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— Tagline

Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Sonikku za Hejjihoggu?) is a 2006 3D platformer video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was made to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, was the first Sonic game to support high-definition graphics, and debuted the recurring character Silver the Hedgehog. The story follows three central characters: the titular heroic protagonist Sonic the Hedgehog, who is on a mission to save Soleanna's young monarch Princess Elise from his arch-enemy Dr. Eggman; Shadow the Hedgehog, who faces off against an unleashed demonic supernatural entity; and Silver the Hedgehog, a hedgehog from the future who seeks to prevent an upcoming catastrophe by hunting Sonic. This culminates in Sonic, Shadow, and Silver, working together to save the world from the fearsome entity, Solaris.

Due to its lack of a distinct title, the game has been referred to by a number of different aliases, most of them coined by the Sonic fandom. Its most popular alias is Sonic '06, and other aliases include Sonic 2006, Sonic: 15th Anniversary, Sonic 360, and Sonic Next-Gen.

The game faced development issues which resulted in the product being rushed. Due to this, Sonic the Hedgehog has received generally negative reviews. While its soundtrack has been praised, it is widely criticized for its numerous gameplay glitches, inconsistent plot, and very long loading times. All this has resulted in the game landing on many lists of the worst video games of all time.

The Xbox 360 version received a Games on Demand release in mid-2009, but was later removed in 2010.[2] The Games on Demand release would eventually be relisted on 24 May 2022, for a reduced price ($4.99 in the United States and Canada; €4.79 in European Union; £3.39 in the United Kingdom).[3] However, this game in addition to every other game on the Xbox 360 including DLCs will be removed following the Xbox 360 Marketplace's closure in 2024.

The PlayStation 3 version was available for streaming on PlayStation 4 and PC via the PS Now subscription service, with PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Sony Bravia Smart TV (2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 models), though Sony Blu-Ray players and Samsung Smart TV support dropped in 2017. As of writing, the game is only digitally available in Japan.[4]


Spoiler warning: Plot, ending details or any kind of information follow.


Sonic Episode[]


Sonic's opening cutscene in Sonic the Hedgehog.

The principality of Soleanna celebrates the Festival of the Sun to honor their god of light, Solaris. The ruler Princess Elise III lights the ceremonial torch, only to see a vision of a giant beast burning the city. Suddenly, missiles strike and Dr. Eggman arrives in his Egg Mobile flanked by robots. He reveals his intentions to kidnap Elise for her Chaos Emerald and her secrets of the Flames of Disaster. However, Sonic the Hedgehog appears and defeats the robots, before lifting Elise to escape with her. While Sonic fights more robots in Soleanna Castle Town, Eggman successfully kidnaps Elise, but she throws Sonic her Chaos Emerald before being brought aboard the Egg Carrier.

The next morning, Sonic runs into Miles "Tails" Prower, who offers to help Sonic stop whatever Eggman has planned for Elise. They pursue the Egg Carrier in Wave Ocean, only to lose track of the craft again as it crosses the waters. Sonic and Tails loop around to Dusty Desert, discovering a chamber where Eggman has stashed Elise. Suddenly, Eggman appears and unleashes his Egg Cerberus, which Sonic defeats. Afterwards, Eggman sends an army of robots after them, and Tails creates a diversion so Sonic and Elise can escape together.

After escaping into the grasslands, Elise notices a wound on Sonic's arm and bandages it with a handkerchief. Blaming herself for the injury, Elise apologizes, but Sonic assures her that all he needs from her is a smile. She then tells Sonic about Solaris, and how his Flames of Disaster nearly destroyed Soleanna 10 years ago, killing her father. She worries why Eggman seeks to replicate the crisis, until Sonic grabs her hand and begins running. Elise is exhilarated, and Sonic advises her that if she has time to worry, she has time to run.

Returning to Soleanna Castle Town, Sonic and Elise are attacked by a mysterious Silver the Hedgehog, who calls Sonic the "Iblis Trigger" and states that he must die. Sonic is caught off-guard by his psychokinesis, which allows Dr. Eggman to kidnap Elise again. Fortunately, Amy Rose suddenly steps in to stop Silver, allowing Sonic to run after Eggman.

In Soleanna New City, Sonic reunites with Tails and finds Knuckles the Echidna with a message from Eggman: if Sonic gives up Elise's Chaos Emerald, then Eggman will release her. Though Tails and Knuckles are both sure it's a trap, Sonic is confident they can handle it. The three infiltrate White Acropolis and enter a room with Eggman and Elise. Sonic gives up the Chaos Emerald, but Eggman double-crosses the trio and traps them in a barrier. He then activates a machine called the "Solaris prototype", which sends Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles through time to an unspecified period. Eggman boasts that once he has the seven Chaos Emeralds, he will use this machine and Elise's tie to the Flames of Disaster to rule the world.

The trio finds themselves in the post-apocalyptic Crisis City, stumbling upon Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat. The two explain they are somehow 200 years in the future, and they must find the future Chaos Emeralds to use Dual Chaos Control and open a time portal home. While searching, Sonic's team stumbles upon a meeting between Silver, a cat, and a Shadow-like figure, before all three vanish. Tails rushes to a computer, finding records that Elise perished in an explosion on the Egg Carrier.

Sonic and friends meet with Shadow and Rouge, who have found a Chaos Emerald. The team explores Flame Core for a second Chaos Emerald, only to be attacked by a lava monster. After defeating it, Sonic and Shadow use Dual Chaos Control to open a time portal to the present. Though Shadow and Rouge are separated from the group, Sonic's team finds a newspaper reading that Elise has been kidnapped by Eggman once more.

Sonic hurries to the train station and infiltrates it alone through a secret entrance. He pursues Eggman's train in Radical Train and rescues Elise, only to be attacked again by Silver. His interruption again lets Eggman recapture Elise, but fortunately Shadow arrives to keep Silver busy. With that taken care of, Sonic helps Elise escape from Eggman by defeating the Egg Genesis in Soleanna Forest. He then takes her through Tropical Jungle, telling her she should return to the castle. She almost cries when talking to Sonic about her duty to her kingdom, but he assures her to smile.

Though Sonic returns Elise to her castle, Eggman threatens to level all of Soleanna Castle Town unless she meets with him alone. She agrees to his terms, and is unsurprisingly kidnapped once again. Aboard the Egg Carrier, Eggman tells Elise his intentions: once he uses Elise's Flames of Disaster to awaken Solaris, he plans to use him to ensure his own dominance across all time.

Sonic pursues the Egg Carrier in Kingdom Valley, and is surprised when Silver helps him defeat Eggman's robots, having had a change of heart. Sonic, Silver, and Blaze follow the Egg Carrier, only to watch as its engines malfunction and it crashes, killing Elise. Sonic is despondent, until Silver suggests he travel back in time before the crash to rescue Elise. After opening the portal, Sonic gives the future Chaos Emerald back to Silver, encouraging him to fix his home.

Traveling a day in the past, Sonic reunites with Tails and Knuckles to infiltrate the Aquatic Base. Sonic boards the Egg Carrier before it takes off, reuniting with Elise just as the ship begins malfunctioning. Eggman challenges him with the Egg Wyvern, but Sonic defeats it, giving them just enough time to jump ship. On solid ground, Sonic and Elise share a laugh at their escape.

Shadow Episode[]

Chara02 01

Shadow's opening cutscene in Sonic the Hedgehog.

By request of the federal government, Shadow the Hedgehog infiltrates Dr. Eggman's base at White Acropolis per an SOS signal from G.U.N. agent Rouge the Bat. Once he locates Rouge, Shadow helps her defeat the Egg Cerberus and learns she was on a mission to steal the Scepter of Darkness. Upon teleporting out of the base, they find themselves in a secret room in Soleanna New City. Rouge asks Shadow to escort her to the rendezvous point in Kingdom Valley so she can return to G.U.N. with the artifact.

In Kingdom Valley, Rouge explains the castle was abandoned 10 years ago after a major accident with the Solaris Project. The two are then ambushed by Eggman for the Scepter of Darkness, and in the scuffle, Rouge drops the Scepter and it opens. A dark haze seeps out, prompting Eggman to flee, before it dives into Shadow's shade. A Shadow-like figure then emerges, calling himself Mephiles the Dark, and he thanks him before suddenly teleporting all three of them away.

