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This article pertains to the beta elements from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


Originally, every character was going to have their own episodes, but the idea was scrapped from the final version. Metal Sonic was going to be an extra playable character as well, but was scrapped as well.[1]

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver had a more than one background concept done by Sonic Team. One was leaked from the Sonic Team in a "XLS" containing biographies of all the playable characters, along with scripts. Here, Silver is described as having a special power that can draw upon the Chaos Emeralds. The concept of his creation was based on Trunks from Dragon Ball Z according to the same profile. However, the profile of Silver was described as "Temporary", explaining why it was not used, while all the other profiles were were later used in the official guide and on the game's websites.

In-game model animations

Amy's unused character selection animation.

By swapping the character files of some of the Amigo mode characters with those of the regular characters, it is possible to view animations of some of the supporting characters that do not appear on the character selection screen.

Amy Rose also has a grinding animation, even though she is not playable in any stage with Grind Rails in it.


Knuckles's unused pose and quotes

Knuckles on the result screen.

In regular gameplay, Knuckles is the only character that cannot complete an Action Stage on his own. As a result, his finishing pose and quotes are unused. However, it is possible to complete Flame Core and Aquatic Base with Knuckles by avoiding the character-switch sections, thus recovering his following quotes at the goal:

Rank Transcript Clip
S Rank (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)).png
All right!
A Rank (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)).png
That felt good
B Rank (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)).png
Well that wasn't too bad
C Rank (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)).png
Hmm... That took longer than I thought
D Rank (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)).png
Shoot! I've still got a way to go...

Night and day

A day and night feature was originally planned for the game, but was cut due to time constraints. This feature was shown during the TGS 2005 demo presentation of the game behind closed doors, and is evident during the first in-game cutscene of Sonic's story where Sonic travels through Soleanna at night.

Super Hard

The unused Super Hard mode option.

There was originally going to be a mode named "Super Hard" for Sonic, Shadow and Silver which was extra difficult missions for each character. It has been found in code, that Very Hard and Super Hard are separate difficulties, and Very Hard specifically was not meant to be a DLC.

It has also been found that the Extra Missions for Tails' Wave Ocean, Rouge's Tropical Jungle, and Blaze's Wave Ocean have an unused placement for the Super Hard mode option.

Unused attacks

Chaos Smash

Main article: Chaos Smash

Chaos Smash was supposed to be a less advanced version of the Chaos Snap. It is only mentioned by the Shop assistant who says that the Chaos Snap is a more advanced version of the former. However, it cannot be used in gameplay.

Blaze's pyrokinesis moves

It was planned to be combos between Silver and Blaze. By pressing XboxY.png/Triangle, the player could use Blaze's pyrokinesis to wrap her in flames. There was also another combo where Silver could pick up Blaze and throw her to launch a powerful attack.[2] These are all intended for both the first and third fight against Iblis.

Additionally, there are other unused properties for Blaze that can be added back via hacking. A move similar to the Accelerator Tornado exists in the game files but rather than having Blaze twirl around herself, she puts her left arm in front of her face and looks forward. There is also a faster variant of the animation that Blaze pulls after using the Fire Claw that allows her to cross more distance in the air and defeat consecutive enemies faster. Blaze also has another unused move where she jumps in the air and scratches as she is descending.[3]

Unused missions

There are a number of unused lines in the game indicating there was a number of different missions that did not make the cut, as neither Chao, ghosts, or mode selections appear in the final game:

  • "Get to the goal within minutes!"
  • "Collect rings!"
  • "Defeat all enemies!"
  • "Wipe out all enemies!"
  • "Get to the goal within minutes!"
  • "Collect rings!"
  • "Get to the goal before your rival!"
  • "Get to the goal before the ghost!"
  • "Find Chao!"
  • "Find the Goal Ring!"
  • "Get to the new Goal Ring!"
  • "Clear the minigame!"
  • "Clear hard mode!"

Music selection

In the game files, there are plenty of music tracks from previous Sonic the Hedgehog games like that were going to be purchasable in the Shop:

Stages and bosses

Crisis City

The Tornado in the front of Silver is not made from flames like the one in the final version.

Crisis City varies greatly between its prototype pictures and its finalized version. The Action Stage originally held Eggman's mechs (similar to that of the DLC version) instead of Iblis's minions and included sections that was cut from the final version. There were also Springs which Sonic used to bounce between walls instead of using the Wall Jump mechanic. Also the prominent tornado is still included, but is made of dust instead of flames.

Tropical Jungle

Sonic crashing a platform that does not exist in the final version.

While not to the same degree as Crisis City, Tropical Jungle is quite different from its finalized version. Here, Sonic's eyes are darker and some unknown sections were included. The Vine gimmick is also used to travel to an unknown area, whereas in the final version, they are just used to swing upward. Most noticeably however, is that Sonic does not carry Elise in beta screenshots.

Kingdom Valley

Unknown area in Kingdom Valley.

Kingdom Valley is quite different from the final version. There are multiple unknown areas that appeared in the prototype images which were not seen in the final version, some with different placements of the enemies and more Ring trails for the Light Speed Dash. In some of the very early screenshots, the Springs have a different model which resemble the one for Sonic Heroes.

Sonic vs. Silver

The early version of the fighting arena with additional containers.

The early promotional images showcasing the fighting arena of the battle against Sonic and vice versa shows that battle area was going to have Steel Containers and Explosive crates in it. The official guide of the game also makes use of them in its guide even though they do not appear in the fighting arena of the final version of the game.

Test stages

The layout of the test stage.

A test stage model remains in the game files. It features a loop, a ramp, common objects like Containers, several pillars and platforms. There are also multiple placement files for testing characters, enemies and objects.[4]

Early Town Stages

Soleanna New City

Using a glitch, Shadow can access Soleanna New City before Dusty Desert. Doing so reveals an early version of Soleanna New City with several prototype elements that were left out of the final version:

  • Vehicles that drive through the city. However, their AI is unfinished as they often drive into buildings.
  • Mirrors of Soleanna for Crisis City and Flame Core. However, they can not be entered.
  • An unused pigeon NPC called "Hatsun" that the player can speak to. This brooding little creature only say "Coo..."

Unused Town Mission


Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 - New City with different objects and an unused town mission (Shadow)

Video showcases the unused Town Mission.

There is an unused mission in Soleanna New City, titled "Defeat all the enemies and protect company employees!" that takes place at the same time Shadow is going to the Dusty Desert. Once the player proceeds to where the unused Mirrors of Soleanna are, the mission will begin. In this mission, the player has to protect the employees and watch over their health measure. To succeeding in this mission, the player must destroy the leader of every group consisting of the purple Iblis Minions, thereby destroying them all. Some enemies are not linked though, and must be destroyed individually. The mission is filled with Rings and Chaos Drives power-up items. At the end, the player must destroy four Titans. After finishing it, the employee Mazzola will say what is happening and what they are working on at the Rimlight company. At the end, he will say that there is a Light Core reaction in the Dusty Desert.[5] Note that this mission will not be saved in the save data once completed and every time the player reenters the unused City, it can be played again.

Soleanna Forest

Using a glitch, Sonic can access the blocked portion of Soleanna Castle Town and enter Soleanna Forest before Wave Ocean. Doing so reveals several oddities:

  • Double sets of doors in several locations, including the entrance to Soleanna Forest that can only be seen by clipping through the walls.
  • Soleanna Forest itself holds a multitude of signs, including signs with the "no" symbol, checkered strips, stop signs, and speed limit designations. The latter two can be destroyed with the Homing Attack. On top of that, there are unused remnant of the cars planned for Soleanna New City.
  • No NPCs are included in Soleanna Forest.
  • The bridge to the gates are not present.

Soleanna Castle Town

By utilizing a glitch, it is possible to reach an early development version of Soleanna Castle Town right after returning to the present from Flame Core in Shadow's episode. This version is without its doors (just a black room) that lead to Soleanna Forest and Soleanna New City. The player cannot speak to people and there are two bridges near the supposed entrance to Soleanna Forest. One leads the player to between both sides of the town and the other one leads into a wall. When entering this area, the player will be stuck and can only get out by exiting and re-entering the episode. Should the players save their progress in this area however, they will be stuck there indefinitely with no escape.

Unused models and placement files

By hacking, it is possible to load unused models and placement files. These include different sets of furniture, a bulleting board, lamp posts seen in FMVs, breakable traffic lights in Soleanna New City, a model of a broken bench and a big domino piece (possibly an unused Dusty Desert puzzle). Hanging Bells are replaced with Billiard Balls and NPCs use wrong animations, sometimes defaulting to a "T-pose".[6]

Unused Upgrades

Super Gem/Rainbow Gem

The Rainbow Gem restored through hacking.

The Super Gem is a Level Up Item that exists both in the demo and retail versions of the game, but was never finished thus it got scrapped. This Gem was presumably meant to let Sonic transform into Super Sonic in normal gameplay. By hacking through the game's files, the player is able to equip Sonic with it, but using it only triggers an unfinished transformation animation with no special capabilities.

Speed Up

There was going to be a Level Up Item in the game that Silver could buy in the Shop to increase his speed. By hacking the shop menu it is possible to purchase Speed Up but it does not seem to work.

HUD items

Used and unused HUD icons.

Along with the Custom Actions, Key, Medal, gift and Disks, there are heads-up-display icons for various other items like the Rainbow Gem in-game data, but did not make it into the final version.

Score bonuses

Used and unused bonuses.

Aside from the "Radical" and "Good" bonuses that appear when a pack of enemies is defeated, there are a lot of bonuses in various languages in the game files that were not used in the final game. It should be noted that they bear a resemblance to the score rankings that appear under similar circumstances in Sonic Adventure 2.

Unused Mirrors of Soleanna

All the mirror images.

Every Action Stage except Crisis City, Flame Core and the End of the World have their own Mirror of Soleanna. However, there is a texture in the game-files that shows an image for the Mirrors for every gate, including the three mentioned absent stages and two placeholder images. Some of these normally unused Mirrors were later found by forcing the game to load unused object layouts into some of the hub areas with the use of glitches and gameplay tricks, but due to fact that they were not programmed to behave like the Mirrors the player normally interacts with, they are not working.

