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Sonic the Comic #58 is the fifty-eighth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Rampage of Mekanik, Part 2"


In the Stone Tower Zone, the giant Mekanik has defeated Shortfuse the Cybernik with its fire breath and now holds Sonic in its giant hands, ready to give him the same treatment. On the ground, Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot usher the civilians to safety and then seek out Shortfuse, whose crash-landing has created a small crater in the rocky ground. Still, he seems okay, though slightly rattled. Moments before Sonic is roasted by Mekanik's flames, Shortfuse flies in and whisks Sonic to safety. Everyone is impressed, although Sonic claims he could have figured a way out but thought he'd give the Cybernik something to do. Shortfuse doesn't take this well and says that Sonic would be fried hedgehog if he hadn't intervened, but Sonic isn't really listening ("Yeah, okay, later."). He's more concerned about how they're going to stop Mekanik from flattening the zone.

Sonic gets an idea, and tells Shortfuse to follow him. By concentrating is blaster fire on one area of Mekanik's leg, Shortfuse is able to weaken the armour enough so that Sonic can break a hole with his Spin Attack. Sonic climbs inside, telling Shortfuse to "keep Mekanik busy" while he takes care of things from inside. Sonic starts pulling out wires and says that Robotnik's work looks impressive from the outside but it's shoddy inside.

As Amy and Johnny watch, Mekanik starts to shake, and then the entire robot falls to pieces. It turns out Sonic used his super-speed to cause vibrations inside him to literally shaking Mekanik apart. Sonic is quite pleased with the work ("Badniks always get bad vibes when I'm around!"), but he acknowledges that Shortfuse "helped too" when the Cybernik interrupts. Shortfuse takes off, on his own again, but he and Sonic worked well together.

Back in Citadel Robotnik, the doctor himself is furious. Despite Grimer's comments that it was mostly paid for by taxpayers, Robotnik decides he needs a change of strategy. It's time to take some of the strain off of his shoulders and begin work on Project Brutus.




  • Shortfuse mentions his turning against Robotnik, which happened in Sonic the Comic #46, "Enter the Cybernik, Part 2".
  • Amy mentions her firing an arrow between Mekanik's armour plating, from the previous issue.
  • Robotnik mentions "Project Brutus" for the first time. The Project will finally be completed with the creation of Commander Brutus in Sonic the Comic #63, "Project Brutus, Part 1".


Kid Chameleon - "Back to Unreality! Part 5"

  • Script: Michael Cook
  • Art: Brian Williamson/Steve White
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

Casey (now Cyclone, master of the elements) quite literally storms Islecatraz prison, where dozens of kids are being kept prisoner by Brad - Casey's schoolmate, whom he originally set out to rescue. Cyclone destroys the robot guards, then seeks out Brad in the castle. However, when he finds Brad, he discovers that Brad is being told what to do by the very same Voice that has guided Casey through the Wildside world. They are both pawns. Destroying Brad's connection to the Voice with a promise to come back for him, Cyclone takes off to lead the captive kids to a telepad and freedom. Once they are all safe, he goes back for Brad, who is trying to escape in a rowboat. Brad starts to beg. He's not a hero, he didn't have a choice, he's just a schoolkid! Cyclone lands and removes his helmet, turning back into ordinary Casey. He's just a schoolkid too...

Knuckles - "Total Chaotix, Part 6"


In the Egg Fortress in the Special Zone, Nack the Weasel has betrayed his old allies, the Chaotix crew, leading them into a trap set by the Metallix robots. He expects to be well paid, but unfortunately for him the Metallixes no longer need him, and the Emperor Metallix orders that he be destroyed along with the others. It turns out, however, that Nack expected some treachery, and so brought along a little insurance: a Disruptor gun, which he had shrunk to a tiny size and hidden in his hat. He only has to wait for it to grow to full size... but it's too late, because before he can use it a Metallix blasts him in the back.

Knuckles leaps for the disruptor, dodging blasts from the Metallix until he can figure out how to use it. A single blast shuts down all of the Metallix robots in the Fortress! Espio checks on Nack, who luckily did not take the full blast and managed to survive. Vector retrieves the Omni-Viewer's program, which claims to be fully-operational though there is some damage in the system directory. Their mission completed, Knuckles and Chaotix go home.

The Omni-Viewer transports Knuckles back to the Floating Island. He says he doesn't remember much about what happened, but seems to be in working order. Knuckles doesn't like it. The Metallixes are meant to serve Doctor Robotnik, but seemed to be working for themselves...

At that moment, back in the Egg Fortress, a back-up system activates and all the Metallixes come back online. Their enemies believe them destroyed, and they can now continue with their plans without further disturbance. They have their own copy of the Omni-Viewer's program (an angry red colour), allowing them to travel anywhere in any time period. Soon, they say, the Brotherhood of Metallix will rule supreme!




  • Nack's affinity for shrinking technology appears for the first time in this issue. It will eventually become a more integral part of his character, which he uses for many schemes, most notably during the Shanazar story arc.
  • Nack is injured by a Metallix blast in this issue. He is taken to a prison hospital to recover, but manages to escape. He next appears in Knuckles Knock-Out Special, "Traitor of the Lost Pyramid".
  • The Brotherhood of Metallix is mentioned by name for the first time, although one Metallix mentioned he was part of "an elite brotherhood of badniks" back in Sonic the Comic #50, "Count Down to Disaster, Part 2".
  • The Brotherhood of Metallix now have their own Omni-Viewer, and state their desire to rule supreme. They will next appear in Sonic the Comic #59, "The Brotherhood of Metallix, Part 1".


Sparkster - "Last of the Rocket Knights! Part 6"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Keith Page
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

With the source of Gedol's magic destroyed, Sparkster rockets back to the Cathedral of Zebulos for a final congregation. However, in the cathedral things are getting ugly. Gedol snatches Princess Shelly and escapes out of a window with his mother, Stubb, only to be cornered again by an irate mob. Gedol climbs up the building with his hostage, leaving Stubb behind to be arrested.

When Sparkster arrives, Gedol demands a rocket pack and a guarantee of safe passage, and he'll return Shelly unharmed. Shelly has no interest in being part of the bargain though, elbowing him in the eye. Gedol tries to save her from falling over the edge to certain doom, but she'd rather die than be with him and lets herself drop. Luckily, Sparkster is there with his rocket pack to catch her. A furious Gedol leaps at them, but when Sparkster moves he plummets into the water far below. Sparkster had no way of catching him, but it's possible he may have survived.

Gedol's rule may be over, but he did a lot of damage to Elhorn. A great deal needs to be put right. It is only the beginning!

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