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This is the script of the cutscenes from Last Episode in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Mephiles' smile

[Soleanna Forest, day. Mephiles grabs the purple Chaos Emerald floating in front of him as the background turns black. He then slowly looks away.]

Elise's tears

[Soleanna Forest, day. Sonic and Elise are walking through Soleanna Forest when they are blinded by the light from the purple Chaos Emerald. Mephiles appears behind them and impales Sonic in the back with an energy beam. Elise screams. Mephiles withdraws his energy beam and Sonic falls to the ground, dead.]

Elise: [Shakes Sonic] Sonic! Sonic!

[Mephiles laughs with maniacal and sinister delight.]

Elise: [Rolls Sonic over] Sonic?

[The screen turns black and shows Elise as a seven-year-old holding the blue Chaos Emerald.]

Duke: Yes, Elise... Don't cry, no matter what happens.
Elise: Oh... no. [Screen turns back to normal time] Nooooooooo! [Elise cries and Iblis bursts out from her.]
Mephiles: [Laughs] Finally, the seal is broken! At long last, I'll be able to join with you! Iblis! Now, Chaos Emerald! It's time for the final curtain call! [Levitates the purple Chaos Emerald into the air]

Shadow & his friends into the light

[Dusty Desert. Shadow, Rouge and Omega are finished fighting the Mephiles clones. Shadow is putting back his Inhibitor Rings and is about to get the yellow and green Chaos Emerald on the ground when they suddenly emit a powerful white light, blinding them all.]

The resurrection of Solaris

[Mephiles is flying the air with the seven Chaos Emeralds supplying him with power. Iblis' flames envelops him and they remerge, re-creating Solaris. In Soleanna Castle Town, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are walking through the populated streets when suddenly the white light from Solaris envelops Soleanna and the surrounding areas.]

The time-space rift

[End of the World. Solaris shines a bright light in the black void and Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Silver, Shadow, Rouge, Omega and Eggman find themselves on a floating fragment of Soleanna.]

Tails: What is this?
Amy: Where are we? What's going on?
Knuckles: Is this because of that light?
Silver: The Chaos Emerald has disappeared...
Amy: Silver?
Silver: What are doing here? This is all so confusing...
Rouge: It's all because of Solaris.
Eggman: It seems we were all caught by the spatial distortion. Iblis' seal has been broken. Due to Mephiles manipulation.

[The whole group sees Elise cradling Sonic in her lap nearby.]

Amy: Sonic?
Tails: No... You don't think...
Knuckles: Sonic!

[Amy collapses and begins crying while everyone else are emotionally struck by Sonic's death.]

Eggman: Mephiles played us all for fools! His plan all along was to cause the Princess to be consumed with despair that she'd cry.
Silver: So that's why he wanted me to kill Sonic before...

[Shadow turns away while closing his eyes and crossing his arms. Meanwhile, Solaris begins giving off strange, loud sounds.]

Silver: Solaris!
Eggman: This creature will consume all existing timelines. And time itself will collapse and disappear into nothingness.
Shadow: The instability of time caused this time-space rift.
Eggman: It won't remain for much longer.
Knuckles: We've no time to waste. We've got to defeat it now!
Eggman: No, it is a transcendent life form that exists in the past, present and future. Defeating it here, now, would do nothing.
Silver: No, I won't give up. There has to be a way. If you say it exists in the past, present and future, I'll destroy them all at once!
Shadow: Certainly, it might have been possible, if he was still alive.
Amy: Sonic! Sonic!

[While Amy cries and everyone else mourns, a blue wind blows by which Elise feels.]