Shadow and Rouge find themselves in a ruined cityscape, and soon Rouge discovers a computer that informs them they are 200 years in the future. Hearing a thud, they find Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna transported here by Eggman. Together they form a plan to use two Chaos Emeralds and make a time portal home, so they begin searching Crisis City. Shadow and Rouge find a Chaos Emerald, before stumbling upon E-123 Omega locked in standby mode. Unable to help him, Shadow and Rouge leave him to meet with the others.

Rouge shows off their Chaos Emerald, and the group traverses Flame Core to find a second. Upon finding the Emerald, however, they are suddenly attacked by a lava monster. After repelling the beast, Sonic and Shadow use Dual Chaos Control to form a portal. The team begins entering the portal, but Shadow is distracted by Mephiles suddenly appearing behind him, and chooses to pursue him instead.

Rouge arrives in the present with one of the future Chaos Emeralds, disturbed that Shadow didn't follow her. She decides to go after Omega for now, finding him in Tropical Jungle, and gives him the Chaos Emerald with orders to deliver it to Shadow 200 years in the future. Omega complies, shutting out external access to prioritize this mission.

Still in the future, Shadow confronts Mephiles, who shows him his fate: Shadow is shocked to see himself locked away, and learns that he was imprisoned by jealous humans who feared his power. Mephiles urges Shadow to join him in revenge, but he refuses, so Mephiles enters a new form to battle him. Shadow and Mephiles seem evenly matched until Omega arrives, his fate having been altered by Rouge. Together they defeat Mephiles, and follow him into another time portal.

Shadow and Omega arrive in the present-day Soleanna New City to search for Mephiles. They run into Rouge again, who reveals Eggman's robots are hunting Shadow, but he asserts they really want Mephiles. Shadow decides to confront Eggman alone, finding him in Radical Train. Eggman reveals Mephiles is linked to the Solaris Project, but will only say more once he is contained. As Shadow departs, he comes across Sonic being accosted by Silver the Hedgehog, and steps in to help. Shadow overcomes Silver with Chaos Control, but the desperate psychokinetic uses Chaos Control too, forming a time portal. Shadow decides to travel 10 years into the past to see the Solaris Project incident, and suggests that Silver follow him.

Shadow and Silver witness the failed Solaris Project, and Solaris splitting into two beings: the dark Mephiles and the fiery Iblis. While Silver pursues Iblis, Shadow pursues Mephiles through Aquatic Base and captures him using the Scepter of Darkness obtained from the injured Duke of Soleanna. Leaving the laboratory, Shadow reunites with Silver carrying the unconscious Elise and leaves the Scepter so it can be found by Soleanna.

Returning to the present, Shadow reunites with Rouge, informing her that he's discovered how to seal Mephiles. They learn from G.U.N. sensors that Omega is fighting Mephiles in Wave Ocean and head there; before fleeing, Mephiles reveals to Omega that the humans reprogrammed him to defeat and seal away Shadow in the future. Omega relays this information, which enrages Rouge. Shadow is touched by their concern for him, and lets them follow him to pursue Mephiles.

Team Dark tracks Mephiles to Dusty Desert, figuring he's seeking Chaos Emeralds so he can merge with Iblis. The three find him within the ruins, and Shadow rejects his offer for partnership once again. When Mephiles is defeated, Shadow tries to seal him within the Scepter of Darkness again, only for him to break free, boasting that with Shadow's power he can no longer be trapped. Mephiles tries to break his will once more, but Shadow claims he will always fight, removing his Limiter Rings to raze through Mephiles with Omega and Rouge.

Silver Episode[]

Wmplayer 2016-08-31 19-24-29-593

Silver's opening cutscene in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Silver the Hedgehog lives approximately 200 years in the future, in a world completely ravaged by an immortal fire monster known as Iblis. Accompanied by Blaze the Cat, Silver fights Iblis every time he resurrects, but to no avail. After the latest battle in Crisis City, Silver grows increasingly frustrated by the futility of their efforts. Suddenly, a being called Mephiles arrives to offer a simple solution: stop Iblis from awakening in the first place. He shows Silver a vision of the "Iblis Trigger" - Sonic the Hedgehog - who is allegedly responsible for awakening Iblis. Silver agrees to complete this mission, so Mephiles sends himself, Silver, and Blaze 200 years into the past.

In the present, Silver finds himself separated from Blaze and Mephiles. He explores Soleanna Forest's Tropical Jungle for leads on the Iblis Trigger, amazed by the abundant life. Blaze, having ended up far away in Wave Ocean, worries for Silver and begins seeking him out. Eventually, Silver locates his target in Soleanna Castle Town, only to be interrupted by Amy Rose mistaking him for Sonic. Amy promises to help Silver find who he is looking for, unaware that they are both seeking Sonic with very different intentions. Amy leads Silver to Dusty Desert after Sonic, but they miss him. Returning to Soleanna Castle Town, Silver finally confronts Sonic, overpowering him and allowing Dr. Eggman to kidnap Princess Elise. However, Amy stops him and allows Sonic to escape after Elise, leaving Silver. Now alone, Silver begins pondering the morality of his mission.

Silver waits at a pier in Soleanna New City until Blaze arrives. He asks her opinion on their mission, and she suggests nothing will change without trying. Silver proposes they learn more about Sonic, and the two end up storming Eggman's White Acropolis for information. There they fight the Egg Genesis and retrieve the blue Chaos Emerald, which Blaze explains can transform thoughts into power.

Back in Soleanna New City, Mephiles orders Silver and Blaze to pursue Sonic through the train terminal. Due to a security lockdown, Silver is forced to infiltrate the station and traverse Radical Train alone. He ambushes Sonic, yet again allowing Eggman to kidnap Elise, until Shadow the Hedgehog intervenes. Silver is unable to defeat Shadow, overwhelmed by his mastery of Chaos Control, and desperately tries Chaos Control with his own Emerald; this inadvertently causes Dual Chaos Control, opening a time portal. Shadow suggests Silver follow him into the portal to learn the truth about Mephiles.

Ending up 10 years in the past, Silver and Shadow witness the catastrophic failure of Soleanna's Solaris Project, splitting Solaris into two beings: the fiery Iblis and the dark Mephiles. While Shadow pursues the darkness, Silver pursues the fire in Aquatic Base, helping the Duke of Soleanna perform a ritual with a Chaos Emerald to seal the flames within his own daughter, Elise. The Duke of Soleanna then succumbs to his wounds, leaving Silver to bring the unconscious Elise outside the laboratory. He meets with Shadow, who leaves the Scepter of Darkness containing Mephiles and returns to the present via another Dual Chaos Control. Silver leaves his blue Chaos Emerald with Elise as a good luck charm, before following.

Reappearing in Soleanna New City, Silver reunites with Blaze. He tells her of Elise's connection to Iblis, and the falsehood of Mephiles' Iblis Trigger narrative. When Blaze reveals that Eggman has kidnapped Elise again, Silver deduces that he is trying to release Iblis, and the two rush to Kingdom Valley to help Sonic rescue her. However, the Egg Carrier malfunctions and crashes, apparently killing both Eggman and Elise. Silver suggests Sonic travel back in time to save Elise before the crash, and helps him open a time portal to do so. Meanwhile, Silver and Blaze agree to return to the future to face Iblis once more.

Silver and Blaze traverse the Flame Core to fight Iblis and stop its resurrection. Upon reducing it to flames, Silver tries to use the ritual to take Iblis into his soul, but finds himself incompatible. Blaze takes his place, successfully housing Iblis in her fiery soul. She then urges Silver to use Chaos Control to stop time and send her and Iblis to another dimension, but he can't bring himself to doom his friend. Blaze appreciates Silver's feelings, but becomes Burning Blaze to seal Iblis within before fading away. With both Blaze and Iblis gone, Silver watches alone as the skies turn blue and the world begins to heal.

Last Episode[]

STH2006 LAST Elise's tears 06

Mephiles killing Sonic.

While Sonic and Elise walk back to Soleanna Castle Town, Mephiles suddenly blinds them with the glare of a purple Chaos Emerald before firing an energy beam that impales Sonic through his back, killing him. He laughs evilly as Elise mourns Sonic, finally crying and releasing the Flames of Disaster.

In Dusty Desert, Shadow equips his Limiter Rings, having destroyed all the Mephiles clones. As he moves for the two Chaos Emeralds, they disappear in a flash. Mephiles has summoned all seven Chaos Emeralds to his location, using them to merge with Iblis and assume a single form: Solaris. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are helpless as a blinding light engulfs all of Soleanna.

