver, who takes it and gazes upon it. A vision of Sonic and the flames appears, and the camera makes a close-up of Sonic staring blankly.]

Silver: I see it! So, that blue hedgehog's the Iblis Trigger?

[Blaze gets closer to Silver and stares at him and the emerald.]

Blaze: Blue hedgehog...

[Silver hands the emerald back to Mephiles.]

Mephiles: I'll send us back in time to the point when the Iblis Trigger was alive.

[Mephiles generates a sphere with his hands, places it on Silver and Blaze, and the three of them vanish. Scene fades to black.]

Silver goes to the present

[It is a bright, sunny day in present-day Soleanna in the forest outside the city. A portal has opened up, and Silver jumps out of it alone as it closes. He looks around.]

Silver: Where am I? [Sees that Blaze and Mephiles are not here] Blaze? [Looks again] Blaze! [Finds that no one is here] I guess we all got separated. [Looks around] This is so unbelievable. [Sees the path ahead near a tree and looks up at it] Now I must fight for the future!

[Silver throws his fist around and runs off through the forest. Scene fades to black.]

Blaze goes to the present

[Blaze somehow finds herself at Wave Ocean and walks in the sand between a house and a palm tree.]

Blaze: So this is the past... [Sees two houses near the sand and puts her hands on her hips] I hope Silver is OK. He's pretty insecure when he's alone. [Looks around and ponders] The Iblis Trigger. Blue hedgehog...

[Blaze bows her head down and looks up, then walks off as the camera pulls away from the hillside for a bird's-eye view. Scene fades to black.]

Meeting Amy

[At the night of the Soleanna Festival, Sonic has just watched the Egg Carrier fly away with Elise and Eggman inside. Sonic has the blue Chaos Emerald that she had given to him in his hand. The camera pulls away from him to Silver at a bird's-eye view of him atop one of the houses.]

Silver: I've finally found him... the Iblis Trigger!

[Silver makes a fist, as if he knows that vengeance will soon be his. He jumps off and lands on the rooftop and is about to go after Sonic when Amy grabs him.]

Amy: Now I've got you, Sonic!
Silver: Hey!
Amy: It's about time I finally caught you again! [Opens her eyes and looks at Silver in shock] Hey! You're not Sonic! [Slaps him and speaks, embarrassed] Um... I'm sorry!

[Silver tumbles but tries to gain his balance. Amy buries her face in her hands as he looks at her.]

Silver: Ah, I'm... [Sees that Sonic has vanished] Huh? Hey, where'd he go? [Looks around again] He must have run off!
Amy: [Goes to Silver] I'm sorry. Did you miss someone because of me?
Silver: Ah... it's okay. I'm sure the guy I'm looking for is still on the island. I'm sure I can still find him.
Amy: [Grabs Silver's hand] Well then, I'll help you!
Silver: What?
Amy: Two heads are better than one when looking for someone!
Silver: Hey, just wait a second!
Amy: [Closed up] What's your name?
Silver: [Pauses for a moment] ...Silver.
Amy: That's a nice name. I'm Amy Rose. It's nice to meet you! [Runs off with Silver, holding his hand]
Silver: Ah... Hey, wait!

[Camera goes to a far-off view of the Soleanna Cathedral near a bridge. Scene fades to black.]

This is a nice place

[Amy and Silver are at the Dusty Desert oasis.]

Amy: Hmm... I sense Sonic's presence there. [Points out ahead while Silver walks in exhaustion] Call it my girlish intuition.

[The duo look around for Sonic.]

Silver: What am I doing?
Amy: [Looks at Silver] Sorry. As soon as I find Sonic, I'll help you find who you're looking for, Silver.
Silver: [Silver shakes his head and thinks for a moment, then looks up] This looks so beautiful.
Amy: What? You mean this desert?
Silver: Everything is so great here, isn't it? The sky is gorgeous, and everyone's happy...
Amy: [Looks at him in confusion] Huh?
Silver: [Quickly turns around] Let's go. I'll help you find who you're looking for.