Elise: Sonic...
Silver: What's the matter?
Elise: I feel... Sonic's presence in the wind. I don't think he's dead yet! I'm sure of it. It's not too late!
Silver: Of course! Let's call him back with power of the Chaos Emeralds! Focus your thoughts on using its power to perform this miracle... [Walks up to Elise] You can do it, Princess!
Elise: I can?
Silver: You were the vessel that was used to seal Iblis. You should be able to use the gems' power to rescue Sonic's soul!
Elise: [Nods] I'll...Do it!
Eggman: [Adjusts his glasses into a radar] Solaris flung the Chaos Emeralds to the distant corners of this distorted world.
Tails: To collect them all in time, we'll have to split up!
Amy: I'll go, too! Because it's for Sonic! So Elise... Watch over him!

[Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Silver, Rouge and Omega leave in separate directions, leaving Elise with Sonic.]

Wishing upon the Chaos Emeralds

[End of the World. Sonic lies lifelessly in the center with the seven Chaos Emeralds surrounding him. Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Silver, Rouge, Omega and Eggman stand on the sidelines while Elise prays to the Chaos Emeralds.]

Elise: Oh Chaos Emeralds, gems of miracles. Please heed my call. [Chaos Emeralds start glowing brighter] I wish to save this world. I wish to cleanse my father's sin. And, I wish to talk to Sonic... once again! [The Chaos Emeralds and still lifeless Sonic start levitating into the air.] You have given me so many things. Now it is my time to return the favor. I care not what happens to me. But please heed my voice. Sonic, come back! To me... To us!

[Elise kisses Sonic and a bright light whites out the screen. When the light dies down, Sonic stands before everyone, revived as Super Sonic. Elise falls into Sonic's arms from exhaustion.]

Super Sonic: Thank you, Elise.

[Everyone is happy at Sonic's return. After getting Elise back up, Super Sonic turns to Shadow and Silver and transform them into Super Shadow and Super Silver. The trio of super transformed hedgehogs then fly up to combat Solaris.]

Solaris destroyed

[End of the World. Solaris' light orb is giving off bursts of light and everyone is celebrating their victory. As a bright light envelopes everything, a white flame is formed in a black void.]

Embers of Solaris

[Sonic and Elise are floating in a black void.]

Elise: Did you destroy it?

[A white light appears.]

Sonic: ...No. That is the true Solaris.

[Sonic and Elise move into the light.]

Elise puts out the flames

[The scene begins with a flashback where a young Elise and the Duke of Soleanna watching Solaris' original form, a small white flame, in its casing.]

Duke: Look, Elise. This is Solaris, the flame of hope.
Elise: It's so beautiful...
Duke: When the flame has grown large enough, our world will change. Solaris will allow us to control time and move through history. People will be able to rectify past mistakes and avoid bitter fate.
Elise: Will we be able to see momma?
Duke: Yes, Elise. We'll both be able to see your mother once again.

[The Duke and the young Elise leave Solaris, and the scene turns to the present where the present Elise and Sonic are approaching Solaris' casing.]

Elise: This is where everything began. Who knew such a tiny flame could bring such devastation? [Takes out Solaris and its candleholder] If we put out this flame, Solaris will never exist, And then we'll never have to worry about the Flames of Disaster, right?  But our encounter... You and I will never meet. It will never have happened. I... To tell the truth, I don't care what happens to the world! [Cries]
Sonic: Elise. Just smile.

[Elise smiles and Sonic assures all will be fine. Elise softly blows out Solaris, and the screen fades to back.]

Parade: Past memories

[Soleanna Castle Town, night. The Festival of the Sun is unfolding and Elise is in her boat waving to the audience. As Sonic comes running, he notices Elise and runs by so fast that he creates a wind that makes Elise lose one of the feathers in her hair. Elise stands in awe after feeling the wind.]

Lady-in-waiting: Miss Elise?
Elise: It felt like... like someone was calling me.
Lady-in-waiting: I'm sure. It's just the wind.
Elise: Of course. But it felt so familiar somehow...

[Elise continues the festival while Sonic watches it from a rooftop. As Elise's feather flies into the sky, Sonic watches it while smiling fondly. The screen then fades to black and credits roll.]

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