Tails, Knuckles, and Amy find themselves in a mysterious void, meeting Silver, Team Dark, and Dr. Eggman. They find Elise cradling the deceased Sonic. As Solaris roars, Eggman predicts that Solaris is so enraged he will consume all timelines and cause time itself to collapse, making the entire world disappear; he adds that defeating him here would be futile, as Solaris exists in all times. Silver refuses to give up and suggests they destroy Solaris in the past, present, and future simultaneously, but Shadow states that such a plan would only work if Sonic were still alive. However, Elise feels Sonic's presence lingering in the wind. With this idea, Silver suggests they collect the scattered Chaos Emeralds and use Elise's connection with Sonic to resurrect him. Eggman pinpoints the Emeralds' locations, leaving the heroes to split up to gather them in the End of the World.


Sonic being revived by the Chaos Emeralds.

With all seven Chaos Emeralds, Elise focuses her thoughts on Sonic. She ends the ritual with a kiss, resurrecting Sonic into Super Sonic. Super Sonic offers the power of the Emeralds to transform Shadow and Silver into Super Shadow and Super Silver as well. Together, the three hedgehogs fight Solaris - Sonic targeting his present, Shadow his past, and Silver his future - and they destroy his body, making Solaris explode into light.

Sonic travels with Elise to a point in the past where Solaris was little but a flame in Soleanna. Elise realizes that if she blows out the flame, Solaris will cease to exist, but she and Sonic will never have met. Overcome with despair, Elise cries that she does not care what happens to the world as long as she is with Sonic. Though Sonic isn't happy about this either, he reminds Elise to smile, convincing her to go through with it. She blows out the flame, eliminating Solaris before the disastrous Solaris Project could occur.[5]

When time returns to the Festival of the Sun, Sonic again visits Soleanna. As he runs through the public, the "wind" of his speed makes Elise lose one of the feathers in her hair. A maid asks if she is alright, and Elise responds that she felt someone familiar calling her. She smiles and continues the festival as Sonic watches from a rooftop. The game ends with Sonic watching Elise's feather floating into the night.

Excluding the ending cutscene, the events of this game are thus undone in the Sonic the Hedgehog series timeline. Though it remains unclear if Sonic and Elise fully remember the game's events, the rest of the cast appears not to, experiencing déjà vu at most in future games.[6][7][8][9][10]



Image Character Biography
Next sonic 00 Sonic the Hedgehog The world's fastest hedgehog who is free spirited but hates knavish acts. He can be short tempered, but is available for those in need of help. In Soleanna, he will confront Dr. Eggman in order to save Princess Elise.[11]
Elise2006-2 Princess Elise Princess of Soleanna at the tender age of 17. She lost her father when she was younger, but she keeps her promise to him to never cry, no matter what. She fulfills her duty as the royal princess, but she has yet to see the mysterious powers she possesses.[11]
Eggman 06 Final Dr. Eggman A master of robotic engineering with an IQ of 300.
Knowing about the princess' secret powers, he attempts to capture her to unlock and use her powers for his self-serving needs.
Shadow-large Shadow the Hedgehog The ultimate life form, created by Professor Gerald.
On a mission from the Federal Government to rescue Rouge, Shadow encounters a mysterious enemy, Mephiles. During the course of battle, Shadow is hurled into the future.
Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Silver the Hedgehog A hedgehog with telekinetic powers.
The mysterious hedgehog, Silver, travels back in time to the present day to save the future from the destructive evil of the Iblis Trigger.


Image Character Biography
Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) - Tails - 1 Miles "Tails" Prower A friendly kid fox with two tails.[14]
Knuckles2006 Knuckles the Echidna A powerful and wild echidna who is a close friend and rival of Sonic.[14]
Rouge2006uo1 Rouge the Bat Professional treasure hunter and part-time government spy.[15]
Omega 2006 E-123 Omega The last and most powerful of Dr. Eggman's E-Series robots.[15]
Amy2006iy4 Amy Rose An energetic girl that adores Sonic and plans to marry him someday.[16]
Blaze06 Blaze the Cat Calm and level-headed feline that's quick on her claws.[16]


Sonic the Hedgehog is a 3D, third-person platforming video game, which plays similar to past 3D Sonic games. The story of this game is branched into three episodes, respectively protagonized by Sonic, Shadow and Silver. At first, the player will have unlocked Sonic's storyline by default. However, they will be able to play the other two episodes by progressing through the game. Upon completing the three episodes, they will unlock a final episode. In addition to those three main characters, each storyline has two supporting characters: Tails and Knuckles for Sonic; Rouge and Omega for Shadow; and Amy and Blaze for Silver.

Gameplay is broken up into two gameplay styles, similar to Sonic Adventure: Action Stages and Town Stages. Action Stages are primarily where the bulk of the gameplay takes place. While all three main storylines have the same Action Stages, they are ordered differently and have different pathways for each character. Town Stages, on the other hand, are free-roaming locations within Soleanna where the player can talk to non-player characters, buy Level Up Items, and further the game's plot by finding entrances to Action Stages via the Mirrors of Soleanna. Non-player characters in Town Stages with a blue exclamation point hovering over their head will provide the player with Town Missions to complete for additional Rings. Town Missions are usually completed as a single character, generally the main character of the story, though there are Town Missions where more than one character is used. Unlike Action Stages, Town Missions vary depending on the storyline.

As with past 3D Sonic games, the main objective of the Action Stages is to get to the Goal Ring at the end of the level. Over the course of the Action Stages, many gimmicks can be found, some of which the player can use to their advantage. There are also many obstacles and enemies, the latter of which are divided into Eggman's mechs and Iblis's Minions. Rings, which serve as a method of protection against attacks, are also common. if the playable character is hit while carrying at least one single Ring, they will survive at the cost of losing all their Rings. On the other hand, being hurt while not having any Rings will cost the player a life. Nonetheless, under some certain circumstances, such as falling into a bottomless pit, will cost the player a life, regardless of the amount of Rings the player has on them. After losing a life, the playable character will respawn at the latest Point Marker they touched, or at the start of the Action Stage if no Point Marker has been touched. If the player runs out of lives, they will get a Game Over.

Sonic the Hedgehog makes use of a ranking system, which is similar to that from Sonic Rush. Based on the score gathered, the player will be provided a ranks, with the highest being S and the lowest being D. In order to get an S rank on Town Missions, 30,000 points are needed, and in Action Stages, 50,000 points are required.

For each of the action stages in the respective stories, gold medals are obtainable by achieving S rank in these stages or completing it (Both in Normal and Hard mode), or by obtaining all ten Silver Medals on the stage, giving a total of five Gold Medals per stage.

Scoring system[]

Character-specific gameplays[]

Main characters[]

Sonic the Hedgehog[]
Sonic2006-Kingdom Valley-02

Sonic in Kingdom Valley, the eighth Action Stage in his episode.

Sonic the Hedgehog's gameplay is the same as in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, retaining most of his abilities from the latter game. One of the fastest in the character roster, he makes use of returning movements such as the Spin Dash and the Homing Attack. He can also unlock Custom Actions to be able to perform many new movements.

Most of Sonic's Action Stages have a special section near the end called "Super-Speed Stages". here, he will be running at high speeds without stopping. In these sections, the player can only move him left or right, make him jump and use the Light Speed Dash, though being able to use it is likely due to a glitch. Also, Sonic is vulnerable to anything he collides with, causing him to lose all his Rings upon colliding with any obstacle, such as a barrier. At the end of a Super-Speed Stage, the player will touch a Goal Ring and finish the Action Stage.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

Parts of Shadow's gameplay is similar to that of Shadow the Hedgehog. He is slightly slower than Sonic in gameplay, but is able to drive vehicles to move faster, which include a Bike, Glider, Hover Craft, and Buggy. While in an Action Stage, Weapons become active for the vehicles. The Buggy and Glider gain access to Missiles, while the Bike and Hover Vehicle gain access to machine guns. He is also seen attacking with Chaos Blasts and Chaos Spears. Like Sonic, Shadow also has "Custom Actions" to give him move movements to use in gameplay. He can also use the Homing Attack (which has more range than Sonic's), grind and do a sliding kick. By defeating enough enemies, Shadow can also use Chaos Boost.

Silver the Hedgehog[]

Silver is the slowest character out of the three main characters. He has psychokinetic powers, which are the main feature of his gameplay. With them, Silver is able to pick up objects around the playing field and throw them at enemies, including cars and missiles. He also possesses the ability to levitate in the air for differing amounts of time (using up his energy bar), and he can purchase new abilities in the in-game store with Rings as well. His energy bar depletes faster the heavier the object he is lifting, and his energy bar replenishes with time.