[Amy nods, and they both run off through the Dusty Desert as the scene fades to black]

Finding the Iblis Trigger

[Amy and Silver have returned to Soleanna Castle Town in disappointment.]

Amy: I can't believe we haven't located Sonic yet. Gee, I wonder where he went...

[The duo look around the town, and Silver sees something in surprise. He sees Sonic and Elise return to town. Sonic suddenly motions his hand to stop and grabs her as Silver's psychokinetic blast appears, and he jumps to avoid it as she screams. He suddenly hears Silver's voice and they both look up.]

Silver: I've been looking for you. You're the Iblis Trigger.

[Silver drops down to the ground and looks at Sonic and Elise, then points a finger at him.]

Silver: Your actions will condemn us all.
Sonic: [Gets in front of Elise] Who are you?
Silver: My name is Silver. [Points at Sonic again] For the future of the world, I will destroy you!

[Sonic prepares to fight Silver.]

Amy puts her foot down

[Sonic is on the floor gasping for breath as Silver walks toward him and kneels down.]

Silver: Hmph! Is this a joke? How could someone like you cause the destruction of our world?

[Elise looks as giant mechanical hands approach from behind her to grab her.]

Sonic: What do you...mean?
Silver: [Gets up] It doesn't matter. For the sake of the future, the Iblis Trigger must be destroyed!

[Silver is about to destroy Sonic when Elise's scream is heard, and both look at her being grabbed by Eggman's Egg Mobile as it flies off.]

Sonic: Elise!? Wait!

[Sonic tries to run when Silver hits him with a psychokinetic blast again.]

Silver: Don't you dare turn your back on me! It's time I finally put an end to this! [Silver is about to finish him off when Amy arrives.]
Amy: Stop!

[Amy appears and guards Sonic out of harm's way.]

Sonic: Amy?
Silver: [Furious] Get out of my way, Amy! This is my mission!
Amy: [Shakes her head] Absolutely not!

[Silver's patience is starting to run thin as Sonic gets up.]

Sonic: Thanks, Amy, I appreciate it. [Runs off to find Elise]
Amy: Leave it to me.

[Sonic runs off to chase Elise as the scene fades to black.]

Amy leaves

[Amy is still in Silver's way in Soleanna.]

Amy: The person you were looking for was Sonic? Were you planning to kill him?
Silver [Ponders for a bit then speaks angrily] He's responsible for destroying my world.
Amy: That's crazy! [Points at him and accuses him] Sonic would never do that!
Silver: But it's true! In the near future, his actions will cause the devastation of my world. So I must...
Amy: No! I don't believe it. Even if that was true. If I had to choose between the world and Sonic, I would choose Sonic!

[Amy runs off in disbelief, and Silver tries to explain, but stops. He hangs his head down in confusion, wondering what to do. Scene fades to black.]

Is it right...?

[Silver sits down at the harbor steps in Soleanna New City, still in wonder over Sonic for a long time. Just then Blaze arrives, and puts her hands on her hips.]

Blaze: So this is where you are. I've been looking for you.

[Silver hears her voice, but turns his head back to the shore, still pondering. She walks up to him on the steps.]

Blaze: What's wrong? [Looks at him closely as he ponders]
Silver: [Sighs] Well, uh, Blaze. To kill someone to save the world... [Turns his head to the shore again] Is that really the right thing to do?
Blaze: [Puts her hands on her hips again in disappointment] You're so naive. Whether it's right or wrong, I can't really say... [Turns his head to her, clueless] But what I do know is... [Crosses her arms] If we don't take this chance, the future will remain exactly as it is.

[Blaze makes a sad face, and Silver looks up to her and nods, then gets up.]

Silver: Since he's after Dr. Eggman, let's sneak into Eggman's base. Maybe we'll learn something new.

[Scene fades to black.]

Infiltrating Eggman’s base

[Silver and Blaze have arrived at Eggman's base in White Acropolis in their search for Sonic. However, the base is closed, and Sonic is nowhere to be seen. Snow falls near the base.]

