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Sonic the Hedgehog: The Adventures of Sonic & Donut Lord is a promotional mini comic book based on the Sonic the Hedgehog film.

The comic book was released on 19 May 2020 as an included gift with the film's steelbook release. Its story is essentially a retelling of the film.[1]

Featured stories

The Adventures of Sonic & Donut Lord


The comic beings with Sonic the Hedgehog explaining that he was born on a different planet with super speed powers. One day, when some bad guys tried to take his power for themselves, his mentor, Longclaw, gave her life to help Sonic escape from his planet to Earth with the aid of magic Rings. Her final request to stay hidden, and if he did get discovered, he had to escape and never stop running.

Years later, Sonic made a home for himself in an area called Green Hills. He speed by local sheriff Tom Wachowski while carrying a turtle. Tom only catches a blur and finds that his speedometer caught a speed of 300 mph. Sonic soon retreats to his cave for some down time and then takes off again to get some fresh air. Later that night, Sonic plays baseball by himself at the local baseball park. When he begins running around the plates, a blue energy envelopes him and creates a large EMP explosion. Sonic worryingly wonders what happened and laments on how alone he is as no one was around to take notice.

The next day, Tom talks to Wade on how he will do what he can in town before he starts his new job in San Francisco and asks him to get back to him if he discovers what created the power outage. Tom cuts the phone call short as he hears something in his garage. He believes its raccoons but he actually discovers Sonic instead. Referring to him as "Donut Lord", Sonic explains that there is a government surveillance truck looking for him and he had to leave Earth to the Mushroom World via his Rings. Confused by everything, Tom asks who the hedgehog is and the latter introduces himself as Sonic. The truck soon arrives at Tom's house and Tom tells Sonic to stay hidden while he found out what was going on. He meets Dr. Robotnik, who immediately sends out his robots in search of Sonic. He tells Tom that he was sent to the town in search of what caused their power surge but the sheriff explains that he did not know the source. Robotnik explains that they suspected terrorists and anybody that aided them would considered an enemy of the U.S. would suffer death or something worse: him. Having heard enough, Sonic flees the scene. Robotnik sends his robots in pursuit of him, despite Tom's objections on whether or not he was a threat; the doctor ignores him and tells the robots to shoot at Tom should he get in the way.

Sonic runs from the robots to the best of his abilities and soon runs into Tom; the latter explains that he was able to catch up as he knew all the shortcuts around the town. Sonic tells Tom that his Rings allowed him to travel to different areas and wished to use one to escape Robotnik and his robots. Tom wishes that he moved to San Francisco with his wife Maddie earlier so that he did not have to deal with this craziness. When Sonic asks if life was better there, Tom replies that it is. Hearing this, Sonic uses a Ring to create a portal to San Francisco. The robots soon arrive and catch Sonic off guard, making him drop his Rings through the portal. The duo run away from the robots and Tom tells Sonic to come back with him to get to his truck. Back at the house, Tom states that they should get moving as the drones could arrive at any moment. When Sonic asks where San Francisco was, Tom tells him west. Sonic then quickly runs west. He returns covered in seaweed and with a fish on his head, telling Tom that he was wrong and he could not get there on his own. Tom sighs and tells Sonic to get into the truck.

During the ride, Tom explains the concept of a bucket list to Sonic; hearing it, Sonic says quietly that one of the things on his list would be to find a BFF. The duo arrive at the Piston Pit. Sonic immediately ignores Tom's warnings and runs inside to check the place out. Inside, Sonic takes a bar patron's hat; the man turns to Sonic and demands his hat back. Sonic instead engages the man and puts a bear head on him, stating that starting a bar fight was on his bucket list. He also rides a mechanical bull, plays darts and has a root beer. Tom watches and tells that hedgehog that he is glad he is having a good time. Looking back at the bar patron, Sonic says that he will be angry when he wakes up and become even angrier when he discovers that Sonic is an illegal alien. Just as Snic asks Tom to pay the tab, the man begins to wake up, prompting the two to take a quick leave.

Back on the road, Sonic talks about how awesome the fight was last night. Tom asks him why he calls him "Donut Lord", to which the hedgehog explains that he helps lots of people and eats lots of donuts. When Tom begins to defend himself, he notices Robotnik's truck tailing them. After Sonic runs out to engage and fights off the doctor's robots, he returns to Tom's truck. Sonic and Tom meet up with Maddie and arrive in San Francisco, where the duo explain that the hedgehog is an alien and needs to retrieve his lost Rings in the city from the top of a building. To get past the security desk, Tom has Sonic stay in his gym bag while he and Maddie use an elevator to reach the roof. Sonic finds his Rings and tells the couple that all that was left for him to do was to think of a destination, toss the Ring for it to make a portal and then go through. Just as Tom believed their journey was over, Robotnik arrives on the scene in his hovercraft, the Eggpod. He has his robots shoot at the trio, where Tom tells Sonic that he and Maddie did not have super speed like him. Sonic asks them to trust him and says that they have to jump off of the roof. They are freightened but the hedgehog persists as he fights off the drones. On a count of three, Sonic has Tom and Maddie fall off of the roof, surprising Robotnik. Sonic runs down after Tom and Maddie and throws a Ring to catch them; while the couple safely land in Green Hills, Sonic tosses another Ring and has Robotnik pursue him to Egypt.

Sonic continues to use his Rings to go to different areas while Robotnik chases him. Back in Green Hills, while the couple realize that they are safe, Maddie wonders if Robotnik had gotten Sonic. Tom says that it is good to be home, to which Maddie says that she had not heard him refer to the area as "home" so fondly in months; Tom explains that it felt like home again, where they belonged but also wonders if Sonic was okay. Soon, Sonic arrives back in Green Hills via a Ring, followed by Robotnik. He tells the hedgehog that he has cornered him and after neutralizes Tom and Maddie, he will take Sonic back to his lab and take him apart piece by piece to uncover the source of his power. Tom and Maddie protest against this, saying that Sonic knew more about being human than Robotnik did and that this was their home and the hedgehog was their friend. Robotnik asks Sonic why he would throw his life away for these traitors; Sonic ignores this and decides that he will not use his power to run away anymore, but instead protect his friends. Sonic charges up and deals a devastating blow to Robotnik's hovercraft that completely destroys it. Tom tells Sonic that he did a good job and Sonic accepts the compliment; when Maddie asks to understand their "Donut Lord" joke, Tom states that it was a thing for only him and Sonic to know. Maddie then asks if the move to San Francisco was off, to which Tom replies that it was as all the people he cared about were right here with him in Green Hills and it is his home. Sonic jokingly states that he can cross "save a life" off his bucket list.

Soon, Sonic moves into Tom and Maddie's house, living in their attic. They say goodnight to him and welcome Sonic to his new home. Sonic happily lays down, saying that he can cross "find BFFs" off his bucket list.








  • On page eight, Sonic suggests that he probably had a "bonus life" as to why he did not die. This is a reference to the 1-Up.


  • 16-bit sprites were used to create the comic book in a similar vein to the film's mid credits sequence.


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