Unused Music

"His World"

The game files hold a variation of "His World" without lyrics. It was the main menu track of the Xbox Live demo in September 2006. Other variations of this song can be heard at various points in the final game, such as in the main settings, multiplayer, and Solaris phase 2.[7]

"Dreams of an Absolution"

The game files hold the song "Dreams of an Absolution" without lyrics which is different from the final version of the track.[8]

Unused sprites

Unused Shield

The unused Shield's icon.

The Shield was presumably a power-up that was meant to appear in the game and was even listed in the game's finalized manual.[9] If the player uses a special mod to swap E-123 Omega with Silver the Hedgehog in Crisis City and grab an Item Box, the Shield's icon will appear on the bottom of the screen, although it will not change the contents of the Item Box.

Unused town icon

The unused green town icon above Robert.

In gameplay, there are three types of icons that appear above the Town Stages People's head. One is orange, the other is yellow and the final one is blue. However, there exists a fourth icon that is green colored, but it is left unused inside of the game's files.

Unused shading effect

The unused shader effect on Sonic.

Inside the game files, there exists an unused type of shader effect that can make Sonic's body glow if activated in gameplay.

Unused lines and mechanics

In many of Sonic and Shadow's unused lines, several plot points can be heard which was removed from the game. These include absent parts of the stories and scenarios, like where both Sonic and Shadow worked together to find all the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman in a scrapped final stage. Unused animations in the game data also suggest that Sonic was going to use the Buggy and have an alternate falling animation.[10] These differences also apply to some of the supporting characters, especially Amy Rose.[11][12]

There are also lines that hints of moves absent from the game, multiplayer quotes for every character (even Elise), Shadow vs. Rouge Town Missions, and Eggman talking about many subjects, like the Eye of Solaris and some hidden stories.[13]

Hint conversations
Transcript Notes
Blaze: Amy! As if Blaze worked with Amy before

Tails: Woah!! My head's spinning!

Knuckles: It's like a roller coaster!

Rouge: Hey! Isn't this a bit much?

Omega: Balance Control Unit Operational!

Amy: C'mon, I'm getting dizzy!

Blaze: This is a little intense...

Going through a loop in an Action Stage. Tails' line used in Wave Ocean.

Elise: What's this doing here?

Omega: Worthless. Let's get moving.

Amy: Yay! Got something!

Blaze: Someone thought they could hide this from me?

Picking up some sort of item, maybe a Silver medal. Every playable character has a line for it, but only half of them are used in the game.

Sonic: Uh oh! Gonna crash!

Tails: Woah! We're gonna hit it!

Knuckles: At this rate we're going to hit it!

Shadow: Looks like we're going crash!

Rouge: What are you doing! We're going to crash!

Omega: Obstacle approaching ahead!

Amy: Aaaah! We're going to crash!

Blaze: Hey! Are you trying to crash on purpose?!

Silver: Whoa! Gonna crash!

Princess Elise: We're going to crash!

These lines could have been appear in Multiplayer Mode, when Shadow using a Buggy, while another character is with him.
Re-center the camera, with the left trigger/L1 button.
Omega: Grind area detected!
Rouge: You can grind there, if you jump on that!
Silver: It looks like I can jump up and grind there! As if Silver can grind in the story mode.
To move on an adjacent rail, jump while using the left stick. As if the Grind Step can be used in the game.
Hint Ring: While jumping, hold the A/X button for a long time, and release to perform a Homing Smash! The Homing Smash does not work like this in gameplay.
Hint Ring: While jumping, press and charge the A/X button, then release it to do a Chaos Smash! The leftover quote for the Chaos Smash.
Hint Ring: Press the X/Square button in midair to place a Bat Cracker Mine. You can place them while gliding, too. The leftover quote for the object, Bat Cracker Mine.
Hint Ring: While jumping, press the X/square to use the Chaos Spear! The enemies that are hit by this should be momentary paralyzed Mostly absent from gameplay.
Amy: If you take damage, you lose your rings! Or you don't have any rings, it is over! Be careful, okay?
Blaze: If you are hit when you don't have any rings, you're done for! So watch how many you've left! Except minor changes, it is said by all characters.
Shadow: If I take damage and I don't have any rings, that's it. I need to make sure I have some.
Shadow: I can probably break this, if I use that power.
Sonic: If I use that power, I think I can break this
Amy: It looks like that container is going to explode, be careful when you break it open. Comment on the explosive crate, although it does not damage the player when broken in gameplay. Said in a similar manner by other characters.

Blaze: It is appears that there are explosives in that container. It crashes when you open it!

Shadow: There's a bomb in that container, I've got to be careful.

The explosive crate.
Amy: When you break open that container, an intense light will be emitted that can paralyze the enemy. Said in a similar manner by other characters. It describes the blue crate.

Knuckles: You can hold this handle to move.

Omega: It appears you can hold this handle to move

Shadow: It looks like I can grab this handle to move.

Silver: Grabbing this handle should take me somewhere.

Comment on the Pulley. Said in a similar manner by other characters.
Shadow: It looks like I need to collect Chaos Drives/Light Cores from my enemies to use the Chaos Boost.
Sonic: It looks like I can replenish my custom Shoes energy with Chaos Drives/Light Cores from enemies. The Custom Shoes does not work on the Action Gauge.
Silver: It seems like collecting Chaos Drives/Light Cores from my enemies replenishes my power.

Amy: If you touch a Warp Hole, you can travel far away in a hurry.

Blaze: You can use Warp Holes for instant travel.

Said in a similar manner by other characters.

Amy: Those enemies are guarding that cage, let's defeat them first.

Amy: Shouldn't there be a switch around here that opens this cage?

Said in a similar manner by other characters.

Amy: Those enemies are guarding that door, let's get rid of them first!

Blaze: It seems those enemies are involved with that door somehow, in any case, let's try defeating them first.

Said in a similar manner by other characters.

Amy: Looks like you have to defeat the enemies!

Knuckles: If you don't defeat the enemies here, you can't move on.

Shadow: Looks like I need to wipe them out!

Said in a similar enemies by other characters. Blaze's line is used in White Acropolis.
Shadow: The Chaos Spear paralyzes enemies on walls and in mid-air, it will trap them to the ground.
Sonic: The Homing Smash can blow away hall groups of enemies!
Silver: Psychokinesis can grab bullets, and send them flying right back!
Shadow: The Chaos Spear can neutralize special enemy effects.
Sonic: The Homing Smash can crush enemy defenses and barriers!
Silver: Psycho Shock works against groups of enemies, and can paralyze them.

Shadow: I can boost my attacks to blow away a hall groups of enemies.

Shadow: I can boost my attacks to crush enemy defenses and barriers.

Knuckles: The Vulcan Cannon shots don't hurt too much, but you lose your rings bit by bit. Be careful! A line said by most characters.
Silver: I can't grab Vulcan Cannon shots, but I can block them with my Psychokinesis.
Sonic: Those missiles home on you and they explode on impact, if they lock-on, I've got to shake them. A line said by most characters.
Blaze: You can use your Psychokinesis to grab missiles and throw them back, to make them explode near the enemy. A line said by Amy and Silver too.
Rouge: The laser shots are extremely fast. When they are fired, dodge them at the same time. A line used in similar manner by all characters.
Amy: Psychokinesis does not work against lasers. When they shot, just avoid them. A line said in similar manner by Blaze and Silver.
Amy: Watch out for their charge. After dodging their attack, counterattack! A line said in similar manner by Blaze and Silver.
Knuckles: Jump to dodge and counterattack!
Shadow: They'll charge without warning. I need to get out of the way, then counterattack. A line used in similar manner by other characters.

Amy: Attacks are useless while the shields are in place, attack when the defenses are down.

Shadow: Normal attacks won't work against the shield. I've got to attack when the defenses are down!

A line used in similar manner by other characters. It mostly refers to the Egg Commander.
Amy: If you take out the one giving orders, then you can beat everyone at once. A line used in a similar manner by other characters. It refers to the Egg Commander
Amy: You should be able to grab that flying robot attacks with your power, right? A line used in a similar manner by Blaze and Silver.
Shadow: If I use that robot, it looks like I can move forward. A line used in a similar manner by all of Sonic and Shadow's amigos
Knuckles: Attacks are useless while the barriers are in place. Attack the instant the defenses are lowered. A line used in a similar manner by all the characters.

Blaze: There will be trouble if you are discovered by that look out mech. Defeat it before it notices you.

Knuckles: If it sees you, it'll be a pain. You've got to defeat it before it finds you!

Shadow: Doctor Eggman's look out mechs. I'd better take it out before it sees me!

A line used in a similar manner by all the characters.

Amy: You cannot attack enemies you cannot see. You need to attack the instant they show themselves!

Omega: Invisible enemies cannot be attacked. It is best to attack the instant they show themselves!

A line used in a similar manner by all the characters. In gameplay, invisible robots can be attacked.
Knuckles: While it is in the sky, it is hard to attack. Attack when it comes down here.

Rouge: Watch out for the drill attacks. Dodge them, then counterattack!

Silver: If I dodge the drill attack, I can grab it with my Psychokinesis when it is stuck in the ground.

A line said by several characters. It mostly refers to the Egg Cannon/Egg Walker, although they do not use their drills in gameplay.
Knuckles: When it's lost both arms, that's your chance. It'll be off balance, so you can knock it down. A line used by several characters. He is referring to the Egg Guardian/Egg Keeper.

Amy: Those things will crawl along the walls and ceilings, then jump on you, so be careful!

Shadow: Those things will crawl along the walls and ceilings, then jump suddenly. So I better watch out!

A line said by several characters. It refers to the Iblis Biter.

Knuckles: If you use a Homing Attack on that monster, I wonder if you'll be able to reach the other side.

Sonic: If I use a Homing Attack on that monster, I'll be able to reach the other side!

A line said by Sonic, Shadow and their friends.
Silver: I can grab that flying monster attacks with my Psychokinesis, and counterattack! This line is also said in a similar manner by Blaze and Amy too.

Amy: Attack when its mouth is opened!

Blaze: Your only chance is when it opens its mouth. Dodge, then counterattack!

A line said by the three main characters' friends. Also, Sonic, Shadow and Silver can be heard saying that in gameplay. Although, the player does not need to attack Iblis Worm mouth to kill it.

Amy: If that robot dives underground, watch out! He will suddenly burst out to attack!