Silver: Looks like we've arrived a little too late.

[Suddenly the ground trembles beneath them, and they look around to see what has caused it, until they look upward.]

Silver: What? Oh no!

[Scene fade to black.]

Obtaining a Chaos Emerald

[Silver and Blaze discover the blue Chaos Emerald in the snow. Silver approaches the Emerald and kneels down to grab it.]

Blaze: That's a Chaos Emerald.

[Silver gazes upon the Emerald and looks at Blaze, then gets up.]

Blaze: It's said this gem can transform your thoughts into power. Collect seven, and a miracle's supposed to happen. Keep it as a lucky charm.

[Blaze walks off while Silver watches, then gazes at the Emerald again.]

Silver: It transforms your thoughts into power...

[The camera makes a close-up on the glowing emerald as the scene fades to black.]

Amy meets Elise

[Back at Eggman's base, Amy is slowly looking around for Sonic near a cell door.]

Amy: Hmm... I've been trying to find Sonic but now I think I'm in trouble.

[Amy hides beneath the corner of a wall and sees Eggman's three floating robots looking both ways before moving on.]

Amy: Maybe I should just walk away real quietly before they spot me.

[Amy sneaks around when Elise opens the cell door in front of her and sees her.]

Elise: Oh!

[Both are surprised to see each other when an alarm sounds, and they are cornered.]

Sentry: Prisoner has escaped from Cell Block C-17. All patrolling guards, begin searching immediately.
Amy: [Turns to Elise] This way!
Elise: O... OK!
Sentry: [while Amy and Elise are speaking] I repeat: Prisoner has escaped from Cell Block C-17.

[Amy and Else both run away from the alarm while the sentry is speaking. Scene fades to black.]

Elise and Amy’s discussion of love

[Amy and Elise have returned to Soleanna New City and are walking around the town.]

Elise: Thank you so much for rescuing me. I am so grateful!
Amy: [Introduces herself] I'm Amy. Amy Rose.
Elise: [Introduces herself] My name is Elise.
Amy: [Examines Elise] Elise... Wait, you're not Elise, the Princess of Soleanna, are you? I'll bet someone's already on their way to rescue you.
Elise: Um, yes, but someone I know said to me... "Nothing starts until you take action." So I decided to heed his advice.
Amy: Hmm... You wouldn't happen to have some feelings for this person, would you?
Elise: [Embarrassed] What? No! Of course not.
Amy: [Interrupting] It's OK. Love changes everything. [Walks and looks up] It feels like every little moment in your life is huge! [Spreads her arms wide on the word "huge" and turns to Elise with sparkles around her] Doesn't it?

[Elise looks at her, then hangs her head down.]

Amy: So, what does this guy look like? Have you already been on a date with him?
Elise: Well, no... I really haven't...
Amy: A one-way love? That's so cute. Come on, there's no need to be shy. Look, you're a Princess and you're super cute. That guy's the lucky one! I also have someone that I'm pursuing, too. I wish us both luck!

[Amy holds both hands to Elise's, and both laugh with each other as the scene fades to black.]

Eggman attacks

[A look-up of the castle is shown. Elise walks around, glad to be inside her home, when Eggman's robot drops down in front of her. She gasps in shock, and more robots drop down, until she is completely surrounded. All of a sudden, Eggman's Egg Mobile flutters downward and approaches her.]

Dr. Eggman: Finally, I've been waiting so patiently for you to return, Princess.

[Elise looks at him in surprise, then puts her hands on her heart, as if she refuses to be taken in captivity. Scene fades to black.]

Head for the Train Terminal

[Silver and Blaze have arrived in Soleanna New City when they discover Mephiles again, with his head hung down.]

Silver: Mephiles...

[Silver and Blaze look at each other, then they look at Mephiles again.]

Silver: Tell me. Who is the Iblis Trigger? Why does he want to destroy the world?
Mephiles: [Looks up] Why does that matter to you? [Points at Silver] Unless you complete your task, your future will remain the same... forever. [Looks at Silver, then puts his hand down] He's currently at the terminal station. It's now or never if you want this.

