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Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Unite Volume 1: Deadly Fusion is the first of three trade paperback releases of the Worlds Unite crossover. It contain reprints of stories from Sonic Universe #76, Sonic Boom #8, Sonic the Hedgehog #273, Mega Man #50, Sonic the Hedgehog: Worlds Unite Battles #1 and Mega Man: Worlds Unite Battles #1.

Official solicitation

The sequel to the record-shattering Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man crossover is here! You saw what happened when “Worlds Collide,” now brace yourself for when WORLDS UNITE! Dark forces have come together in the far future! The vicious conqueror, Sigma, has cheated death again and escaped the justice of X and the Maverick Hunters. He’s crossed space and time to join forces with Zavok and the malicious Deadly Six of Lost Hex! Sonic and Mega Man could save us-but they’ve gone missing! Now the Freedom Fighters of Sonic’s world and the Robot Masters of Mega Man’s world must take up the fight to save their heroes and stop the coming tide of darkness! WORLDS UNITE features guest appearances by the cast of SONIC BOOM, MEGA MAN X and some of CAPCOM and SEGA’s biggest stars! This volume collects WORLDS UNITE parts 1-4 from Sonic Universe #76, Sonic Boom #9, Sonic the Hedgehog #273, Mega Man #50 and selections from Mega Man: Worlds Unite Battles #1.

Reprinted stories

Worlds Unite! Part One: Across Time and Space

Main article: Sonic Universe #76

Worlds Unite Part Two: Broken Heroes

Main article: Sonic Boom #8

Worlds Unite Part Three: Clash of the Corrupted

Worlds Unite Part Four: Death and Destruction

Main article: Mega Man #50

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Three of the Armored Deadly Six!

Mega Man vs Deadly 3

Other features

  • Cover artwork: A page featuring early artworks of Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man covers. This includes an alternate cover sketch for Sonic the Hedgehog #273 and three early cover thumbnail options for Mega Man #50.
  • Concept artwork: Several concept sketches of Sonic Man and M'egga Man.


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