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Sonic the Hedgehog: Legacy Volume 3 is the third volume in the Sonic Legacy Series of graphic novels. This volume contains reprints of stories from Sonic the Hedgehog #37-#49, Sonic the Hedgehog #51-#54, and Sonic Super Special #4-#6.

Official solicitation

The hit Sonic Legacy Series returns with a third massive volume! Over the years, the Sonic comics have inspired thousands of stories, three spin-off series, and a library of graphic novel collections. The legacy of the Sonic Series is a long and proud one! Continue your library of the Blue Blur’s earliest adventures with this GIGANTIC collection of thrilling adventures and hilarious antics as only Sonic and the Freedom Fighters could provide! It’s perfect for long-time fans of the series or those looking to get in on the ground floor! SONIC: LEGACY VOLUME 3 collects Sonic the Hedgehog #37-56 and is loaded with extra material and special features! Sonic and the Freedom Fighters take on the evil Dr. Robotnik once and for all, and the result will surprise you!

Reprinted stories

The Day Robotropolis Fell

Bunnie's Worst Nightmare

The Rise of Robotropolis... The Fall of Sonic

Bedtime Tails

Rage Against the Machine

Court Martial

And One Shall Save Him

In Every Kingdom There Must Exist A Little Chaos

Knuckles Quest

The Dream Zone

Black and Blue and Red All Over

Guerilla Thriller

Knuckles Quest III

Countdown To Armageddon

Knuckles Quest IV

Endgame - Part 1

Endgame - Part 2

Endgame - Part 3

Endgame - Part 4

Down and Out in Downunda

Total Re-Genesis

Reality Bytes

The Discovery Zone

First Contact

Unfinished Business

Sounds Of Silence

Running To Stand Still

Other features

  • Special Features


  • The artwork for the front cover was first shown at New York Comic Con 2012, and later appeared as one of the posters in Sonic Super Special Magazine #5 . The version first shown at NYCC included Geoffrey St. John, but he was removed from the final product and the poster did not include him.
  • The artwork style of the front cover resembles the style used for the opening and ending animations of Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
  • On the opening page of Sonic the Hedgehog #40 which recap the event of Sonic the Hedgehog #39 and Sonic & Knuckles: Mecha Madness, there is an error where certain words disappear. It was revealed by Jon Gray at BumbleKing that this error was due to the missing words being in red text, causing the text to not show up on the black plates, which removes the colour from the pages. This error was not noticed by the production team.
  • The Sonic Super Special #6 front cover shown in this volume appears to be an early sketch version, as several minor differences can be seen when compared to the final version.


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