Sonic: I've got to be careful if it goes underground. Cause it will burst forth to try and surprise me!

A line used by every character. There is no robot that dives underground in gameplay.
Blaze: His weak point is the core of the head. Attack him there when you can see it. A reference to the Golem. A line used by every character.

Amy: How about we deal these guys first?

Omega: Set target priority to Doctor Eggman's robots!

Elise: It is probably best to destroy these robots first.

A line used in a similar manner by all the characters.

Amy: Bad Guys!

Knuckles: Looks like it is time to fight!

Blaze: What a nuisance!

Omega: Doctor Eggman's mechs. Destroy!

Rouge: There you are!

Omega: Do they think they can defeat them?

Blaze: Did they think they'd stop me with this?

Silver: This is useless against me!

Sonic: These guys never learn. Let's go!

Rouge: Hey, can you still use that Buggy/Bike over there? You can get on it with the Y/Triangle button.

Rouge: This Buggy has a special developed G.U.N armor. You should be able to crush into most obstacles without worry!

Shadow: This buggy is equipped with a special armor. With this, you can break through obstacles!

There is no special Buggy in gameplay.

Rouge: The Buggy is steered with the left stick/left analog stick, while the A/X button accelerates!

Rouge: Press the A/X button twice quickly to do a Boost Dash!

Rouge/Shadow: Use the Right trigger/R1 button to fire a Lock-on missiles.

Rouge: Watch your remaining bullets. If you ran out, it'll take time to reload!

Shadow: The Bike is lighter than the Buggy and it is easier to steer!

Shadow: Even while jumping the Left stick/Left analog stick controls the bike!

There is no way to jump while riding a Bike, nor can the player control his jump after jumping from a Ramp.
Shadow: That's a Jet Glider over there. Use the Y/Triangle button to get on. There is no section in the game where the Jet Glider is boarded manually.

Shadow: The Jet Glider does not have much armor. I need to be careful about running into enemies and the terrain!

Shadow: The A/X button increases speed, and the left stick/Left analog stick steers the craft.

Shadow: The X/Square button decreases speed, while slowing down, you can freely tilt the glider.

Shadow: This Hover vehicle has the ability to levitate. Now, I can reach places I couldn't before.

Shadow: I need to keep an eye on the remaining energy. Once it is gone, it will take time to reload!

Shadow: Press the A/X button twice quickly to do a Hover Jump!

Shadow: Use the Right Trigger/R1 button to fire lasers!

As if the Hover Craft needs energy to be maintained. Also, the Hover Craft has only machine guns.

Omega: I'll do it!

Shadow/Tails: Just leave it to me!

Sonic: Leave it to me!

Silver: Leave it to me!

Amy: Help me!

Blaze: Sorry, could you give me a hand?

Knuckles: Hey, hurry up and help me!

Omega: Requesting assistants.

Rouge: Come on! What are you doing? Hurry up and help me!

Shadow: Hmmmh, give me a hand here!

Sonic: Oh oh, how about a little help?

Silver: This is not good!

Tails: Oh Noo! Help!

Meant for 2P Co-Op

Amy: Thank you!

Blaze: Thanks for the help!

Knuckles: Thanks, you're a big help!

Omega: I am grateful!

Rouge: I owe you one!

Shadow: Heh, I did need your help!

Sonic: Thanks!

Silver: Thank you!

Tails: Thank you!

Same above after the character is saved

Amy: Leave the rest to me!

Blaze: I'll go ahead here.

Omega: From here, it is logical for me to go.

Rouge: Leave the rest to me!

Shadow: I'll go on ahead from here!

Tails: I'll go on from here!

Amy: Great!

Blaze: Nice job!

Knuckles: Good job

Rouge: Good job

Shadow: Not bad!

Silver: Good job

Tails: Nice work!

Hint Ring: This switch requires two to push it!

Hint Ring: If one gets on, and then another, it should enable a powerful jump!

Hint Ring: If one operates it, it seems they can transport another!

Unknown scrapped Hint Ring lines

Hint Ring: Focus on the color after turning on the switch.

Hint Ring: This switch operates the magnetic force. Some only attract, while others repel.

Hint Ring: You can get on this ball and control it. But it will disappear on impact, so be careful!

Scrapped Hint Ring lines in Aquatic Base.

Amy: Let's go to the Castle Town.

Amy: Do you wanna go to the Forest/New City?

Shadow/Sonic/Silver: Maybe I'll go to the Forest!

Shadow: Maybe I'll head over to the New City!

Sonic: I'll head to the New City!

Similar lines about going to the Town Stages that is said by all the characters.

Amy: I don't think you should go over there yet!

Blaze: It is too early to go over there!

Knuckles: You still have unfinished business!

Omega: No target readings from that area!

Rouge: Shouldn't you stay here for a while?

Shadow: I shouldn't go there just yet!

Sonic: I don't think I should go there yet!

Tails: Shouldn't you stay here for a while?

Omega: Get information from the people in the town!

Shadow: Maybe I'll talk to some people in the town!

Tails: Let's talk to the people in the town!

Amy: Do you wanna go to the Store?

Blaze: Let's go to the Store!

Knuckles: Let's go to the Store!

Omega: Go to the Store!

Sonic/Shadow/Silver: Maybe I'll go to the Store!

A similar line said by other characters.

Amy: Do you wanna look around some more?

Blaze: Do you wanna investigate more around here?

Shadow: There might be more information around here!

A similar line said by other characters.
Sonic: It is getting pretty late, we should be getting back, I'll take it to the castle.
Sonic: Tails! I've taken Elise back to the castle. I'll go after Eggman! Keep me posted! Supposed to be after Sonic's Tropical Jungle.

Sonic: Aquatic Base?

Sonic: It looks like it is information about Eggman's secret base!

Tails: Sonic! This is bad, Elise has... Never mind, I'll tell you later. Hurry to the Castle Town's altar!

Knuckles: Ring three bells at once! Sonic, you should be able to do it!

Sonic: Elise! I'll save you this time!

The point of Sonic's story that revolves around going to Kingdom Valley and Aquatic Base.

Amy: The mayor isn't here? I wonder where he went? What should I do Silver?

Silver: Fine, I'll show you my power!

Amy: Oh no, Silver! Eggman's robots are wrecking down the Gate! You can do something, right?

Silver: I know where the mayor is! Amy, let's go!

Silver: Why is Amy protecting him? But I... I must defeat him!

Silver: Darn! I can't get here because of the laser!

Silver: Ok! Let's go after Sonic!

Silver: Wave Ocean! Ok, let's hurry to the Castle Town!

Silver: Sonic!? And who is this? I'll try to find him!

Silver: Oh no! Without her, I won't be able to find Elise! I've got to hurry!

Anna: Ah!

Silver: Where is Sonic?

Before Dusty Desert and forward.

Commander: Agent Shadow! Emergency orders from GUN. Bandits are loose on the highway. Use of firearms is authorized. Capture the bandits immediately!

Rouge: No use fretting... We'll just have to wait until GUN sends the information.

Rouge: What!? A landslide! Shadow, can you do something about this?

Unused lines for the Commander and Rouge.

Hint Ring: Shadow, you need something to help you unlock your full potential! If you can find it, you'll have amazing powers under your command!

Hint Ring: When in doubt, consult your map and radar. They should tell you exactly where you need to go next!

Unused lines for the Hint Rings when in a Town Stage.
Conversation between Sonic, Shadow and Eggman
Sonic Shadow Eggman
Shadow, we're in this one together! So, I'm stuck working with you, don't slow me down, Sonic! The Chaos Emeralds are mine! I'll defeat you two together.
It looks like Dr. Eggman is after the Chaos Emeralds again. Shadow, we're in this one together! There is probably an emerald here, too. Don't fall behind Heh, there are still other emeralds. I'll get them before you!
There are six emeralds left, hurry! Heh, the doctor never learns, does he? Hurry, there are three emeralds left! You're just in time! I'll take those emeralds from you now!
There are four emeralds left, let's get moving! Hmm, I'll show you my ultimate power! YOU, I'll have the last laugh! Remember that!
Eggman's attacks are getting worse, don't let them do you in! I told you, didn't I. I am the ultimate power! Heeeh, just as I calculated! It was worth letting you go free. Well then, hand over these emeralds here!
Piece of cake, let's do this again sometime. Sonic! Shadow! The next time we meet, I'll....
We'll have to work together here. Nice job, Sonic!
Thanks, Shadow! I can't believe this! I'll leave it up to you, Sonic!
I cannot believe I got caught in a trap! I am counting on you, Shadow! Outta my way!
I'll take you all on! Here they come!
There they are! Heh, about time you showed up!
Hhey, you're late! Hmm, good work!
Wooo, nice job! I'll drive, you take them down, Sonic!
This piece of junk, we'd be better off without it, wouldn't we?
Stages, bosses, unused battle mode, and town stages lines
Transcript Notes

Knuckles: If you use that magnet, you can change the route!

Tails: Sonic! That magnet is really strong!

Tails: If you attack the switch, the magnet will activate!

Tails: There is some magnets that repel if you push them twice!

Tails: Look there is the magnet switch! Push it and the path should open.

Knuckles: Dang! Where is the switch to turn off the laser!

Sonic: If I slide, I can squeeze through!

Knuckles: Who knew that Eggman's base would be here?

Knuckles: Sonic, we are out of time! Get on this ball, I'll take care of the rest!

Said in Aquatic Base. Tails' line describes how the Cylinder works, although some lines do not work in gameplay.

Amy: I am going to win for sure!

Blaze: I am not going to go easy on you!

Knuckles: Try not to get hurt!

Omega: Combat preparation complete!

Rouge: I'll show you what a real treasure hunter can do!

Shadow: Witness my power!

Sonic: I'll take all of you on!

Silver: I can't lose!

Tails: I am not gonna lose!

Unused battle 1 mode.

Amy: Yeah!

Amy: Good job!

Blaze: That was a fierce battle!

Blaze: Alright!

Knuckles: Now, you know my strength!

Knuckles: Alright!

Omega: Mission complete!

Omega: Task completed!

Rouge: You underestimated me!

Rouge: Hahh!

Shadow: Whatever you try, it is useless!

Shadow: Hmmm..

Sonic: Hey guys, maybe we'll do this again!

