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Sonic the Comic #43 is the forty-third issue of the Sonic the Comic series published by Egmont Fleetway.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Badniks Bridge, Part 1"


The Freedom Fighters put on one of their first shows as Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus, ending the performance to riotous applause with an act in which Amy Rose fires bolts from her crossbow towards Porker Lewis, who is standing in front of a target. She fires six bolts nearly simultaneously, forming an almost perfect outline of Porker, successfully managing not to hit him (despite his nervous scream). Bob Beaky (Sonic himself, in disguise), thanks the audience and asks them to tell their friends.

Afterwards, the Kintobor Computer hacks into a transmission by Doctor Robotnik, discovering that he is transporting a new super thruster for the damaged Death Egg II. In order to reach a helicopter for transport to the Floating Island, it will need to cross the Emerald Valley Bridge. Sonic takes some explosive charges and heads off, telling the others to follow in the 'plane.

Meanwhile, on the Floating Island, Robotnik and Grimer oversee the re-construction of the Death Egg, and learn from the Marxio Brothers that Knuckles will soon be finished.

Sonic arrives at the Emerald Valley Bridge and lays down mines over it, intending to bring down the whole bridge. Before he can clear the area, he is surprised by a new-and-improved Trooper badnik, part of Robotnik's elite Special Badnik Service! The Trooper imprisons Sonic in a cage... but the convey keeps rolling on towards the mines!





Streets of Rage - "The Only Game in Town, Part 3"

  • Script: Nigel Kitching
  • Art: Peter Richardson
  • Lettering: Tom Frame

Sergeant Feroccio calls in a favour from a higher-up, of whom he has incriminating photographs. He wants a helicopter. Some friends of his are in trouble by the East River.

These friends are Axel, Blaze, Max, and Skates. They are nearly run down by mace-wielding motobikers. When the bikers come for a second pass, the heroes take them all down. One biker confesses: the whole city is taking bets on which gang is going to kill the four of them! A helicopter arrives, demanding that everyone freeze. Axel knows the cops hate them as much as the gangs do, but when the pilot drops a rope ladder for them, they don't see any other choice...

Knuckles - "Carnival Night Conspiracy, Part 5"


Knuckles has been defeated by the Marxio Brothers in their giant clown-faced combat machine. The Marxios contact Grimer with news of their success, but quickly have to hang up when Knuckles' body vanishes! But now the first guests are arriving, and they have to hurry back to the control room for the opening day parade! Knuckles, still alive and kicking, isn't willing to let them go. He tunnels up out of the ground, avoiding the Marxios' attacks, and destroys their machine with a well-placed punch.

Grouchio despairs: the customers are here and they're about to take on a raving echidna! Luckily for them, Chicio has summoned a horde of badniks to keep Knuckles busy. Harpio rushes back to organise the parade, while Grouchio and Chicio welcome the guests. Grouhcio hastily explains their first exhibit, celebrating "the victory of Knuckles over the evil forces of Doctor Robotnik!" Chicio is impressed at his boss' quick thinking. When one bear mentions the possibility that Robotnik is still on the island, rebuilding his Death Egg II, Grouchio dismisses it, and welcomes the guests to "adventure beyond your wildest dreams!"

Knuckles, still busy battling badniks, knows that he can't destroy the zone with all the people around. He needs another way to beat the badniks, and fast!




  • The Marxio Brothers contact Grimer about their success dealing with Knuckles, depicted in "Badniks Bridge, Part 1" in this issue (see above).
  • Grimer refers to the "Casino Night Zone fiasco", which took place in Sonic the Comic #18 and #19.
  • A Carnival Night patron mentions a rumour that Robotnik is still on the island, rebuilding his Death Egg II. This is indeed true, as seen in "Badniks Bridge" (above).


Marko's Magic Football - "Marko's Magic Football, Part 3"

  • Script: Lew Stringer
  • Art: Gary Andrews
  • Lettering: Elitta Fell

Marko defeats the three sewer dinosaurs by kicking his magic football at them, but this allows Colonel Brown and Evil Scientific Genius to see the ball's magic properties on their security camera.

Captain Smirk, a spaceship captain from the 24th century (who looks and sounds like William Shatner), teleports in in front of Marko. He explains that the green sludge was created by Colonel Brown, who wants to take over North Sterlington and turn the future Earth into a "polluted, yukky glob!" Smirk asks Marko to go to Brown's toy factory and destroy the green sludge with his football. By kicking his ball through Smirk's transporting molecules as he disappears, Marko gains an extra life.

Elsewhere, Brown and Evil Genius have developed a female ball to lure away Marko's Magic Football. Marko is doomed!

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