Supporting characters[]

Sonic Episode[]
Miles "Tails" Prower[]

Tails is the supporting character most often played as in the game. Tails can use his two tails to fly and reach things that Sonic cannot, such as hitting a switch to open a door. He can also throw a "dummy ring bomb" that can destroy an enemy. His flight ability can be drastically extended by releasing XboxA/Cross before reaching max height and then holding XboxA/Cross for about two seconds after he begins descending. However, he still lacks overall speed compared to other supporting characters.

Knuckles the Echidna[]

Knuckles is able to glide can perform an attack the Screwdriver, which can flatten enemies in succession at average speed. He can also use the Ground Shaker, where he is enveloped in an extra fiery aura that paralyzes every enemy in the vicinity upon impacting the ground.

Shadow Episode[]
Rouge the Bat[]

Rouge has the ability to make round bomb-like objects and throw them at enemies. She can also glide, and climb walls by gliding on them. Here, she is able to put bombs on the walls she is climbing on, or throw them to attack and gain height.

E-123 Omega[]

Omega has the abilities to both hover and shoot rapid-fire. He meets up with Rouge at the end of the Tropical Jungle stage. His hover ability can be exploited to fly without descending by tapping the XboxA/Cross repeatedly rather than holding it. He has also gained an increase in speed that makes him the second-fastest supporting character.

Silver Episode[]
Blaze the Cat[]

In gameplay, Blaze is as fast as Sonic and Shadow. She can do the Fire Claw to attack enemies; the Accelerator Tornado for both offensive and gaining altitude; and the Spinning Claw, where she makes up a vortex of flames for ground and midair attacks.

Amy Rose[]

Amy can double jump, use her Piko Piko Hammer to whack enemies, and turn invisible to sneak up on enemies.



Button formation Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3
Left-Analog-Stick Move
Right-Analog-Stick /
Right-Analog-Stick /
Rotate Camera
Xbox-Button-LT L1 Reset camera
XboxA Cross Jump
XboxX (while Grinding) Square (while Grinding) Crouch

Character specific[]

Button formation StH2006-Sonic-Life Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Normal With Elise Super Sonic
XboxA > XboxA Cross > Cross Jump Dash / Homing Attack (near an enemy or object) N/A
XboxX Square Attack N/A Arrow of Light
Hold XboxX (while standing still) Hold Square (while standing still) Spin Dash N/A
Hold XboxX (while moving) Hold Square (while moving) Slide N/A
XboxX (near Rings) Square (near Rings) Light Speed Dash N/A
XboxX (in midair) Square (in midair) Bound Attack N/A
Directional-Pad-Left-Right Change Custom Action N/A
Xbox-Button-RT R1 Use Custom Action (Mach Speed, Tornado, Thunder Guard, Gun Drive) N/A
Hold Xbox-Button-RT Hold R1 Use Custom Action (Slow, Homing Smash, Scale, aiming in first person for Gun Drive) Energy Field Charge Action Gauge
XboxA (while moving) Cross (while moving) N/A Turbo Boost
XboxY PSTriangleButton N/A Switch to Super Shadow

Button formation StH2006-Shadow-Life Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Normal In a Vehicle Super Shadow
XboxA > XboxA Cross > Cross Jump Dash / Homing Attack (near an enemy or object) Boost (Buggy, Bike, Glider) / Hover (Hover Craft) N/A
Homing Attack > XboxA x5 Homing Attack > Cross x5 Chaos Attack / Chaos Snap (after using Chaos Boost once) N/A
XboxX Square Edge Attack N/A Spear of Light
XboxX x3 Square x3 Spin Kick N/A
XboxX (in midair) Square (in midair) Chaos Spear / Chaos Lance (after using Chaos Boost twice) N/A
XboxX (near Rings) Square (near Rings) Light Speed Dash N/A
Xbox-Button-RT R1 Chaos Boost / Chaos Blast (after using Chaos Boost three times) Shoot bullets/missiles Charge the Action Gauge
XboxA (while moving) Cross (while moving) N/A Turbo Boost
XboxY PSTriangleButton Board vehicle Exit vehicle Switch to Super Silver

Button formation StH2006-Silver-Life Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Normal Super Silver
XboxA > hold XboxA Cross > hold Cross Levitate N/A
XboxA x2 Cross x2 Teleport Dash N/A
XboxX Square Psycho Smash N/A
Hold XboxX Hold Square Hold Smash N/A
XboxX (in midair) Square (in midair) Psycho Shock N/A
Xbox-Button-RT R1 Psychokinesis Shield of Light
Xbox-Button-RT x2 R1 x2 Grab All N/A
Xbox-Button-RT + XboxX R1 + Square Throw objects
XboxA (while moving) Cross (while moving) N/A Turbo Boost
XboxY PSTriangleButton N/A Switch to Super Sonic

Button formation StH2006-Tails-Life Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3
XboxA > XboxA Cross > Cross Fly
XboxX Square Dummy Ring Bomb
Hold XboxX Hold Square Dummy Ring Snipe
XboxX (in midair) Square (in midair) Dummy Ring Blitz

Button formation StH2006-Knuckles-Life Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3
XboxA > XboxA Cross > Cross Glide
Left-Analog-Stick (while on wall) Climb
XboxX x3 Square x3 Punch Attack
Hold XboxX (while on ground) Hold Square (while on ground) Screwdriver
XboxX (while in midair) Square (while in midair) Ground Shaker

Button formation StH2006-Rouge-Life Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3
XboxA > XboxA Cross > Cross Glide
Left-Analog-Stick (while on wall) Climb
XboxX Square Bomb
Hold XboxX (while on ground) Hold Square (while on ground) Bomb Snipe
Hold XboxX (in midair) Hold Square (in midair) Throw multiple Bombs
XboxX (while on wall) Square (while on wall) Heart Mine
XboxA (while a bomb is exploding) Cross (while a bomb is exploding) Blast Jump

Button formation StH2006-Omega-Life Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3
XboxA > XboxA Cross > Cross Hover
XboxX (while on ground) Square (while on ground) Omega Shot
XboxX (in midair) Square (in midair) Omega Launcher
Hold XboxX Hold Square Lock-On Shot

Button formation StH2006-Blaze-Life Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3
XboxA > XboxA Cross > Cross Accelerator Tornado
XboxX Square Fire Claw
Hold XboxX Hold Square Spinning Claw

Button formation StH2006-Amy-Life Movement
Xbox 360 PlayStation 3
XboxA > XboxA Cross > Cross Double Jump
XboxX Square Hammer Attack
Hold XboxX Hold Square Invisibility


Playable characters[]

Non-playable characters[]


Eggman's mechs[]

Iblis's Minions[]




No. Episode
Sonic Shadow Silver Last
1 Wave Ocean
(with Tails)
White Acropolis
(with Rouge)
Crisis City
(with Blaze)
End of the World
2 Dusty Desert
(with Elise)
Kingdom Valley
(with Rouge)
Tropical Jungle N/A
3 White Acropolis
(with Tails)
Crisis City Wave Ocean
(Blaze only)
4 Crisis City Flame Core
(with Rouge)
Dusty Desert
(with Amy)
5 Flame Core
(with Knuckles)
Tropical Jungle
(Rouge only)
White Acropolis
(with Blaze)
6 Radical Train
7 Tropical Jungle
(with Elise)
Aquatic Base
(with each other)
8 Wave Ocean
(Tails only)
Wave Ocean
(with Omega)
Kingdom Valley
(with Sonic)
9 Kingdom Valley
(with Silver)
Dusty Desert
(with Omega)
Flame Core
10 Aquatic Base
(with Tails and Knuckles)


No. Episode
Sonic Shadow Silver Last
1 Egg-Cerberus
(Dusty Desert)
(White Acropolis)
Iblis (Phase 1)
(Crisis City)
(End of the World)
2 Silver the Hedgehog
(Soleanna Castle Town)
Iblis (Phase 2)
(Flame Core)
Sonic the Hedgehog
(Soleanna Castle Town)
3 Iblis (Phase 2)
(Flame Core)
Mephiles (Phase 1)
(Flame Core, with Omega)
(White Acropolis)
4 Egg-Genesis
(Soleanna Forest)
Silver the Hedgehog
(Radical Train)
Shadow the Hedgehog
(Radical Train)
5 Egg-Wyvern
(Egg Carrier)
Mephiles (Phase 2)
(Dusty Desert)
Iblis (Phase 3)
(Flame Core)


Sonic the Hedgehog features two styles of multiplayer gameplay that offer two-player action. In both modes, the Level-Up Items the three characters can use are limited to how many of them have been collected in the story mode. The game was originally supposed to be four player, but was changed due to deadlines for completing the game. Shared features between the two modes are downgraded graphics (due to an alternate renderer to increase performance), making objects and enemies shaded. Several auras from the character animations are also removed here, including the Homing Attack's aura, Shadow's hand auras while charging a Chaos Spear/Chaos Lance, and Silver's psychic moves. High Speed items also make more frequent appearances in the multiplayer than in Action Stages, and the Invincible sparks work for every character, instead of only Sonic. While most stages are available in both multiplayer modes, Radical Train and Tropical Jungle are not.

