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Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide Volume 1: Kindred Spirits is the first of three trade paperback releases of the Worlds Collide crossover. It contain reprints of stories from Mega Man #24-25, Sonic Universe #51 and Sonic the Hedgehog #248.

Official solicitation

The year's most talked-about comic crossover is HERE, collected for the first time in graphic novel form! SONIC/MEGA MAN: WORLDS COLLIDE BOOK 1 collects the historic first meeting of two of the biggest video game icons in the world! See the two blue heroes do battle while their evil counterparts doctors Eggman and Wily revel in every minute of it! Featuring all the action, fun and adventure of the first four chapters of the 12-part miniseries, plus exclusive bonus features you can only see in this graphic novel collection!

Reprinted stories

When Worlds Collide Part One: Kindred Spirits

Main article: Mega Man #24

When Worlds Collide Part Two: Mistaken Identities

Main article: Sonic Universe #51

When Worlds Collide Part Three: No Holds Barred

When Worlds Collide Part Four: Through the Looking Glass

Main article: Mega Man #25

Other features


  • The cover for this volume mixes artwork from two front covers: the artwork of Sonic and Mega Man up front is taken from the variant covers of Sonic Universe #52, except Sonic's artwork has been altered so his eyes are now facing forward instead of to the side. The background of the cover with the other characters are taken from the regular cover of Mega Man #24
    • This makes this volume the only graphic novel cover not to use artwork from a cover of the main Sonic series, but from a Mega Man and Sonic Universe cover instead.
    • The movement of the characters also reveals Wood Man in the background art (who was previously obscured in other versions of this artwork).


Cover artwork

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