[Mephiles shows a path to Silver, then walks away. Blaze gets a closer look at the path, then looks at Silver. After a few moments, he moves onward, and she follows him. Scene fades to black.]

Shadow appears

[Sonic has just rescued Elise from the exploding Radical Train and now runs from the railroad tracks with her.]

Elise: I knew it. I knew you'd return! You had to!

[All of a sudden a psychokinetic blast attacks them and Sonic jumps backward. He sets her down again and they see Silver in front of them again.]

Sonic: ...You again.
Silver: This time there will be no more interruptions! [Points at Sonic] The Iblis Trigger... must die!
Elise: Sonic.

[Silver uses a psychokinetic blast that knocks Sonic onto the floor. Silver then traps him with Psychoshock, draining his energy, and Elise keeps trying to hold back tears.]

Dr. Eggman: So how was your little walk, Princess?

[Eggman's Egg Mobile uses the mechanical hands to grab the screaming Elise and fly off with her.]

Sonic: Elise!

[Silver uses another Psychoshock to stun Sonic and gives a "hmph".]

Silver: It's time to end this!

[Silver is about to finish him off when he sees Shadow drop down in front of him in the nick of time.]

Silver: [Surprised] Who?

[Shadow and Silver look at each other.]

Silver: Mephiles! Why are you getting in my way?
Shadow: [Gets up] I'm Shadow. Shadow the Hedgehog.

[Both look at each other in confusion, and Shadow looks at the recovering Sonic, who gives a nod and a thumb up to him for saving his life. Sonic then gets up and runs off to find Elise and Eggman while Shadow has to deal with Silver, and both prepare to fight as the scene fades to black.]

10 years ago

[Silver has just fought Shadow, and both are exhausted from all the fighting. Silver angrily raises his fist to attack him, but Shadow holds up the green Chaos Emerald aloft.]

Shadow: Chaos Control!

[The blast slows down Silver while Shadow avoids his punch and roundhouse kicks him from behind, knocking him down. Silver looks at him and gets up, all worn out and paralyzed.]

Silver: You...
Shadow: Don't bother. With a Chaos Emerald's power, I control time and space. You can't break free. [Holds out the emerald]
Silver: I won't give up! It all depends on me! [Shrugs his shoulders] Can't lose. Not when I'm so close!

[Silver finally gets up and takes out the blue emerald, holds it aloft, and yells out in fury. He goes to Shadow and his green emerald.]

Shadow: [Holds the emerald aloft] Chaos...
Silver: [Same time as Shadow] Chaos...
Shadow and Silver: Control! [A light emerges from both emeralds, and both hedgehogs jump back from each other as it splits up.]
Silver: Huh?

[A space-time rift opens up in front of them.]

Shadow: [In wonder] You... induced [script error adds an "a"] Chaos Control.
Silver: I won't let anyone get in my way! I'll change the past and save the world.
Shadow: [Shakes his head in disappointment] Mephiles isn't trying to help you create a better future... He's trying to eliminate the past.
Silver: [Confused] What? What are you talking about?
Shadow: [Walks up to him] To discover what happened, it seems we must see what took place 10 years ago.

[Silver wonders what this could mean.]

Shadow: Follow me if you want the truth.

[Shadow jumps into the portal, and Silver looks at it and pauses a bit before nodding and going into it. Scene fades to black.]

The accident 10 years ago

[A portal opens up, and Silver and Shadow arrive in Soleanna ten years ago and land on a metal floor. They get up and wonder where they are, then they see a long hallway. Scene cuts to the laboratory, where the Solaris Project is going haywire.]

Scientist: An electromagnetic pulse has just been generated! Injecting [a] decompression agent! No, the level's not dropping!

[The Solaris Project scientists are having a hard time controlling it.]

Scientist: A spatial meltdown is inevitable! My Lord, it's too late! We've got to take shelter!
Duke of Soleanna: [Slams his fists on the machine] Why, Solaris? Why do you refuse to listen to my voice?
Elise: Father! [Runs up to the Duke]
Duke of Soleanna: [Surprised] Elise!