The first mode, Tag Mode, is a co-op type of play between Sonic, Silver and/or Shadow. Two players, each one controlling a character, must work together to clear levels and collect all the Chaos Emeralds. Lives are shared in this mode, so if one player loses a life when only one life remains, both will receive a game over.

The second game style available is Battle Mode. Battle mode pits two players against each other and has them race to a goal in the selected level. The player who reaches the goal first is the winner. In this mode, there is no score total or a system of losing lives.

The previously rumored mini-games that were to allow up to four players to play simultaneously/alternately (Quiz, Race and a few others) seem to be missing in the final release of the game. The U.S. manual and Sega America game site (did prior to release of the game) do not mention any other modes other than the aforementioned Tag and Battle modes, though there are references to them in the text files for menus.[17] It is also possible (and somewhat likely) that these minigames were moved to the Wii's Sonic and the Secret Rings, which sports a 4-player minigame mode with Sonic, Shadow, Silver and other playable characters.


Beginning development in the fall of 2004, Sonic the Hedgehog was meant to be a rebirth of the series, the idea emerging from the question, "What if Sonic the Hedgehog existed in the real world?", and was intended to take elements that people had praised in the preceding Adventure titles and bring Sonic "back to his roots."[18] Nothing pointed more to the idea of using this game to celebrate what made Sonic the Hedgehog the "Most Famous Hedgehog In The World" than naming the game after the first in the series. However, instead of keeping things simple, Sonic Team came up with numerous ideas they wanted to include to make the game the ultimate Sonic experience.

The advertising of Sonic the Hedgehog was first announced at the E3 convention in May 2005.[19] At the 2005 Tokyo Game Show convention, Yuji Naka revealed the game's official title, Sonic the Hedgehog, and announced that it would celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Sonic the Hedgehog series.[20] Game director Shun Nakamura demonstrated the game's use of the Havok Physics engine during Sega's stage shows.[21] The game was to be available for consoles as well as on the PC.[22][23]

After its debut, the game's development team faced serious problems, starting with the resignation of Yuji Naka as the head of Sonic Team and the executive producer of Sonic the Hedgehog, although Yuji Naka claimed on his twitter in 2022 that he was fired for speaking openly about development salaries.[24][25] When presented with development kits for the Wii, it was decided that Sonic the Hedgehog's staff would be split in two, with director Shun Nakamura finishing the creation of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles while Yojiro Ogawa would use the other half of Sonic Team to begin work on a Sonic game for the Wii, which would become Sonic and the Secret Rings, rather than port the "next-generation" game to the Wii's weaker hardware. What was originally an ambitious undertaking now became a race against time to meet Sonic the Hedgehog's deadline of the 2006 holiday season, on two consoles, with only half of a development team. In this time, Sonic Team reportedly ignored Quality Assurance Tester bug reports in their rush to have the game ready for Christmas of 2006 regardless of the consequences. Sonic the Hedgehog was released with a large number of problems, which resulted in the game being heavily critically panned.[18][26]

In February 2007, an interview with Sonic Team's producer Yojiro Ogawa was made to comment on what made the game look like it did, in which he replied: "The reason why we probably ended up with what we see today, involves a lot of reasons. One is that we did want to launch the title around Christmas, and we had the PS3 launch coming up, but we had to develop for Microsoft's 360 at the same time and the team had an awful lot of pressure on them. It was very hard for the team to try and see how we were going to come out with both versions together with just the one team. It was a big challenge."[27]

Interestingly, insight into the development of the game's story, as well as selected concept art, was leaked to the internet before the game was released in the form of a file called "SONICNEXT_allscript", which had all the storyline ported in XML format and was given to a fan site.

On 23 June 2018, Shiro Maekawa answered several questions about the game. He said that the story of Sonic the Hedgehog was so complex to write that after it was completed, it felt like they had solved a puzzle. During the production of Sonic the Hedgehog, he was told by Shun Nakamura that he wanted a story that was similar to Sonic Adventure 2. Maekawa was in charge of scene composition and writing key dialogue. Certain small parts were written by Kiyoko Yoshimura.[28]

Cast and Voice direction[]

This game features the 4Kids Entertainment cast from the Sonic X anime series in the English version while the Japanese version has mostly the same seiyū from Sonic X and the game series.

While there is no option in game to switch voices, the BIOS on both systems can be changed to the Japanese language to enable the Japanese voices. However, the entire game will be in Japanese, with no option to switch subtitles.

In addition to the 4Kids actors in the English version, Lacey Chabert, who is coincidentally a long-time Sonic fan, voices Princess Elise, marking the first time in the history of the franchise that Hollywood talent has provided voice-over work for a Sonic game.

The voice directors for this game are Eriko Kimura in Japan and Christopher Collet, Julie Rath and Lisa Shaffer for the English dub.

Role Voice actor(s)
Japanese English
Sonic the Hedgehog Jun'ichi Kanemaru Jason Griffith
Shadow the Hedgehog Kōji Yusa
Silver the Hedgehog Daisuke Ono Pete Capella
Princess Elise Maaya Sakamoto Lacey Chabert
Dr. Eggman Chikao Ōtsuka Mike Pollock
Miles "Tails" Prower Ryō Hirohashi Amy Palant
Princess Elise's ladies-in-waiting Hikari Yono
Lisa Ortiz (Sophia)

Amy Palant (Anna)

Blaze the Cat Nao Takamori Bella Hudson
Knuckles the Echidna Nobutoshi Canna Dan Green
Mephiles the Dark Takayuki Sakazume
Solaris Project scientists Keiji Okuda
Yoshikazu Kozuma
Rouge the Bat Rumi Ochiai Kathleen Delaney
Amy Rose Taeko Kawata Lisa Ortiz
E-123 Omega Taiten Kusunoki Maddie Blaustein
Duke of Soleanna Kenji Utsumi David Willis
G.U.N. communicator Keiji Okuda

Downloadable content[]

Very Hard Mode[]

This download has to be purchased separately for each character, Very Hard Mode consists of more enemies, being forced to take the hard paths and even going through levels backwards; amigos also get a bigger role in this than in normal gameplay (most notable in Shadow's levels, where Rouge and Omega are in every level except Wave Ocean).[29] Each main character's missions must be purchased separately for $2.49 USD each.

Team Attack Amigo[]

Main article: Team Attack Amigo

A Japanese document depicting the path of stages in the Team Attack Amigo DLC from the Japanese site of Sonic the Hedgehog.

This download includes an Extra Stage where the player must pass through eight different parts of the stage. The first three parts are played by Tails, as the player must go through Crisis City, Radical Train, and Kingdom Valley. The fourth and fifth parts are played by Blaze the Cat where the player must go through Tropical Jungle and Aquatic Base. The sixth and seventh parts are played by E-123 Omega where the player must go through Dusty Desert and White Acropolis. The final part of the stage consists of a boss fight where the player must fight the Egg Genesis as Omega to beat the Stage.

This download is available on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Japanese and European versions, and the North American Xbox 360 version but the North American PS3 version doesn't offer the download.

The European Xbox 360 version of the DLC doesn't save any of the stats after finishing the stage.

Boss Attack[]

Boss Attack has to be bought separately for each of the characters. Boss Attack is similar to the boss attack mode in Sonic Adventure 2, and a similar boss from Sonic Heroes is brought back where as the player has to fight several waves of enemies. The player has to defeat all bosses from the corresponding storyline and nearly each of them is slightly more difficult than the original fight (there are extra enemies in the boss arena, the boss attacks more frequently and attacks in bigger variety). Defeating all of the bosses isn't the only objective however. Between boss battles, the player must defeat all the enemies that spawn in sub-arenas which are altered versions of boss arenas or hub worlds.