Sonic: Yes!

Silver: I told you I couldn't lose!

Silver: Alright

Tails: Hhheeh, yeaaah!

Tails: Yeah!

Unused battle 1 mode.

Duke of Soleanna (voice): Ready?.....Go!

Duke of Soleanna (voice): Congratulations!

Duke of Soleanna (voice): Finish!

Unused battle 1 mode. All sound lines are labeled under the same name as the Hint Ring.

Blaze: Silver! Use my power!

Blaze: Press the Y/Triangle button to wrap me in flames!

Blaze: If you use your Psychokinesis to grab me, you should be able to launch a powerful attack!

Blaze: Haaaah!

Blaze: My flame can penetrate anything!

Iblis phase 1

Blaze: I'll go out too! Use my flames as much as you want!

Blaze: If you can find an opening and jump on his head, use the Right trigger/R1 to use your Psychokinesis on his weakpoint!

Blaze: You have to use my power to stop it before it is fired, or use your power to grab it!

Iblis phase 3

Blaze: It looks like the center core is protected by a barrier! Let's start by destroying the things around it!

Blaze: The barrier is down! Take out the center control core!

Elise: Sonic!

Elise: Watch out!

Eggman: Ehhhh! My aerial fortress! Reinforcements! Where are my reinforcements!?

Egg-Genesis. The core is not protected by a barrier, but by the mech's wings, although the core can be damaged whether the wings are intact or not.

Elise: Noooo!

Sonic: Those robots are coming from the cockpit! If I use them, I can reach Eggman.

Egg-Wyvern. Although Eggman uses laser cannons to attack Sonic, they are not robots.

Sonic: If I just attack from the front, I'll get caught by that strange power. I've got to find an opening.

Silver: Normal attacks won't work while he's in midair... I've got to find an opening somewhere else.

Sonic: I can't let that strange power hit me... I've got to use Homing Attacks on the things he throws to close in on him.

Silver: His movements are just too fast. But if I can figure out the direction he's planning to charge in, I can block it with my Psychokinesis.

Sonic: The attacks from the ground are a pain to avoid, but if I can evade in midair, I might find an opening to attack.

Silver: When he staggers, that's my chance. If I can get close, I should be able to grab him with my power.

Sonic: You... Who are you?

Silver: I can't lose to you...

Sonic: All right! I don't know who you are,but you're no match for me!

Silver: Iblis Trigger... Is that all you've got?

The battle against Sonic, and vice versa.

Shadow: Attacking from the front leaves me vulnerable to that strange power. I need to find an opening.

Silver: Those arrows of light... I need to watch out for them. They seem to stop my movement.

Shadow: That strange power... I might be able to stop it with my Chaos Spear.

Silver: Right before he shoots his arrows of light, he leaves himself vulnerable in midair. If I can attack him then...

Shadow: If I can hit him with a Chaos Spear when he lifts up a train, I should be able to create an opening.

Shadow: There!

Shadow: Witness the might of my power!

Silver: Gwah!

Shadow: Now you're asking for it...

Silver: Why!? Why are you getting in my way!?

Shadow: Ugh... My body...

Shadow: I can't believe it... How can it be...

Silver: Grr! I can't lose here!

Shadow: You're still no match for me!

Silver: Sorry, but I can't afford to stop here.

The battle against Shadow, and vice versa. In the battle against Silver, he does not lift a train.

Amy: Silver! Your power can become a Shield of Light! If you trap your opponent into the green light, you can attack him directly!

Eggman: That's a dimensional hole! Can he summon things from other dimensions into this warp space?

Knuckles: No problem, Sonic! Just blow them away before they come out!

Omega: If you use your Spear of Light, you should be able to destroy the material, and close the dimensional hole!

Eggman: Nooo! Now, he is trying to suck you into another dimension! If you don't want to take on unplanned trip, Evade... Evade!

Knuckles: If you evade up or down, you can attack him directly!

Knuckles: When he spreads out both hands, he will attack from the right and the left!

Tails: Solaris's light shells match up with up, down, left and right, with the left stick/left analog stick. Use it to do damage!

Tails: Noooo!

Solaris fight. The Shield of Light cannot attack Solaris directly without catching projectiles first. Also, the Spear of Light cannot destroy the eyes of Solaris.

Sonic: It looks like I can jump from there!

Shadow: Watch out! It is gonna blow up!

Sonic: This lamp post... Maybe I can swing off of it!

Shadow: So much debris!

Sonic: Here comes a billboard!

Blaze: Use your Psychokinesis! You should have no problem with the enemies' bullets.

Blaze: It looks like you can take advantage of this concrete ramp!

Shadow: Haah! You're talking to me?

Sonic: Shadow! Don't be late!

Shadow:Haaa! Will I make it?

Sonic: SHADOW!!

Shadow: Sonic! Let's hurry!

Sonic: Okay, let's blast through here!


Sonic: Hang on, Shadow!

Sonic: It is gonna blow!

Shadow: It looks like Sonic was swept up into the tornado! If I use my Glider!

Sonic: Shadow was swept up into the Tornado!!! I've gotta help him!

Crisis City. In gameplay, the player cannot swing off a lamp post, nor does Shadow works with Sonic. In addition, Sonic and Shadow do not suck in the tornado in the level in anyhow.

Elise: Don't get caught up in this sand wave!

Elise: This ball counts down every time you touch it.

Silver: So I guess the lock will open if I put this ball in that hole over there.

Shadow: I guess they are not gonna welcome me into the ruins!

Amy: This ball counts down each time you touch it! Be careful carrying it!

Silver: I might be able to make a path leading up, if I use my power over there!

Shadow: These big statues look pretty fragile.

Elise: When I am with Sonic, I feel stronger somehow!

Shadow: I'll take him down, no matter what he does!

Shadow: I'll defeat Mephiles, no matter what!

Shadow: I am starting to feel his presence, let's go!

Dusty Desert. In Sonic's version, there are no Spheres.

Amy: Sonic...

Knuckles: Shoot! This can't be happening!

Rouge: This isn't good, we need to hurry!

Shadow: The Chaos Emeralds! Where are they?

Silver: There is no more time, let's hurry!

Tails: The Chaos Emeralds! Where are they?

Amy: Oh nooo! I am getting sucked in!!

Knuckles: Be careful not to get sucked into the rift!

Omega: High energy reading detected! Evading!

Rouge: If you get sucked into the rift, it is over!

Shadow: I need to stay away from that!

Silver: Hah, it is over if I get sucked into that!

Tails: Be careful! Make sure you don't get sucked in into the time-space rift!

Amy: Oh no! That weird rift is growing!

Knuckles: The time space-rift? Is it growing?

Omega: High energy reading increasing!

Rouge: What!? The rift, it is growing!

Shadow: That rift, is it expanding?

Silver: The time space-rift is expanding! We must hurry, or time will disappear!

Tails: The time space-rift is really expanding!

Amy: The rift is gone! We've got to hurry now!

Knuckles: Oh, right! Now, let's look for the Chaos Emeralds!

Omega: High energy reading decreasing!

Rouge: The time space-rift disappeared! We've got to collect the emeralds now!

Shadow: All right! Let's hurry!

Silver: The rift disappeared! Now, I have to hurry!

Tails: The rift is disappearing! All right, let's look for the Chaos Emeralds!

End of the World. Although the time-space rifts do not grow in size, they still expand in numbers. Also, only the red ones disappear automatically.

Shadow: I've gotta hurry, the bridge won't hold!

Shadow: I guess this flame dies after a while!

Sonic: Wow! The flame died!

Silver: Dang! Out of time!

Unused lines in Flame Core.

Silver: That tower has a big crack in it.

Silver: Man, the staircase is damaged. Now I'll have to use my power.

Sonic: Whoa.

Silver: Ungh! This building is crumbling.

Rouge: You can use this vehicle to get across the lake!

Rouge: If you cut this chain, it will take them right out.

Silver: I might be able to levitate to that Spring.

Shadow: The wind is strong in this valley!

Silver: Sonic, we don't have time! Let's get to Elise right away!

Sonic: Silver... It's all yours!

Rouge: I wonder why Soleanna moved the castle away from here!

Shadow: How does this work?

Sonic: Riding the wind brings back fond memories!

Sonic: Nooo! We can't be stuck here!

Unused lines from Kingdom Valley.

Sonic: All right, Tails! Let's race to the bell!

Tails: Okay, Sonic! I won't lose!

Sonic: Nice try, Tails!

Sonic: You're the one that did it!

Sonic: Not going to give up, are you? All right, I'll take you all on!

Tails: Team Sonic is back!

Amy: Aaah! What're you doing, Silver?

Silver: Where is Amy going? I might be able to learn about Sonic if... I'll try following her.

Amy: Sonic... I hope I can give this to him the next time I see him...

Blaze: Ngh... There's too many enemies.

Silver: Blaze! I'm coming!

Blaze: Silver! Thank you!

Rouge: Hey, Shadow. How about a little contest, to see which one of us is the better special agent?

Shadow: Heh, a waste of time, I suppose. The answer's obvious anyway.

Rouge: Aw, come on! Let's go!

Omega: Detecting multiple readings on radar!

Shadow: The Doctor's not holding back, is he? Let him witness my ultimate power!

Several unknown missions.

Silver: I'll blow away these containers with my power!

Shadow: I can jump over the area without any cargo.

Sonic: That's only the place without any cargo.

Shadow: I am get to have to use homing missiles so he does not get away!

Elise: Hah... ooowah.. Help Sonic! Help!

Unknown human: Ugh, my head! Oh ah! Help us Sonic! Oh heavens, help us!

Sonic: Eggman! haaah! I better go help! Gotta hurry!

Hint Ring: Just touching that switch won't do anything! You need to apply force and move the lever.

Several unused lines in Radical Train. There are several humans voices for Sonic's version of the Action Stage that did not make it into the game, depicting passengers' panic. Also, one file contains two voices belonging to an old woman and old man.

Amy: It is my turn!

Blaze: Let's get started already.

Knuckles: Leave it to me!

Omega: All systems go!

Elise: I'll do my very best!

Rouge: Just leave everything to Rouge the Bat.

Shadow: I'll show you my real power!

Sonic: Let's get going!

Silver: Great! Let's go!

Tails: I'll do my best Sonic!

Unused mode.