[The Duke of Soleanna looks at little Elise when a noise is heard. He quickly looks at the Solaris Project and shelters Elise as an explosion rocks the laboratory. Shadow and Silver notice the explosion, look at each other, and run off to the lab. Scene fades out then fades back in to the smoldering lab in ruins, with its glass windows broken. Silver and Shadow arrive at the site of the accident. They look at each other, then jump down to the floor and get up. Shadow notices the Duke, runs up to him, and checks him for a pulse. He tries to wake up the unconscious Duke while Silver kneels down near the scientist's dead body and looks at something.]

Silver: Is that!?

[Silver notices the birth of the Flames of Disaster, whose light fades out into a dwarf and splits up, dropping blob bits into the water.]

Silver: That flame... It's Iblis!

[The Flames of Disaster grow larger.]

Shadow: And the black shadow is the original Mephiles.
Silver: That's Mephiles!?

[The flame, Iblis, flies out of the lab while the black blob puddle, Mephiles, oozes out of there.]

Silver: They're escaping!
Shadow: We'll have to split up. I'll pursue Mephiles.
Silver: OK. Then leave Iblis to me!

[Shadow nods, and he and Silver begin to chase the two parts.]

Duke of Soleanna: [Weakly] Wait.

[Shadow sees that the Duke is still alive, then runs up to him. The Duke, terribly wounded in the explosion, tries getting up and takes out some sort of scepter. He sees Shadow though he is weak.]

Duke of Soleanna: Seal it with this...

[The Scepter of Darkness is shown in close-up.]

Silver: Hurry!

[As Silver runs off, Shadow takes the Scepter of Darkness from the Duke and follows the other hedgehog out of the lab. The wounded Duke is thankful for Shadow while little 7-year-old Elise lies unconscious next to her father, who takes care of her as the scene fades to black.]

Iblis’ Seal

[Silver uses his psychokinesis to entrap Iblis, and tries to hold up his strength as best as he can, when he notices the weakened Duke approaching, holding his unconscious daughter.]

Silver: Hey! What are you doing? You've got to leave!
Duke of Soleanna: I have my duty. This Living Flame has been entrusted to the royal family. [Approaches Iblis] The Flames of Disaster will awaken if nothing is done! That must not happen. [The Duke sets Elise down on the altar and takes out the white Chaos Emerald, then holds it aloft and launches it upward. The Duke takes a few steps backward and prays.]
Duke of Soleanna: Eternal Sun! The Living Flame that has been entrusted to the royal family! Fall into slumber with a royal soul! [Duke lifts his hands upward, and Iblis shrinks, becoming minuscule, and vanishes into the emerald, which then injects it as a beam of light into Elise, who moves a little. Silver's psychokinesis stops and he looks in wonder. The Duke collapses on the altar, weakened and all worn out and trying to breathe. Silver looks at him as he picks up the unconscious Elise and stumbles onto him.]
Duke of Soleanna: [Weakly] I'm sorry, but... [Looks at Silver] Can you take her to a safe place?

[Silver clutches Elise in his arms as her father falls to the floor and takes one last look at her and Silver. The Duke takes her hand and places it on her other hand, then cradles her head softly.]

Duke of Soleanna: That's a good girl, Elise. Remember, be brave. Don't cry, no matter what happens. Otherwise your tears will call forth the flames inside you... Become a strong queen who doesn't cry no matter what happens. And... live... happily...

[The Duke crumbles onto the floor and breathes his last breath. Silver looks at the Duke's dead body, then at the altar, and then at Elise. He grieves a bit over her father, and looks up at the sky and the emerald as the camera pulls away. Scene fades to black.]

The Talisman

[Outside the Aquatic Base, Silver clutches the unconscious Elise in his arms as Shadow walks out to him with Mephiles sealed in the Scepter of Darkness in Kingdom Valley.]