These are the achievements which add to the player's Gamerscore on the Xbox 360 version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Badge Name Description Requirement Gamescore
Sonic2006 Achievement SonicEpisodeCleared Sonic Episode: Cleared Clear Sonic Episode! N/A 30
Sonic2006 Achievement ShadowEpisodeCleared Shadow Episode: Cleared Clear Shadow Episode! 30
Sonic2006 Achievement SilverEpisodeCleared Silver Episode: Cleared Clear Silver Episode! 30
Sonic2006 Achievement OneToReachTheEnd One to reach the end End the last hidden story. 20
Sonic2006 Achievement SonicEpisodeCompleted Sonic Episode: Completed Clear unlocked Sonic difficult level mission. Clear all Sonic ACT Missions on hard difficulty. 40
Sonic2006 Achievement ShadowEpisodeCompleted Shadow Episode: Completed Clear unlocked Shadow difficult level mission. Clear all Shadow ACT Missions on hard difficulty. 40
Sonic2006 Achievement SilverEpisodeCompleted Silver Episode: Completed Clear unlocked Silver difficult level mission. Clear all Silver ACT Missions on hard difficulty. 40
Sonic2006 Achievement ShadowEpisodeMastered Shadow Episode: Mastered Clear all unlocked Shadow ACT Missions with Rank S. N/A 60
Sonic2006 Achievement SonicEpisodeMastered Sonic Episode: Mastered Clear all unlocked Sonic ACT Missions with Rank S. 60
Sonic2006 Achievement SilverEpisodeMastered Silver Episode: Mastered Clear all unlocked Silver ACT Missions with Rank S. 60
Sonic2006 Achievement NightsOfKronos Nights of Kronos Unlock the complete ending to the last hidden story. Clear all Last Episode ACT Missions with Rank S. 60
Sonic2006 Achievement LegendOfSoleanna Legend of Soleanna Overcome all trials and accomplish a great feat. Clear all ACT Missions and TOWN Missions with Rank S. 100
Sonic2006 Achievement SilverMedalist Silver Medalist When you collect all the Silver Medals scattered around Soleanna... N/A 50
Sonic2006 Achievement GoldMedalist Gold Medalist When you collect all the Soleanna legendary Gold Medals... 50
Sonic2006 Achievement BluePhantom Blue Phantom Super Sonic Obtain the all moves. Obtain all Sonic moves. 20
Sonic2006 Achievement UltimateLifeForm Ultimate Life Form Resurrect the ultimate power from the lost memory. Obtain all Shadow moves. 20
Sonic2006 Achievement PsychicSoldier Psychic Soldier Obtain all the power to save the future world. Obtain all Silver moves. 20
Sonic2006 Achievement SoleannasHero Soleanna's hero Solve all of Soleanna's problems. Clear all Sonic TOWN Missions. 40
Sonic2006 Achievement EliteAgent Elite Agent Complete all the tasks given as agent. Clear all Shadow TOWN Missions. 40
Sonic2006 Achievement SilverTheLiberator Silver the Liberator Solve all the mysteries in Soleanna. Clear all Silver TOWN Missions. 40
Sonic2006 Achievement SoleannasBlueWind Soleanna's blue wind Solve all the problems swiftly. Clear all Sonic TOWN Missions with Rank S. 50
Sonic2006 Achievement DarkHero Dark Hero Meet all the requests with magnificent skill. Clear all Shadow TOWN Missions with Rank S. 50
Sonic2006 Achievement SilverTheSavior Silver the Savior Reveal all secrets with your ultimate power. Clear all Silver TOWN Missions with Rank S. 50


The main theme for the game, entitled "His World", was performed by Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis from Zebrahead.

Hip-hop/R&B performer Akon has done a remix to Dreams Come True song "Sweet Sweet Sweet" in Japanese and "Sweet Dreams" in English, which was originally the ending theme for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive.[30] The song is entitled "SWEET SWEET SWEET -06 AKON MIX-",[31][32] in Japanese and "SWEET DREAMS -06 AKON MIX-" in English. It is Sonic's ending theme for the game. It was also featured in a trailer shown at Tokyo Game Show. Both versions are available to listen in the game but are omitted in both Soundtrack releases of the game. They were eventually released on Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 Soundtrack.

Crush 40, who have done several songs for the Sonic series in the past, performed a cover of "All Hail Shadow", one of the vocal songs from the Shadow the Hedgehog soundtrack, originally sung by the band Magna-Fi. However, aside from this one track and 2 others, Jun Senoue did not compose the music for this game.[33]

Silver's theme, "Dreams of an Absolution" by Lee Brotherton (Remix Factory), can be heard at their website, as well as an exclusive remix of the song.

Singer/songwriter Donna DeLory performs Elise's theme, entitled "My Destiny". The in-game music was composed by Tomoya Ohtani. The soundtrack to Sonic the Hedgehog is available to buy from Sega Direct, under the name Sonic the Hedgehog Original Soundtrack. It was released on 10 January 2007. There are two different albums: the OST and the vocal album Sonic the Hedgehog Vocal Traxx: Several Wills. The Vocal Traxx is on one disc while the OST is on three discs.


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 46% (X360)[34]
43% (PS3)[35]
Review scores
Publication Score
Famitsu 29/40
GameSpot 4.4/10 (X360)
4.2/10 (PS3)
Play 8.5/10 (X360)[36]
5.5/10 (PS3)[37]

Sonic the Hedgehog was generally panned by critics and became one of the most notable video games for its negative reception. While many believe this was due to a rushed development cycle, that was only a main issue the game possessed. Many complaints appeared to stem from the game's control, level design, convoluted plot and abundant load times (each lasting around 20 seconds). Another common complaint was with the apparent romance between Sonic and Elise. Receiving low mixes and severe negatives, this game has even been called the "rock bottom of the franchise." Across 39 reviews, GameRankings recorded the average score as 46%; the second poorest average for an Xbox 360 title at the time of the game's release.[34] The later PlayStation 3 release received a similar score of 43%.[35]

A number of video game magazines or ranking sites gave the game mixed to negative scores. Famitsu gave a score of 29/40. GameSpot gave the Xbox 360 version a 4.4/10 and the PlayStation 3 version a 4.2/10. Dave Halverson of Play Magazine was notable for initially giving the game its biggest praise: a score of 9.5 for the Xbox 360 version. This was dropped down to 8.5 in the next issue, with Halverson explaining how he was incorrectly told that the load times and glitches in his review copy would not be in the finished product.[36] Later, Halverson gave the PlayStation 3 version a 5.5, expressing his disgust for how the glitches and load times had still not improved and how the game now ran even worse despite the extra development time.[37] In the Play Magazine awards of 2007, he stated he would pay praise and honor to the Xbox 360 version of the game, but not the PlayStation 3 iteration. As a contrast to its scathing reviews, it was praised for its music.


Despite all the contemptuous commentary, Sega's official statement according to financial reports on Sonic the Hedgehog regarding its sales were positive, calling them "strong" and seeing the game's commercial performance as "solid", particularly in the United States and Europe, meeting the company's expectations for an overall figure of 870.000 copies sold in the aforementioned regions by May 2007.[38][39] The game also made it onto the Xbox 360's Platinum Family Hits line, but it was not included on the PlayStation 3's Greatest Hits collection, although it met the criteria to qualify. Other sources have also calculated an estimate of the game's overall sales worldwide, with results giving Sonic the Hedgehog more than 2 million units sold.[40][41][42]