Elise: You might be able to knock down that fruit!

Rouge: That fruit looks suspicious!

Sonic: It looks like I can grab that vine with the fruit with a Homing Attack.

Unused lines in Tropical Jungle.

Tails: I think you can stop the searchlights if you hit them with bombs!

Rouge: Hmmm, one... Two...Three... There are five searchlights!

Rouge: You know when you get caught in searchlights, you've got to have to use bombs!

Tails: Press and hold the A/X as long as you can, and release it right at the Jump Ramp!

Silver: If I use it right, this snowball can be a weapon.

Sonic: Now, that's a big snowball!

Blaze: Hhh.. Security is tight! You don't wanna to be discovered. Be careful!

Sonic: Dang! There is no time! Let's keep going!

Rouge: Yeah! Now we can get out of the base!

Rouge: Come on! Do not underestimate Rouge the Bat!

Shadow: I didn't know that you're the agent who failed to infiltrate the location!

Rouge: I was only a little slow getting out!

Rouge: I got in successfully! I got the treasure too!

Unused lines for White Acropolis.

Tails: If you time it right at the Jump Ramp, you can jump even higher!

Shadow: I need a Hover Vehicle to get across the ocean!

Tails: Thanks for waiting, Sonic!

Shadow: What about Omega?

Eggman: Sonic! A pity you failed! Heh! You can take these instead of the princess!

Tails: Shoot, I have to let Sonic know right away!

Sonic: Soleanna's ocean is so beautiful!

Sonic: Tails! We don't have time for that! Let's hurry!

Unused lines for Wave Ocean.
Idle lines
Transcript Notes

Sonic: I better get going soon...

Tails: What should I do?

Knuckles: What to do, what to do...

Shadow: Better get going...

Rouge: I wonder if there are any jewels around here...

Omega: Scheduled maintenance overdue...

Silver: This delay isn't helping...

Blaze: Let's hurry up.

Amy: Are we going to rest much longer?

Elise: Are you tired?

Unused lines for Soleanna Castle Town/Soleanna New City/Soleanna Forest.

Sonic: [yawns]

Tails: Hmmmm

Knuckles: I can't wait to get going.

Shadow: I guess there's no hurry...

Rouge: I wonder if there's treasure around here?

Omega: Cool-down complete. Combat ready.

Silver: Let's get moving!

Blaze: I think I'm rested now. Shouldn't we get going?

Amy: We've gotta do our best!

Elise: Please, take your time.

Unused idle lines for Soleanna Castle Town/Soleanna New City/Soleanna Forest.

Tails: We've gotta help Sonic!

Shadow: Mephiles... what could he...

Rouge: When this job is over, I wanna come back here.

Omega: Where is Mephiles?

Blaze: Could it really be him?

Unused idle lines for Wave Ocean (Section A). Section B (Mach Speed) don't have any idle lines.

(Shadow's line is used in the stage, but not as an idle line.)

Sonic: What's Eggman plotting?

Shadow: Mephiles... Just you wait.

Elise: This design... It looks like it's from Soleanna.

Unused idle lines for Dusty Desert (Section A).

Shadow: It's just a bit further.

Rouge: Whatever happens, I'll believe.

Omega: Mephiles detected.

Amy: I'll find you, Sonic! No matter what!

Silver: Just wait, Iblis Trigger...

Unused idle lines for Dusty Desert (Section B).

(Rouge only appears in the very hard mode, in this stage.) (Shadow's line is used in the stage, but not as an idle line.)

Sonic: This is a pretty cold place for a base.

Blaze: Sonic...

Unused idle lines for White Acropolis (Section A (Snowboard section)).

(Sonic's line is used in the B section, but not as an idle line.)

Sonic: Eggman sure built himself a huge base.

Tails: Brr, its freezing!

Shadow: We need to get out of here quickly.

Rouge: This treasure... Hehe!

Silver: The truth...

Unused idle lines for White Acropolis (Section B).

(Shadow's line is used in the stage, but not as an idle line.)

Sonic: This is terrible...

Shadow: There's no need to stay long.

Sonic: I've got to help him!

Sonic: If we take too long it'll collapse!

Blaze: These flames are nothing!

Shadow: You want to test me, do you?

Silver: If this keeps up...

Unused idle lines for Crisis City.

Sonic: *phew* It sure is hot here.

Shadow: Is this really what our future holds?

Blaze: Iblis! This time I'll finish you!

Unused idle lines for Flame Core (Section A (Outside the volcano)).

(Blaze not appears in the stage.)

Sonic: That cave is huge...

Knuckles: This terrain is so tough!

Shadow: The Chaos Emeralds should be...

Rouge: This kind of place is no sweat for Rouge the Bat.

Silver: I'm close... Just a bit farther... Iblis! Just you wait!

Unused idle lines for Flame Core (Section B (Inside the volcano)).
Sonic: We don't have time to stand around!

Shadow: If we don't hurry, the doctor will escape!

Silver: I've got to catch up with Sonic!

Unused idle lines for Radical Train (Section A).
Shadow: I'm going after the Doctor. Unused idle lines for Radical Train (Section B (Mach Speed)).

Sonic: They're coming! Let's hurry!

Elise: My heart is racing...

Unused idle lines for Tropical Jungle (Section A).

Sonic: Elise, are you ready?

Elise: It's so pretty here...

Unused idle lines for Tropical Jungle (Section B).

Rouge: Let's take care of them quickly!

Silver: Where did Blaze go?

Unused idle lines for Tropical Jungle (Section C).

Sonic: The crest of Soleanna and an eagle... I see.

Shadow: What a place to choose for an extraction point.

Unused idle lines for Kingdom Valley (Section A).

(Shadow using the Jet Glider) (Shadow's line is used in the B section, but not as an idle line.)

Sonic: Elise...

Shadow: That cage...

Rouge: I wonder if we can find the treasure of Soleanna?

Silver: Argh, what a mistake I've made!

Unused idle lines for Kingdom Valley (Section B).

Sonic: There's no time. I've got to hurry!

Tails: Sonic, wait for me!

Shadow: Mephiles, I won't let you escape!

Silver: Iblis... Mephiles... What's going on?

Unused idle lines for Aquatic Base (Section A).

(Shadow's line is used in the stage, but not as an idle line.)

Knuckles: That Eggman!

Shadow: Almost...

Silver: Iblis... How am I supposed to...

Unused idle lines for Aquatic Base (Section B).

(Shadow's line is used in the stage, but not as an idle line.)

Missing events

In the event folder of the game, the event titles for Sonic start with "e0000" and increasing the least significant digit by one. The other stories event titles follow the same rule, too, but the difference being the most significant digit larger than 0 (The first event for Shadow's story being "e1000", Silver's being "e2000" and so on).

However, this naming convention breaks two times in the folder with the naming pattern for the event files jumping from "e0024" and "e1000" to "e0026" and "e1002", respectively. Suggesting that there are two events missing, "e0025" and "e1001", for Sonic and Shadow's storylines, respectively.

From the files, it is evident that event "e0025" is just after the cutscene, "Out of control", in Sonic's story. While event "e1001" is just after Shadow's first cutscene. Interestingly, several unused lines for a conversation between Shadow and Rouge for the level White Acropolis in the seems to fit the purpose of the "e1001" cutscene.

Eggman without glasses

Eggman without his glasses.

In the game files, there is a yet-completed picture of Eggman without his glasses before he makes Team Sonic travel to the future.

Soleanna and Egg Carrier maps

In the game files, there are a lot of pictures that are presumably used by Eggman on the Egg Carrier to locate the Chaos Emeralds. The maps included the errors that occurred onboard the Egg Carrier before it crashed.

The pictures also include renders of the Soleanna newspapers that Sonic read upon his return to the present from Flame Core.

Leftover E3 Content

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 Result bg07.png

Two loading screens from the E3 demo of the game were left within it's data. Note that both of them state "Head for a Goal Ring!"

The HUD from the E3 Version is also in the game's files. (Except the life icon.)


Unused flags

Several graphics related to the multiplayer mode of the game still exist in it's data, but remain unused.

Unused models and NPCs

Jump Board model

The unused Ramp model in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

In one of the game's files, specifically the one called "jumpboard", there is an unused Ramp model that is identical to the one later used in Sonic Unleashed and onward. It was most likely left out because the game uses the Ramp model for Sonic Heroes and the Trick Jump Panel.


In one of the models for the town stages' Humans, there is a model for a thief and his bag that did not make it into gameplay. They may have been implemented for missions such as: Town Mission 9: Chase the Fleeing Car! and/or Town Mission 3: Emergency Order: Capture the Thieves' Cars!, but were simply rejected. The thief can be restored by editing spawn rate file. After that, he walks with or without the bag around Soleanna New City like a regular NPC.


The painter model, script and textures can be found among the files of other NPCs, but are not used. One of his textures is an oil painting of Soleanna Castle Town featuring Sonic. He can be restored by editing spawn rate file. The painter was supposed to stay in the corner of Soleanna New City dock and watch the sea. He cannot be found as Sonic, and his dialogue for Silver and Shadow is the same:

  • "They offered to pay me a lot of money to paint a forgery of a famous artist's painting of the sea."
  • "But I turned it down. I want to paint my own art, not get money for faking someone else's."
  • "Then the guy took off his hat, and said, "I've been looking for someone like you.". It was a world-famous painter!"
  • "He agreed to take me on his apprentice, and he never takes apprentices! I'm so happy, I don't know what to think!"
  • "I can't believe something like this would happen! I'm so glad I didn't give up.."

Dogs and pigeons

Dogs can be found sitting in several places in Soleanna Castle Town, but they were also supposed to walk around Soleanna New City. They can be enabled by editing spawn rate file. The same way one can spawn pigeons in Soleanna New City. Instead of walking, they slowly float above the ground. In the final version there is only one pigeon, Hatsun.


Radical Train's unused switch.

Inside Radical Train's files in the game, there exists a Switch-like model. It resembles ones that are used to switch between movable rails; being composed of a gauge and a lever like in real life. While what it was supposed to do is unknown, if this model is to be used through hacking in gameplay, it acts as unusable item that can be picked up by Psychokinesis.

Egg train's cargo

The unused cargo model.

There exists an unused model for the Egg train's cargos. This unused model depicts a damaged version of the cargos which are actually used in gameplay.