Silver: Did you do it?
Shadow: Yes. And you?
Silver: [Pauses and nods] ...Yes. The "Flames" are properly sealed. It's done.

[Silver carries her and sets her near a tree, then looks at her. Shadow holds up the Scepter of Darkness, then walks around and looks at them both. He kneels down and sets the Scepter on the grass near the same tree. The camera makes a close-up of Mephiles sealed inside the Scepter.]

Silver: You're going to leave it behind?
Shadow: Yes, I already know what becomes of it in the future... [Looks at Silver, then stands up and takes out the green Chaos Emerald] It's time to return.

[Silver gets up, looks at Elise, and walks away.]

Silver: Yes... Of course...

[Both hedgehogs have each emerald in hand, approach each other, and hold them aloft.]

Shadow and Silver: Chaos Control!

[The light emerges from both emeralds once again and splits up, opening a space-time rift in front of them. Shadow jumps into it, and Silver looks at Elise once again. She starts to move around, and he walks to the portal as she moves.]

Elise: [Mumbles] Father...

[Silver looks at her, then takes out the blue emerald, looks at it one last time, then goes to her slowly. He kneels down at her dormant body, then takes her hand, and sets the emerald upon it.]

Silver: It's a lucky charm.

[Silver sets the blue Chaos Emerald and her hand down on her lap, and Elise moves around again to the other side. He gets up and takes one last look at her, then turns around, runs, and jumps into the time portal as it closes. It is assumed that he already has the white emerald from the Duke of Soleanna. Scene fades to black.]

Meeting up with Blaze

[Back at present-day Soleanna, the portal opens up, and Silver drops to the ground in front of Blaze, who looks at him.]

Silver: Blaze...
Blaze: [Crosses her arms] What did you see?
Silver: [Looks down and pauses for a second] The Iblis Trigger... wasn't Sonic the Hedgehog.
Blaze: I see...

[Crowds of people noise. Silver turns around at the commotion.]

Silver: They're quite noisy.
Blaze: Yes. I heard that the Princess here left for Dr. Eggman's base in response to his earlier threat.
Silver: [Surprised] What if his ultimate objective was to release Iblis?

[Blaze turns to him in surprise. They both nod at each other and walk off as the scene fades to black.]

Things have changed

[Sonic runs through the Tropical Jungle when Eggman's mechs arrive to attack him. He slides and sees them, prepared to fight them, and one of them raises a gun to him when all the robots are grabbed by a Psychoshock, and Silver drops down and uses blasts from both hands to knock them all out, causing them to explode on the ground. He then turns to Sonic.]

Silver: You look like you're in a hurry.
Sonic: [Crosses his arms] ...So what's going on?
Silver [Pauses] Circumstances have changed. [Turns to Sonic again] I need to rescue the Princess.

[Sonic nods in approval, then he gives a thumb up and runs off, and Silver follows as the scene fades to black.]

Each future

[As Sonic and Silver make it through Kingdom Valley, the Egg Carrier, engulfed in flames, falls through the dark clouds near a hilltop and plunges downward. As Sonic, Silver and Blaze arrive, an explosion is heard, and they stop at the sight of the Egg Carrier crashing onto a hilltop.]

Sonic: [In shock] Elise!

[Sonic drops to the ground in despair and slams his fist in anger and grief. Silver and Blaze are in mourning for Elise. But then Silver looks up and realizes something, then looks at Sonic.]

Silver: Wait, there's still a way to change this.

[Blaze looks at him, and Sonic is recovering from grief and loss and looks at him.]

Silver: If we return to an earlier point in time, we'll be able to save her.

[Sonic recovers and takes a look at the hillside where the Egg Carrier crashes, then gets up.]

Sonic: I understand.

[Silver holds out the white Chaos Emerald, and Sonic holds out the turquoise one. He walks up to Silver while Blaze is watching. Both hedgehogs nod at each other and hold the emeralds aloft.]

Sonic and Silver: Chaos Control!

[The light emerges from the emeralds and splits up, opening a space-time rift. Both hedgehogs look at the portal, and Sonic quickly runs and tosses the turquoise emerald to him.]

