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Sonic the Comic #56 is the fifty-sixth issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Great Escape! Part 2"


In an attempt to rescue thirty-five captive Emerald Hill Folk from a Badnik Processing Plant in the Metropolis Zone, the Freedom Fighters are detected by the lizard overseer and his Trooper guards. Sonic, Johnny Lightfoot and Amy destroy the Troopers, making a path for Porker Lewis and Tails to take their canister through a side door to "set things up".

Sonic himself runs to face off against the lizard overseer. After a comment about the lizard's bad breath, Sonic ties him up with his own whip, then leads the Emerald Hill Folk into the side room where Tails is waiting. They wonder how they'll escape, but Sonic tells them to trust him and ushers them inside. Once everyone - including Johnny and Amy - are inside, they shut the door behind them. The lizard overseer (untied) scoffs at their attempts - this is just a broom cupboard! However, he soon starts to wonder how so many people fit inside a small room. When he kicks down the door, he finds only Sonic left... with a Star Post! Sonic has transported everyone else to another Star Post miles away! He's remained behind to take the Star Post away, but he isn't worried. He defeats the overseer and packs away the Star Post before Trooper reinforcements arrive.

Meanwhile, the Emerald Hill Folk reappear on the Floating Island. They'll be safe there, along with the rest of the Emerald Hill Folk. Tails hopes Sonic made it.

He did, bursting out of the window while riding on the Star Posts' canister, which is fitted with rockets! He's proud of the work they did today, but knows that there are more people to save. And he'll never rest until every one of them is free!

Back in Citadel Robotnik, the lizard overseer reports the breakout to Robotnik by video link. This is regrettable, says Robotnik, but he is not too concerned. Sooner or later he'll find out where the Emerald Hill Folk are hidden, and then he'll have revenge!





Kid Chameleon - "Back to Unreality! Part 3"

  • Script: Michael Cook
  • Art: Brian Williamson/Steve White
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

As Juggernaut, Casey battles skeletons and bats through the Midnight Graveyard. He spots the next telepad beyond some gates, but suspects that even as Juggernaut he couldn't defeat the gates' many guards. Still, being Juggernaut, he merely blows a hole in the wall and drives through it ("Who needs gates?"). He finds himself in a jungle zone, but no closer to finding Brad. The Voice tells him to focus "on what lies ahead", but he needs answers about Brad and about Islecatraz... unfortunately, it turns out that ths time the Voice's advice was meant literally, because suddenly Juggernaut emerges through some tries and plummets over a cliff into water. His helmet is lost, and he becomes Casey once again.

Some time later, he washes up on a shore, where he is found by slavers... slavers led by Brad!

Knuckles - "Total Chaotix, Part 4"


Robotnik's Egg Fortress in the Special Zone is not quite as deserted as people thought: it is occupied by Metallix robots, who have just kidnapped the Omni-Viewer! The Emperor Metallix detects Knuckles and Chaotix attempting to mount a rescue, and sends one of his robots to deal with them. He tells the helpless Omni-Viewer that his would-be rescuers' efforts are doomed to failure.

Elsewhere, Knuckles and Chaotix roam the halls of the Egg Fortress. Espio says it's Mighty's fault that the alarms went off, and the two nearly come to blows until Knuckles pulls them apart. Charmy returns from a quick recon mission, saying that one of the Metallixes is headed straight for them! Despite the cliché, they all bundle into the ventilation system to hide. However, while Nack, Mighty and Espio jostle for space, Nack kicks the grate, revealing the team's presence to the passing Metallix. Nack quickly runs away, while the others wonder if the Metallix will demand that they surrender.

Unfortunately, the Metallix has no interest in surrender. It immediately starts firing on them, defeating them all with minimal effort. With one final blast from its chest cannon, it buries them under a mound of rubble. He only detects four subjects disabled, even though there were five authorised targets. Knuckles, emerging from the record, points out that actually there were six of them. Metallix recognises Knuckles: former ally of Robotnik, and connected to the destruction of the Death Egg II. Knuckles means business:

"That's me, tin-head! And I want you to remember that name... because it's the last thing you're ever going to hear!"




  • There is more foreshadowing of the revelation in Sonic the Comic #57, "Total Chaotix, Part 5", that Nack has betrayed Chaotix:
    • Nack is the one who "accidentally" kicks the grate, revealing their location to the Metallix.
    • Nack flees rather than fighting.
    • Metallix claims that there were five authorised targets, despite there being six of them. Knuckles seems to believe that the Metallixes had forgotten to include him, since he wasn't a member of Chaotix, but in fact Nack was not counted as a target since he was allied to the Metallixes.
  • The Metallix mentions Knuckles' involvement in the destruction of the Death Egg II, from "Disaster!" (Sonic the Comic #51 to #53).


Sparkster - "Last of the Rocket Knights! Part 4"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Keith Page
  • Lettering: Steve Potter

King Gedol has the world of Elhorn under a magic spell, making the entire population his evil supporters. Sparkster is protected by his magic armour, as are any who stand close to him. He has recruited two of the old royal guards, temporarily freed of the spell, to help him defeat Gedol by breaking the source of the spell. And they have to hurry, because Princess Shelly is already on her way to marry Gedol!

However, as the three heroes approach the tower where the source of Gedol's magic is kept, the spell of corruption becomes stronger. Rather than risk his new allies turning on him again, Sparkster locks them in a cupboard. With his rocket pack he knocks out the two guards on duty - but it was too easy, almost as though Gedol knew the place didn't need protecting. He can feel the pure evil inside, and screams as he finally sets eyes on the multi-faceted jewel that gives Gedol his strength.

At that very moment, Shelly arrives at the church for her wedding. Nothing can stop Gedol now!

Other features

  • Control Zone
  • Graphic Zone - Third-world
  • Review Zone (The Adventures of Batman and Robin)
  • Pin-up - Knuckles the Echidna!
  • Q Zone (The Lion King, Earthworm Jim, Sonic & Knuckles, Shinobi)
  • Speedlines


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