Chairs, benches and light posts

For Soleanna New City and Soleanna Castle Town, there exist sets of different chairs that are exclusive for either Town Stage. There are also several bench models which one of them has a broken counterpart model of it (supposed to be displayed if the player breaks the bench).

There are also two different light post models for each mentioned Town Stage whose designs apply to their respective Town Stages' construction style. The light post model for Soleanna Castle Town is old-styled while Soleanna New City's one is curved and more modern.[14]

Billiard Ball

An unused Billiard Ball model can be found among Town Stages' files. This unused item, unlike Billiard Balls from Dusty Desert, is orange and has a number "0" label. Its placement in the Town Stages' files suggests that it was meant to be used in them, although its exact use case is unknown.[14]

Pedestrian traffic light

An unused pedestrian traffic light model is found among Town Stages' files. This model was most likely going to be used in synchronization with the unused cars' rolling in Soleanna New City. It even has a broken variant of it that would be displayed should it be struck by the player.[14]

Present object

There exists an unused object whose default values (when enabled) sets it as a present model with an unheard voice line activated upon interacting with it. Once the player has interacted with, Sonic says, The crest of Soleanna and an eagle... I see.

Bat Cracker

In Rouge's model files, there exists a model of an object called the "Bat Cracker". It is oval in shape, has bat wings attached to it, a pink heart symbol painted on both the rear and front sides of it and bat ear-like juts over it.

According to an unused Hint Ring line, it is supposed to work as ammunition storage for Rouge that she uses to grab "mines" from it to throw during mid-air or while gliding. However, in gameplay, only the Heart bombs are used. Although the Bat Cracker appears in the loading screen tip for Rouge's levels around Rouge's waist, it is never loaded to gameplay and there is no model for the mine associated to it in the game files.

2006 Xbox Live Demo

A demo of the Xbox 360 version of Sonic the Hedgehog that was once available through Xbox Live Marketplace. It is currently only available for re-download to users who downloaded the demo when it was publicly available.

The demo includes Sonic's first section of Kingdom Valley. The Action Stage, as well as the game itself contains some differences from the final version. It also contains the game's 2006 E3 trailer but without the voiceover.


  • Different enemies, item placement, and no Medals.
  • Rings are dispersed in a wider circle when Sonic is hit.
  • Sonic immediately re-spawns after losing a life. The screen will not black out.
  • Sonic never falls back from hitting a wall and never gets temporarily stunned from being clipped to the sides of the walls.
  • Most trails of Rings can be used for the Light Speed Dash.
  • Sonic falls from ceilings instead of being rooted to their surfaces (e.g. the high cave full of Egg Bombers).
  • Camera angle shots were added in the beginning of the Action Stage.
  • The camera control is much slower than in the final version.
  • The Action Gauge starts out empty, but it can be filled by defeating enemies. However, it fills much slower than in the final version. The first of the three bottom-right squares are red, showing a non-existent Custom Action Level 1. The bar below the Action Gauge also has a small section of red filling it, in contrast to the final version where the gauge is always empty.
  • The Homing Attack is affected by gravity.

Visual and sound

  • Title screen uses one of the last riffs from "His World" (Ali Taba. & Matty Lewis version) instead of the song's introduction.
  • The title screen and pause screen's options refer to the demo as "Play Demo" and "Quit Demo" respectively.
  • The controls are shown on the Action Stage's loading screen in the demo.
  • The music and the screen will not fade out after losing the last life.
  • The visual effects of the Homing Attack are a little different.
  • There are no flashy effects for the Spin Dash.
  • The Bound Jump's "shockwave" is mostly white with yellow edges instead of blue in the demo.
  • Surfing on the wind paths in the demo does not produce the appearance of wind debris being stirred up from the character's feet.
  • No voice sound effects except for subtitled scripts. There are also no scripts on the results screen.
  • Pressing XboxA.png or XboxX.png on any option on the pause menu will not produce the "confirming" high-pitched sound effect in the final version. Instead, it will produce the "cancel" sound used for pressing Start or XboxB.png.
  • There is no music for the result screen, although there are unused result music in the demo's files.


  • 1-Ups rewards 0 points instead of 200.
  • Light Speed Dashing earns a "Good!" bonus and the point increments increase by collecting more Rings via this way.
  • The Light Speed Dash is configured properly with the Slide, unlike in the final version.
  • Hitting a rock pile is worth 20 points, and hitting any of the scattered rocks gave 20 points each. In the final version, the rocks disappear immediately when scattered but the initial pile is still worth 20 points.
  • The Egg Searcher wields three re-spawnable pods that are each worth 100 points. The robot itself is also worth 100 points. Any pods that the Egg Searcher is armed with upon its defeat will add to the total point score. Defeating an Egg Searcher when it is armed with all three pods earns a "Radical!" bonus in the demo version. This does not happen in the final version.


  • Egg Bombers can crawl in mid-air.
  • Homing Attacking an empty 1-UP capsule will get Sonic stuck in midair and then dropped down.
  • Completing the Action Stage in twenty minutes and one second, or over will result in an S-rank, regardless of score.[citation needed]
  • In the final version, if the player repeatedly Homing Attacks a Wind Grind Rail, sometimes, the player will be stuck in place and after a few seconds loses all momentum and falls through the rail.
  • When wall-running in Kingdom Valley, if the player heads to the secret cave towards the top of the wall and starts wall-running. By pausing the game there, the camera will re-center so that the player will land on the ground upright. Sometimes the game will also re-center out of bounds, leaving the player to fall into bottomless pits.
  • If too many destructible items are broken off-camera at once, the game might crash and freeze.
  • When using a Hint Ring while the characters continue to move, the text box will disappear before the in-game narrator can read it.
  • In the game's Xbox 360 demo, upon earning a "Good!", "Great!", and "Radical!" bonus in quick succession, the player will earn -2,112,941,584 points, causing the score to be maximized. Completing the Action Stage with this score will cause every factor besides the time to be maxed out.

Unused music

Within the demo are unused music files, including early themes for the Invincible/Speed Up and the results screen.

Music track Description
Invincible/Speed Up theme
Result screen theme

Unused characters and lines

The Xbox Live demo has many leftovers. They were kept with some changes in the final version but never used. Some unused characters are listed in the code: Hyande, Metti, Nicol, Tayje, Faren, Morrio, Samasun, Mizo, Danny, Madouna, Mary, Maxi, Cabas, Makerolens, Abraham, Ding, Bob, Simona, Tomaso, Baldasare, Tronto, Laura, Simon, Marco, Luca, Federico and Kiara.

Town missions
Transcript Notes

Hey! Are you good at soccer? Really? Then can you take this ball to my brother? He's going to a soccer match. There's no time! Please!?

Okay, I understand. I'll take it to him myself!

Strong people, come for the famous Soleanna Barrel Smash! Simple rules! Roll the ball and smash Soleanna's barrels! Win a prize when you smash a lot! Hey, you want to try it?

Oh, it's you again. Did you come to try again?

You're no fun. Oh no!

I'm Gabbani, the chairman of the Soleanna Tourism Association. The fountain statue, the landmark of Soleanna, is about to be destroyed by the mysterious robots that took Princess Elise. If the robots are stopped before the statue is destroyed, it can still be repaired, but no one will help me! Please, please, save the fountain!

I see.

Well, that's it for the Soleanna Tourism Association, then...

No NPC named Gabbani is in the final game.

Oh, no! The discs with the passwords were taken by robots! There's an important silver medal in here, but I don't know the password. What should I do? Sonic! Please, defeat the enemy and get the discs back!

Oh, I see.

This silver medal was very important.

Welcome! I'm Salvatore, the manager of Gelato Happy. Well, I'm the only one working here, but I still am the manager. My business is doing great recently. I'm so busy I can't handle all of the orders myself, so I need to hire some part-time help. I'll pay you according to the number of orders delivered. I'll pay more for long-distance deliveries, too! So how about it? Do you want to work for me?

Oh, you're the one who worked for me before! I haven't found anyone else to help out yet. Do you want to work for me again?

Okay, that's too bad. I'll find someone else.

No NPC named Salvatore is in the final game.

Hey, do you want to challenge me to a quiz? I'll give you a secret letter if you can get all the answers! Do you want to try it?

Aww... you're a party pooper.

Thief! Thief! Catch the thief! My precious apples were stolen! There were three sneaky thieves! Please catch them!

What!? I thought you were a hero.

Thief model is left, but there are no thief chasing missions.

Have you seen a bronze medal around here? I lost them here! Someone will take them if I don't find them soon! The medals were my grandpa's. He got them from King Soleanna when he was a soldier. Please! Will you help me find the bronze medals?

Okay, sorry to bother you.

Similar to Town Mission 3, but with different background.

This is the royal training grounds for Soleanna's guards. What kind of training is it? It's a training to quickly handle targets. The point is to attack targets quickly! We try to break as many targets as possible within a limited time To become a Soleannan guard, you need to break at least 15 targets It's not easy to do if you haven't had any training. Do you want to try it?

This is the royal training grounds for Soleanna's guards... Oh, it's you again. You like training, huh? Do you want to try again?

Yeah It's hard for commoners like you.

Similar to Town Mission 6 but with different background.

Ta-la-la... No... this song won't do. It needs to be more upbeat. If only there were something swift and strong and gripping that I could use as inspiration... I need some swift action in there... something new. Like moving through 30 rings at once...

I see... I need to find some inspiration.

Oh no, Sonic! There's a bomb in the station But, the phone's dead... Please go in the station and defuse the bomb!

Yo! Are you looking for the key, too? What? You don't know about the key? During festivals, the Principality of Soleanna gives a prize to the one who finds the key. There's only one key. Hints are posted on boards all over the place, so you'll have look at them in various places. If you find the key from the hints, you'll get a prize! Do you want to participate?

Okay, well, that's too bad.

Name That Song! Hi, I'm Scott from Soleanna TV I'll be hosting a Name That Song tournament in Soleanna today! Hey you, are you into music? Do you want to try Name That Song?

Oh well, too bad.

No Soleanna TV and NPC named Scott are in the final game.

Oh no. I've hidden my key inside one of the barrels, but I forgot which one it was. The castle town is huge, so I can't look inside every barrel. I wish someone would help me.