Sonic: Silver!

[Silver catches the emerald with his left hand.]

Sonic: I can handle this myself. Besides, you've got somewhere to go, [script error adds a "to"] right?
Silver: [Amazed] You...
Sonic: I'll make sure to change Elise's fate. [Raises a fist and looks at Silver before continuing] And that in turn should change your future, too.

[Silver, with a Chaos Emerald in each hand, nods in agreement as Blaze puts her hands on her hips in wonder.]

Sonic: [Gives a thumb up] Thank you, Silver!
Silver: Yeah... Just save her.

[Sonic nods and jumps into the rift. Silver and Blaze turn and nod at each other, then both jump into the portal one by one. Scene fades to black.]

Return to the future

[Silver and Blaze have arrived back at the future at the volcano. Silver is holding both Chaos Emeralds in each hand.]

Silver: I know how to save our world, now. We don't have to change the past. I'm sure of it.
Blaze: So you have a plan?

[Silver looks at her and nods.]

Blaze: Well then, let's hurry. I sense his flames.

[Blaze walks and looks around, then looks at Silver. Both look at each other and know what to do, and they walk into Flame Core together. Scene fades to black.]

The last battle

[Silver and Blaze are running right up to confront Iblis, who emerges from the flames for one final fight.]

Silver: C'mon, Iblis! This time I'll finally stop you!

[Iblis gives out a roar and approaches to attack them.]

Sealing Iblis

[After the battle, the flame pillar rises up, and bits of magma fall onto the ground. Iblis becomes a ball of flame again.]

Silver: [Holding both Chaos Emeralds] Chaos Emeralds, lend me your power! Eternal Sun! The Living Flame that has been entrusted to the royal family! Fall into slumber with my soul, Iblis! You cursed Flames of Disaster!

[Both emeralds glow up, and Silver lets out a yell, as Iblis' flames are absorbed into both emeralds at once, which try to inject them as beams of light into Silver. However, the beams seem to hurt him rather than accept him, and light glows on his chest.]

Silver: No! Why won't it accept me as the vessel?

[Silver tries using his strength to seal Iblis in his body, but feels pain each time. Blaze puts her hand on his shoulder, and he looks at her.]

Silver: Blaze!
Blaze: I'll take Iblis.

[Silver looks at Blaze in shock.]

Blaze: Don't worry. My soul is already alit with flames. I will be accepted.

[Blaze takes the emeralds from him and uses their power between him and Iblis. The emeralds glow up as Silver kneels down, and Iblis is absorbed into both emeralds at once. Flames swirl around her as her chest glows up in light.]

Blaze: Come on, make it quick. Use your Chaos Control... to stop time. Then... seal us into a different dimension.
Silver: [In shock] No! I can't do that to you!
Blaze: [Looks at him] Didn't we already go through this? We agreed to save the world at any price! [Silver is stunned again, then tries to use Chaos Control, but can't do it.]
Silver: [Saddened] I can't! I wouldn't know what to do without you! You've fought alongside me to save the world... You're my friend... Right?
Blaze: [Disappointed] You're still so naive. But... [Turns to face Silver] I... I've always liked that about you.

[Blaze holds out both emeralds, then closes her eyes and focuses her thoughts, then uses their power of Chaos Control. A dark shield appears around her, and she drops both emeralds as she and Iblis fade into the void.]

Silver: Blaze!

[Silver chases the vanishing Blaze and stops at she floats up and waves goodbye.]

Blaze: Good luck, Silver.

[Blaze floats upward and glows up with Iblis as Silver looks up; she floats up to the clouds, and explodes in light. Rays of light descend upon Silver, and Crisis City brightens up, quenching the lava and the flames altogether. Silver looks up in the sky, and the sun appears in the now-clear sky above where Blaze had been. Silver stands next to the two emeralds as he mourns her loss next to the lava pool as the camera pulls upward from them at the cliff. Scene finally fades to black, end credits roll, and "Dreams of an Absolution" is played.]

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