  • There are many differences between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions:
    • The PlayStation 3 version runs slightly faster, but this comes at a price with less stable framerate in a few areas. Also, the frame rate for the in-game cutscenes, including the boss intro and outro scenes, are locked at 30 FPS on PlayStation 3 in comparison to an unlocked frame rate of 60 FPS on Xbox 360, meaning audio is properly synced with all cutscenes on PS3. Slowdowns for certain parts of the game, like the results background in Crisis City as Sonic for example, have also been fixed in the PlayStation 3 version.
    • There are a few other minor changes, such as the start of Silver's rival boss battle against Sonic - he starts on the end facing the altar of light across the strip of water in the Xbox 360 version, whereas in the PS3 version he faces the building.
    • The PlayStation 3 version does not support trophies, as trophies would not be implemented in PS3 games until 2008.
  • Not counting ports, this game is the only Sonic game on the Xbox 360 to run at full 60 FPS, though there is frequent slowdown in stages and cutscenes.
  • In both modes of multiplayer, the player whose character is Silver can use Psychokinesis on the other player's character.
  • There is a clever wordplay involving Blaze the Cat's choice of words present in the Japanese dialogue. The Japanese word for the color "blue" (adjective) is "aoi" (青い), and the Japanese word for the adjective "naive" is also "aoi" (青い or 蒼い). So, Blaze's mentioning of "Blue Hedgehog..." is "Aoi Hedgehog..." in Japanese, which can be taken either way. This phrase could not be directly translated, so it is missing from the localized version.
  • In the Town Stage of Empire City in Sonic Unleashed, one of the citizens reads a newspaper that features the front cover of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • There are slight differences in how Silver first caught sight of Sonic. In Sonic's story, he first spots Sonic while he and Elise are outrunning missiles from Eggman's robots and then determinedly clenches his fist and mutters, "I've finally found him... the Iblis Trigger." However, from Silver's point of view, this scene and his statement occurred shortly after Eggman captured Elise and while Sonic was looking up at the Egg Carrier while it flew away. He also raises a different hand both times.
  • Pre-release screenshots of the game showed that Sonic was supposed to go through Tropical Jungle on his own, but in the final game, he is with Elise.
    • Should a player hack Sonic on his own into Tropical Jungle, it's shown that he lacks the ability to use the vines located within the level.
  • This is the first main console Sonic game to use the S rank.
  • This is the first main console Sonic game for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog could be the first Sonic game with official Russian translation, according to SONICNEXT_allscript file.
  • An advert on the back cover of the Sonic Riders instruction manual says it was due for release on PC DVD-ROM and Xbox 360. However this PC version was cancelled.
  • In Silver's Story, when Mephiles is explaining to Silver and Blaze about how to save their world, if one looks closely behind Silver, they can notice that there are "SEGA" logos on the posters behind him.
  • Some missions in Shadow's story seem to have an error in reacting with Shadow's storyline: at least two Town Missions have Iblis-and Mephiles-themed minions before the latter was released from the Scepter of Darkness.
  • When Sonic, Tails and Knuckles return to the present and read the newspaper, the title of the newspaper says "Daily Soreana". This is due to the lack of distinction between the "L" and "R" sounds in Japan.
  • The credits music for Sonic (Sweet Dreams AKON Mix) is the same tune as the ending theme in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (where Tails flies the Tornado to save Sonic from crashing into the planet).
  • The game was available for Xbox Games on Demand in 2009, but it was removed the following year as well as the downloadable demo.[2] According to Sega, this was done to increase the value in the franchise.[43]
  • Sonic and Shadow are never playable in each others' episode - Silver and Shadow in Aquatic Base, Sonic and Silver in Kingdom Valley - despite going through the same parts of Crisis City and Flame Core at the same time.
    • In the game's files however, there are voice clips of Sonic and Shadow working together in a scrapped story for Tag Mode. Animations of Sonic riding in the Buggy were also found, but Sonic's model is offset far from the seat.
    • Silver also appears as a rival in every story, except for the Last Story.
  • When Rouge returns from the future, she receives a call from a G.U.N. agent questioning her. In the dialogue, he questions if she has the Book of Darkness, but in the subtitles, it shows that he should have said the Scepter of Darkness. This is most likely a recording error stemming from an earlier translation for the Scepter of Darkness.
    • Another recording error is heard when a G.U.N. soldier is telling Shadow that Omega has gone to Wave Ocean. Near the end of the line, the voice actor can be heard messing up his line, and reading it again.
Wmplayer 2017-03-30 16-59-10-331

Silver jumping into the portal while the Chaos Emerald is in his hand in "Leaving the Scepter of Darkness" cutscene.