Yeah, I guess it's hard to find one key in this whole town.

Other Town Stage lines
Transcript Notes
That white-colored guy can make boxes float, huh? Maybe I'll see if he wants to join the circus. This line could have been used after Silver boss fight.
This city of Soleanna used to be a calm, peaceful city, filled with nature. Modernization has taken its toll, though. The railway brought in a huge influx of people, and all of a sudden there's highways and traffic jams Life's more convenient, sure, but it makes me long for the good old days... When I'm old, I want to live in a more peaceful place... Maybe in the south Oh, wait, I'm old already, aren't I? Heh, heh. Sigh...
What's your problem? I'm a normal pigeon. Wanna make something of it? I'm a totally normal pigeon. Check this out—Coo, coo... What? What do you mean pigeons can't talk!? Uh oh... Coo... Hatsun
Coo... Hey, you'd better watch it. Soleanna's pretty laid back place, but you still don't see many people talking to pigeons. If you don't want to get yourself locked up somewhere with soft walls, just turn around and go home! It was nice to have someone talk to me for a change, though. Thanks... Coo... Hatsun

Coo... Hey, you! Just leave me alone! The other pigeons will get suspicious! Go away! Don't make me angry, or else... Uh, oh...

< Pigeon mech "Hatsun" restarted in pigeon emulation mode > ... Coo...


Here, let me play an old Soleannan tune for you... "The Sea is Calling".::On the quiet sea, the birds rest::The Soleannan sun shines warmly::Our sea, our ocean, with its great love::Bringing us peace and hope

This town has a long history, so there are a lot of old songs. Come by any time if you want to hear more.

Accordion Player
They offered to pay me a lot of money to paint a perfect imitation of a famous artist's painting of the sea. I've heard about an organization that pays poor artists to make fakes of famous paintings, then sells them to museums. I like the idea of lots of people seeing my work, and getting paid, but still... I don't know if this is such a good idea... If I'm not here tomorrow, that means I wasn't able to resist the temptation. This line could have been said by the same unused painter NPC in Soleanna New City. In the retail, "perfect imitation" was changed to "forgery" in the first sentence, and the rest of text is completely different.
Stop staring at me! Go away! Don't look at me. I don't like it when people look at me.
Coo... Hey, you, hedgehog! Yeah, you! You've got some nerve, talking to me! You'd better learn to keep to yourself a little more, you know? You're just asking for trouble by hanging around here. Listen, this is for your own good. I'm not saying this because I don't like you. I like you, okay? I like you a lot. Coo... Hatsun
Hint conversations and objectives
Transcript Notes
Apparently you can find places in town where you can grind. You might find some hidden in some surprising places. There are no grindable objects in town stages.
To move to an adjacent rail, jump while using the left stick. The player cannot move between rails automatically in the final game.
That container will explode when it's broken open Be careful! One of the lines about Explosive crate. The player is unaffected by the explosion.
It looks like I can grab the handle to move.
I can't grab Vulcan Cannon shots, but I can block them with my psychokinesis. Unused line that refers to Silver's inability to grab the said shots.
If you dodge the drill attack, you can use your psychokinesis to grab it while it's stuck in the ground. Unknown drill attack. This line is also carried to the final version, but is left also unused.
If you cut this chain, it will take them right out. This might be about chandeliers or pendulums of Kingdom Valley.
It looks like you can take advantage of this concrete ramp.
Press the $ button to wrap me in flames. This line refers to the unused Blaze's attack that was most likely going to be used in Iblis' third fight.

Find the glider hidden in the woods!

Use the glider to head to the old castle's entry!

The Glider cannot be found in Soleanna Forest or any other town stage.

TGS 2005 demo

The gameplay of the game was first shown off at TGS 2005 in a prototype stage. A number of differences was present due to the early stage of the game's development:

  • The shoes on Sonic's model were shinier and the surroundings are reflected in their surface.
  • In the demo, Sonic's running and grinding animations are slightly different.
  • In the demo, the game is running slower, due to how early in development it was. Despite this, Sonic goes extremely fast when grinding.
  • In the demo, the Wooden Containers do not have stars on them, unlike in the final game.
  • Debug functions were used in the demo that did not make it into the final version, including freecam, and levitation.
  • In the demo, a day-night cycle could be used via debug controls that were built in.
  • In the demo, the Action Stage's assets are a little different from the final version.
  • In the demo, Sonic's animations are unfinished.
  • In the demo, Sonic seems to aim directly into the ground when Homing Attacking, unlike in the final version of the game where he Jump Dashes instead.
  • In the demo, Sonic's victory pose is different. Here, he gives a thumbs up with the Sonic Heroes victory music playing in the background. Kingdom Valley also ends earlier because the Action Stage had not been finished at that time.

E3 Demo and trailer differences

The E3 demo containing both Sonic's Kingdom Valley and Silver's Crisis City has several differences from the final version, and the trailer showcased there:

  • Unreleased characters arts for both Sonic and Silver.
  • The first section of Kingdom Valley is similar to that of the final version, except when Sonic grabs the eagle it, takes him to the Super-Speed Stage, and not to Silver's section like in the final version.
  • There is no voice for the characters.
  • The loading screen depicts a blue screen with the Action Stage's name and the objective at the bottom, rather than an image of the Action Stage with control tutorials like in the final version. The "Now Loading" text also fades away instead of disappearing completely.
  • The HUD is different, featuring a Sonic head for the character icon. Sonic's Action Gauge is also not used.
  • Sonic and Silver have all their moves unlocked in the demo.
  • Blaze's section was not included in demo's version of Crisis City.
  • In the demo, Silver's speed increases the more Rings he collect, like Sonic. Both of them are also faster than in the final version.
  • The sound effect for collecting a medal is completely different in the demo.
  • In the demo, Sonic's Homing Attack works differently. When using it, he falls to the floor instead of dashing through midair. He also has multiple different animations for flips among other things, which are used with the White Gem in the final version.
  • In the demo, Silver can fly while carrying objects, unlike in the final version.
  • In the demo, Kingdom Valley has a big blue sky rather than an overcast one in the final game.
  • In the demo, when the Goal Ring is touched, the game does not freeze to load data like in the final version. It also depicts a Mission Completed text.
  • In the trailer of the E3 demo, Soleanna Castle Town seems lively than in the final version, with more people interacting with each other.
  • In the demo, Crisis City has Eggman's robots instead of Iblis's Minions as enemies.
  • In the demo, there are a few grammar errors in the dialogues.
  • In the demo, the characters' text boxes are simple black rectangles, unlike in the final version.
  • Crisis City and Kingdom Valley's background music are different in the demo.

Review build

Review version disk

A special edition of the game was compiled about 10 hours before the retail one. It was used by various game journalists, incuding the authors of the Official Prima Guide. A Sonic Retro user obtained the disk, however, it was severely corrupted.[15] Restored content is almost identical to that of retail build except for unnecessary stage file copies and the executable file. This file references folder "G:/sonicreview/extr/sonicreview/SNG V2.0/" which implies review build was known as version 2.0 and developed separately.

2005 interface elements

Unused texture

A leftover texture was found among the UI layout files, containing title letters, start button, several icons and copyright text dating back to 2005.[16]

Leaked script

Before the game was released, an internal script was leaked to Sonic fan site, Sonic CulT. This file, titled "SONICNEXT_allscript", features character bios, cutscene scripts, a development timeline, and much more in both Japanese and English.

Interestingly, this script shows that Silver's original name was "Venice", and that it was changed on 22 November 2005. Also, Elise was first named "Oliga".

While the full document can be viewed through Google Docs here, the character descriptions (spelling errors and all) are as follows:

(JP) (English) AGE ID
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ)
Sonic heroes 32.png





This hedgehog is the fastest thing in the world on two legs. Like the wind, he can never really stay in one place. In the past, he has faced and defeated Dr. Eggman and saved the world numerous times, but to Sonic, such things are just minor distractions, par for the course. He's always on the lookout for the next great adventure, and he does whatever he can to keep from being bored.

He's the kind of guy who lives by his own rules, without worrying about what others think of him. He keeps his promises, he's always loyal, and he always follows through with what he thinks is right. If he's hungry, he'll eat; if he's tired, he'll take a nap; if he feels like running, off he goes, and he only stops when he decides to.

On the surface, he may seem like just another careless free spirit, but when it comes down to the wire, he is certainly more than what he seems.

15 SN
MILES "TAILS" PROWER (マイルス・テイルス・パウアー)


This two-tailed fox has a love for machinery to rival that of even Dr. Eggman himself. His skills may not be quite up to Eggman's level, but Tails doesn't give himself quite enough credit for just how good he really is. Sonic thinks of Tails as something of a younger brother, but Tails hopes one day to be a real partner that Sonic can count on. He can fly by spinning his pair of trademark tails around, and his knack for machines has bailed Sonic out of more than one tight spot.

8 TL
Knuckles heroes 32.png

エンジェルアイランドで生まれたときから一人、理由も知らずマスターエメラルドと呼ばれる巨大な宝石を守って暮らしている。ソニックが「風」ならば、彼は一つところにとどまるべく定められた「山」。ワイルド&タフ。頑固で融通の効かない性格。ソニックをライバル視している節があるが、それは彼の自由な生き方への憧憬を含んでいるためかもしれない。トレジャーハンターとしても有名でマーシャルアーツの使い手。 マスターエメラルドを守りつづけることはエキドナ族としての彼の宿命である。



Having lived his whole life in solitude on Angel Island, Knuckles' existence is spent guarding the Master Emerald, never having the freedom to do anything else. If Sonic's life is like the wind, then Knuckles can be said to be the mountain, ever fixed in place. He's a wild, tough, and all-around stubborn kind of guy. In some senses, he is a rival to Sonic, perhaps due to Knuckles' longing to have a life of freedom like the hedgehog's. Also, he has renown as a treasure hunter and is skilled in the ways of martial arts. His destiny as a member of the Echidna tribe is to keep constant watch over the Master Emerald.

His shortsightedness has led to his being duped and manipulated by Eggman. He is currently the only person with the ability to control the Master Emerald.

16 KN
SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG (シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ)






A black hedgehog who looks almost identical to Sonic, and who also matches him to a T in terms of speed.

