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Sonic the Hedgehog: The Invisible Robotnik is a picture book published in the United Kingdom by Ladybird, and like Sonic the Hedgehog: Robotnik's Oil, it features a fold-out page in the center.


The evil Dr Robotnik has devised a plan which he hopes will get rid of Sonic the Hedgehog for good. His latest invention makes him invisible, but even with this unfair advantage, the villain is no match for our supersonic hero.



Races and species:


  • Hill Top Zone (first appearance)


In his latest scheme to get rid of Sonic once and for all, Dr. Robotnik built himself an invisibility machine in Hill Top Zone. When Tails, among some of the other animals, noticed Robotnik's Egg Mobile flying towards them without a pilot, they became afraid and ran away.

Meanwhile, while Sonic is speeding through Hill Top, (unaware that Robotnik is following him) he accidentally runs over the mad scientist's toes; angry, he determines to get back at Sonic. In an attempt to grab hold of him, he falls onto some Spikers and frees the animals trapped inside.

Tired from the previous events, Robotnik proposes to head down to a lower portion of Hill Top to rest and think of something else; unfortunately, Sonic unknowingly follows him. The evil genius again tries to grab Sonic, but the fast-paced hedgehog quickly jumps away before he can grab him, causing him to fall into the water.

Robotnik finds his way to shore, and when he sees another group of animals frightened by his erratic, invisible splashing, he cheers up. He notices Sonic near a spring, so he hides near it; however, Sonic decides to use a see-saw and does so. Trying to catch up with him, Robotnik uses the spring, but falls directly into Sonic's way, and gets trampled yet again. All too late, some Badniks arrive but attack Robotnik unknowingly.

Done with being invisible, Robotnik returns to his machine and reverses the effects; he also overloads it, so that he can never turn invisible again. Sonic shows up just in time to see Robotnik rejoicing over his machine's destruction, and knocks the doctor over as he runs by. Apologizing (albeit jokingly) and saying he had not seen him standing there, he runs off.


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