  • In the "Leaving the Scepter of Darkness" cutscene of Shadow's story, Silver has the Chaos Emerald visible in his hand while jumping at the portal that leads to the present timeline, however, he is supposed to leave it beside the young Elise in the "The Talisman" cutscene of his story. This is most likely an oversight on the developer's part, given that the part with Silver leaving the emerald is unrelated to Shadow's story and was not included in it, the model of the Chaos Emerald ended up sticking to his hand because he did not place the emerald in the said cutscene.
  • The blue Chaos Emerald goes through a Boostrap Paradox. The Emerald at the start of Sonic's story was given to Elise by Silver who gave it to her 10 years in the past. She then gives this Emerald to Sonic, who later loses it in White Acropolis where it is found by Silver who later travels to the past and leaves it behind with Elise again.
  • The dialogue of the Last Story's "Embers of Solaris" cutscene differs between the English and Japanese version. In the English version, Elise asks if Sonic has destroyed Solaris, to which he replies that he did not, followed by him saying that the light approaching them is the true Solaris. In the Japanese version, Elise questions if it is over. Sonic replies with "No", and comments that the light that is approaching them is "Solaris's spark".
  • In the "Going back to the present" and "Shadow remains in the future" cutscenes, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Rouge enter the Chaos Control time rift back to the present after defeating Iblis. However, Rouge did not arrive to the present with the boys at the exact same time.
  • If one was to compare the information given from the official guide for the game, to the gameplay itself, several interesting points can be gathered:
    • Some screenshots in the guide has Sonic's icon for the life count of every character besides Sonic himself.
    • The guide mentions that E-123 Omega's Hover ability and Tails's Fly are bound to the energy of the Action Gauge along with screenshots that show the said gauge being used by these characters. This, however, is not the case in the final version since the Action Gauge is only displayed in gameplays of the three hedgehogs and Omega's hovering lasts indefinitely until landing.
    • The Silver medals' placements sometimes differ from the game.
    • The guide documents the unused Speed Chip upgrade for Silver.
    • Several Level Up Item and Gems have their details contradict what is up in the game: the Mach Speed would work the same way as what is now the Sonic Boost; the Dummy Ring Bomb would throw an empty item box; and the Teleport Dash could have warped through an enemy and its attacks.
  • Sonic Team originally planned to release a port of the game as the first Sonic game for the Wii. However, such a port would have taken a long time to create, and Sega wanted to release a Sonic game much closer to the Wii's launch. This became the 2007 video game Sonic and the Secret Rings.
  • Within the menu text files for the game, it is shown that the supporting characters were planned to have episodes of their own, possibly as DLC, and that Metal Sonic (who does not appear otherwise in the game) would have been playable. Due to the rushed development and poor reception of the game, these plans were scrapped.
  • This is the second Sonic game with an E10+ rating. The first one was Shadow the Hedgehog.
    • According to G4, the game had E rating at some point.[44]
  • Sonic's voice actor at the time, Jason Griffith, revealed at Sonicon in November 2010 that 4Kids and Sega had brought in the Japanese voice directors of the game to direct the English voice cast along with the English directors.
  • Like Sonic Adventure, when the player enters a loading screen into a new act, they will be unable to restart the stage from the beginning, instead being taken to the beginning of the current act.
  • An unused gameplay mechanic where Sonic's top speed would have dramatically increased the more Rings he collects can be seen in the E3 2006 beta demo. Since the game was rushed, however, this mechanic was never fully implemented, and Sonic's top speed outside of the Mach Speed Stages became slower.[citation needed]
  • This is the final 3D mainline Sonic game until Sonic Frontiers to feature Tails, Knuckles, and Amy as fully playable characters.
  • This is the first Sonic game to feature HD graphics.
  • This is the first 3D main game where the Tornado does not make an appearance.
  • This is the second mainline series game in the Sonic franchise to be released on an important Sonic anniversary year, the first game being Sonic Adventure 2, which helped celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Sonic franchise.
  • Excluding the Xbox Live Arcade Sonic games, this game has the least number of achievements (23).
  • It can be noted that Silver is the only character who is playable throughout all four Episodes; in addition to his own Episode, he is playable in Kingdom Valley in Sonic's Episode, he is playable in Aquatic Base in Shadow's Episode, and he is playable in Dusty Desert in End of the World and during the Solaris boss fight in his Super Form in the Last Episode.
  • This is the second game to have hidden items to collect in the Town Stage, the first being Sonic Adventure.
  • It is possible to reach areas with a character that the developers did not intend for that character to reach. For example, you can enter the area right before the end of Silver's first section of Aquatic Base as Shadow, using a glitch that allows Shadow to go through walls. Not only can you explore this area, but Silver's voice clips play when you are Shadow as you enter the last room of the first section (this is due to how the game loads voice clips, which loads a specific voice clip to play for a single character, as opposed to being dynamic like Sonic Heroes). Almost every character can achieve a trick like this.
  • Sonic's animations from TGS 2005, as well as his homing flip animations from E3 2006, were leftover within the game, but were unused. The homing flip animations can still be seen with using the White Gem, however.
  • Tails and Knuckles did not appear alongside Sonic in the last Castle Town Adventure Field leading to Aquatic Base despite the trio being playable in that Action Stage together.
  • The game manual states some features and items that are not in the actual game, due to rushed completion, such as two options for Tag Mode: Tag Story, begin a new game or continue a previously saved game, and Tag Trial, play stages beaten in Tag Story, shields, the Action Gauge limiting the power of Sonic's abilities, and the flying and hovering abilities of Tails and Omega, and the ability to upgrade Custom Actions up to level 3.
  • There's a typo in the ending, when Elise says, "It felt like... someone was calling me," the subtitles read, "It felt like... like someone was calling me."
  • There is a glitch found in Shadow's story that happens when one is to enter Soleanna New City at the time in-game when they are supposed to enter Dusty Desert through using Shadow's wall glitch at the gate leading to Soleanna New City. Things like unused mirrors for Flame Core and Crisis City were found. The most interesting thing to be found though, was an entire unused mission. A warp is placed around the area with the mirrors. The mission is fully functional, and even has some unused text after it is completed. However, this mission isn't saved in the Town Trial levels and cannot be accessed with the same save file if you save after completing it.
  • There was a planned combination move between Silver and Blaze that by using the XboxY/PSTriangleButton, the player can use Blaze's pyrokinesis to wrap into flames/approach sides in Iblis' third phase.
    • There was also another combo that Silver can pick up Blaze and throw her to launch a powerful attack in the same boss battle.[45]
  • Amy is the only hedgehog in this game to not fight a boss, have her own episode, or Level Up Items.
  • Silver's story is the only story in which all hedgehogs are playable.
  • Shadow is the only character to fight Iblis, Mephiles, and Solaris.
  • Omega is the only supporting character to be playable in a boss.
  • The red Chaos Emerald is the only Emerald that was not seen individually in any cutscene.
  • Tails is the only supporting character to be playable in the Soleanna Adventure Field.
    • However, the Silver Medals do not appear in Castle Town when Tails is playable there.
  • Knuckles is the only playable character to not complete a mission, leading his victory screen animation and rank voice clips unused. However, the player can do a glitch to complete a stage as him.
  • Silver is the only hedgehog in the game not to introduce himself by a full name or title.
    • Sonic introduces himself as 'Sonic the Hedgehog' to Princess Elise when they meet during the first cutscene of his campaign.
    • Amy introduces herself as 'Amy Rose' to Silver and Elise during their introduction scenes in Silver's campaign.
    • Shadow introduces himself as 'Shadow the Hedgehog' after Silver mistakes him for Mephiles before their respective boss battles in Radical Train. He later does the same when Mephiles demands the name of the one sealing him in the Scepter of Darkness.
    • Silver only introduces himself as 'Silver' to both Sonic and Amy when he first meets both of them. The only time his full title of 'Silver the Hedgehog' is displayed in game is during the start of his boss battles.
  • Some achievements in this game are poorly described. One example includes "Nights of Kronos," in which it tells the player that he/she can see a completely different version of the game's ending in the Last Episode. However, the player gets this achievement when he/she gets an S-rank on both End of the World and Solaris. Another example are the achievements "Silver Medalist" and "Gold Medalist." The description indicates that the player will unlock something when they collect all the silver medals and gold medals respectively, when in reality, they do not. However, it suggests that it was intended for the player to unlock something, potentially Free Mode, but was scrapped as well. "Legend of Soleanna" is unlocked after achieving an S-rank on all act missions, town missions, and boss battles with every character, but its description simply tells the player to "overcome all trials and accomplish a great feat.
  • This is the first time that Shadow the Hedgehog removes his Limiter Rings in the game series.
  • If the player removes the game disc while the game is still playing on the PS3 version, it will just continue playing as if the disc was still inside. However, the music will stop playing.
  • This is the first main series game where Sonic and Shadow do not fight each other in Story Mode since Shadow's introduction.
  • Currently, this is the last Sonic game until Sonic Superstars to feature a Last Story, as the episodic format used to tell the game's story was no longer used after this game.
  • Even though both the "Running through the plains" and "Knuckles delivers a letter from Eggman" cutscenes, along with the title screen video, are pre-rendered and set to work at 30 FPS, they do not use the CGI graphics of the game.
  • This game was originally going to have a day and night feature, but the idea was scrapped for time restraints and the concept was later used in Sonic Unleashed instead. Sonic Frontiers would later realize this idea in full, with the game having a fully functioning day and night cycle - sixteen years after the release of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).
  • Sonic the Hedgehog is the first main game to have all four hedgehog main characters presented (Sonic, Amy, Shadow, and Silver). The others being Sonic Generations, Sonic Forces, and Sonic X Shadow Generations.
    • Of these games, Sonic the Hedgehog is the only one to have all four of them playable.
    • All of these games are also anniversary titles or partially a remake of a previous anniversary title.
  • Shiro Maekawa had written a draft for the game's story that would have connected it more clearly with Sonic Rush.[46]
  • The story of the game appears to have at least three distinct themes. "Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?", Past, present and future, and, Hope and despair.
    • As well as Shadow, Sonic and Silver representing respective time periods, Soleanna forest represents the past with the inclusion of the ruins from Kingdom Valley. Castle Town is present and is where the current castle of Soleanna is situated. Soleanna New City represents the future with it being the newest settlement and home to the younger generation.
      • All three eras are seen in the game with the past Solaris project being travelled to by Shadow and Silver, all nine playable characters being in the present at some point and every playable character, sans Amy, visiting 200 years into the future.
      • Shadow's theme song, "All Hail Shadow", is about Shadow moving past his past, Sonic's theme, "His World", is about living in the moment, while Silver's theme, "Dreams of an Absolution", discusses the idea of knowing the future and questioning if one was able would they travel to the past, would they fix it?
    • Solaris was originally called the flames of hope, but became the despair of the nation of Soleanna 10 years later when Mephiles would be released and beginning of the end started. Silver, and arguably Blaze, is the last remains hope in a wasteland of despair 200 years into the future which is overruled by Iblis and his flames. In the last story while the group are in despair, it is Silver and Elise who bring hope to them. Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Silver are the hope that fights Solaris' despair.
      • In a similar vein is the idea of Light vs Dark. Mephiles the Dark and Solaris whos name refers to light. The Scepter of Darkness and the Altar of Light. Crisis City which is stated to be in "eternal darkness" verses Soleanna which is shown in nearly every day cutscene to be in bright sunshine. When the bright blue skies and sun returns in the future, Silver, who has been left to deal with the emotional concequences, is framed with two dulled Chaos Emeralds either side of him.
        Vlc 2016-06-22 14-38-53-401

        Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Silver's golden aura lights up the sun symbol on the Altar of Light

        • When Solaris begins to destroy the world, the only place safe from Solaris is the Altar of Light. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver then fight Solaris in a deep, dark void. When Solaris is reduced to its conciousness by the three Super hedgehogs, their light aura lights up the pattern of the sun on the floor of the Altar- perhaps alluding to their "triumph" over the Sun God.
    • Elise and Silver's stories discuss the ideas of the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few. Elise must not allow herself to cry for the good of her nation, while Silver believes he must kill the Iblis trigger in order to save the future of the world. After meeting Sonic and Amy respectively, their viewpoints get shaken whereby Elise wishes to be a little more selfish and enjoy things with Sonic and wishes he didn't have to leave, while Silver questions if killing one person to save the world was the correct choice. In the end, both have to make tough choices between saving the world, or losing the only friend they have for good.
      • Amy in Silver's story tells him if she had to choose between the world and Sonic, she would choose Sonic. Similarly, Rouge tells Shadow if the world turns against him, she will always have his side.
      • The Solaris project's failure occurred because of the selfish desire to control time to resurrect the Duchess of Soleanna.
  • The Mission Clear jingle in this game was later used as Sonic's victory jingle in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, making this the one of the only series with a victory jingle that was ripped straight from another game.
    • However, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, his victory jingle was shortened in the final build instead of the full version in the E3 build.
  • When Takashi Iizuka was questioned about the apparent inconsistencies of Blaze's role in the game compared to those in Sonic Rush, he stated that the reason no one expressed familiarity with her was because everyone had "amnesia."[47][48]
  • The version released to the public actually isn't the latest build of the game. Rather, it is the most stable build.[citation needed]


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Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 TV Spot Deutsch


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