Created as the ultimate lifre-form by Professor Gerald, the greatest scientific genius of our time, he has an unaging, undying body, and can use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to utilize Chaos Control, a way of manipulating time and space.

He grew up with a girl named Maria, who was like a dear sister to him, but his memory of her and her dying promise had traumatized him to the point where he became bent on annihilating the human race out of revenge.

After the destruction of the Space Colony ARK (※Sonic Adventure 2), he disappeared, but he proved to be alive later, in Sonic Heroes, where Rouge found him in Eggman's secret base.

Since being released from his capsule, most of his memory is gone. It is unclear whether he still holds the same murderous traits he displayed in the past.

15 SH
ROUGE THE BAT (ルージュ・ザ・バット)


与えられた任務は必ず遂行し、狙った獲物は必ず手に入れるというポリシーの持ち主。特に宝石に対する執着心には並々ならぬものがある。 一見軽薄に見える容姿や言動とは裏腹に、非常に計算高く超が付くほどの現実主義者。正義や道徳よりも、損得勘定で自分の行動を決定する。


Rouge is a world class treasure hunter (specializing in jewels), and also a spy and special operative for the Federal Government, answering to the President himself. She is a bat, and is very mature, ladylike, and in possession of a rathed devil-may-care attitude. She's also a tad wild and sexy, with an unmistakable mysterious allure. She always carries out her missions, and she makes it a policy to always get her hands on something that she's got her sights on. In particular, nothing comes between her and her jewels. At first glance, she seems like a frivolous and greedy person on the outside, but she is actually a highly calculating individual. She makes her decisions more on a mercenary viewpoint than she does out any sense of justice or morality.

In the games, she shows some interest in Shadow, but in Sonic X, she also has something of a love-hate relationship with Knuckles.

18 RG
E-123 OMEGA (E-123 オメガ)
Sonic Heroes E-123 Omega.png

エッグマンが造ったEシリーズロボットの最終ロットナンバーにして最強の機体。 最強の力を持ちながらも、ずっと基地で封印されつづけていたオメガはそのことを恨んでおり、エッグマンの作ったメカを全て破壊して自らの「最強」を証明すること、そして自分を封じ込めたエッグマンに復讐することを目的としている。



The last and most powerful of Dr. Eggman's E-Series robots.

While possessing great power, Omega had been confined to Eggman's base, a fact that he grew to resent. To prove his wn ""strength,"" then, he destroyed Eggman's other robots, and vowed to take revenge on his creator for his makeshift imprisonment.

He escaped at the same time that Rouge freed Shadow from his capsule, and they came together as a group.

His strong body is outfitted with a pair of burly arms, not to mention an impressive array of state-of-the-art weaponry and transforming modular parts.

? OM


荒廃してしまった未来を変えるべくやってきた少年(ハリネズミ) 荒廃した未来から来たにもかかわらず性格は前向きで、平和な世界は必ず取り戻せると考えている。   少し突っ走りやすいところがあり、今回はそこをメフィレスに突かれることになる。

超能力を持っており、それによってエメラルドの力を引き出すことができる。 なぜその力を得たのかは謎。


(The below is all temporary)

A young male hedgehog who has traveled through time to change a ruined future. Despite coming from such a grim world, he is very forthright, and is focused on restoring peace to the world.

He's also able to get riled up, and this time around, he's going after Mephiles.

He possesses some special powers which can draw upon the Emeralds. It is unknown how he got these powers, though.

Essentially, think Trunks from Dragon Ball Z.

13~15 SV
BLAZE (ブレイズ)

「ソルエメラルド」(仮・カオスエメラルドと対になるアイテム)を操り、かつ守護する役目を担う。 異世界に於けるソニックとナックルズの役割を併せて担うキャラ。 普段は沈着冷静、しかし内に秘めた感情を理性で抑えているような感じ。 怒りに燃え、いったんタガがはずれると相当コワい。

ツンデレ型。人見知りが激しく、まず人と自分との間に壁を作ってしまうタイプ。 (そのかわり壁を越えると必要以上に親密意識を増す)

通常時はマントを羽織っている。炎を操る自分の能力のせいで幼少時にいじめられたトラウマと、成長した今もそれをむやみに使うまいとした自戒の意味をこめて身につけている。 しかし、ひとたび事が起こったときにはマントを脱ぎ捨て意外とアクティブな一面を見せる。 マントの下に隠されているのは宝塚ライクなコスチューム!実はムネが無いのを気にしているらしい...(そこをツッコまれると激しく怒る)

Blaze styles herself as protector and controller of the Sol Emeralds (which are antithetical to the Chaos Emeralds).

She comes from another dimension, where she plays a role similar to that of Sonic and Knuckles combined.

Normally very cool and collected, deep down, she harbors very real emotions.

If she is angered and loses her composure, she can be a frightening woman indeed.

She is shy and withdrawn, and puts up walls between herself and other people. (As a result, she ends up building up upon her own secret feelings.)

Typcially, she wears a cape. This is to hide the fact that her body can control flames, which she was treated strangely for when she was younger, and so she makes a point to only use it when necessary. When push comes to show, though, she will toss of her cape and become quite proactive indeed. She has a rather unique costume on under her cape, and it also seems that she is bothered by underendowed chest (comments on which will rouse her anger).

14 BZ
AMY ROSE (エミー・ローズ) (旧ロージー・ザ・ラスカル)
Amy heroes.png



This trendy, perky young girl is constantly following around her crush, Sonic. She's not a patient sort, but nor is she unthinking or brash. She's something of the pep squad for the Sonic team, and is less bound by the constraints that affect the others. She also has a very keen sense of instinct. Sonic treats her almost like she's baggage, but it is possible that he may actually feel something for her, too.

12 AM
PRINCESS エリス - PRINCESS Elise (tmp)

「太陽の神」を祀る「ソレアナ公国」の王女。 10年前の事故で、魔人「フォース:イブリース」をその体に封印されている。 封印解除のキーは、自身の「絶望」。「何があっても泣いてはいけない」という父の遺言を守り、自らを強く戒め、若干17歳で王女としての務めを果たしていく。


Princess of Soleanna, where the Sun God is worshipped.

Ten years ago, the demon Force-Iblis was sealed away in her body.

The key to this seal is her own despair. Her father, in order to protect her, has urged her to be strong and to never let herself cry, no matter what, and now, she is a noble young princess of 17.

On one side, she is a prim and proper princess, but on the other, she is a typical confused and anxious 17-year-old girk. She tries to make light of her fate, but her encounter with Sonic is what shall truly set her soul free.

17 OR
ソレアナ公 - duke Soleanna
Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) - Soreanakou - 1.png

エリスの父、「ソレアナ公国」の王様。 ソラリス計画の失敗で、世界を滅亡へと導く力、イブリースとメフィレスを生んでしまう。 自身も瀕死の重傷を負うが、秘術により娘エリスの体内にイブリースを封印、 なんとか世界危機から逃れることに成功後、息を引き取る。



Elise's father, the ruler of Soleanna.

When the Solaris Project failed, the world-destroying power of Iblis and Mephiles was released. Despite being gravely wounded, he was able to bind Iblis into his daughter Elise's body. And so, he was able to save the world, even as he drew his last breath.

He was a brilliant scientist.

He also had a strong sense of patriotic and kingly duty, and loved and trusted his daughter dearly.

? SR
初老の侍女 - LADY's MAID
Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) - maid 2 - 1.png



The chief attendant to Princess Elise.

She is a wise, matronly woman.

? MD
侍女 (その他大勢) - LADY's MAID and many others.
Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) - maid 1 - 1.png



Assorted maids who also attend Princess Elise.

They are always bustling about.

? md
GUN兵士 (通信) - GUNsoldier (agentagent)


An agent who passes orders along to Shadow.

24 GN
ソレアナ研究員 - Soleannas scientist
Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) - Scientist - 1.png


Scientists of the kingdom of Soleanna, serving the orders of the Duke, their chief scientist.

Dr.EGGMAN (Dr.エッグマン)


This brilliant mad scientist, with an IQ of 300, has the unfortunate body shape that gives him his namesake. Despite being such a brilliant scientist (specializing in robotic engineering), he is motivated by childish whims and delusions of grandeur to conquer the world. He is a romanticist and feminist, and styles himself a true gentleman. He fits the English term "Egghead" almost to a T, though. Sonic is his lifelong rival, and his schemes of world conquest have been foiled by the hedgehog time and time again.

? EG
メフィレス - Mephiles


イブリースと統合し、ソラリスに「戻る」為に、エリスの封印を破ることを目論むと同時に、カオスエメラルドを集めている。 10年前のソレアナ研究所の事故の時に、過去にワープしてきたシャドウによって、カプセルに封印されている。そのため、シャドウに個人的恨みも持っている。実体化する際に、シャドウの「影」を利用したのも、半分はそれが理由(もう半分は、シャドウが究極生命体だから、その力を欲したため)

A creature of the mind, the will of Solaris.

In order to join together with Iblis, to "return" to Solaris, his goal is to break Elise's seal and to gather the Chaos Emeralds. At the time of the Soleanna experiment ten years ago, he was warped into the past with Shadow, and was sealed away with him in that capsule. This is why Shadow harbors such deep resentment. He makes up Shadow's dark side, and is fuel for his burning desire as the ultimate life-form.

? MF
イブリース - Iblis



The "power" of the Flame of Solaris, an energy-based being.

He has been sealed away inside of Elise's body by her father.

? IV


  • Despite the fact that this variant of "His World" is ultimately unused in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), it is used in many of Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog TV advertisements.
  • The Soleanna New City glitch can be performed before proceeding to "Save the Archaeologist" mission as well, but the entered version is without the unused mission and the Flame Core and Crisis City warp gates.
  • It is possible to score 50,000 points in the unused mission of Soleanna New City.
  • The Homing Attack used in the earlier demo of the game lets the player to instantly destroy multiple enemies, unlike in the final version.
  • There are message files about unused settings: "Vibration Settings", "Turn tilt Settings", "Display Settings", "Brightness correction" and "Gamma correction". The player could also have been able to adjust voice settings and choose between Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian languages. This language setting was mentioned in the US manual.
    • US manual also has a picture of main menu with "XBOX LIVE" option.
  • It should be noted that some of the game's beta elements are very similar to those in in Sonic Unleashed, like the day and night cycles, the Chao and ghost missions.


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