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Sonic the Comic #57 is the fifty-seventh issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured Stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Rampage of Mekanik, Part 1"


Doctor Robotnik and Grimer walk through the abandoned Emerald Hill Zone. Robotnik is disappointed that he can't terrorise the Emerald Hill Folk now that they have been moved to a secret location (the Floating Island). Grimer points out that there are other zones to terrorise, which immediately cheers Robotnik up!

Until now, the Stone Tower Zone, in which residents live in high rock formations, has been largely spared from Robotnik's attention. Suddenly, it is attacked by Robotnik's latest creation, the gigantic Mekanik! Luckily, Sonic, Amy and Johnny Lightfoot are on the scene, having heard a rumour about "something big going down". Sonic tries to Spin Attack Mekanik's ankle, only to bounce harmlessly away. The three Freedom Fighters are swatted aside by Mekanik's massive tail.

Luckily, Shortfuse the Cybernik arrives to lend a hand. He fires on Mekanik with his arm lasers, but can't even make a scratch. He and Sonic agree to work together. While Amy distracts the monster, firing an arrow in the space between its armour, Shortfuse flies Sonic up to Mekanik's head height. However, Sonic doesn't have the chance to perform more than a single ineffective Spin Attack, because Mekanik knocks Shortfuse out of the air with its powerful fire-breath, then grabs Sonic in his metal hand. It looks like Sonic will be getting the same treatment soon enough!




  • Robotnik wanders through the deserted Emerald Hill Zone. It was evacuated in Sonic the Comic #53, "Disaster! Part 3", and Robotnik was informed about its emptiness in Sonic the Comic #55, "The Great Escape! Part 1".
  • Sonic last met Shortfuse in Sonic the Comic #47, "Enter the Cybernik, Part 3".
  • An editorial comment mentions that Tails is missing because he is on his own adventure in the Special Zone. However, no such adventure was ever shown in the pages of STC. It may be referring to the story "The Revenge of Trogg", from Sonic the Comic #59 to #64, but this adventure took place in the Nameless Zone, and involved both Tails and Knuckles. The comment may also have been influenced by the ongoing Knuckles story, "Total Chaotix" (see below), which was indeed set in the Special Zone.


Kid Chameleon - "Back to Unreality! Part 4"

  • Script: Michael Cook
  • Art: Brian Williamson/Steve White
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

Casey has been captured by robot guards and Brad, the kid he originally planned to rescue from the virtual reality game Wildside. He and a cartload of other captured kids are being taken to Islecatraz, from which nobody escapes. Casey intends to escape. With the word "Chameleon!" he transforms into the psychotic axe-wielding lunatic named Maniaxe, and suddenly the part that is still Casey becomes worried about what Maniaxe will do - he is full of dark and twisted thoughts.

When they reach the telepad, Maniaxe starts destroying robot guards, giving the others a chance to escape. Then Maniaxe goes after Brad, and would actually have killed him if Brad hasn't teleported away at the last second. Maniaxe leaps onto the telepad after him, still wanting blood, but a robot has scrambled the controls and he ends up in mid-air. Saying "Chameleon" again transforms him into the flying superhero, Cyclone! His new mission: bring justice to the one known as Brad, and freedom to the trapped souls of Wildside!

Knuckles - "Total Chaotix, Part 5"


Chaotix have been buried under tons of rubble by the deadly Metallix robot, who now turns his sites on the last remaining target: Knuckles! Knuckles came with Chaotix to rescue the Omni-Viewer, and now that Chaotix has been eliminated he decides he must complete the mission alone - he owes them that much.

Unfortunately, Metallix proves to be tough to beat. As fast as Sonic, the robot avoids Knuckles' punches, then blasts Knuckles with his powerful chest cannon! Metallix goes to find the body and confirm termination. Just then, Knuckles leaps to his feet holding a girder, which he hurls, javelin-like, straight through the Metallix's body! The robot is defeated!

Knuckles goes to check on Chaotix, hoping against hope that they're still alive. Nack the Weasel, who had avoided their fate by fleeing earlier, re-appears, impressed that Knuckles defeated the Metallix. Suddenly, the rubble moves, revealing Chaotix still alive underneath! Mighty saved them all with his great strength.

But they have no time for reunions, because the defeated Metallix is back on its feet, still with a hole through its chest and crackling with electricity! As they run from it, Nack says he managed to find out where the Omni-Viewer is being kept and leads them straight there... straight to the Emperor Metallix! They are quickly surrounded by more Metallix robots, except for Nack, who goes to stand by the Emperor. Nack led them there on purpose! But at least he got a good price for selling them out, he says. The Emperor agrees: "Do not be concerned, Weasel, you will get what you deserve."




  • Nack is revealed as a traitor to Chaotix, after foreshadowing in previous parts of the story.


Sparkster - "Last of the Rocket Knights! Part 5"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Keith Page
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

Sparkster has found the source of Gedol's magic spell, but its evil is too much for his magic armour to overcome. As he watches, the distorted reflections in the jewel's many facets come to life and step out of the gem, attacking him and telling him to give up.

Meanwhile, the wedding of Gedol and Princess Shelly continues in the Cathedral of Zebulos. Gedol's mother, Stubb, refuses to give Shelly her ring, so Gedol commandeers one from the priest.

Sparkster battles his reflections to no avail. Eventually he realises that they aren't real, and so instead he strikes at the source, shattering Gedol's magic gem. The reflections vanish, and the spell over the people of Elhorn is broken!

In the cathedral, the spell clears, and suddenly all the natives of Elhorn begin to object. Gedol's attempt to rule Elhorn has failed! Now Sparkster vows to come after Gedol himself!

Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Review Zone (Judge Dredd, Wayne Gretsky and the NHLPA All Stars)
  • Pin-up - Metallix, the Metal Sonic!
  • Q Zone (Cannon Flooder, Earthworm Jim, Mickey Mania, Micro Machines, Sonic Chaos)
  • Speedlines


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